1996-03-06B: Counting Stars and Queens


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Scene Title Counting Stars and Queens
Synopsis Jethro comes to check on the infirmary. He spends some time talking to Maura
Location Hogwarts: Infirmary
Date Mar 06, 1996
Watch For Falling potions and ways to fall asleep
Logger Jethro

It's late - and well past the time Poppy's gone off duty. There's only a couple of beds occupied in the infirmary at the moment and the paintings are keeping a good watch, but Maura is there at the end of the hallway doing what only the most bored or most unable to sleep ever do. Taking stock of potions inventory and sorting it not just according to freshness, but also alphabetically within each category. She hasn't even bothered to change out the lime green robes, which is probably just to forestall any questions because it's deeeefinitely not for fashion.

Jethro is restless himself. He prowls the castle, patrolling the most walked areas, trying to find some of the places that are more busy and usually have kids misbehaving. He's mentally mapped the castle, and the Hospital Wing is one of those places. Since kids seem to lag on their way out of the place, they get into more trouble. He steps inside, checking to see if anyone's out of place. Green robes? Check. That's one of the Healers. "Hey. You alright?" He tries to make the question quiet enough not to startle, but it may yet.

Just about anything startles Maura at night; a startled gasp first escaping and a bottle of… something, slipping right out of her hands. Fortunately, just to roll on down the hallway like a stray pygmy puff rather then breaking and shattering outright. Rather then look up to see the owner of the voice, her hand tightens on the cabinet door. "Everything… is just fine in here. The children are resting." Admittedly, it's said a little stiffly. But as she turns to go walking after her escaped potion it's clearly because she about lost her wits with fright there, and is actually trying not to hyperventilate. "I wasn't expecting anyone by here."

In apology, Jethro steps out, grabs the bottle and hands it back. "Couldn't sleep." It's a sheepish admission that is intended to substitute for an apology. "You let any go tonight?" Kids, that is. "Sometimes, they'll get lost on the way." He rolls his eyes at the phrasing, but that's usually how the kids say it. He moves to sit down in a chair near where she sorts potions. "You alright?"

"I know the feeling." Another victim of insomnia. But, Maura shakes her head at the mention of the kids as she accepts the potion bottle with a slight inclination of her head in acceptance of wordless apology. "None let go today. I make 'em wait until morning. No children need to be wandering these halls at night." is said staunchly, her shoulder even twitching at the idea. It's Jet's insistence on that particular question that makes her sigh. "If I was alright, I sure as shit wouldn't be sorting potions in alphabetical order." is pointed out. "I've been wearing this thing for -days- now, but it's stopped helping me sleep."

Jethro grunts, his gaze looking at the potions cabinet instead of directly at her. He taps his fingers against the chair's arm, just allowing a quiet moment to pass. "My dad always swore by a glass of warm milk." She's probably past that point, but it's something to say, something to recommend. "Good. Morning's better. They're on their way t' class, and not messin' around." He snorts again. "I caught a little kid tryin' t' climb up on to the bottom of the staircases. Someone'd given him gloves that were supposed t' make him stick to the walls. Think it was some kinda potion." Jethro was amused and chiding by turns. "Gryffindor."

Maura just turns, so she can eye Jethro like he's grown a third eye. "Warm milk." That's all she says to that reccomendation, but it should be enough. His description of one of the kid's antics does make her smirk at least. "Five points from Gryffyndor." she intones, in a fair approximation of McGonagall's voice, when she'd have been notified of that intransigance. "Potion used to coat gloves for climbing walls sounds pretty useful though, at least. If it worked."

"Dunno." Jethro didn't pay attention to the kid, other than to pull him down and tell him to get where he belonged. "Might be worth lookin' into." He thinks about the possibilities. "Make for good … findin' things." He smiles, and shakes his head. "Yeah, kinda what I told him, but I figured I'd suggest it."

"Just about anything is useful, I find. Especially those things that kids use to get into trouble with." Maura decides, lips twisting ruefully. "Except warm milk. It also tastes terrible. But, I do thank you for the suggestion Mister Gardener." is added sincerely, as the last shelf of potions is reloaded in exact order. "Running around the grounds a few times generally exhausts me enough. But, I can only do that so much. I'm still regaining strength. And then there's solitaire, drawing, reading, counting sheep.." her voice trails off, with a shrug. She'll leave her other nocturnal exhausting activities off the discussion list.

"Yeah." Jethro knows that list all too well. He's had his own demons to chase, and long stretches of nights to chase them around in circles. "Maybe get some of the better ideas and hang on to them for the team." He shrugs, knowing that they'd have to be sent through R&D and proven before they'd be useful, but maybe that'd be something they could do. "Listin' potions ingredients, countin' stars, namin' saints or presidents…" He's got his own list for sure.

Maura takes mental note of hanging on to those ideas for the team; just a flicker of her eyes showing she's registered the request. "Hmm, well. There's a few ideas to add. Can't name saints or presidents though. Well, not unless I read the names again first." Her hands lace together tightly enough to turn white at that. But she's also too polite to just .. leave. So, a seat is slumped into that's nearby. "What's the next case we're working on, do you know yet?"

"Brennan found some bones of a Moon-girl." That's what Jethro's calling her until he knows more. "And we were lookin' for the remains of a guy." He runs his hand across the other one in a gesture of nervous thought. "Damn MLE idiots didn't know exactly where in the alley the guy died. Used to relyin' on their wands so much, they don't engage their brains." He snorts, knowing the implications of his words, at least to the people around here. "Know your kings and queens? Same damn thing."

"No. No kings. No queens. No princes or princesses. No bishops, or popes, or headmaster's, or teachers, or mentors, or friends, or family.. nothing ok? I can't name a single fucking list of any people unless I read about it -now-. Or someone tells me. Or I happen to overhear it." Okay, that got under her skin a little, and Maura huffs out an exasperated breath. "So is the dead guy somehow related to the Moon-girl?" Yeah, just like that. She switches topics back.

"Won't happen again." He'd forgotten she didn't remember a thing. He winces, remembering those few moments after the explosion when he didn't even remember where he was. "Maybe get a list of healing spells and memorize it. Dunno." He shrugs, trying to be a little useful. When she switches topics back, he switches too. "Dunno." He says that a lot. "Might be. Couldn't even find the guy, so we've got no way of knowin' until we do." He rolls a shoulder. "I don't think so, though, think they're two separate things."

Maura would probably apologize for her outburst if she weren't trying quite so hard not to have another one. The tension over in her little corner of the room is almost palpable; a struggle of wills where she's steadily losing the battle. And in agitation, a hand runs through her hair, starting to curl the ends around a finger idly. "Goody. Two separate things. Brennan works the dead angle, I get the ones that are still alive I assume?"

Another quiet grunt. Jethro notices her struggling, and tilts his head, just gazing at her, wondering what she wants to say. "Don't have t' mince words with me, Maura. Got students who make your amulet guy sound like a priest." He snorts, leaning back in his chair. "You need someone t' grump at that won't grump back…" He tilts his head in an approximation of a shrug.

"It's not about that. It's about control." And somehow even -that- comes out sounding angry. "I need to be able to control it. But the longer I wear it, the less I -can- and it's making me feel crazy." That hand through her hair just keeps twirling strands, Maura's jaw tight with tension. "But I can't take it off. If I take it off, I can't walk. I can't talk. I can't stop -seeing- things I don't want to see. And nothing I do helps me remember anything I want to." Yeah, pretty much every syllable there rises in volume. "All I want to do, right now, is find the person who did this. And kill them. Slowly. And that… bothers me. I'm a healer. I'm not supposed to want that!"

Jethro gets that. "Mm-hmm." He's been through so much that he totally understands. However, he just sits, listening, nodding his head at her words. "You're human, Maura." It's obvious, but it's true. "Somebody messed with you, you wanna mess with 'em right back. Nothin' wrong with that." He does respect her code, though too. He falls silent again, seeming to be counting the bottles on the shelf, possibly in his own attempt to get to sleep. He glances over at Maura from time to time, just watching her and listening to her.

"Funny. I don't feel fucking human anymore. Not today." Maura snaps, standing up and actually grabbing a few of the potion bottles off the shelf. Maybe just to mess with Jetho's counting! "I need to break something." What she's taking with her are potions to knock herself out for some sleep. Not enough to overdose or anything foolish like that. But certainly enough that Poppy's going to wind up all on her own in the morning for a few extra hours. And for once, her expression is frightening enough that even if any students -were- out in the hal cousing trouble, they might actually flee if they caught sight of it when she stalks out. Much as anyone of such slight frame can, anyway.

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