1995-05-01: Curiouser And Curiouser


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Scene Title Curiouser and Curiouser
Synopsis More conversation in wonderwrackspurtland.
Location ?
Date May 1, 1995
Watch For Hugs!
Logger Jax

The world is still green, kindof freaky and a little boring. Well boring as far as Fred weasley is concerned, "Anyone randomly have water on them?" He asks anyone in their odd little world, "To much chocolate or something….never thought I'd say that." He admits before shruging and leans back on his hands. He seems to have spent most of his time since waking up his watching to images appear and disapear, randomly poking them with his wand.

Angelina managed to find her school bag during her watch. It's hard to know whether it is day or night anymore. As promised, she had a sandwich and some apples. The sandwich was split evenly five ways, and one of the apples was divided up as well. Not much, but its food, right? She has been studying since, in between watching for scenes above. "Sorry Fred. Don't have any."

"No water, sorry," Jax says apologetically. He's had his head buried in his charms textbook for ages now, occasionally pausing to experiment some more on his bubbles. "Though, I think there's a charm that summons some!" He rifles through the pages some more before stopping at one. "Aguamenti. You could try casting that."

Fred shrugs and then nods his head to Jax, "Yeah I remember that one from charms class." He out of a random thought then says, "Accio Pie." He waits to see if anything happens and of course nothing does, "Well that doesn't work…" He shrugs again and taps his head with his wand now carelessly.

Angelina looks up from her books to consider the pair talking, then back down. "Well, if nothing else. I'll get to spend all the hours I would have spent in classes studying, right? And at least my herbology tutor is here with me."

"I wish I had more of my textbooks with me. But I'll be /so/ on top of Charms and Defense by the time we're out of here." Jax has his Potions textbook with him, too, but hasn't touched that one yet.

People are are just milling about, Jax and Angie studying, Fred randomly poking images that appear and now scratching his head trying to figure out how to make food appear. Fred yawns as he ponders everything and scoots himself over where Angie sits, "You got your charms book with you?"

Neville rolls, snorting himself fully awake. He teeters up, yawning and smacking his lips. "Who mentioned water?" he grumps. "Water would taste as good as gold right now."

"Mmhmm.." Reaching into her bag, the charm book is produced and passed over to Fred. "Going to come up with food and water for us? Cause I know you're not wanting to study, Weasley." As Neville wakes up, he gets a soft smile from Angie. "Morning sleepyhead."

"I could try this aguamenti charm for you," Jax offers brightly, with a lot more enthusiasm than probable skill. "It makes water come." His lips purse thoughtfully. "Otherwise I think we have about two days more before we dehydrate and turn into green ghostypeople ourselves." This statement, too, is more cheerful than the situation warrants.

Nodding his head to Angie Fred flips open the book with practiced ease, seeming to actually know all it's pages, "Ah here it is…" He looks around for something to hold water then not finding anything he owns asks, "Anyone got a cup or something?" He does pull out one of the small chocolates from his pocket and places it on the ground in from of him while he waits though. Neville gets a smile from the boy, "Trying here Nevler." He tells the boy and Jax gets a stare, "Mate…no more zombie, death talk alright. You're a little creepy kid." He winks to Jax though.

"I wonder if ghosts get thristy," Neville murmurs. He gets to his knees, dragging himself on his knees closer to the group. "No cup here," the boys sighs, peering at Fred.

With a grunt, Angie turns to dig in her bag again, searching for something or other. She pulls out her quill pouch, considering, then shrugs, and puts it on the floor. A swish and flick later, and a quietly spoken spell, and there is a lovely drinking glass. "There."

"Cups? We're /wizards/, of course we —" Jax stops speaking, grinning brightly as Angie transfigures her pouch. "Magic is /so cool/. Sometimes I wonder how I ever lived without it." He turns his attention back to his bubbles and his charms book, blowing new bubbles and focusing intently as he points his wand at one, repeating something from the book. It freezes in place as the others float away. "There aren't any food charms like the water one, are there?" he wonders hopefully.

Fred hit his head with his hand and sighs, "Didn't think of that Angie." He nods appreciatively to her. He is the master of calm it seems today though, or at least trying to be for every one's sake. The Weasley points to the chocolate and says, "Engorgio." Which causes the chocolate to grow at a rapid rate to the size of his fist, "See food…" He comments and shakes his head at Neville, "Don't think ghost get thirsty mate, well they wouldn't have thirst right?" he then asks Jackson, "You wanna try the water charm first mate? It's a sixth year spell though, but give it a shot." He suggests.

Neville sits back, not bothering getting his wand out. "I'm miserable at transfiguration," Neville explains. "Now, if there were plants here to grow…" he looks around and huffs. "Cauldron string succulent," he explains. It's a plant that has long, thin floppy limbs that bloom with these little cauldron shaped pods. Each one is filled with water and it grows faster than you can blink." The talk of plants seems to calm the boy and he drifts to a smile, eyes unfocusing.

"Great thinking there, Fred. We can do that with the apples too. Too bad we didn't think of it before we all shared my sandwich. I have a whole bar of chocolate in my robe pocket yet." Yes. These are students of Lupin. Lesson 1 in Lupin's class? Always carry chocolate!! "Hey everyone…can we try something? Just out of curiousity. Let's all think about the same thing, and see if it shows up in the images. Can we control them?"

"Me try it?" Jax looks surprised as he looks up from his bubble (still hovering frozen where he left it), but he scoots towards the cup Angie transfigured and points his wand at it. "/Aguamenti/." Nothing happens. Jax bites his lip and looks back down at the book, but then back up at Angie. "What do you want us all to think about?"

Fred smiles as Angie says he did a good job, easy pleased much? He shrugs at the thinking suggestion and asks, "What you wanna think about? I suggest…um never mind." His ears go red and he suggests, "Someone else come up with an idea…" He watches Jax try the spell and suggest, "More of a downward motion before you sweep up, try it again."

Neville doesn't seem bothered that no one shows particular interest in his plant babble. "Succulents are some of my favorites," he more or less tells himself. For a moment the herbologist to be falls into a daydream before stirring himself. "Think of what thing?" he asks curiously.

Oh, Angie is listening to Neville. She just really has nothing to add. "I don't know. Let's think about…oh! Something from this year. Everyone think about the first trial, for the champions. You know, the one with the bludgers."

"What other succulents are there besides the water ones?" Jax wonders, looking away from the cup for a moment. He tries the spell again, this time amending his motions according to Fred's instructions. Still nothing. He tries it once more, and this time a sad little dribble of water trickles from the tip of his wand into the cup. He bounces excitedly in place, and it takes a moment before he focuses on what Angie is saying. "Um — any particular part of it or just the whole thing?" His face screws up in concentration. Remembering is apparently hard work.

"Most forms of cacti. Some are almost completely water, others hold a pulp like innards. Extremely useful in medical and potion needs. Some are good to eat, too." Neville leans back, looking up and the black void above. "The trial. Nasty things, those bludgers." He falls quiet, mind now jogging.

Fred smiles at Jax when the spell works slightly for the boy, "Ah you'll get it mate." He comments giving a beaming smile to the boy. Angie's suggestion gets an eyebrow raise, "Yeah good question Jax." He looks to Angie hoping she has a suggestion, he may have ideas but this one not so much. Neville isn't ignored, he's just trying to focus on this green mist idea.

"Alright. So everyone think of the first challenge then. Just think of it in general. Nothing specific." Angie looks upward into the green mist, focusing her mind on the challenge.

"Some cactuses have pretty tasty — oh! Right! Remembering!" Jax claps a hand to his mouth, squeezing his eyes shut tight as he focuses on the memory. And then opening them again, to stare at the mist expectantly.

Neville flashes a smile at Jax before going back to his thoughts. He closes his eyes quietly, running the memories through his thoughts.

Fred doesn't close his eyes but just sort of unfocuses them. He isn't watching the mist and just thinking of the challenge after giving Angie a quick grin. He plops his chin in his hand and pulls one knee up to prop his elbow on.

Sure enough, into the green mists…swirling images, but images all the same, of the very first challenge with the nasty bludgers. With a gasp, Angie's mouth falls open. "LOOK! It works!"

Jax's hands clap together excitedly. "You think it'll hang around if we keep thinking about it? The others never last long." He stares at the picture hopefully, keeping his mind on the first challenge.

Neville 's eyes snap back open. "Wow," he says softly, watching it. "It works." His mouth hangs open a bit, but he doesn't say anything else.

Fred grins as it actually works. He focuses on the images once Angie exclaims to look. He shrugs at Jax's question but continues to focus on the image. He shakes his head and says quietly, "Look guys, I'm still tired for some reason." His hand does go to his temple and he winces when he hits the bump. "Going just lay down for a bit kay…" He says and scooting a bit away from the group tries to ball up his robe under his head and fakes closing his eyes. He can't sleep but just has to lie down and try.

"Well, that is interesting, that this works. That means that, maybe, if we all try together, we can see things. Maybe not every time, but some of the time, right?" Angie grins at the two of them. "Good job there, Jackson. But let me get you a full glass. Aguamenti." And, sure enough. A glass of lovely water.

Jax beams broadly at the glass of water. "/Neat/!" He slides the glass towards Neville, offering it to the other boy first. "What kindsa things should we try seeing?" He turns back to his bubbles — the one is still floating where he left it, and he smiles happily. "Also if I can make more of them do this at the same time, we can mark our spot and go exploring when everyone's awake. We can totally make a trail of bubbles back here so we don't get lost."

Neville licks his lips quietly, closing his eyes again. His brow folds down as he concentrates. After a moment those eyes open again and Neville looks around quickly. He frowns.

"I don't know, Jackson. I don't think we should go exploring in here. I really don't. I think we should stay right here." Angie looks toward Neville, raising a brow. "Neville? Alright there?"

Jax sighs at Angie's words, but doesn't protest. He pokes his bubble with the tip of his wand, and it chimes lightly as it pops. "You should drink," he suggests to Neville, with a touch of concern. "We're prob'ly all dehydrated by now. Might make you feel better."

"Mm hmm," Neville hums, flitting his eyes open and on Angie. "Guess it works better if we all think of something." His attention slides to the water. "No, it's all right. Drink your fill, then Angie. Maybe we should wake Luna and give he some, too." Neville looks over at the sleeping form of the other girl.

"I agree. We all likely are dehydrated. Everyone drinks a glass. Come on. Someone grab it and drink, and I'll fill it again. Doesn't matter who goes first, we'll all get some in the next five minutes." Angie raises a brow at Neville, but keeps her trap shut. For now.

Jax shrugs and picks up the cup, tilting his head back to hold it just over his mouth and pour the water in. He drinks the whole thing down without pausing, wiping his lips with the sleeve of his robe when he is done and handin the glass back to Angie. "We can make more for the others when they wake up. Or, well, Angie can. I need more practice."

"Then I'll go last," Neville says firmly. "If it doesn't matter." He leans, pressing his elbows on his knees, watching the others. His eyes press close for only a moment this time.

Angelina shrugs at Neville. "Alright, mate." Her wand is lifted once more. A scourgify is cast, followed by another aguamenti. The glass is lifted, and Angie drinks the whole thing down. Once she lowers it, she actually fills it and drinks one more time, before doing yet another scourgify and filling, pushing it toward Neville.

"What was that first spell you did?" Jax looks curious. "Before filling it again?"

Neville lays back, head flopping to his bookbag with his hands laced together between.

"Neville. Drink. Two of them. Then Jackson again. The others can drink when they wake up." Angie's gaze turns to Jackson. "Just a cleaning charm. Nothing big. That way we don't have to be all squicky about drinking after one another."

"Can you teach me?" Jax asks hopefully. "Cleaning spells are right useful."

Neville tips his head up, his chin pressing to his collar. He starts to sit up, reaching for a cup of water. "Cheers," he says to Angelina in thanks, tipping the water to his mouth.

Soon as the glass is empty, Angie reaches out and fills it again. "I can try Jackson, but lets not try learning on the drinking glass. You'll see your progress much more on something truly dirty. And it's advanced, I think. Mum taught it to me for dishes over the winter holiday, now that I am of age and can use magic."

"'kay." Jax leans back, fingers splaying on the ground behind him as he props himself up on his arms, wand resting in his lap. "I make lots of messes, is all," he says sheepishly, "'specially when I'm painting. So that'd be way cool. My ma would probably appreciate it at home most especially." He flicks a glance towards Neville. "Are you tired? You seem tired. Or sad. Or quiet." Quiet is clearly not something Jax understands all that well.

Neville is sipping his water, both hands around the rim. At Jackson's words, Neville looks up. First to him, then Angie. "Do I?" he wonders.

Angelina looks at Jackson, then at Neville. "Well. Yeah. You kinda do. A little. Like something is wrong."

Jax sits up, looking at Neville with concern. "Do you need a hug?"

Neville 's stare shifts slowly from Angelina to Jackson. "A hug?" he asks, bewildered.

Angelina chuckles quietly, grinning, and looks back down to her book. Nope. She's not saying a word.

"Well, sometimes they help, if you're sad," Jax explains earnestly.

Neville clears his throat. "I'm fourteen years old. I certaintly don't need…" He stops himself. "Yeah, all right, Jackson. Sounds brill."

Angelina tries so hard. She really does. She lifts a hand and puts it over her mouth, trying so hard not to laugh at the two boys.

Jax scoots towards Neville, squeezing him briefly around the shoulders before sitting back. He pulls his knees to his chest, resting his chin on them. "This place isn't exactly the cheerfullest," he says, giving Neville an Understanding Look.

Neville hugs back, giving Angelina a /look/ over the boy's shoulder and mouths 'Even one word…'.He bends back, taking his water back up and sipping slowly. "Thanks, mate. Feel worlds better."

Angelina matches Neville's gaze, and just grins at him, while making a motion that her lips are zipped. It doesn't stop the grinning though. "That was quite nice of you, Jackson. Two points to Hufflepuff for kindness to others."

Jax beams brightly when Neville says he feels better. "Good! We'll get out of here soon, and then everything'll be great again, you'll see." His eyes widen in surprise at Angie, and he laughs quietly. "Can you give points in here? They might all come out green and then Slytherin'll be /even more/ ahead."

Neville chuckles into the last sip of his water. "First thing I want is a Great Hall dinner. But I'll get 'nyone here all of Honeydukes that they'd ship us all right to the infirmary the moment we got back."

"Don't know Jackson. But I'm going to write them down, and have McGonagall check the list when I get back to make sure they are there." Angie groans at Neville. "I know. They'll keep us at least overnight for observation. But at least all of our friends will bring us candy when they come to visit? Not that we'll want it after living on chocolate."

"I want a potato and onion pasty," Jax sighs wistfully, "and a big glass of pumpkin juice." He grins over at Angie. "Though I'm not sure I'll ever get enough chocolate. I hope they don't keep us in the infirmary for long. I don't feel sick one bit."

"Well, it certaintly doesn't appear that we're getting poisoned from the fog, or hurt by those images. Fred, I think, will need some looking after." Neville looks over to the Weasley. "I feel a lot better after a drink. But I'd give a lot to have a few butterbeers right now."

"Oh. Butterbeer. I would kill for a butterbeer right now. Well, not kill, but you know what I mean. And me, I want chips. Hot, greasy, salty, covered in vinegar chips. Or roast chicken. You know the one they serve in the Great Hall with the flecks of green?" Frowning, Angie looks toward Fred. "Anytime they have kids missing, they are going to keep you in the infirmary overnight. We could come out dancing and singing, and they are going to keep us for observation. But I'm worried about Fred."

"When he wakes up we should definitely make sure he gets plenty of water. But if that bump on his head stays I bet Madam Pomfrey'll fix him right up." Jax leans in to confide quietly to Angie, "Maybe you should try giving him a hug, too, just in case." He scoots back to pick up his wand and his charms book once more. "Maybe we /should/ come out dancing and singing," he suggests playfully. "Then they'll think we found some fantastic other dimension where everyone lives in a musical!"

Because, yeah, Angie has to be encourage to hug Fred. "Aguamenti." The glass is filled. "One more, Neville. Then Jackson. Then we'll wake Luna and Fred and make them drink too. I don't like that he's still having headaches. And there is nothing I can do about it."

Jackson frowns and flips through his book. "I don't think there's any charms in here for headaches," he says regretfully. "But I'm sure people will find us soon."

Neville lets his gaze relax on Fred for a bit. "He'll be all right," Neville comments to Angie. He's trying this whole… positive thing. He even smiles!

"I know he will. Takes more than a knot to take down a Weasley. Just.." Angie clears her throat. "Drink, Neville. Jackson needs his second glass. We should just accept that we'll be sent to the Hospital Wing when we get back. However, when we complain about the lack of food, living on chocolate and apples, they'll likely get us whatever we want."

"Chocolate and apples and terrifying Weasleycandies," Jax adds lightly. "Though really, teleporting into another world seems to be a /way/ more effective way to skive off classes, no nosebleeds required."

Neville takes the cup, not wishing to push buttons. He dips his head, drinking. "All right, all right." He leans towards Jackson and says in a faux-whisper, "You pin a 'P' on a girl's robes an' she looses her marbles." The joke is chased by a long drink. "I'd rather starve than touch any food one of the twins has touched."

Angie sticks her tongue out at Neville. "Sure..whatever you say, Longbottom. And you know, if it was life or death, there wouldn't be a question of what they fed you. They'd be honest."

Jax laughs, but shakes his head. "She's just making sure none of us /actually/ get sick." He puts his charms book away for the first time in quite a while, rubbing at his eyes tiredly — he's been so immersed that he's barely slept at all yet. "Anyway, it's totally not anywhere near life or death," he says with a good deal of hope, "so I think I'd rather stick with apples an' gingerchocolate."

Neville smirks at Angie. "I don't doubt it. The Weasleys are a good bunch." He goes back to his water, watching Jackson. "I'm with the firstie. He's got a head on him, doesn't he, Ang?"

"He certainly does. We'll be just fine, all of us. You know they are already trying to get us out. And I missed my tutoring session with Professor Lupin. So he has already inquired for certain. And he is the one who knew exactly what we were trying to build, and gave me the charms needed."

"You're the only one I have extra tutoring with." Jax looks at Neville, wry amusement in his eyes. "So that doesn't really help /me/ much. I just hope we get out in time for my birthday party. My ma was gonna send cookies to share with everyone and everything!" The little firstie lies down on his side, curling up and putting his backpack under his head. "Was Professor Lupin interested in wrackspurts, too?"

"Your birthday," Neville asks of Jackson. "When is it? If need be we'll… do something. We can figure out /something/. Though I still think if no one comes soon, we should start moving."

"Yes we will! We'll think of something to do! We'll celebrate it, then they can celebrate it again when we get out. How does that sound?" Angie closes her book, letting out a sigh and laying back to look at scenes floating above them.

"That sounds wonderful!" Jax smiles, and then lifts his hand to stifle a yawn. "I bet I'm the only one in my year who gets to have a birthday in a whole 'nother /world/."

Neville stands, scrubbing his arms with each hand. "Bet you are, mate," he says kindly to the younger boy. "All right, mates. I've got frist watch. Why don't you two get some shut eye? Luna and Fred can drink when they wake."

Angelina shakes her head. "I can't sleep yet. Jackson, why don't you come lay over here by Fred, and go ahead and sleep. And Neville can have first watch. I just..not tired."

Jax nods gratefully. "I think sleep would be good to do now," he mumbles. "Study more later." He drags himself over closer to the sleeping people, curling up and covering himself with his robe as he closes his eyes. And then opens them a moment later, worriedly. "You'll wake me up if someone rescues us, right?"

"You'll be the first to know," Neville promises, pocketing his hands with a fond look at Jackson. "We'll even let you wake Luna an' Fred to tell them. Won't we, Angie?"

"Unless they are already awake, yes. I promise. We won't let you sleep through it. And we aren't going to leave you behind." Angie gives both boys a smile.

"Thank you." Jax keeps his wand close by as he closes his eyes again, a small smile on his face once he is reassured he won't be left behind. After having stayed awake so long, he drifts off to sleep in short order.

Neville takes a deep breath after several, long minutes as he allows the boy to fall asleep. The smile is freshly returned to Angie. "He's a good kid," Neville comments quietly. "Getting the real Hogwarts experience, ending up in a mess like this. My first year was unicorn murderer hunting in the forbidden forest. I'd take that right about now."

Angie also waits for Jackson to sleep, then she rises. She makes her way to where he sleeps and removes her robe, settling it over him as she had the night before. Once done, she tiptoes back. "Yeah. He's a good kid. I really like him."

"Been working in herbology with him. Bright wizard, plant wise at least." Neville looks to Angie. "What do you think, though? Do you think we would be any better off staying or going off to explore?"

"I've told you all what I think several times. When you're lost, you don't keep walking. This is where we came in. If they try to come after us, this is where they will come in. If we wander off, in this darkness, we won't see them and they won't see us." Angie shakes her head. "I think we need to stay here."

Neville sighs. "I just feel as if we'e not doing anything. I mean, you have a point…" his voice trails off and he looks up as the potions classroom unfolds nearby. "I'm really starting to not like this place."

Stirring in his sleep Fred Weasley sits up suddenly after a bit of moaning from the boy. Eyes wide open the red head blinks rapidly and looks confused almost, "Angie? Neville?" He rubs his eyes and upon seeing his two friends visibly relaxes, "Oh blimey…" He lets out a sigh and runs a hand through his hair.

Angelina nods slowly.. "Yeah. It's not gaining any points with me either, Neville." She sits quietly a moment before hearing Fred. "Hey you. Morning. Come over here?"

Neville looks back, offering a welcoming smile. "Back from the dead, eh Fred? Watch the firstie so you don't wake him. Not Luna, though. I'm convinced she could bloody hibernate if she wanted."

Fred blinks at Angie and still looking a little sleepy the red head yawns and gets up to head over to where she sits. Folding his legs under himself he chuckles trying to be quiet at Neville's words then plops himself down so he's sitting shoulder to shoulder with Angelina, "Morning butterfly." He covers another yawn, "It that's what it is…no clue myself."

Angelina reaches around in the green mist until she comes up with the glass. "Scourgify. Aguamenti." As Fred sits next to her, and leans over and nudges him. "Here. At least two glasses of water. I think it will help your head feel better. K?"

Neville stands back, shifting in the fog around his feet. "Nasty lump there, mate. Still hurt, does it?" He leans to get a better look at the red haired scalp.

Fred takes the glass without protest and downs the content, "Not gonna argue with a pretty lady." He says without thinking, since NEville will probolly shot him horrible glares. His ears go a little red in a Weasley form of a blush before he rubs his face and covers another yawn, "My heads doing alright…yeah still hurts like a bugger." He says but still trying to put on the brave Fred face.

Angelina waits for him to finish that glass of water before filling it again. She doesn't say anything. She just sits there next to him, legs folded. A glance at Neville, but nothing more.

There isn't even a shadow of a glare. "Then it's not doing all right, Fred," he laughs. "C'mon, we'll get you a bite. Ang? Anymore apples?" Neville straightens up, looking at the girl.

Fred seems a little surprised Nevler didn't glare or yell at him but just smiles and nudges Angie's shoulder as he takes the next glass and drinks this one a little slower, "Yeah I should probolly try that enlarging spell on the apple. Thankfully I learned it for the toffees." He beams and yawning again makes to leans his head down on Angie's shoulder but stops himself before he pushes his luck, "This place is making me tired." He lifts a fist to jokingly shake at the air.

"Yeah. I got two more left. And an orange." Reaching into her bag, Angie pulls out an apple and passes it over to Fred. She looks up at him for a long moment, leaning just a tiiiiiiiny bit closer. Hey! Neville got his hug from Jackson earlier!

"Well," Neville says, glancing between them both. "Think I'll take a bit of a walk. just to work the legs a bit. They're stiff with all the sitting around an' waiting." The boy turns, but not before a wink to them, and starts to stroll away. "Leave a light on for me," he calls back.

Fred blinks at Neville, "You alright mate?" He asks with a hint of concern colouring his tone. He looks to Angie and indicates the walkign away boy, mouthing to the girl, 'What's up?'. Neville will never cease to amaze Fred Weasley it seems.

Angelina protests, softly.."Neville..wait. You don't have to leave. I don't like us getting separated…" She glances at Fred, offering softly, "He's trying to give us some privacy."

Neville glances back. "Not going far," he attempts to protest. He sheepishly grins at Angelina's nail-on-the-head. "Aheh…" Neville mumbles.

Fred ohs and scratches his head at Angie's responce, "Wait he isn't gonna yell at me?" Fred grins at this though and nods his head to Neville. Alright gonna have to buy the boy a really nice christmas gift.

"Alright Neville. But please stay close? Please?" Angie looks up at Fred. "He and I had a talk last night, at the end of my watch. I…explained things. From my perspective. He's okay now. Or at least saying he is."

"Cheers," Neville says, but is already waking off. After a moment a spark of lumos comes up and bobs off into the distance as Neville carries on with his 'stroll'.

Fred looks to NEvler and then back to Angie and raises an eyebrow, "You explained things? Totally wanna know what you explained." He jokes and throws an arm up around her shoulder. His eyes still watch for NEvilles light, always a worry wort about that boy.

Angelina shrugs. "I just explained why I was confused, and how we got in this situation. And how I love you both, and no matter what I choose, I ruin a friendship and possibly the relationship between brothers. So I'm really torn right now.

Fred ohs and his grin falls off his face, "Yeah that…" He shrugs his free shoulder and moves his arm down off of her shoulder, "Well at least he isn't glaring at me anymore. That's an improvment in my day."

Angelina frowns as he removes his arm. "Well, yeah.." She moves closer to him. "Fred, can I have a hug?"

Fred looks at her a little surprised and raises an eyebrow, "Yeah…" He pauses and then gives her his best smile, "Of course." He lifts his arms and without pause wraps them around the girl.

Angelina lets out a heavy sigh, moving in closer to wrap her arms around Fred in return. So, so much better. She closes her eyes and holds on to him tight, silent.

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