1994-07-13: Conversation over Gnomes


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Scene Title Conversation over Gnomes
Synopsis Molly finds Luna in the garden, and proceeds to be far too nice to her.
Date Jul 13, 1994
Watch For Molly being a dear
Chronology None, really, unless you count the introduction of Weasely plants to the untamed Lovegood gardens
Logger Loony Lovegood

The Burrow (The gardens, to be technical)

The Weasley residence is a brisk walk back off the main road, hidden by the greenery and a few magical enhancements. Upon first glance, this looks like a normal little country home. The grass is lush and green with the odd weed poking up, the hedges are kept neatly trimmed. There are even a few chickens pecking around in the yard. As stated earlier, this residence appears normal, until you get a glance of the house. It looks as if it were once a stone pigpen, and rooms had just been built to and around it. The home looks as if it has four stories and there are five chimneys poking out of it. There is no way that this home could be staying upright without the aid of the supernatural. Behind the house and to the side is a shed where Mr. Weasley tinkers about. A pond is nearby with overgrown grass around it. Every now and then a garden gnome races across the yard with a mad giggle of glee adding to the occasional noise provided by the family ghoul.
Inside the home, the kitchen is a small and quite cramped room. Occupying the center of the room is a wooden table surrounded by chairs. Placed against the wall is a grandfather styled clock with only one hand. Instead of numbers on the clockface it has things like 'Time to make tea,' 'Time to Feed the Chickens,' 'You're late,' 'At Work,' and so forth. A fireplace with a large mantelpiece occupies a large portion of the inside wall. Magically oriented cookbooks are kept stacked across the fireplace mantel. Placed upon the mantel next to the books is an old radio tuned into the Wizard Wireless Network. Despite the low income, it seems something delicious can always be found cooking in here.
The sitting area contains a fireplace with a stone mantel. Placed upon the mantel are photographs of the family and a muggle style clock. Positioned back a safe distance from the fireplace is a squashy sofa of indeterminable color. A thin and faded rug is on the floor in front of it. Small end tables have been placed at either end of the sofa. Lamps have been placed on each one, on top of lace doilies. Two lace curtained windows look out into the front garden.

It was the early afternoon, in Ottery St. Catchpole. It was a bit overcast today, all considering, and a little nippy outside - but a bit of a chill didn't stop a true naturalist. Luna had a lavender scarf tied over her shoulders, the fringes tossed over her shoulders to dangle upon her back. And where was she today? Crouching outside of the Weasely garden, staring into it, with arms folded over her knees. Her wide blue eyes were watching, waiting for something, a little smile of anticipation upon her lips.

"Percy, dear, don't forget your book down here. You left it on the kitchen table," Molly Weasley calls out behind her as she steps out to feed the chickens. She notices Luna in the garden, and stops, turning toward her. "Hello, dear. It's good to see you. How is your father?" She smiles benignly at the neigbor child. "What brings you to the garden?" She looks over into the garden, just watching for a long moment.

Leaning forward a bit and setting herself down upon her knees, Luna reaches her arm out into the foliage of the garden, just about at the same time as Molly steps outside of her home. Blinking her wide blue eyes twice, she withdraws her hand rather suddenly, as if burned. "Good morning, Mrs. Weasely." she says, still on her knees as she sits back upon her haunches. "Oh, I was just checking up on your gnomes." Luna says, her tone of voice sounding both distant and dreamy. "Father says they are terribly good luck in a garden, and we keep hoping they will move in someday." she pauses, though, "Daddy is doing fine." she says, a smile gracing her lips at the talk of her dad. "We went to Hogsmeade the other day, and he is very excited about some evidence he found there."

"That's nice, dear." Molly smiles at her, and then steps closer. "Are there gnomes again? I must have the boys take care of that." She adds it to a mental list. "Evidence of what, dear?" She moves over to the barrel with the chicken feed in it, opening it up to scoop out a small scoopful of feed. "Here you go…" She scatters it across the ground, allowing the critters to come feed. "Is the paper doing well?" They don't read it, but it doesn't hurt to be polite.

Luna's smile only grows when talking about the paper. "It's doing very well. Our latest story on Stubby Boardman is selling really very well - I think people want to believe that Stubby couldn't do anything to hurt anyone." she says, before continuing, the smile dimming just a touch. "Oh, evidence of the Ministry doing something to the taverns in Hogsmeade - changing the stuff the brew is made with from hops to gillyweed, or so my dad said after an invesigative trip into one of them. It tasted awful." she states. "And yes, your garden is rather full of gnomes, but they are hiding right now." she says, turning her attention back into the foliage.

"Well, I'll be… I just had those boys de-gnoming a couple of days ago…" Now that Molly thinks about it, it's been about a week. "I'll definitely have to have them do it before they leave for school." Speaking of, "Are you ready for the term, dear?" The comments about guilt or innocence of Stubby Boardman go right over Mrs. Weasley's head, and she smiles. "Well, I'm glad it's doing well. We don't really take the paper here. Arthur reads it at work." Any of them, though she's been known to buy a copy of Witch Weekly from time to time when she goes shopping. If she has the change. "Would you like to stay to supper, Luna? We're having chicken." She glances around at the chickens already munching at the seeds. "Ginny should be around here somewhere, if you'd like to find her." She doesn't quite understand Luna's fascination with the strange creatures, but doesn't attempt to discourage it overtly, either.

If Luna minded the whole Stubby Boardman issue being glossed over, she certainly didn't seem to. Rising up from the ground, with a bit of soil staining the front of her jeans, she bends over to brush them off. "They're very good luck for a garden, you should keep them." comes Luna's quiet insistence. A pause. "No, thank you. Daddy is making pudding for dessert today, and that is one of my favorites. You have such a lovely place, Mrs. Weasely." Luna says, turning about in place to glance up and down the drive.

"Why, thank you, dear." Molly is pleased. "Well, I understand. You certainly don't want to miss pudding." She smiles and looks around again. "Perhaps that's why Arthur lets them back in again so quickly." She rolls her eyes, convinced he's helping them, instead of them just traipsing back in the moment the boys stop flinging. "Do you have a garden of your own, dearie? I'm sure we can give you a few cuttings if you'd like; a lot of these plants are just growing quite out of control" She doesn't sound upset at the fact, but just aware.

Luna was seemingly drifting away, her eyes going back to stare down into the garden. With a double blink, however, she looks back up towards Molly, perhaps a bit owlishly, cocking her head to one side in a gesture that only accentuates that. "We have a little bit of a garden - it was mom's, so dad and I have been trying to keep it alive." Luna says, leaning forward a little bit towards Molly, and lowering her voice a touch, giving the impression of sharing a secret, "Neither of us are very good with plants, you see." she says, the smile lifting a bit on her face, "We'd love a few clippings, Mrs. Weasely."

"Oh, dear." Molly's expression saddens slightly at the mention of Luna's mother. "Alright, then. Shall we get you a few of the easier things to take care of?" She steps into the garden proper, pulling out her wand and chanting a charm to cut off a branch without destroying it. She repeats the process on several plants, and hands the clippings to Luna. "There you go, Luna dear. These shouldn't take too much work. Mostly remember to water them. Even a simple 'Auguamenti' every couple of days would be plenty. If it hasn't rained. Otherwise, these should grow rather handily." She smiles.

In spite of the woman's saddening expression, Luna's face didn't lose that vague little smile upon her lips. Before reaching to accept the clippings, Luna brings up a hand to brush her hair over her shoulder, then carefully taking the clippings in her arms, laying them over her arms like one might hold a bouquet of flowers. "You're always very kind, thank you. Daddy will be very happy to see these new plants growing in the garden." she says, still in that distant tone of voice.

Molly sees the slight discomfort, or what she percieves as discomfort, and nods. "I'm sure he will." She isn't sure what else to say. "If you'd like, I can make you a cup of tea before you return home?" When in doubt, tea and biscuits are often the answer.

"No, but thank you." Luna says, pausing a moment to consider things further. "I probably should get back to the house, now. Goodbye, Mrs. Weasely." Luna says. Lifting up her chin to favor the woman with a wider smile, Luna then turns on her heel, and begins to step down the little walkway that leads to the road.

"Goodbye, dear…" Molly watches the young girl walk back down the lane, and then, with a purse of her lips, she turns back to the house and her ever-growing pile of work.

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