1994-09-11: Constant Vigilance


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Scene Title Constant Vigilance
Synopsis The kids get their lesson with Mad-Eye Moody
Date Sep 11, 1994
Watch For Firsties wetting their pants
Chronology n/a
Logger Mad-Eye

DADA Classroom

The Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom hasn't changed much since Lupin left the post. The desks are still lined up in neat rows, facing the front of the room. There's a rather large chalkboard positioned at the front of the room with a few things in an untidy scrawl written across the surface. Particularly, 'PROFESSOR MOODY, DADA'. Instead of the interesting containers full of creatures that Lupin had, there are a number of gadgets sitting out across the desk. Directly behind the desk is what looks like a rolled up projector screen. As the students arrive, they'll find their professor already present and positioned by the chalkboard, his back to the door. He's writing a few words up on the board, waiting for the students to filter in. Things like 'Inferi', 'Death Eaters', 'Giants', 'Trolls'.

Wandering into class, not late, but not early…typical Hufflepuff, Mei meanders a bit before finding a nice place to sit. Preferably one back far enough from the professor so he can't throw a troll head at her. Not a lotta trust with that girl.

Tentatively poking his head into the room, and peering around, Tommy, in Hufflepuff robes, his tie slightly askew, spots the chalkboard, and, "oh, whew!" the first-year exclaims, as he steps into the room and makes his way to one of the desks on the right-hand side, about halfway back… As he sets down his books and pulls out his quill and ink, he gives the professor a nervous glance, and swallows, muttering, "talk about eyes in the back of your head!" under his breath.

Melissa comes in along with the others, looking up at the board curiously, wondering if they're really going to learn to defend against all that in first year…

Ella walks into the room carefully, not wanting to take a spill like she did in her last couple of classes. She checks and sees how the desks are situated, and finds a good spot on the corner in the back row, quickly sitting down her pack and pulling out some fresh parchments and ink, as well as her book. Once she gets everything situated on her desk she slowly sits down, trying to be as quiet as possible.

Carrying in her books, and items, First Year, Estellise, looks around kind of nervously. In her hands are her wand, a small set of books she slips into one of the places. It seemed a class for all the different Years, which surprised her. She eyed the board, parchments at the ready with ink and the like.

Braeden passes through the doors to the DADA classroom with a small smile on his lips, seeming to have been looking forward to this particular class. He raises one hand to hitch at the strap of his pack for a moment when he finaly stops, studying the rest of the classroom with a soft sound before shrugging and continuing further in to find a seat near the middle of the class. "First through Seventh. This is going to be…interesting." He murmurs softly before just shaking his head. "Here's to hoping the firsties don't go blowing their hands off."

A Defense class for all ages.. Crane frankly isn't entirely sure of what to expect. The Slytherin boy enters the classroom just behind Ron, giving the Gryffindor a chilly (and not entirely friendly) stare as if to say 'hurry up!' before shoving his way past and making towards one of the empty seats. He places his bookbag on the desk's surface and then seats himself, looking up at where the Professor is scrawling things on the blackboard. Could Moody really be as nutters as everyone's been suggesting he is? Time to find out.

Derek smiles as he walks into the classroom and takes a seat in the back of the class, he places his backpack on the floor bext to him and takes some paper, his feather pen and a ink well from his pack and places in on the table in front of him, Derek looks at the chalkboard and grins at the words Death Eater.

A multi-group class- the first one that Rene went into, Hagrid lost a salamander. As the little Slytherin enters, the first thing he looks for are any of those faces that were also at the creatures class. Despite his year cowed under the rest, Rene lifts his chin up and steps sharply past the many rows of desks to get a seat as close to the front as he can. Defense Against the Dark Arts was never something he has studied very extensively, and with it being a core course at Hogwarts- Rene feels the need to be as attentive as he possibly can.

Funny that Tommy, Alastor Moody /does/ have an eye in the back of his head. While one eye is focusing on the board, the other is watching the students filter in. He doesn't even look as he rumbles loud enough to carry, "Wands and books away! Get out parchment, a quill and ink!" For those that didn't get a good look at him during the feast? They get one now. The man looks like a walking series of scars, he's missing a leg, a good chunk of his nose and an eye. If that's not enough to scare the first years, things can just go downhill from here.

Ginny arrives behind a few chattering Ravenclaw fourth years, books in arms. Her brown eyes assess the classroom, a slight smile on her lips. Defense Against the Dark Arts was almost always a worthwhile class. After a moment of hesitation, she takes a seat in the middle row, stowing her books and wand, and extracting parchment, a bottle of ink, and a quill from her bag.

Parchment, ink and quill. Estellise is on it, her hands at the ready with such implements she blinks though as she finally gets a really good look at the teacher. She tries to not cringe in her chair and swallows, tapping her quill behind one ear.

Danny obediently puts his textbook and wand away as he sits down, the wand in his pocket and the book into his bookbag. Glancing up at the board, he straightens out a length of parchment before him and settles the ink bottle into its niche on the desk. Quill in hand and prepared, he glances this way and that at the students filing in.

Mei mutters something under her breath before just giving a soft sigh. Having not pulled out her book yet, the girl reaches to drag her bag across and rummage around in it for the ordered gear. Not expecting anything being thrown at her, she also takes a moment to let her hair down, slipping the chopsticks into the bag. Her hair is pulled up into a simple pony tail which she drapes over her shoulder before closing up the bad and just waiting.

The imperative from the Defense teacher causes Crane to scowl just a bit. He'd half-expected that they wouldn't really be doing anything *fun* with a bunch of snot-nosed first years hanging about on their coat-tails.. still, it's a bit disappointing to have to look forward to spending his time in his favorite class /taking notes/. He does as he's told, however; his wand is quickly tucked away and out of sight, and he tosses his textbook back in his bag, getting out a blank sheet of parchment and a fresh quill instead.

The books go quickly into his bag, and Tommy swallows again, rather nervously, but he slips his wand into his bag as well, carefully inserting it into a slot where one would normally put a pen. Ink, parchment, and quill remain on the desk, and Tommy sits, peering around the room, and flashing a grin at the other redheaded-freckle faced folks in the room. He could almost be a Weasley… except he isn't.

Braeden raises a brow at that order before nodding to himself, seeming to take to what the old Auror says without another thought. His parchment is set to the table followed by the multiple quills from his pack and a pot of ink. All the while, though his attention is on the table it can be seen that he takes the occasional glance upward with the usual wary look in his eye given to a few students…most pointedly the Slytherin group. A soft sound could be heard from him at that, fading before shaking his head to knock out the cobwebs as he brings his attention back to the professor.

Ella wonders if he really did just see that she pulled out her book, but didn't want to lag behind the rest. She quickly grabbed her book and put it back into her pack, grabbing her quill that she forgot to pull out when she grabbed her inkwell. Once she is properly equipped for the class she crossed her arms across her chest and waits for the teacher to instruct her further.

Zarina already reclines in her seat as she takes out her things from her knapsack, setting fresh pieces of parchment on the tabletop in front of her before setting down a quill for notes. With a light breath of a sigh, she leans back in her seat, crossing her long lean legs habitually as her sapphire eyes look up at the Professor in front of the chalkboard. She arches a brow at his yelled comman, her slender fingers reaching down to take the quill in her hand. Her gaze only glances back to the teacher, briefly distracted by the movement of a Gryffindor girl Ginny as the corner of her full lips couldn't help but tug with the recognition. It only lasts a moment before her bright sapphire eyes return to Professor Moody, alert and at attention.

Melissa has her things out quickly. Well, she thought, this teacher didn't seem *quite* as hostile as Snape… Still, she looks tense as things begin, not knowing what to expect.

Derek is glad he set all his stuff when he enter then, when he see moody though he nearly knocks over his inl well in shock, Yes you just scared a firsty i think you made him crap in his pants.

While his hands pull up writing tools, Rene's eyes seem to have been glued onto Professor Moody. Being near the front, it is rather easy to see his frame leaning slightly into the aisle to get a better look. The scars do not bother him, nor the leg- it is that electric blue eye, swiveling in its place. That thing is crazy.

Mei looks curiously at Derek, and then there's the scraping sound as she scoots her chair AWAY from the firstie.

"This class is a larger one than normal, from here on out we'll split you lot into years as is usual. I however wanted to get us all off onto a decent start. I got one year here to teach you what I know," Moody thunders for all to hear. He stomps away from the chalkboard, leaving it be for now. "I am Professor Moody, I am an ex-auror and here as a favor to Dumbledore." Waiting to see if he has full attention of the group, he soldiers on, "Today we're just going to play catch-up, don't expect it to happen again. If you can't keep up, there's the door." He gestures once to the door, then roars, "Constant vigilance!!! That's what you're here to learn if you want to survive in this world!"

Mei blinks and then sighs. Looking around she realizes that hey, she'll be away from the firstie. Standing, the girl picks up her pack, absently bowing to the professor before moving over to sit with the other fifth years.

Tommy starts taking notes furiously as soon as the formidable professor opens his mouth - and the roar of 'Constant vigilance' all but makes the firstie jump out of his skin. A splatter of ink across the page, and he sighs, running his hand through his hair, and tries again to write down 'ex-auror' on the page.

Crane's icy blue eyes flit over to Derek as the boy spills something. The Fifth Year leans slightly sideways in his desk, his lips thinning into a predatory grimace. "Rimmer," He hisses under his breath. "Please don't make an idiot of yourself and lose anymore points for us, hm?" Quickly straightening, he directs his attention to Moody once again, taking the grizzled appearance of the strange professor. His lips, oddly enough, quirk into a slight smile at the teacher's little rant. At least the man takes the class seriously.. perhaps this'll actually be worthwhile.

Zarina narrows her sapphire eyes at Professor Moody as he thunders, her expression hardening, though the approval and eagerness can be seen easily in her eyes. Her slender fingers barely tighten her grip on her quill, her weight shifting as she leans forward a bit better, intent to hear just what else he will instruct them to do this year.

A piece of chalk is picked up by Moody and hurled after Mei, "Pick a seat and stay in it missy! I'll not be telling that twice!" The ink spatters from students go unnoticed, and he doesn't seem to care if people are jumpy. Another piece of chalk is hefted and thrown at Crane, "And no talking in my classroom unless you've raised your hand to ask a question!" No points taken, thus far.

Danny is not shaking in his boots, the roar getting a 'hey, thats cool' grin from him as he begins to write down - glancing up swiftly when the new teacher hurls chalk at Mei. He scratches down the information as it is given.

Jumps. She scoots back in her chair. Estellise just looks perhaps as if she might run out of the room screaming after Moody finishes roaring. She begins looking around, other Ravenclaws, other first years, the amount of people makes her cringe. She watches unsure.

Mei doesn't speak, just bowing as she sits down. The hurled chalk going unnoticed. Best she can do in the form of affirmation before waiting. She doesn't pick her quill up yet, waiting to listen first.

Braeden watches the Professor with an appraising eye, skeptical for a few moments though obviously hanging on his words. The obvious threatening air of the man wasn't particular endearing in the least. Nevertheless, the Prefect remains quiet in his seat, his arms crossed over his chest lightly with the writing equipment sitting before him. All the while, his gaze would remain on the man, constantly weighing and measuring. After all, the previous DADA professors all turned out to have a particular bad string of luck.

Ella listens to the Professor's speech with great interest, loving his mood and the aura he seems to project. His seriousness in the subject being a motivating figure to her already. She knew that this may just end up being her favorite class easily. She gulps as she watches the chalk fly towards the other student. Sitting still so not to get hit by anything herself. "Okay…he is a little scary" She thinks to herself.

Melissa looks around in disbelief at the flying chalk. Well, maybe he was just a different *kind* of hostile. She wrote "constant vigilance" on her parchment, adding "for chalk" mentally.

Ginny turns as she hears a chair scape back, thinking someone was going to take Moody up on his offer to leave. But no, it was just someone changing seats. As she turns, she spots Zarina, giving a smile to the older girl before facing forward. She dared not wave or say hello, not in /this/ class. Turning her attention on Moody, she sees him throw the chalk, and is immensely glad it wasn't aimed at her.

Derek writes down everything Professor Moody is saying, Mostly about Constant vigilance and being a ex-auror, He raises his hand and hope the Professor calls him.

"Now! You got a fair education last year from Professor Lupin. He covered the standard monsters and creatures that go 'Boo!' well enough, but now it's time to step things up a notch. You've /got/ to be prepared!" Moody continues thundering, then calls on Derek after seeing his hand raised, "What is it Rimmer?"

Chalk'd! Crane stares as the writing implement hits his clean black robes and leaves a filmy white streak over his shoulder. He scowls, but considering the fact that he was talking out of turn, it doesn't seem entirely unreasonable.. aside from the fact that, a professor just pelted him with a piece of sedimentary rock. One long-fingered hand grips his quill, and he waits.

Derek wimpers from Moody booming voice. "Sir what is a Auror? My dad never realy told me much about the wizard world and my brother keep telling me so much far fetch storys I don't beleave them any more."

Danny turns slightly to look at the Slytherin already raising his hand for a question, turning back to his parchment and writing down neatly 'must be prepared'.

Estellise swallows as she straightens up in her chair. She raises her hand, a firm look on her face. She turns to look at Derek and smiles, brightly. The question was one she wanted to know herself. She does begin to write, quill at the ready.

Braeden turns his head to look at Derek with a raised brow, seeming to have not understood that particular question for a moment. He raises his hand soon after with the press of his lips and an expectant eye at Moody afterward. It seemed he was willing to answer the question for the man, though he would lower his hand if otherwise occurred.

"Class, is there anyone who can answer Mr. Rimmer's question? I'd like to know just how many of you are aware of what that is." Moody asks as his electric blue eye continues roaming freely in its socket while the beady eye stares hard at the class. The blue eye settles on Estellise briefly, as if knowing she had the same question, "McCauley? Can you answer the question?"

Mei doesn't move, just sitting back in her chair. Watching the professor impassively, the girl pauses to write something on the parchment, making a note or two before giving up for now.

Rene has written CONSTANT VIGILANCE in capital letters on his first line, and then once more, save for in French. The phrase makes him laugh inside- the absurdity at that moment, anyway. AS the topic of Aurors is brought up as a question, Rene waits to see who is inclined to answer before putting up his own hand, albeit weakly.

Ginny raises her hand at Moody's question, mentally preparing the answer in her head. She looked from left to right, curious to see if others also had the answer.

Danny raises his hand languidly when the question is asked of the class, glancing over when the attention falls on Estellise but not lowering his hand nor calling out when it isn't his turn.

Ella looks down at her empty parchment, and just now realized that even though she was taking all of the Professor's words to heart, she wasn't writing them down. She quickly dips her quill into the ink well and begins the long haul of marking down everything that was said so far, and stops to find out the meaning of the word 'Auror' so she can finish her notes so far.

Almost immediately after the Professor asks the question to the class, Crane extends his arm into the air, his usual slouching position in his seat temporarily disappearing as he sits up. His expression sours slightly when Braeden is called on. Go figure, call on the thick-headed Gryffindor.

Zarina arches a brow, glancing to a younger student named Danny with an odd look, slightly frowning. She just shakes her snow white head, looking back down at her parchment as her quill swiftly races across the surface with her neat handwriting. After a couple of notes, her sapphire eyes look back up at the Professor, listening to his answer, well knowing what an Auror is herself.

Tommy looks around at all the hands in the air, waiting to see who the professor will call on, with a very curious expression on his face.

Braeden offers a nod to the man before replying, "Yes Professor I can." The words are spoken calmly before he turns his head to look towards Derek, his voice loud enough for the class to understand clearly. "An Auror is a group designated by the Ministry of Magic specialized in the the department of Magical Law Enforcement through intensive training and otherwise. Their job is to locate and neutralize possible threats of Dark Wizards and Witches." He looks towards Moody after saying that with a musing look before adding, "Which, would include the use of Constant Vigilance as the Professor exclaimed moments earlier."

Estellise wrinkles her nose a bit as she sets down her quill a moment to flex her writing hand. She's written a few things on her paper already. Auror is written and a few dabs of ink, but her hands is suspened in the air as she waits. She begins writing scribbling madly as the explination is given trying to get all the words down.

Derek blinks and nods, he writes this down too, scratch scratch goes his pen at he writes.

Moody waits expectantly for Braeden to answer the question before he continues on to address the raised hands of the class. "Or an individual witch or wizard, highly qualified in catching Dark Wizards." There's.. it could be a smile as Braeden repeats his phrase back, but it's difficult to tell. "Five points to Gryffindor for an excellent answer to that. Before you lot were even born I saw things that would curl the straightest of hair and then some. "You Frenchie, you had a question," he asks of Rene in a very unPC manner.

Lowering his hand slowly and shooting a rather unpleasant look in Braeden's direction, Crane scowls just a bit. He hasn't bothered to write anything down on his parchment yet, but he's subconsciously tapping the end of the quill on the blank sheaf, creating a semi-random pattern of ink dots.

Melissa takes down the information, though she was somewhat aware of it already.

As the question is being answered, Zarina narrows her bright blue eyes and tilts her head slightly, watching Braeden silently before releasing a slow breath. She looked back down at the term 'Auror' written down on the parchment, already writing down the well memorized definition of the term before her head snaps back up. Frowning a bit, she glances back to the student that answered, her thoughts masked as she looks back to the Professor.

Danny grins as points are awarded to Gryffindor although he cannot help but wish it was him that earned them, lowering his hand and going back to scratching down information on the scroll of parchment.

Mei ahs softly and looks to her parchment. Figuring no one else would be reading it but she, the girl hmms and tries to remember what the symbol for "Auror" was. Not coming to mind she sighs and just uses the kanji for "Darkness" and "Hunter". Close enough. Putting her quill down, she settles in to listen to "frenchie's" question.

Ella writes down all of the information as it is said, making sure not to miss a single word. It is then she realizes that her Professor is the perfect teacher for this, and knows that she is going to learn a lot of what she needs to know if she is going to survive in the dark ally's and forests of the magical world. Her happiness fades when she hears that there was points given, and it wasn't to her house.

While Rene had been raising his hand to the question about the definition of Aurors, there is just one other thing on his mind that happens to get to his mouth before anything else. Sure, he could ask about something like the words on the chalkboard, but everyone might want to know: "Can you see through people wit'your eye?"

Melissa gives a look to Rene, thinking that question was rather inappropriate. It's not relevant to the subject, is it?

Moody stumps back over to the blackboard as he waits on Rene to answer, hide, or runaway. The crack that is his mouth breaks into what could be a grin, but it looks rather painful. He withdraws his flask and takes a drink from it. Swallowing it, "If I told you, I'd have to hide your body," he says with a dark cackle. "Now! Moving on." He pulls his wand out and taps at the individual words he's written on the board. "These are just some of the things I'm going to teach you about this year. Dark creatures, dark wizards, forbidden curses, things that will get you a lifelong sentence in our prison, Azkaban. I'm sure most of you got a taste of Dementors last year, for those that didn't, it was a learning experience."

Ginny turns to glance at Rene, raising an eyebrow. She recognizes the younger student from her Care of Magical Creatures class - he looked to be a first year, or maybe a scrawny second year. Ginny was a tad curious about how Moody would answer that particular question, and she grins at his answer. Then she dips her quill in the ink and begins to take a few notes.

Estellise listens. She sits in the chair listening. Her eyes blinking before she does back to focus on writing.

Mei looks down to her papers, making a few more notes before peering up at the professor. Something bites at the back of her tounge, but the girl doesn't ask the question.

The tip of her quill scribbles her handwriting quickly across her parchment as Zarina writes down everything of significance. Occasionally her bright blue eyes glancing up between her parchment and the Professor as he writes across the board with chalk in hand.

Derek blinks and stares at moody, he turns to crane then back to moody before writing what moody just said on his paper.

Ella starts to make more notes, listening to the Professor making the cliche 'I'd have to kill you' joke, only this time she was half-hoping he would. She hated how it seemed the first years lacked a sense of maturity that ends up just causing the house point-loss and the first years lots of grief. When she hears the word Dementor, it did spark up a distant memory, but she wondered where…

Frenchie cracks an amused smile at the answer, soon pursing his lips carefully and making mental notes that Yes, Assume the eye does what he thinks it does. His quill goes to paper, making sure to add a note to read something more on Azkaban for his own benefit. And then, wait- Dementors? Rene peers in puzzlement at his desk, glancing back over his shoulder at some of the older students.

Braeden nods slowly to the words as he sits calmly in his seat, his wand set next to his things at the ready though unwielded. For now, he remains sitting with both feet against the ground almost casualy with a slow breath to the word Dementors and a flicker of recognition in his eyes. Either way, his quill doesn't go to work, rather he seems to pay attention to the man without need for it. For now.

Danny shakes his shoulders and makes an 'ugh' face at the mention of Dementors, glancing across at Rene and mouthing the words 'you don't want to know.'

/Now/ Crane begins writing. He makes a quick, dash-separated list of the subjects that Moody names, his interest finally piqued now that it seems they're moving on to subject matter. His lips part in a subtle smirk at the reply the Defense teacher offers to the younger Slytherin. Poor Rene. The dark-haired boy looks over at the young student for a moment and, upon seeing that the First Year doesn't seem to be particularly intimidated, grins. Perhaps the blondie'll make a place for himself within the House yet.

Melissa writes down what's on the board, wondering what some of these things actually are.

"For now, I'm just going to go over a rough outline of some of these beast. To start with, for you that don't know, Dementors are the guards of Azkaban and they feed off human emotions. Particularly happiness. Prolonged exposure can cause insanity. If you're all good, perhaps we'll have a field trip to Azkaban so you can see what they do." There's a mad cackle that Moody gives after the last statement, he could be joking, or he could be serious. (Given the fact that the idea is just /mad/, he's joking.) "The most brutal punishment for our most serious of crimes is called the Dementor's Kiss. They suck your soul from you and it's worse than being dead. You're still alive but a shell of yourself." He doesn't write any of this on the chalkboard, expecting the class to fully keep up and take notes.

Mei chuckles softly, shaking her head at something the professor says. Making a few more notes, the girl sighs and settles back to listen.

Braeden nearly flinches at that with a slow indrawn breath as he looks down at the table in front of him, averting his eyes from the man for a brief moment before looking towards a few of the other students. His gaze would drift after that, flickering between them only to set once more on the man who was talking. Still he hadn't taken his quill up for writing though after all, this was more of a reminder to any of the students that hadn't been here before.

The Fifth Year Slytherin boy begins jotting down more under his 'Dementors' heading - not that he didn't know quite a bit about them already, but it might be worth writing for later review anyhow. His notes aren't exactly word-for-word: 'Dementors-Azkaban-Eat Emotion-Death By Snog'. Still, it's a quick and rather efficient way to record things.

Ella shudders softly when she hears about the Dementors, the idea that just being near them make someone insane rubbed her the wrong way. Plus the idea of living the rest of your life as an empty husk…not appealing to her in the least. She keeps writing, but slower then normal to make up for her shaking hands.

Danny obediently sketches down information about the Dementor's Kiss, having heard rumors of it last year - he copies Moody's description down verbatim.

Zarina frowns slightly as the tip of her quill pauses, listening to the Professor as he explains about Dementors and the Dementor's Kiss. Her full lips press together slightly in thought before her sapphire eyes look back down at her notes, writing down about Dementors and their kisses, explaining in just as much detail as he did with their definitions. With a bit of a hardened expression, her bright eyes look back up at Professor Moody, narrowing slightly in thought, solemn.

Rene looks away from Danny with a hesitant look of affirmation. Then, he scribbles down the many things about Dementors under Azkaban on his paper, but stares up at Made-Eye as he continues to explain to the students that sit rather clueless. One of Rene's eyebrows has lifted in a severe arch, a thin-lipped and wide-eyed, serious expression otherwise.

"VOLDEMORT," Moody suddenly booms, as if he had just sighted the dark wizard. "Otherwise known as he who must not be named.. these here are what his followers are called," he taps his wand at the words 'Death Eater', on the board. "A good many of them sitting in Azkaban are thanks to me," he rumbles as he continues on. "Many of your teachers and your parents won't like what I'm telling you today.. but you have /got/ to be prepared. CONSTANT VIGILANCE."

Mei looks up at Moody impassively. She doesn't even flinch when he booms that. Looking curiously at the words "Death Eater" she sighs, shaking her head and making a few notes. Ah, the nicities of being born several thousand miles away.

Derek jumps under his deck at the sound of he who not be name name and looks around, hard he's here in thos room right now.

Danny raises an eyebrow at Derek and shakes his head - the benefits of being Muggleborn means he only shifts uncomfortably at the mention of the name. He scribbles down the words 'Death Eaters' followed by 'Voldemort Followers'.

Zarina instinctively jumps at the boomed word, the mere spoken name of the dark lord sending shivers through her skin. And as he writes the word on the board with chalk, her expression hardens. Her gaze already back down on her notes as she writes down Death Eater, as well as what they are known to be. Tilting her head, she rewrites the word 'CONSTANT VIGILANCE' and underlines it three times.

Melissa frowns a bit as she thinks of this, writing down the important parts. She jumps a bit as Moody shouts the forbidden name… then realizes she'd never actually heard it before. Funny, she knew what it meant but… hadn't actually heard what the name actually was before. Still, just the sound of it… Nonetheless she takes the notes.

Ella takes one slow, long deep breath, and calms herself enough so that she is not shaking. She continues the note-writing, short-handing everything about the death-eaters and…his name. She then looks back up at the chalk-board and Professor, trying to make it seem that she isn't shaking in her skin…she doesn't want to seem weak in front of her other house members.

The freshly-dipped quill in Crane's hand suddenly veers off to one side as the Dark Lord's name is shouted with considerable force, causing a long, ugly black line to form on the parchment next to the grouping of random dots he'd made earlier. Unable to resist the urge to duck just slightly, he stares up at the new Professor as if he'd suddenly decided to run his fingernails down the chalkboard in the midst of a classical symphony. Finally, the dark-haired Slytherin manages to write down 'Constant Vigilance' at the bottom of his parchment.

The student sitting next to Rene falls back out of his seat, almost as if Moody had voice-throwing powers. Meanwhile the little Frenchman seems to come over with mostly just a desktop-grabbing flinch at the booming voice. He knows the name, but it does not quite strike in him as much fear as it does with many others. It gives him a bit of a sinking feeling, but nothing he cannot overcome with a few moments sitting down.

Braeden gazes impassively at the man when he yells the name Voldemort into the class, his hand flipping towards the wand at his side as if ready for what was to come. He shrugs his shoulders slowly though, seeming to logicaly think that through as he looks at the chalkboard with a deep sound in his throat. All the while, his hand shakes from the surge of adrenaline. He brushes that hand against his abdomen after, calming himself without having managed to write a single word yet on his parchment.

Unaware if he just made half the class wet themselves, Moody continues on. He points at the word 'Inferi' on the board and the chalk letters glow slightly, "Inferi. These are animated corpses that do the bidding of the wizard who created them. They are not like what muggles call zombies. Inferi do what they are commanded to do and that's it. You Know Who had armies of inferi at his command in the first war, as well as giants. Don't be surprised if they're used again."

Mei blinks some and then cocks her head to one side. Unable to help herself, the girl slowly raises her hand.

'Inferi' Danny mouths, writing down the word before raising his hand. He has a question.

Ginny jumps as Moody shouts The Name, though to her credit, she doesn't so much as squeak. Her heart does begin to race, though. She scrawls on her parchment the notes about Dementors, and then Inferi. Some of it she'd known already, but some was new. As hands begin to go up, she tilts her head, curious.

Melissa writes down the information on Inferi. "Animated corpses… do as commanded…" Wait, "first" war? She'd heard some stories about events at the school… but not a whole new war…

With his back to the class Moody barks out, "Huang, you got a question?" There Rene, to answer your earlier question, yes, he can see through bodies.

Crane scribbles down the new information given to the class. At least they're taking /interesting/ notes. His cool blue eyes swivel up to lock on the Professor suddenly, and he starts to raise his hand, but notices the Hufflepuff girl doing the same thing. Slowly, his hand descends, and he waits to hear what it is that's being asked.

Mei nods solemly "If as you say, these creatures the..Infernee?" she mispronounces it but eh, she's trying "Are corpses, do they have weaknesses? Fire, water, cutting?

HAH. He knew it. Rene sits up straight, looking oddly triumphant and keeping ready to scribble onto his parchment.

Braeden raises a hand again slowly as the woman asks her question, possibly ready to answer it for her again as he had for the one on Aurors should Mad-Eye call upon him again. His gaze drifts back down to the table in front of him as he does so as he remains quiet though.

Still scribbling, Zarina looks back up at the Professor, frowning slightly as he explains about Inferi and how the dark lord had used them in the first war. She purses her full lips together as she finishes writing out the term and definition, shuffling a fresh page over it as she positions her hand in preparation of more notes. Her bright blue eyes look up to the other students, watching them for only a moment before flicking back to Professor Moody. Though the moment the question is asked out loud, her hand reaches up in the air.

The Slytherin Fifth Year listens to Mei's question and then frowns, raising his own hand again. Whatever it is he wants to ask, it certainly isn't the same thing as the Hufflepuff had inquired about; in fact, he actually looks vaguely annoyed about having to sit through the answer. Still, his free hand remains clutched on the quill, ready to scribble any useful facts down.

Ella keeps writing her notes down, slowly starting to become calmer and calmer now that it seems the more 'scary' elements of these creatures and people have faded away from the conversations. She hears that these undead Inferi types have been used before, and how they can be used again, and started to worry again, but nothing as much as she did earlier when the Professor said 'His' name.

"Aye, they do have a weakness and it's fire. We'll cover them more in depth with the older classes. You younger ones get mollycoddled with study of hinkypunks and redcaps." Moody has an almost scornful tone to his voice as if they might be a waste of time compared to bigger threats, but they're all necessary to learn about. Ignoring the other hands in the air as he wants to get things moving a bit more, he points out 'Troll' on the board, "You already got introduced to the head of one. It was just a small troll too. Stupid creatures with brute strength, they just create chaos and a lot of terror when let loose. Now. Next lessons will be normal, as in broken down to years. Come prepared with your books, wands and be ready to take notes. I expect you lot to my classes on time, and if you're tardy or miss a lesson, you best be coming to my class in a casket or carrying your head."

Question unanswered, Danny lowers his head and makes sure to write down the instructions - he'll remember them, even if he is rarely late anyway.

Derek nods as he keeps writing this stuff down.

Zarina purses her full lips together, but silently lowers her hand as the question is answered, her bright eyes returning to her notes as she quickly scribbles notes of the Inferi on her frest piece of parchment. Her gaze briefly glances up to the troll head mentioned, her eyes narrowing at the ugly thing before looking back to the Professor. Tilting her head, her long white hair falls over her shoulder as she listens intently, as if clinging onto his words as he goes onto explain of the next class and what he expects of the students.

Mei sighs, having bad memories of that troll head.

Braeden picks up the piece of parchment on his table to roll up in the palm of his hand, still clean for whatever class he'd end up using it in. He stuffs the paper away afterwards into his bag with the quills and his stoppered ink pot. It seemed the young man hadn't managed to get that open yet. He turns his head afterward to cast a look towards the Slytherin table with lingering study only to bring his attention back to Professor Moody again. All ears for what was to be said next, if anything. Or so it seems.

Ella finally fills up all of her parchment with talk of the Troll, and the nature of trolls. making a small note on the parchment about what she will learn about the rest of the year, and how the classes will be split up next time. This makes her slightly happy that she won't be stuffed into such a large class as she is being made to be sitting in now, not liking being in too big of groups, mostly from being privately tutored that made her like the idea of being the center of attention for a student, but since she got her invitation she has been trying to shake that feeling..

The information presented about trolls is promptly recorded by Crane, who continues to keep his hand in the air despite the fact that it's obviously being ignored by the old war veteran. Apparently something said earlier was important enough to him for the boy to risk arousing the wrath of the chalk-throwing maniac. With grim determination and a slight frown, he keeps writing: 'Trolls-Stupid-Terror-Chaos'.

Ginny adds some more notes to her parchment; she vividly remembered the troll, especially after Ron, Harry, and Hermione's tales about their run-in with them. Ginny sits back in her chair, writing "NEVER LATE" under her notes and underlining it three times.

"Class dimissed, those of you who still have questions, come on up to my desk. I'll see you in turn," Moody says with a grunt as he settles into the chair behind the desk, even as it protests his weight upon it. The flask is again pulled out and a deep swig is taken from it. See, he didn't quite ignore the raised hands.

Danny figures his question can wait or he can visit the library and look up the answers he wants. Getting to his feet, he begins to pack away the parchment as he glances around at the other faces.

Melissa gets her things packed and leaves quickly. This guy is weird…

Ella slowly packs away all of her items into her pack, and slings it slowly over her shoulder, her shaking stopping before she leaves, but still her legs are like jelly as she slinks out of the room, trying to keep some composure in her exit.

Rolling up her scrolls, Zarina sets them back in her knapsack as she packs the last of her quills, taking her wand in hand as she rises to her feet as she slips it into her robe's sleeve. Taking her bag in hand, her bright blue eyes glance across the other students briefly, only to look back to the Professor as she approaches the front of the class. She waits there quietly, looking up to the covered chalkboard briefly as she waits to talk to Professor Moody.

Ginny stows her parchment in her bags along with her books. She touches the pocket in her robe to make sure her wand is still there, then rises from her seat. On the way out of the classroom, she smiles and touches Zarina lightly on the arm. "Hey."

After quickly gathering up his class materials (not that there were very many of them used to begin with), Crane hefts his bookbag up and immediately heads in the direction of professor's desk. He waits to make certain that nobody else seems to be talking to him at the moment, and clears his throat. "Excuse me, professor, but.. you mentioned that we should expect to see Inferi 'this time'." He lowers his voice just slightly. "Are you saying that .. He Who Must Not Be Named.. is back?"

Braeden rises from his seat after having packed his things away before slinging the strap of it over his shoulder with a soft hum. He steps away from his desk after that to lean against it with one leg crossed over the other at the ankle. His arms cross also after that after retrieving his wand before slipping it into his cloak as he waits quietly for the two to ask their question. A small smile is offered to Ginny when she goes up to the Slytherin student, soon passed to her as well before looking down in thought as he waits for the two Slytherin to ask their questions.

Derek smiles as he grabs his stuff and leaves the classroom.

Moody eyes Zarina, then the youngest Weasley, as if waiting to see what either of them have to ask or say. Since neither have said anything just yet.. he turns his attention to Crane since he spoke up first, "Now I'm not saying that sonny, I'm just saying be prepared. A wizard as evil as him? Wouldn't surprise me if he popped up from the beyond. Inferi were used before, and it wouldn't be the last time it was done."

Zarina looks up at the soft touch to her arm, her expression softening as she lifts a hand to wave to Ginny in greeting, though as Braeden approaches, she lightly presses her full lips together, taking in a breath before giving him a soft nod of acknowledgement as well. She looks back to Professor Moody as he addresses Crane's question, frowning slightly at it, though finding the answer perfectly acceptable. "Are you teaching the elective classes Advance Defensive Theory this year? And also, since you are an Auror, are you also teaching the elective Magical Law Enforcement as well?" she asks, some eagerness in her voice as her smile slightly grows.

Danny makes his way out of the classroom as well, hands thrust in his pockets and his bookbag slung over his shoulder.

"I see…" Crane mumbles, nodding slightly Moody. "Thank you, sir. That was all." Turning, the Fifth Year heads toward the door to the classroom, not really sparing a glance at the others gathered at the desk. An interesting enough class, though certainly not what he was expecting. He exits with a relatively blank face, although his eyes seem to be thoughtfully vacant as they drift past the others still making their way out.

A smile cracks across Moody's slash of a mouth at the question from Zarina, "I'm just here to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts, I got enough on my plate before going back to my quiet retirement." A harsh cackle accompanies those last two words. The cackle fades as he cants his head in a nod towards Crane. The vividly blue eye following the Slytherin a bit longer than necessary.

Braeden looks to Zarina when she asks that question of the man before bringing his attention back to him. It seemed he was interested to find this out as well. His lips would press together at the crazy old man's words though, seeming almost a bit disappointed by that though he doesn't say anything in regard to it. The turn of his head would bring him to follow Crane when the man's gaze lingers on him, the quirk of his brow bringing about something of a suspicious glance that only returns to the Professor himself.

Ginny lingers to hear the other students' questions and Professor Moody's answers, though once they are answered, she begins to leave.

The Slytherin girl's shoulders fall slightly as she leans back, frowning slighlty as she glances down at the books in her arms, "Oh. I wonder who is teaching Advanced Defensive Theory then. These classes are important for N.E.W.T.s because I want to be an Auror." After a moment, she presses her firm lips together and offers him a nod. "I will ask my Head of House or Professor Dumbledore then. Thank you, Professor Moody. I can't wait for your class again." Zarina offers him another smile before waving to him as she turns to exit, glancing back to Ginny as they leave together and she grins to the other girl.

Moody's tone softens as much as it's capable of doing, which isn't much, "Rest assured, the professor in charge of those classes is perfectly capable of teaching the subject. I'm right where Dumbledore needs me to be." His beady eye narrows at Zarina's proclamation. "Ready to get yourself dirty and battle scarred? Then go right ahead, do your best at becoming an Auror. It's not a line of work for the faint of heart." He almost makes mention of whether or not Zarina's ready to ruin her looks, but leaves it at what was spoken. An incline of his head is made towards the girl, then his attention is on Braeden.

Zarina stops at the doorway at Moody's words, pausing as she turns enough to look to Moody, her expression firm and dead serious. "Dirty, bloody, scarred… those are the least of things to worry about." Her slender finger tighten at her side, "Faint of heart is the least of what I am… I will do anything to be an Auror, Professor Moody. Anything." And without another word, she turns and disappears through the doorway.

Ginny smiles at Zarina's words, giving the Professor a nod before she leaves. Her bag bounces against her hip as she trots to catch up with Zarina.

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