1995-06-04: Cramming In Transfigurations


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Scene Title Cramming In Transfigurations
Synopsis Dietrich tutors Kalleigh right before exams.
Location Armor Gallery
Date June 4, 1995
Logger Kalleigh

[HGW] - Armor Gallery

Adjacent to the trophy room is the armor gallery. Located within, armor from every era of Hogwarts' existance can be found. This room is one of many favored by Filch for students to serve their detentions, cleaning and polishing down the armor until they gleam. Occasionally, the visors of the armor will turn to study anyone occupying the room. In addition to being used for detention, this room is favored by some pranksters in the student body for experimental charms in music and song.

Dietrich walks into the Armor Gallery, where he's placed a small table for his use today. He doesn't often do tutoring, but for this subject, he would. He walks to the wall facing the doorway and leans against it, waiting for Kalleigh to show up. Hopefully she didn't forget, he does check his watch but shrugs, "I'm a little early, she's got a little bit yet." He reaches into his pocket, pulling out a box of toothpicks and sets them on the table. And then waits.

Kalleigh appears in the doorway just about the time she should, her bag banging against her hip as she slows. There are bits of parchment hanging out around the transfiguration book stuffed hastily inside and she is busily trying to extricate her wand from her robes and the button hole it seems caught in. She looks up as she enters, lips parted as she spies the room's occupant. "Hullo."

Dietrich nods as the girl enters and says, "Hello, Kalleigh right?" He sees her disorganization as she walks in and raises his eyebrows, "You can go ahead and set your bag down on the table and get out your book." He draws his own wand, tapping the small table right in the middle, causing it to elongate length-wise, giving it twice the surface space it originally had. And waits for Kalleigh to get her stuff together.

Kalleigh nods solemnly to the question then moves over to the table. She draws out her book, parchment and all. The sheets are slipped in between the pages of the book, covered with thin blocky letters, her notes. She self-consciously begins folding some of the longer note pages in half and better hiding them next to the material they pertain to. "Thank you for helping me so late in the term. I was afraid I'd never get some of this right for the test. Is it all written, or do we do some practical too?"

Dietrich smiles and says, "Both. There's a written and a practical. After all, no sense in us learning anything here if we can't do it." He glances at the notes and book and says, "Cramming doesn't do you that much good either. I find you either know the stuff, or you don't. So lets start with what you do know. What is the last transfiguration you've been able to do in class and succeed at?"

"Perfectly?" Kalleigh asks nervously. "The tea cup, I think."

Dietrich nods, and pulls a mouse out of his pocket, which looks like it's been either knocked out or something, but he sets it on the table and nods, "Turn this into a teacup then." He looks at her, gauging her response to the animal… it's not every person that can just up and transform a living thing into something else. He waits, letting Kalleigh try to do it.

Kalleigh scowls at the mouse, her brow knitting up as she readies her wand. Her eyes widen as she concentrates. She scowls up at Dietrich a moment later. "The mouse isn't dead is it?"

Dietrich remarks, "Just unconscious, it's easier to try and transfigure if you aren't having to chase it all over the room. Believe me, I know." He offers, "Go ahead. Just remember, you have to clearly imagine what you want done… and it's better if you think you -need- it to happen. The stronger the desire, the better the outcome. But don't get fusterated, I'm sure you remember trying to transfigure a toothpick into a needle and how difficult that was starting out." He offers with a hand gesture to try it.

"Can I warm up on the toothpicks? The teacup it's… well, I don't know. Frustrating. I saw someone do it in the common room and I tried it and I don't think I can do it again." Kalleigh scratches at the back of her head with her wand butt. Little sparks light up on the end of it. "And I think I hurt the mouse. I don't really want to hurt anything."

Dietrich nods as he taps the mouse, which wakes up with a squeak and attempts to flee, but Dietrich summons it into his hands with, "Accio Mouse!" The frightened rodent is caught by Dietrich, whom taps it, changing it into a snuffbox. He nods, opening the box of toothpicks and setting them out on the table for Kalleigh. Ten in total, "Try and transfigure each into the needle… try and vary the shape and length. It doesn't have to be perfectly changed, just that it did change."

"Okay," Kalleigh brightens considerably, turning her attention to the needles. She's well practiced with them and converts them at length into different types of needles. There are darning needles and cross stitch needles and finer needles for thinner threads. She has a tendency to bite her lip as she works though and there's a bit of a dent in the soft tissue when she's done.

Dietrich watches with interest as Kalleigh works on the toothpicks with ease and says, "Well done." He picks up the first one, taking it like he's going to snap it and smiles when it doesn't. "Very well done." He pulls from his pocket another item, a glass vial. He sets it down and says, "I'd like you to change the shape and size of the vial, you don't have to change the material. Which is curious why they don't teach us this part first." He shrugs though and says, "Have fun with it, I want to see what you think you can do with it."

"Dunno, personally," Kalleigh's brogue thickens her words. "Maybe it's to show that it's easier - for some people - to think about change when it's all over rather than smaller stuff." She readies her wand and draws part of her lip into her mouth now, the skin paling slightly. She frowns as the glass begins to ooze into a spiral.

Dietrich nods and says, "Very interesting." He reaches for her textbook, flipping it open to see just what she has to deal with and says, "Alright then, lets continue with a few more common exercises, as the material that's in here is what you're going to be tested on…"

Kalleigh nods and sets down her wand, turning to the book as well. She looks over his shoulder before reaching a thin hand in to start pointing out the areas where she's lost or confused. As the tutoring session continues, her mannerisms warm and she starts talking - a lot. Poor Dietrich.

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