1995-02-16: Coming To Terms


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Scene Title Coming To Terms
Synopsis The day after the full moon, Sirius returns Mo to Holly and the pair talk about the new situations they're in.
Location Hogsmeade - Holly's Cottage
Date Feb 16, 1995
Watch For HISS
Logger Padfoot

It's a day after the February full moon. A very familiar figure apparates into Hogsmeade, a face that's seen far too often for the residents' liking. Appearing in the lane, Sirius has his arms full of freaked out cat. He would have put the cat in a carrier on his bike, but he's working on cleaning it up and putting it in top condition. (In other words, it's parked in front of his mother's portrait out of spite.) Mo's given a few murmurs of encouragement after the disorienting journey. He strides up to Holly's door and knocks firmly. Sirius has done his best to prepare the cat for the changes in Holly.

Holly is - pardon the pun - sicker than a dog on this day. The experience wasn't pleasant, though it never will be. In a way, though, she feels as if she has the worst behind her, and the nervousness and the trepidation is gone. Sure, it'll be an annoyance every month, but she can deal with it.

It takes her awhile to get to the door, and when she does, she's leaning on the doorframe. As the day goes on, she'll feel better, most likely, but right now, not so much.

She cheers up when she sees Sirius, though! And Mo, her beloved kitten, is given a cautious look. They haven't seen each other in well over a month now, and Holly smells like a dark creature. She doesn't reach out to her cat quite yet. "Sirius, thanks for bringing her by. Have you heard anything about Harry yet?"

"Not at all," Sirius says, still holding gently yet firmly onto the cat, moving a hand for a comforting scratch. "I tried to prepare her, but she's quite stubborn. Go on, have a seat before you fall over." While he's concerned, he's a bit flat in expression. It hasn't been a good week or so. "No. Nothing yet. We continue searching the area, the castle and grounds, but no sign of him." A growl creeps into his voice as he's quick to anger about Harry's disappearance. If he can get his hands on the parties responsible…

Holly nods, looking back into the living room - which actually has lights on today - at the little nest she's prepared for herself on the couch. There's hot tea on the table - yes, tea, not coffee - and blankets piled up to the ceiling. "Wasn't so bad with the potion," she notes, though she's not really ready to say more about it just yet. Especially when Sirius has his own problems. "And you know I'll help in any way I can, Sirius, just as soon as I can get out of the house again."

Mo isn't happy to be here. She's not freaking out as much as she would be if she wasn't prepared, but there's a growl as soon as the door is open and she catches a scent of werewolf. Of course, Mo knows that the smell is coming from Holly, it's just that she instinctively dislikes this smell! It's bad. It means danger. "It's okay, Moo-moo," Holly says, using the name she called the cat when she was just a kitten. "I've been gone for awhile, huh?"

"Don't worry about it Miss Maplewood," Sirius states as he brings a hand up to try and pet the back of Mo's head. "It's going to take her some getting used to the smell. I got her to understand, but it's just instinctive. I know I get a bit overwhelmed when I transform." At least he retains fully functioning human capacity and knows not to freak out. "Just focus on resting and getting back into your routines. We've got quite a few people on the lookout. I just.." There's another growl of his own made, "I hate that he's missing and we haven't a bloody clue about it!" What Sirius is not saying is how helpless it makes him feel.

"Holly. Please, just Holly." She flops down on the couch, pulling the blanket around her shoulders. "I've done some bad lately, but I can't take the formality. I know you got your mind on a thousand things, but…" Friends are always nice. And she feels like they're in short supply.

"You can let her down," Holly says, when the cat starts squirming in Sirius' arms. She wants to explore, wants to make her mark and hopefully get rid of the overpowering stink of werewolf. "I hope she comes around. She's my baby girl. I don't know what I'd do if I had to — Rehome her." Just another aspect of this whole affliction. "If you want some tea… I'd offer to make it for you, but I don't know if I could get up again." There's a half-smile here, tired, but sincere, like she's actually doing better. "All my detective friends are in the states. I could call in a favour, but it'd be a hell of a favour. I don't know if anyone would drop everything and come to the UK. I'm sorry, Sirius. But I'll send a message anyway, just in case."

Sirius gives Mo another fond scritch before setting her down. "I don't think it will come to that. If she does need a new home, there's space at Grimmauld." He's gotten fond of the cat actually. So much that he's thinking of taking in a few. He settles into a chair near the sofa and shakes his head. "Just stay put, I'm fine." A forced smile appears, and he shoots a look towards the windows, a bit of paranoia creeping in. He's still adjusting to not having to look over his shoulder. "We've got a good number of the old crowd, that is, those of us who fought together in the first war, on the lookout." No longer able to sit still, he gets right back up and paces a bit. "He likes a show, Voldemort. I think that's what's worrying me the most. Harry's quiet disappearance, it's like waiting for the other shoe to drop. The first time around, we were young, stupid, full of ourselves and it was fun in a way. The danger. Now?" He has James's son to look after, his best friend's boy.

One thing about Mo is that she is really smart. Stubborn, but smart. And she misses the times when she used to lay next to Holly and just have her belly rubbed, or her ears scratched, or share the warmth of a blanket by the fire. She hops up on the couch, staring at Holly, though she growls even still. She's not sure about this… Her girl smells dangerous, and yet…

Holly holds out a hand. She doesn't expect much, but she's trying anyway. When Mo doesn't come to it, she drops it back to the couch and turns her attention back to Sirius. "I've decided to stay here. Sent word to my family… They don't know what happened to me yet, but I'll probably have to tell them eventually. I'm going to be working for werewolf and vampire rights, if I can, and I need to learn some defensive spells.

"I underestimated this place. It's… Archaic. It's almost medieval in ways. People take revenge on people they don't like without regard for law, and I'd like to try to bring a little bit of that into this society. I know it won't happen in my lifetime, but someone has to start it." Holly looks down at her hands when Sirius says the Dark Lord's name. "He'll be okay. I mean, I guess I'm a bit of a fan of Harry Potter myself." She smiles again. "I bet he's a tough kid. Tell me about him."

Sirius watches the interaction between Mo and Holly, then nods. "You'll need to tell them eventually. The sooner you do that, the quicker they come to terms." A ghost of a smile appears, "Good. You've a head on your shoulders, and it's a worthy cause." Folding his hands behind his back, he looks down at Holly, "You've got the right group of friends to help you learn defense." His gaze drifts upwards as he slowly paces, "I suppose it could look that way. I don't know. I've never lived anywhere else. I never got the luxury of surrounding myself in a muggle lifestyle. You.. well.. you got an idea of what my homelife was like." No need to really go there. Things are already on a bit of a downer.

When Holly asks about Harry, Sirius can't help but smile, and it's a bittersweet one. "He's just like his father." He's so blind to James's influence, that he can't see past it long enough to take in how much like Lily he is. "I don't really have much I can say about him," he says sadly as he looks away. "When Harry was born, the war was in full swing, and we were all so busy fighting. Then we were told that Voldemort was after the Potters, wanting them dead. They had to go into hiding and it was extremely difficult. James didn't have the patience, and of course, no one wants to live in hiding. I saw them when it was permissible, and I gave Harry his first broom. He was just over a year old when.." He trails off, not wanting to relive that at the moment.

"I try. It's not easy not to just curl up and forget about everything. You know what happened with Jack's little sister." She pauses. Holly wants people to know she's doing better. That she can handle this. "I saw that witch from the Werewolf Capture Unit at the Three Broomsticks a few days ago. I didn't hurt her." But the look on the face says that Holly really, really wanted to.

"I'm glad you guys are here. I really am. And when I tell my family, I… want you to be there, too, even if it's just sitting with me when I write a letter to mom." She takes a deep breath. "But I can do this. After last night, it just seems… easier."

Holly smiles when Sirius talks about Harry. It's just too bad that all this happened and deprived Sirius of time spent with his Godson. "You'll find him. And then you'll get to spend time with him." He's a free man now, after all! "I have a little niece. Her name's Michelle… My youngest sister got married a couple years ago. I'm just afraid I won't be allowed to see her anymore."

Sirius frowns and looks sharply at Holly. "I see. She had quite the nerve to stay in the same building with you then." A curt nod is given as he tries to relax and calm down. So far, it's not working well. "Just tell me when, and don't forget you've got a lot of people here to stand with you." Oh, he's bound and determined to find Harry in one piece, and make up for lost time. He made a promise to Lily and James, and he's done a poor job of keeping it. "I cleaned up my old bedroom for him to have," he admits out of the blue before cracking a smile at the mention of Holly's niece. "Once your family comes to terms, they'll know there's no reason for you not to see her again."

"I told her I had a voice in my head, and that said voice's favoirite colour was red." Holly arches an eyebrow at Sirius. It wasn't exactly a threat, but it wasn't normal bar-talk, either. "I don't think I'll be seeing her again."

Mo still stands on the edge of the couch, watching Holly. The cat smells blood, werewolf, darkness, but the voice is soothing and comforting. The growling stops.

"I'll let you know. I have a year before I need to be home for Christmas." At least she knows there'll be people here for her when the time comes to get the news - good or bad - as to whether or not her family will be disowning her. It's just a matter of finding the right way to write the letter.

She'll have to meet Harry some time. In fact, she's so confident that Sirius will save him that she says, "You'll have to introduce me sometime. You know, when I'm not sick and about to pass out."

Sirius barks out a laugh then drags a hand through his hair. (He's letting it grow out again.) "Probably for the best. She played an ugly role, whether or not it was intentional." A frown takes hold once more as he shakes his head, "You don't want to keep putting it off. It will only get more and more difficult." He walks around to where he can give Mo a pat on the head, "You should rest. Is there anything you'd like me to send your way?" It's an offer, and clearly no bother at all for him. "You'll get your chance." If Harry's not maimed or murdered. "Hopefully he'll be staying with me for part of the summer. We haven't really gotten a chance to discuss that."

"I don't think it was intentional. But she was there." And she has a face to which anger can be directed. Looking over toward the parchment on her writing desk, she goes on. "I'm hoping that they'll just already know. I … Know I should tell them. I will. Once everything settles down a bit, I'll make sure I tell them." That means she can delay it a bit longer.

Mo allows the petting, but doesn't move any closer to Holly. Instead, she just lays down. Holly does put her feet up, and Mo doesn't move away. That's a start. "Not right now, Sirius, but thanks. I just need to get through this day. Just take care of your family, and try to enjoy your freedom." She leans back, slowly reclining so that she's comfortable. "If you shut the door on your way out, it'll lock itself. Just so you know, if you hadn't offered to leave, I'd be throwing you out anyway." She smiles. "So don't feel too bad for the short visit."

Sirius snorts some in place of a laugh. "The family I have to take care of is missing," he says darkly and with malice only for those who have played a part in the disappearance. "Rest up. If you need me, owl. I'll be in and out of Grimmauld as I assist in the search." Assist? He's charging to the front and mowing others over in the process. "Rest well, Holly," he says before walking out of the cottage, shutting the door behind him.

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