Cullen Langley
Portrayed By Aaron Sidwell
House Hufflepuff
Year Fifth Year
Position None
Sex M
Race Half-Blood
Age 16
Place of Birth London, England
Date of Birth 2 April, 1978
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History

Cullen is a city boy, born in London to two average parents. His magic comes from his grandparents, the previously esteemed bloodline having thought to run dry after his parents and brother failed to show any magical aptitude. Cullen, though, would prove his family wrong. Unlike his older sibling, Allen, Cullen received the invitation to Hogwarts upon coming of age. So he went.

After an awkward first year Cullen found his groove, becoming a fairly popular face around the Hufflepuff house, mostly with those his age and older. He’s a known motivator of House, in his own words, and a raucous troublemaker in the words of others. He’s noted for being fairly adept at Transfiguration, but lacking in most other forms of magical knowledge.

Between time at Hogwarts he spends his days with his sibling, enjoying the more mundane aspects of life. He’s relatively knowledgeable in Muggle culture, obviously due to his immediate family.


He's a gregarious sort, loud but good natured. He’s a vivacious boy with a sense of humor and a penchant for making fun, even if it’s not the smartest thing to do. It’s rare that he’ll allow himself to be put off by anyone, and what grudges the boy does have are usually fleeting things. He’s also rather unabashedly a half-blood and firmly rooted in Muggle society, a fact which he doesn’t have any trouble passing on and is usually seen in his fondness for Muggle games and hobbies. Most of the time Cullen is found roaming with packs of Hufflepuffs and making a racket.


  • Pet: Andrew the Owl
  • Wand: A 6" glossy wand made of oak with a phoenix tail feather core
  • Patronus: Coyote
  • Specialties: Transfiguration, Muggle Studies, Parties


Jun 29, 1994 Pet Shop Party Looking at birds.
Jun 30, 1994 A Scale of One To Ten Cullen is pretty handsome.
Jul 02, 1994 Whatta Man Date with Cho. Karoke, Electric Avenue, breaking canon.
Jul 06, 1994 Psychedelics Bugs + Drugs.

Significant People

Name Relation Notes
Cho Chang Girlfriend They go on dates.
Antigone Atherton Housemate Kind of known member of Hufflepuff. She's pleasant.


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