1995-06-24: Cultural Exchange


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Scene Title Cultural Exchange
Synopsis Pandora learns a bit about about Chinese culture and political geography from Mei.
Location Hogwarts Lake
Date June 24, 1995
Watch For Pandora's confusion over Birds Nest Soup, Mei's confusion over the Isle of Man.
Logger Pandora

With classes pretty much finished, Mei is found camping out by the Lake. As per her usual, she's got a small pile of flat stones by her feet, which she randomly picks up and starts skipping across the water. Most of them go a good ten or fifteen skips before sinking.

Panda? Is not the most graceful of girls on land. She sort of walks like a Muggle truck driver, cheerfully gallumphing her way down to the grass, a parcel over her shoulder full of vials to take lake's edge samples from for Professor Sprout. "Oi, Mei!" she calls out with a smile, and gives the other girl a slightly spastic wave.

Mei drops the stone in hand, turning and smiling at the fellow puff. Bowing her head, the Chinese girl proves her heritage by clasping her hands before her "Ni hao." Looking back to the stones she giggles somewhat picking the next up "Still working for the professors huh?"

"Just picking up some samples for Professor Sprout's experiments over the summer." Pandora says affably. She kneels at the edge and sets her parcel down. "S'been a whizzer of a year, don't you think?"

Mei ahs and shrugs. "I'm not so sure. No different than others…" Giggling some she adds "Though potions has been fun. I still can't get the mental picture of that Weasley boy…Ron I think is his name, in skirt."

"Oh, that." Panda waggles a hand in cheerful dismissiveness. "In Bristol, a few of the boys at the local college walk about in skirts all the time! My dad says they're fruits, but I just think they like a breathing room, yeah?"

Mei giggles and ahs. "You would be shocked," she muses "how it felt to me when I came here. To be honest this is just a bit short for my tastes. I'm used to it of course, but still…"

"Well, I think so long as if you sit on your knees your hemline touches the ground, you'll be okay." says Pandora earnestly. "My mom says that hemline rules are just a," Pandora bites her lip, trying to recall, "'Nother means by the male dominated 'stablishment to control appreciation and acceptance of the womanly form." She shrugs. "Every year she tries to hike up my hems, and I always end up letting them back down again."

Giggling some, Mei shakes her head. "She'd have a fit if she were to come back home." Reaching into her pocket, the girl pulls out a couple Wizard photos. "A friend of mine," she explains, "Is coming back home with me for a bit this summer, and wanted to see what I usually wear back home. This is it…" extending the photos she waits to see the reaction.

"Oh, those're real pretty, Mei!" Pandora beams at the other. "I wonder if one of those types of dresses would look good on me. But you know, I'd be much happier in a pair of pants. Less likely to trip and all that. Cor, if I could, I'd wear my Quidditch costume to class! It sure is comfy!"

The girl jus laughs some, slowly shaking her head. "You'd be shocked how comfortable a Qaipo is, but yeah, they only fit a few people." Bending she picks up a last stone to send skipping before perching up on the big rock behind her. Keeping her legs down for modesty of course. "My mother makes them, they sell rather well back home. Though…" looking off across the lake she sighs, fidgeting with the hemline of her skirt.

Pandora is cheerfully oblivious to her Housemate's Moment of Emo. "What?" she asks, with all the earnestness of a cocker spaniel.

Mei laughs softly and then ah's "Nothing that would affect you. Just that in little over a year, Reunification is to take place. My father's not happy about it, nor is my mother. I know it won't affect wizards much, but my mother's family are Muggles. So it's going to be rough for them is all." Shrugging one last time she sighs "I just worry it's going to make traveling back and forth hard. It's a pain as it is, don't need it worse."

"What's that?" Panda asks, in the same enthusiastic smile. Hey, she's a little white girl from southwest England who goes to wizarding school. Don't judge her lack of knowledge of world socio-political geography!

Mei ahs some and then peers curiously at Panda before trying to think about it. "Well…" she says thinking. "Hong Kong is currently a British Colony. In a year and a half, the Chinese take over it. I know I'm chinese, but well…I'm a British Citizen. It's how I got to come here."

"Cor." Pandora's eyes go wide. "I bet the Queen won't be happy about losing all those people. Does that mean you'll have to move to England or something?" The vials she's supposed to attend to are ignored for the moment.

Mei laughs as she rolls her eyes "Queen approved it last I heard, but yeah. I hope we don't have to move off the island. I like it there." Giggling she smiles again "We actually live on a whole /island/ been in my father's family for generations."

"Well, England's an island! Sorta. We share with Scotland and Wales and all that, but it's quite nice in Bristol! I hope you do get to stay where you've been raised up, but there's lots of lovely places to live." Panda says consolingly.

Mei giggles and nods some. "I'd not mind living here if you ate civilized food. Like squid, or…" Grinning she blushes rather fiercely "Birds nest soup! I tried getting the Elves to make that once. They stared at me like I was nuts."

Pandora's eyes go wide. "Well goodness, Mei," she says, "That's pretty outlandish for England I think, I mean, a bird's nest would be kind of dry and crunchy…though I guess if it was in soup, it'd be right soggy."

Smiling she shakes her head, causing the chopsticks to come out and her long hair to spill out. For a moment she tries to put them back up and then just gives up, letting her hair stay down and pocketing the sticks "It doesn't use twigs. Trust me though, It's really really good. Better than stinky tofu."

"What's in it, then?" asks Panda, curious. Then, "Oi, want me to braid your hair?" Panda's really good at that.

Mei ohs at her hair and then shakes her head. "Nah, thanks though. It just gets in the way sometimes." Producing a few bands she puts it in a simple pony tail and drapes the length over her left shoulder. "It's noodles." she explains and then pauses "The real stuff costs..oh probably one hundred galleons an ounce. But my mother made it with noodles, chicken, and spices."

"Wow." breathes Panda, and she then hunkers down near the lake to start taking her water samples. "So you're going home for the summer then…no other kind of traveling? A holiday? I'm going back to Bristol, but sometimes we go camping on the Isle of Man."

Now, it's Mei's time to be ditzy. Blinking she cants her head "Isle of Man? Aren't you a bit…young for that, and wouldn't your boyfriend have a fit?" Shaking her head, the girl has a rather shocked look.

Pandora blinks a touch. Boyfriend? Panda wants one of those, but hasn't managed to score one so far. Catching the Quaffle is easier than snagging a boy. "The Isle of Man's this wee island between England and Ireland." she explains. "Folks go camping on it a lot. There's stories that it's haunted, too."

Mei giggles softly, trying to pass off the fact she had mentally pictured an island FULL of men. "Oh, I see." No she doesn't, but she can fake it. "That sounds like my home in so many ways. Well other than located between England and Ireland."

"Well, we might go to Sark instead. That's another island, but it's teeeeny tiny, and full of fake French people!" Fun facts with Pandora Moon! "Though it's really technically part of England. If you could travel, where would you go?" Water samples are collected, stoppered, and placed carefully in the pouch. For all that Pandra is klutzy on her feet, she has very dexterous hands. That's why she's Hufflepuff's Keeper.

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