Portrayed By Taylor Fuchs
House Slytherin
Year Fifth
Position Student
Sex Male
Race Half-Blood
Age 15
Place of Birth London, England
Date of Birth July 7, 1979
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Gavin Christopher Crane was born in July, 1979, in the city of London. From an early age he displayed an aptitude towards the use of magic, something his mother - a pureblooded Slytherin witch who had made something of a black sheep of herself by marrying his father, a Muggle physician - had been worried about. Her fears of having a Squib for a child were put to rest when a young Gavin exploded the television set after being prevented from watching his favorite children's show.

As a child still unaware of the larger magical world that awaited him, he enjoyed his days in public school (his father insisted on his attending) although it was obvious that he didn't take his classes seriously. Though he got along well with both of his parents he was decidedly closer to his mother, whose interests and personality were much more like his own than his father's. As he got older he took to hanging around a slightly rougher crowd of boys, and managed to get into trouble several times during his last couple of years in the Muggle school systems, although never for anything too serious.

As expected, he received his letter from Hogwarts upon turning eleven. After his arrival to the school he was quickly sorted into Slytherin, where he fit in quite well despite not having the pure blood that was so much prized amongst his Housemates. And while he did not seem to make any extremely close friends during his years at the Wizarding school, he became quite popular as a de facto 'leader' amongst a group of students that surprisingly included members from each of the four Houses.

Of course this invited some amount of scorn from his fellow Slytherins, but he quickly garnered a reputation for having a tendency to say - and do - unusually cruel things to those who offended him, so by his third or fourth year most had learned to leave him well enough alone. His little attacks of retribution were never anything too over-the-top, primarily consisting of verbal lashings that were often vitriolic enough to send the recipient away in tears. Once or twice he might have given someone a swirlie (bringing Muggle ingenuity to the Wizarding world!) or put an embarrassing hex on an unfortune student or two, but these incidents were largely written off by most of the student body as rumors. Of course that doesn't mean that the faculty didn't notice - but Crane seems to be quite adept at either having other people do most of his nasty work for him, or presenting his own case as self-defense (to his credit, as a general rule he never starts such vendettas - he usually just finishes them). The detentions that he has earned (one for inflating someone's head with an Engorgio hex, another for using Diffindo to leave a Hufflepuff boy standing in his briefs in the middle of the great hall) he served stoically and without complaint.

Crane (who refuses to be called by his forename) takes his Wizarding studies far more seriously than he ever did his Muggle ones; he has received straight O's and E's for the past three years in all of his classes, and does especially well in Defense Against the Dark Arts and Arithmancy.


Mix one part Lothario, two parts Machiavelli, add a dash of Dr. House. Season lightly with anti-hero.

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