1994-07-02: Danger Danger


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Scene Title Danger Danger!
Synopsis A scuffle between two aurors,two death eaters and the young girl caught in the cross fire.
Date 02 July 1994
Watch For Lupin and Broland being badass
Chronology Diagon Alley gets damaged because of the fight
Logger Cho

Diagon Alley

This place is surely like no other on earth! The narrow cobblestone lane is crowded with vendor's carts while buildings are packed in on each other on both sides of the lane. Very little room if any can be found between the buildings, but narrow alleys can be found here and there. The entire area feels like you've just set foot onto the set of a Charles Dickens tale almost. Usually people can be found up and down this area at all times of the day and night. While in a way this scene isn't too out of place in England, the contents are! The shops lining the lane are out of the ordinary due to their nature and the people crowding around are definitely out of this world. The soft hooting of owls can be heard from Eeylops Owl Emporium, strange and often disgusting smells filter out of the Apothecary, while a throng of children and a few adults ogle merchandise found in the window of Quality Quidditch Supplies.

Cullen and Cho have separated for the evening. It seems he's gone off to prepare the surprise which leaves the young Asian girl wandering around the city merrily. She's giggling still happy from a variety of firsts for the evening and well, who knows what else will happen? She's dressed casually in a summer dress with white flowers and purple knee high stockings as she walks around at night. Something that a girl her age really shouldnt do at this hour, but oh well..she's on cloud nine.

As Knockturn Alley erupts in a symphony of yells, screams and jumbled noises, Broland runs in, his usual quiet entrance all but gone, the air above his head is filled with mesmerizing lights as spells whiz and whine above and by him. Beside him his small cat keeps up in pace, gracefully leaping over falling debris.

Broland swiftly moves up his wand as a translucent-blue circle appears before his person as his wordless spell deflects an incoming jinx aimed at his head to a nearby wall.

The two hooded men enter, wands flashing lights as they target anything that looks to be moving. They catch a passing owl and it turns into a slithering snake.

The yells, screams and various noises catches her off guard as lights and spells whiz through the air. Cho's eyes widen as she lets out a yelp and wrinkles her nose as she looks around frantically. "Cullen?!?" she asks curiously, hoping nothing's happened as she tries to find a place to hide. Scary magic is scary.

Who else should be here…but Remus Lupin, previous Defence Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts. He is here for a bit of shopping before he heads back out of London. He's got quite a few things on his list. Potions ingredients, spell books, and a variety of other things. He certainly isn't expected there to be a two-on-one dual, if it can be called that, nearby.

Broland skids to a stop beside a shop, urging it's customers inside as he ducks a bright orange spell as he raises his wand and cries "Avis!" Pointing at the two intruders, birds materalize and flutter around the two momentarily before being blasted into oblivion by the Death Eater with the tattered robes, allowing Broland to move to another shop.

Is that…didn't he meet that one bird creating fellow the other day? Yes, Remus is sure he did. One way or another, he seems to be the good guy in this matter. He drops his suitcase, and with a wave of his hand and a non-verbal spell, it moves quickly to a hiding spot behind a group of people. He moves quickly. One might even have said he moves with the speed of a wolf. Moving to Broland's side, he kneels. "What in the full moon is going on here?!" He takes out his wand, casting a curse towards the robed men.

Cho yelps as she just sees the spells whizzing and she wrinkles her nose, ducking out behind a few trash cans. She chews on her bottom lip as she catches a few sounds of movement from the side, calling out. "Cullen? That you? We have to get out of here..I have no idea what's going on.." she says, scrambling around to reach in her purse for her wand, just in case…

The cruel pair bare down on a family, two sons a father and mother, that had happened to be shopping at the wrong time, the Eater with the tattered robes casting an Unforgiveable curse at the biggest son, missing by mear inches the second Eater yells, "Incarcerous!" and cackles in glee as the bulky boy is choked by the rope curled around his body.

Broland looks at Lupin with a mixture of curiousity and bewilderment, "Full moon? Nevermind that, I had happened to be posting some posters when these two jumped out from apparently nowhere, guessing they used a Disillusionment Charm and waited for-" he pauses for a moment to cast a jinx toward the pair, reducing a crate into rubble."

Said crate was right next to Cho as she was crawling over towards the noise. She lets out a yelp of fright as it turned out to just be a cat that was scared out it's mind as well. It's then that she sees the bulky boy trapped in the incarcerous spell, and not knowing whether she can use magic right now, she looks around for something sharp, likea piece of glass that might be able to cut through whatever has the boy surrounded. So she grabs a shard and starts crawling on over, trying to be as sneaky as possible. Sneaky like ninja, but with major fail..

Broland knocks over Lupin, uttering a quick apology as he casts another shield charm just in time to deflect a jinx that would've sent Cho into oblivion, unfortunately Broland didn't notice the other Eater casting the same spell, it misses but blows Broland into a nearby wall, sending him into the bliss of unconsciousness.

Lupin shakes his head a little. "Who are they?" Though he doesn't need to ask. They have all the looks of death eaters. "Incendio!" He speaks aloud, pointing his wand at the one causing the incarcerous spell. As a spell hits the wall behind Broland, he casts a few quick protective spells over the unconscious body and scurries off to where Cho has chosen as her spot, deflecting curses left and right.

The man who is set on fire yelps in surprise. If there's one thing he wasn't expecting, it was this. And that only helps to fuel his anger. He shouts out angry cusses and sends jinx upon jinx and numerous curses in the direction of Lupin, hoping that one will seriously harm him. He totally forgets about the boy who is choking slowly to his demise.

Broland drops to the ground, unconscious.

When the light is about to hit her, Cho closes her eyes, thinking she's dead. At least she had her first kiss, but then it's deflected and she sees Broland get sent off to dreamland. She yelps once more as she continues to scramble over towards the husky boy starting to try to cut up the his bindings as he squirms. "Stay still!" she whispers in a reprimanding tone, slicing her hand a little, but not seeming to care as she just wants to get out of there.

As Lupin starts heading on over, she finally recognizes him and gasps. "Professor Lupin! Wh..what's going on?!?" she asks, her hand bleeding profusely now.

By way of the Accio charm, Lupin brings multiple objects, garbage cans and the like, to protect them all…not that that can do much help in the end. "I wish…I could say for certain, Miss Chang." He shoots out a few jinxes to the assailants. "Though if I were to make…a guess…Deprimo!" He mutters the spell directed at the other death eater, hitting him.

The man who is hit freezes in spot for a moment before hunching over and crumpling to the ground, holding tightly to his chest, hand clenched to his wand and eyes wide in shock. The other man is oblivious to this. He finds another easy target, a woman running down the street, and casts the Cruciatus curse on her. She screams, falling to the ground and writhing in pain. He casts it once more before he runs around a corner, standing up against the wall. He turns every now and again to send a spell their way.

There's a bit of frustration on her end as she wrinkles her nose as the ropes around the boy seem to not want to come off. Her hand continues getting sliced up and she acks a little before she pulls out her wand and looks over towards the older professor. "If I get called for a disciplinary committee, you're going to vouch for me that this is one of those circumstances that an underage witch should use magic, right?" she says as she pulls out her wand, now slickened with a bit of her own blood. It seems she's not taking any chances, not even wanting to use a spell until she has his word as she looks at him. Only when she hears the woman's cry does she shudder in fear, not having seen one of the unforgiveable curses used before.

Before even waiting for his answer, she mutters, "To heck with it.." and peers up from behind to point her wand at the offending Death Eater. "Expelliarmus!" she shouts, sending out a little light to hopefully let the wand get out of his hand.

Lupin shakes his head. "I think these are Death Eater trying to raise some havoc." He mutters as an aside to Cho. "And don't worry. I'll vouch for you if it comes to that. Though I don't believe it shall be a problem…" He glances at Cho as she shudders. It's a horrible thing seeing an Unforgivable Curse used when your an adult, he can only imagine how it is for her. Oh! And the boy! How could he have forgotten! With a snap of his fingers, the ropes ease off and disappear, allowing him to breath. Lupin sighs as he sees Cho's hands. "Show me your hands." He says in a soft but firm voice. Assuming she does so, he waves his wand over them a few times, while attempting to deflected curses and jinxes. He is heard whispering 'Episky' a few times, and the cuts heal. "Furnunculus!" He directs the spell towards the Death Eater. (re)

It seems that Cho's Expelliarmus charm caused some damage. It hit him just as he was coming out to send yet another curse their way. Shortly after, Lupin's spell hits the man, causing him to break out in painful boils. He slouches against the wall, shuddering and seeming quite incapacitated for the time being.

"But why? Why now?" Why'd it have to be on this night, of all nights? Cho continues to look around, grumbling a little as she shows her hands as she's told and lets out a sigh of relief as the cuts heal. Her hand is still slick and slightly sticky, but that's better than cut hands. She looks over towards the boy and chews on her bottom lip while letting out a yelp as there's more curses and jinxes that fly towards them.

"So this is what it's like.." she mutters to no one in particular, though it's obvious she's referring to the heat of battle. She clutches tightly onto her wand once more and takes a quick look around before spying the other death eater and points her wand. "Petrificus Totalus!" she cries out before ducking underneath a few of the garbage cans once more, hoping her little jinx worked. "H-how am I doing? I hope I'm not getting in your way.." she says softly.

"I don't know! I wish I could answer you, Miss Chang. I wish I could." Lupin would let out a sigh, if he could, but there's not time as he deflects the curses before they hit. Oh, what a life! One, which he missed, whizzes by and blasts a huge gaping hole in the wall of a building nearby. He doesn't seem too phased by this nor the fact the rubble flecks their necks. He sends out a few spells of his own. The Death Eater seems to be slowing, though. Perhaps as a result of being hit by Cho's earlier spell, the boils, or a mixture of things. Lupin gives her a little nod. "You're doing just fine. Just be careful with your aiming. You don't want to…" Quick wave of the wand as another spell is deflected, just nearly in time too! "You don't want to hit anyone but your intended target…" Lupin sends off a silent spell of his own shortly after.

Fortunately for all involved, Cho's spell hits the man. A few moments later, Lupin's spell hits and the petrified Death Eater is dangled in the air upside-down.

The adrenaline rush is almost too much to bear. She starts taking deep breath as she winces and wrinkles her nose as she remains ducking as she lets Lupin do most of the deflecting and shielding. "I..I really dont know how to do what you're doing. I mean, it's totally different from class…and dueling club.." she admits ruefully, knowing she's sounding stupid at themoment while chewing on her bottom lip. She looks backover the boy once more, making sure he's okay as she takes the words of advice to heart.

Cho then peeks her head up for a few moments seeing if there are any more Death Eaters left. "Is everyone taken care off..that auror, the one who deflected that spell, will he be all right?" she asks with a bit of a squeak to her voice.

As he moves to stand, Lupin casts a summoning spell on his suitcase. He opens it and from it receives a small tart-like treat. Handing it to Cho, he says, "Here. Eat this. You must be in shock from all this. It isn't something that a person your age should be dealing with." He looks out at the crowds. Silently, he makes the one Death Eater who happens to be floating to drift over next to the crumpled up one. He casts a spell binding them both in rope. Probably the Incarcerous charm, though he didn't speak to cast it. He looks down at Cho. "Most of what I learned…well, I didn't learn it all at Hogwarts. In fact, most I learned a little bit later in life."

Shock would be an understatement. Cho takes the tart and devours it as she munches away, her hands shaking as it seems to be over, at least for now. She continues to shake a little though she starts to calm down as she finishes off the tart and takes a deep breath. This was way too close to home. "I..I want to learn. Please..teach me..I know you arent a professor anymore, but..if this were to happen and you werent here.." well, she'd probably be dead, but she isnt going to say that.

Lupin checks on the boy who'd been tightly tied up. Finding that he is alright, he turns back to Cho. Giving her the most sympathetic look, he shakes his head. "I don't know if I could do that, Miss Chang. It's more complicated than not being a teacher at Hogwarts any more." He sighs. "I doubt your parents would want me teaching you as a private tutor, for one. As well, there would be the matter, if it were approved, of how I would teach you. Where and when. Hogwarts studies take up plenty of time and students aren't allowed to leave the grounds unless with expressed permission."

"Then..then.." and she pauses thinking to herself for a few moments. "Secret. I wont tell anyone if you wont. My parents wont have to know. I know what you are, but without you, I probably wouldnt be here, and being..well, what you are wont change that. And school hasnt started yet, and when we are in school we can go to Hogsmeade!" Oh, she has it planned out it seems. "Please, this is completely different from class. I want to be able to protect my friends if this happens again.."

There is a pause. Lupin doesn't know quite what to say. He just shakes his head. "Please, Miss Chang. I would not want you to be in trouble any. I would really rather your parents would know and approve before any tutoring is done. And besides, lots of this is much beyond your level of education. I know that you're in Ravenclaw and that you are a smart and intelligent girl. He listens to her pleading. "Look…let me at least meet with your parents. I know that you are aware of what I am, and so are your parents. I shall only consider it for now until that has happened, okay?" Though regardless, he wouldn't expect a warm welcome from the Changs. He heads over in to the unconscious body of the auror. He kneels beside the man to decipher the telltale signs of life. Breathing? Yes, he appears to be. Though he has many cuts, and probably a concussion.

"I..well, I guess we can try.." She wrinkles her nose and looks a bit despondent considering her parents are the uber conservative ministry types and well, she was lucky she wasnt pulled out of Hogwarts when it was revealed he was a werewolf. "I'll ask them.." Cho replies with a shrug of her shoulders as she wrinkles her nose and looks down at the auror and then over towards the family who were terrorized, the various victims and then the death eaters. "We should get the authorities in on this, and maybe bring everyone to St. Mungo's.."

Lupin nods firmly. "I'd much prefer that. Just as long as it's not too close to the full moon, of course." He warns. "But yes. Let me talk with them. I am hopeful that I can persuade them." He looks from the downed auror to the scene before them. The street is ruined. There are blast holes every which place and stone and garbage strewn all over the place. The people cowering together and shaking in fear at what just happened. It all seems just a little too familiar. "I'll get a message to the Ministry right away. They'll be here in no time flat." Pointing his wand in the direction that can only be assumed the Ministry is in, Lupin says "Expecto Patronum." A strange looking patronus creature, that only Lupin would associate as a wolf, erupts out of his wand. It is fully corporeal, though, and moves itself and high speeds in the direction of the ministry. "The Ministry is now informed. They'll be here any moment." He states.

There's clear awe on her features as she spies the patronus and ooohs a little as she watches it go off. She blinks a little as she looks back at all the carnage and nods and shivers a little at the thought. "Okay, I'll wait here until they arrive then, and then I have to go find someone.." Cho says matter of factly, just hugging herself for now, letting it all sink in..

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