1995-02-19: Curses


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Scene Title Curses
Synopsis Taking a quiet drink away from Hogwarts, Sirius annoys Jilly.
Location Hogsmeade - Three Broomsticks
Date Feb 19, 1995
Watch For Brrr!
Logger Bad Dog

It's Sunday the 19th of February. It's been two days since the Death Eaters appeared and created a good bit of panic. Having enjoyed the nostalgia of staying at Hogwarts since and by Harry's side, it's with some reluctance that Sirius has headed on into Hogsmeade. He found himself wanting something a bit stronger to drink than what the elves of Hogwarts could provide. Thus the reason why he's sitting at the bar of the Three Broomsticks, nursing a goblet of oak matured mead. Pomfrey has said Harry will be under her care for the next week, and even with apparition, Sirius is loathe to leave the area. Thinking about what a close call that was as he raises his glass to take a drink, he's surprised to find his hand is no longer steady.

For those in the know, the Post Office has had reduced hours for the past two days. The Postmistress' brightness and happy nature has been a bit more subdued and her smiles weaker. She also doesn't leave her seat very often. For the first time in the past couple days, though, she's stepped into the Three Broomsticks with a bit of a limp and wince. Taking a seat quickly by the door, Jilly waits for a waitress to take her order. There will be no ordering from the bar for her at the moment.

Steadying himself, Sirius tries to bury his emotions until he's back in private. He has no problems with expressing himself, it just won't do to let all these strangers in the pub see how shaken he was by Friday night's events. For that time he thought Harry was dead, it was like losing James all over again. It's not something he ever wanted to experience again. He finishes off his mead, and sets money on the counter for Rosmerta, murmuring words of thanks to the barmaid. It's to the relief of others sitting at the bar, who put as much space as possible between them and Sirius, that the animagus gets up and heads for the door.

Not having even seen Sirius, Jilly orders a small amount of food and a Butterbeer, of course, in order to sooth her nerves. She's not much for drinking; this is about as strong as she gets. Her one leg is stretched out under the table, almost out into the aisle, which is kind of a precarious place for it. When she does spot Sirius moving toward the door, she stiffens when she sees him coming closer. As she's sitting basically right by the door, it would be hard to hide from him. So, instead, she pretends to not to notice him.

Sirius strides right past the postmistress, and looks about to step out the door… until he backtracks and looks down at Jilly, and her outstretched leg. "Miss Gale, hello again, and are you alright?" He seems polite enough, making the inquiry and greeting her properly. He can just imagine the sort of thoughts rushing through the woman's mind as she looked downright horrified at the trial. "I did want to thank you for testifying at my trial."

Freezing when Sirius speaks to her, Jilly doesn't turn to look at him. Instead of greeting him friendly, she just nods. "Hello, Mr. Black." He's out now and she can't stop him from coming into the Three Broomsticks, but that doesn't mean she's okay with talking to seeing him all the time. Especially after the attack on the town. "I'll be fine," she replies at the gesture of the leg. "And there's no need to thank me. I was required to testify."

"I can't blame your rather chilly reception, but yes, I did feel a need to thank you. You were unfailingly kind." Sure Sirius was in his animagus form the whole time, but it's a fact the way he sees it. "Did you get hurt the other night?" Bloody annoying isn't it, the way he stands there, making conversation, and showing concern?

Annoying is right. Jilly is, luckily, interrupted with something to do when her food comes - an order of chips and butterbeer - and she starts to pick at them. "Yes, well, I thought you were a stray dog." And that breech of trust, while normally would be something she could understand isn't something she forgives quite easily. "It's nothing."

"And that was the point. I couldn't exactly frolic about in broad daylight with half of Wizarding Britain after me." Sirius frowns a bit as he studies the woman. "I can understand you being cross with me and I don't blame you. I applaud you for even speaking with me for this long. I insist on repaying the favor of a meal or two." And hopefully before Jilly can protest, he's sending money to Rosmerta for her meal and drink. "Now. Your leg. Obviously it's nothing with the way you're holding it out like that. Has it been looked at?" No, that's not a pickup line.

"I understand why you did it. I'm not saying that I didn't." However, that doesn't mean that she forgives him for taking her kindness under false pretenses. "There is no need to repay me in dinners or the like. I would just like to eat in peace. What is wrong with my leg is none of your business." And though it doesn't sound like a pick up line, she doesn't care, she's not biting at it.

"Too late, I've already paid for it," Sirius states insistently. Seeing no point in tormenting the woman further now that he's thanked her, he steps back in order to move on. "If you were hit with a curse, I highly recommend being seen by a mediwitch. It might seem trivial now, but they can spread. Enjoy your meal, Miss Gale." Finally, he's leaving her to eat in peace as he ducks out the door to head back up to Hogwarts.

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