1994-10-08: Crazy Train


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Scene Title Crazy Train
Synopsis Tonks checks in on Sirius. Mood swings ensue!
Location Caves outside of Hogsmeade
Date Oct 08, 1994
Watch For Graceful exits
Logger Scrappy Doo

It's morning, the crack of dawn. Yet, still, there's a faint rustling outside the mountain caves. But it stops, though with the way the light moves a bit, one can tell there's a shadow sitting just at the mouth of the cave. And there's also the smell of foods that clearly seem to say 'breakfast'. But whoever it is, it isn't coming into the cave, not yet, anyway.

Sleeping on the floor of a cave isn't very comfortable, and the only way to make it tolerable is to spend the nights in his animagus form. Sirius is no thief so there'll be no stealing of materials to make sleeping more comfortable. Hiding at his home isn't a good idea, despite the numerous spells and wards, he can be cornered there. So he puts up with the inconveniences and discomfort. So it's in this form when he's alerted to the smells of a real and fresh breakfast. The keen nose of the dog says something nummy this way comes. Awakened, he transforms from the dog and moves towards the front of the cave.

It might be hard to see someone there, for a Dissillusionment charm is in place. But if one has a good eye, they can see as a hand moves over something, the scenery ripples a bit. Motion does cause the figure to shift and glance behind her. "You awake?" a familiar voice says, though it's very quiet, almost as if afraid to disturb the early morning quiet with just speaking.

Eyes narrowing some as Sirius scans the area. Hmm.. Tell-tale ripples. Hard to see, but when paying attention… Aha. The familiar voice garners a smile from the man. "I am now. Could smell you coming." Which isn't a bad thing in this case, and he quickly adds, "That is I could smell what you have with you. You know what I mean. Why are you hiding?" He's fairly amused at the usage of a disillusionment charm, but it's probably a good idea.

The rippled figure gets up and is careful to make sure that no one else could be visible, before she slips into the cave. Once there, the charm drops and she makes it a point to deal with Buckbeak first. She'll bow and wait for his acknowledgment before she answers Sirius. Her words are even for the bird, "I even brought you some breakfast. Checked to see what was good for a hippogryph to eat, too." HORSEYBIRD. After Buckbeak's dealt with (Ie, if she's allowed to stop bowing at the waist), Sirius is addressed, "Call it taking a page out of Mad-Eye's book. It's been a week or two, but did you know I was put on notice? I was even threatened with suspension without pay."

Buckbeak bows in return to Tonks, familiar with her presence by now. At the offering of breakfast, the hippogriff lets out a squawk and ruffles his wings. Food! When Tonks explains the reason behind the charm, Sirius raises a brow. "You got put on notice? What on earth for?" He walks over to pat Beaky on the neck before he gets too excited about breakfast.

Buckbeak's breakfast is handed to Sirius, which is in a large bowl. She'll let him deal with that. The rest of the basket it settled down for Sirius to get to. "I think the reason has to do with something about… not taking the Maplewood situation seriously." Tonks frowns here. "I got called in by Umbridge of all people," she frowns here. "She asked what I thought about the article, I was slightly annoyed because she was pulling me from /real/ work to ask about it. Then she said I was flippant, and put me on notice. Then, and this is dumb on my part, I said I had actually ran into herand she said that I should've told the ministry right away and…I had pointed out that since the woman's a foreigner, the ministry already knew about herand that's when I got threatened with Suspension." She sighs here. "Fortunately Scrimgeour /seems/ to have deflected the bulk of it—but it pissed me off anyway." So yeah, Tonks is here to babble!

Sirius takes the bowl from Tonks with a murmur of thanks. He then proceeds to tend to Buckbeak before getting his own breakfast. It's partly to do with the fact that Beaky's a proud creature, but it also shows the respect that Sirius has. Not to mention the gratitude, and hey, they're fugitives together. He sort of puts his back to Tonks so that she doesn't see what he's doing, just in case she's squeamish in that way. (But Moody trained her, so she has to be made of sterner stuff.) "I see," he says with a glance over his shoulder. "Good for you. Not taking anything from that old harpy. I've heard a few things about the likes of her." He nods his head, patting the hippogriff on the beak and sets the bowl down so Beaky can eat at his leisure. "Pull up a rock," Sirius says as he settles onto the ground with the basket. "Lucky for you that you've a superior as sharp as him."

She'll definitely accept that rock, thank you very much, cousin. She settles down. "I've been avoiding her, but I've also been trying not to give her a reason to do anything. It's why I've not come visit you personally," and just those chance encounters in Hogsmeade. "If she was tailing me, I didn't' want her finding you." She smiles apologetically. "I hate her. Though it was nice to see her all bloating during the meeting of the Wizengamot and they actually agreed to the motion to let Holly proceed." Still, she does pull out the Daily Prophet that features Holly's interview and she eyes it. "So…'notoriously handsome'?"

Sirius pokes into the basket to see what goodies are in there, and is eager to share the haul. "I understand the reasoning," he says, although his tone is decidedly less chipper. He's just a wee bit moody, more antsy as the days go by with the Prophet headlines, a drop in visits. "Can't have her following you about. She's a troublesome one, that's for certain. Nice to see a blow to her pride and precious Ministry with the Wizengamot's decision." A little humor returns at the Prophet headline, "I know, difficult to believe. I should also throw in damages to my appearance when I win back my innocence. Although, I think I've still got it."

Tonks feels bad for not visiting him as often as she would have liked, especially with him stuck in the cave. "WEll, remind me to teach you a few charms for that hair." She says with a grin. "Though, speaking of 'notoriously handsome' that reminds me of something…" She purses her lips for a moment, then asks, "Do you know Jack Noble?"

Sirius smirks just a tad, "What's wrong with my hair? I think the scruffy look is in nowadays. It helps with the tattoos and bad boy imagery." Sorry cousin, he's not bothered by the teasing as he dips into the breakfast basket and eats in between conversing. "Jack Noble? Rings a few bells. Can't exactly place it just yet. Got a few more clues?"

"He was the guy talking with us and the big Giant…American person?" Was Sirius there for that? She can't remember, "He was there when Remus gave you the firewhisky in the bowl at the Three Broomsticks," Tonks also says. She also pulls out a small piece of paper, "He apparently graduated in eighty-two, Gryffindor…has a lot of siblings apparently."

Sirius thinks as he chews, then the pieces fall together. "Ah yes, coming back to me now. Just a few years behind us. Hard to remember at times." What with being mentally assaulted by Dementors for over a decade. "I think he and a few of his friends followed us about from time to time." Hard to remember all of your fans when you're a popular kid y'know.

Tonks nods a bit, drumming her fingers. She seems unsure of how to broach what's on her mind concerning Jack, so she doesn't talk right away. Of course, the way she does chew her thumbnail and looks hesitant, it might just give off the wrong idea on what she's trying to put to words, but for now, she just concentrates on that—how to word what she wants to word.

Too bad about that, because Sirius is sharp when he wants to be. Like about now. Peering curiously at Tonks, "Why do you ask?" Dipping back into the basket, he comes up with a muffin, which he proceeds to eat in a slow and thoughtful manner.

"Well, see… I was wondering what you thought of him. Like an opinion…." Tonks doesn't think, so forward in what she thinks. "I mean… he seemed all for your trial, actually. Well, at least the option to giving you one. He seemed to approve of the idea. And so I was wondering…" She takes a breath, "If it'd be prudent to sort of…see how he stood in the grander scheme of things. You know with…You-Know-Who and… well, what you guys pulled me into and all…" Translation: would it be wise to see if Jack might be Order-material.

"My cousin isn't getting stars in her eyes, is she?" Sirius asks in the fond teasing manner of an older brother sort. "Really? Well, what I remember of him was as a kid. He was alright then. Seems to have shaped up fine as an adult. Just from the brief times I've seen him around Hogsmeade." Finishing off the muffin, he's quiet until he's done eating it. "Poke a bit on the quiet. Feel it out for now. The more we can get to believe in the reality, the better I think. Dumbledore recruited a lot of us from school at the time, along with old friends of his."

She knew it was coming. Tonks just rolls her eyes, "Sirius, if I was getting stars in my eyes, it'd be for someone a bit more…grounded than Jack." Not that she's saying she IS having stars or anything so… don't think anything about it! "Alright. We'll see how it goes, then. I'll let you know if I change my mind one way or the other."

Sirius says nothing, but smiles simply as he digs back into the basket for another item to munch on. "Very well then." Quiet again, he's not exactly stuffing his face, he's actually restraining himself from eating any faster. "Remus and I talked about meeting with Miss Maplewood, by the way. It's possibly not a good idea, but if that's the only way to get a trial going." He shifts uncomfortably on the spot, and not due to the hard ground he sits upon. "My.. reservation about this has to do with the fact that the policy is for the accused to go to Azkaban during trial." He's /not/ going back.

Yes, please drop the topic of her love life! Tonks does seem to perk at the mention of Remus, though. Mostly because she hadn't heard hide nor hair of the werewolf in weeks, which prompts her question of, "Is he doing alright?" Though the topic clearly moves back to Holly, and Tonks frowns slightly, her finger resting against her lips while she thinks. "Talking with her could risk exposing those've been harboring you," Not that she's worried, considering she can alter her appearance. But it could also show some trust at the same time. There is a curse when he mentions Azkaban. "Maybe we can get a stay on that, site psychological reasons. You can't testify if you're a drooling mess due to Dementors, and it could be seen as tampering with the trial?" Tonks offers hopefully.

"He was, when I saw him a few days ago. Quite concerned about the situation, but alright." Sirius then adds in a rather dry manner, "I don't need the Dementors to be a drooling mess." Don't make him demonstrate! "I'm not sure. I can't think of any case where that was an option. With Miss Maplewood's involvement, this is already shaping up to be an unusual circumstance. Do you know if she's even seen the conditions the Ministry will push to have me back into?" That's the way things have worked for some time. The accused is returned to Azkaban while the trial continues and a verdict is reached by the Wizengamot. As his thoughts turn inward, he pushes the basket away, appetite suddenly gone.

It's almost as if a lightbulb goes off in her head. "I can get someone to give me permissionshe /can/ see the conditions, actually," Tonks tone of voice is almost excitable. She's /sure/ she can get Kingsley to helphe's better with connections than she is. "If we can get something that says that Holly's inspection of …" It suddenly dawns on her. Tonks stands up, her hands clasping together, "She can ask to inspect your cell! Just in case… for evidence! Or just to see how your living conditions were, weave it into her defense about the kind of fate they banished you to without a proper trial. I can escort her, of course. And she can get a good look at Azkaban. And the dementors."

Sirius isn't sharing Tonks's enthusiasm, even as he nods, which is more or less consent to the idea. Just the thought of being sent back has desperate measures running through his mind. Quite possibly all of which would further ruin his case.

…. "You're depressing you know that." Before he can protest, Tonks'll reach down and give him a firm hug. "I know it's rough, but we'll pull through okay? It could be worse, there could be no prospect at all." There's Tonks for you, trying to find the upside in all of it. "We'll work things out, alright?"

Sirius starts at the hug, almost looking panicked. He was completely unexpecting it as he was slipping into one of his funks. Rigid at the contact at first, he calms down rather quickly. "The thing is," he starts to slowly say, "that being on the run didn't bother me quite so much before Miss Maplewood came along." He was quite fine with it. Now it's a bit like he's being teased in a way.

Despite Sirius probably not having had a bath in a bit, there's a ruffle of his hair before Tonks stands up and retakes her rock. "I can understand…Is this something you'd want then?" She'll poise the question, just in case.

Sirius has been doing the best he can with the aid of cleaning spells, thank you very much! (Still, a lengthy hot bath would feel wonderful.) "No actually, I thought I'd like the whole world to think of me as a mass murdering maniac and remain on the run." Sarcasm you see, it does wonders for the soul.

Tonks isn't offended, don't worry. She just smirks a bit. "We'll get through this. I know it's frightening, I can't imagine it of course, but …I got faith."

Frightened? Him? Never. (So that's a lie.) Sirius reaches to playfully nudge at Tonks, "I'll be alright. So far Miss Maplewood has managed to get a few eyes opened." There just may be a chance, but taking it is indeed frightening. So much could go so very wrong. "I suppose then next thing to do is as I told Remus.. talk with her face to face, discuss options. Give her the details she's missing."

So, it comes down to risking all that could go wrong for the chance that it'll go /right/. "What does Remus think?" Tonks means about trying to arrange a face to face meeting with Holly and all. Sirius had mentioned that he brought it up to the werewolf, so…

A ghost of a smile flits across Sirius's face. "He wants to err on the side of caution, of course. Talk to the lady first himself. Only /after/ I threatened to walk out and march up to her cottage myself." Shrugging, he eyes the basket as if perhaps his appetite is returning, but he's not entirely sure. "I suggested he kidnap her if need be. Blindfold her. She doesn't need to know where we are to talk."

"Hm." Tonks seems to consider both sides. "Has he come back yet? From talking with her?" That would make the decision a bit easier to do. She stretches. "I'd say the meeting should be a surprise to her regardless. If she knows about it before hand, it poses a risk that someone might get her to slip up."

"I don't even know that he has yet." Sirius says. He's honestly not sure when Remus was going to talk to the woman. They hadn't really discussed that bit. "Oh I agree completely on that sentiment. Keep the game in our favor for as long as we can."

She shakes his head. "How such a cautious fellow ended up hanging out with you, I'm still trying to figure that out." Perhaps it's just because the drab man could use a reason to really smile every now and then. But back to the subject of holly, Tonks steeples her fingers, tapping the tips together in thought. "But how to go about it without causing a fuss—there's the rub."

Sirius flashes a brief wink Tonks's way. "Because he's like us deep down. Us, meaning James and myself. Someone had to be the good boy of our group. He was our conscience you could say." He rolls his eyes faintly, "Easy. Walk up to her door, knock, 'hullo we'd like to have a bit of a chat.' Get invited in for tea, stun and blindfold her. We meet up."

Remus? One of them? Tonks chuckles but then she's outright laughing at Sirius suggestion about Holly. After she's done, she wipes a tear that was escaping the corner of her eye. "Well, when in doubt, the simplest modes work best. Just need to make sure we're not seen, or that we return her to her house in a fair amount of time. Make sure she doesn't have like, appointments or anything during the day before she's absconded with." A pause, "Where would we take her?"

Sirius shrugs his shoulders, "Works for me. Lacks subtlety and art in planning, but no real time for that. Getting straight to the point is more prudent I think." Raising a hand, he rubs at his chin and ponders. "Not here, that's for sure. Not at Grimmauld Place either, in case there's cause for a raid." Or an attempt. Between Kreacher and the spells of his forefathers.. "No need to overthink it. Should be easy to find an abandoned house to use."

"And do you want this before or after I take her to Azkaban?" Because Tonks really does think that'll be a good idea. Holly /could/ benefit a trip to the place… And maybe Tonks just wants to take her to see just what kind of stuff she's made of.

Sirius can't suppress the shudder that comes across as Tonks mentions the prison again. "I should get to talk to her as soon as can be arranged. Then take her there." He's honestly not sure what's best as far as timing goes. "Either way I suppose. Fill her in on the information she doesn't have, let her see the prison. Arm her with solid reasons to keep them from placing me there." He does seem to be at a bit of a loss. This sort of thing hasn't been done before to his knowledge.

There's a mumbled apology about mentioning that place again. Tonks didn't like it when she visited to question Bellatrix. "Maybe I'll show her Auntie Bella for the hell of it. I did tell you I saw her, right after the cup, right? What a right piece of work she's turned out to be." She stands up here, dusting off her rear from the dirt the rock had deposited there and then she stretches. "I should get going. I've a long shift to deal with today. I'll fling you a message if I find an opening on when I can snag Holly. I'll ask Mad-eye if he knows of any safe houses we can borrow."

"Do you want to frighten the poor woman?" Sirius asks, his expression aghast at the mention of dear cousin Bellatrix. The look he gives Tonks is fairly dark, "I saw her when she was brought in. Would have thought they were leading her to a bloody throne." His grey eyes go flat, distant, "Heard her screaming, crying, going quiet." They all go quiet, eventually. As Tonks gets up, he blinks, mind coming back to the present. "Right. Don't want you getting into further trouble." He pushes himself up as well, "Thank you for breakfast and good call. He would know of a few."

"Umbridge doesn't scare me. But she can make things difficult. But," Tonks takes a deep breath, "I'd rather have my career wasted because I thought I was doing what was right, not because I had my nose planted in someone's arse. S'why I decided on this job after all—to do /good/. Umbridge wouldn't know the meaning of the word if it kicked her square in the.." the last word is clearly muffled because Tonks was arranging her coat. She smiles a bit at Sirius. "Try to take care of yourself. I hadn't meant to ignore you. and we'll be talking with HOlly soon. One of us should probably warn Remus."

A true smile breaks across Sirius's face. "While such sentiment wouldn't make the majority of the family proud.." Not that he gives a damn about what the majority of their family thinks. They're only family by blood, and that means nothing to him. He waves his hand dismissively, "Don't worry about it. I don't want you getting into trouble on my account. Harboring a fugitive and all that. I'll do my best to stay put and not get into any escapades. Like the other day." Oh he's not gong to elaborate now. "Off with you Tonks, before they send a search party for you."

There's a broad grin, which seems to accompany a slight giggle. She turns to make her leave and quite literally ends up tripping her way and flailing her way out of the cave's entrance. The real talent is during the windmilling arms she still managed to cast her Disillusionment Charm on herself. A moment or two after that, the distinctive *pop* of Apparition is heard, and Tonks is gone.

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