1994-11-06: Get The Comfy Chair!


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Scene Title Get The Comfy Chair!
Synopsis Lupin checks in on Sirius, manages to set him off, but things calm down.
Location Undisclosed
Date Nov 06, 1994
Watch For Alternate Plans
Logger Lassie

Thus far, it's been tempting to make Edwin regret taking the door away from his room.. and Sirius is still hard pressed to not dance about in his underpants. The letters that Edwin had tossed on the floor have been removed and neatly placed on the nightstand. He's read through them, and so far it's a lot of nonsense and nothing that really means anything. Although the one from Luna made him smile. Visitors /have/ been scarce, and things are starting to sink in about the trial, what with the arraignment just a few days away. It's feeling more and more like there may be a fighting chance. Unless something horribly awry happens and blows it to pieces.

Well, worry not of scarce visitors any longer, dearest member of the ancient and noble line of Black. A friend is on his way. And seeing as he is speaking at some point during the trial in the defence of Sirius, it makes sense that this certain friend is here…or it would appear so on the surface. And though what appears on the surface may be false, it is not at this point in time. Remus 'Moony' Lupin is here to talk to his friend, in part because of the trial, and to just see how he is in general. He apparates to just a bit farther than a mile from the location and trudges his way up to the 'home'.

And once Remus gets to the house, he'll find Sirius lounging on the bed in his room. He's going over what can best be determined as fanmail. He doesn't know who these people are that are writing him. Some seem to be on his side, some can't make up their mind and some are wishing him dead. Those are just the funny ones. Rude words, misspelling, incoherent tirades.. Nothing like getting mail, eh?

Letting himself in without a second word to the guards, Lupin makes a b-line to Sirius' room. "Don't let all that get to your head, Sirius. I hear it shortens your life considerably." He smiles softly at his friend. "So, how is my favourite Black today?"

"I'm the only actual Black you know," Sirius says as he stacks the letters and sets them aside. When he looks over at Remus, he has a smile for Lupin. "I was finally given my mail by a rather generous feeling guard.. after of course he'd gone through every bit of the post. Thinking there may have been messages or something of the sort being passed to me. Load of rubbish, although amusing rubbish all the same. How is life on the outside my old friend?"

Lupin chuckles and shakes his head. "That doesn't mean you can't be my favourite, though, does it? Though it's not as if I'd like to meet others of your relatives other than Tonks. Neither Bellatrix nor Narcissa are all too pleasant. As for Andromeda, well…I'm sure she's more amenable than those two, isn't she?" He says with a slight shrug. "Well, at least you're getting mail now. Rubbish or not." He says, leaning against the wall. "Oh, life on the outside is fine. Fudge has been canned, if you don't know, and has been taken over by Delores Umbridge." He shakes his head. "We have to be more careful than ever there. Though I am working for a vampire at the Ministry now, so that won't help any."

"I better be.. if you favored Regulus, I'd have to worry now wouldn't I?" Sirius offers a wry grin, "Pull up a spot, have a seat. I apologize for the lack of privacy at the moment. Our Dark friend decided I needed a lesson.. namely because I was a bit cheery with him when he brought me my mail." He inclines his head in a nod. "Miss Maplewood brought me that news just a couple of days ago. I'm certain she's working on the sackings as we speak, if she's not already started chucking people out of the Ministry and to Merlin knows where. As to the mail," he shrugs a little, "A mix of support and hate mail. Some are interesting."

There's a small flick of Lupin's wand, which is brought out quite quickly. A big, stuffed, comfy looking chair appears out of thin air. Taking his seat, Lupin gazes at Sirius. "You know, I could help you out with that. Give you a new door. If he were to complain, I'd rebut that I did not feel we were receiving the proper privacy that was required for discussion regarding the trial." He says with a raised eyebrow. "That Miss Maplewood…I do certainly hope she knows what she is doing. I explained to her the other day, in some detail, about Dementors. I've offered myself as a witness in regards to the Dark Arts as well."

"Bloody show-off," is heard from Sirius as he watches the chair appear. "No arguments from me, go on then, bring us up another door. I'm allowed to speak with you lot with some small amount of privacy." He gestures, waiting for Remus to make good on that! Then, another shrug, "She seems to know what she's got on her plate in a way. At least, I feel she knows what she's doing, and is probably very good in her own court system. But she's battling a very foreign entity here. I appreciate that from you Moony, I do."

Lupin grins at Sirius as he waves his wand for a similar chair to appear. "You can have one too. I'm not going to be greedy any." But there's amusement in his eyes. Making good on his promises is something Lupin likes to do. And it's something he's good at too. He looks at the door frame for a moment and thinks, as if judging it by some invisible standards. After a few moments, his wand is waved in a few motions and a door begins to materialize in the frame. Having it swing a few times to assure it is on there firmly, Lupin shuts the door. "There now. All better." He says happily. "And of course, Sirius. I wish to help in anyway possible."

"You're such a pal," Sirius says, grinning a bit foolishly as he abandons the bed in favor of the stuffed chair. "Excellent. Now this Death Eater chap they've got guarding me is a right nosey git.. I was thinking…" About what, he doesn't get into. Perhaps it's best to not discuss shenanigans with Moony at this point in time and place. Now later once he's hopefully out of here, that's another story! "Hopefully Miss Maplewood is prepared with the dirty tactics the Ministry will use against her."

Lupin laughs. "Oh, anything for my dearest of friends, Padfoot. I couldn't have you sitting there on that bed all jealous, now could I?" He looks to Sirius with a curious gaze. "What were you thinking, Sirius? I know that look. It can't mean anything put trouble if you run through with it…" He sighs and shakes his head. "Never mind, though. Miss Maplewood is…I'm not sure if she's prepared for our Ministry. She was surprised that the Ministry was moving so quickly in regards to your trial."

Sirius chuckles and shakes his head, "Nevermind that. Nothing I shall act upon while here. I promise." He settles back into the soft cushions of the chair, finding them more comfortable than the other chairs in this place. "Perhaps. Our system is most likely that different than hers.. that and the Ministry will want to silence this as fast as they can."

Lupin sighs softly and nods. "Good, I am glad. Though most certainly if this were school I'd be right behind you to do it right away." He says, trying to sound light. "The Ministry…so much more dangerous with Umbridge in charge. But we can appeal to the reasonable members of the Wizengamot and hopefully they will be more in number than those who are not reasonable.

Sirius smiles fondly with nostalgia, "The fact that it's not school is what's stopping me." Why yes, he does realize the situation he is in! "We have to look to that and hope there are some favorable odds. On the other hand, we should have a backup plan. In case.. On second thought, I'll not incriminate you further by speaking of alternate plans." He'll keep those to himself, even if that's what got him here in the first place.

Lupin nods ever so slowly. "Incriminate me? Padfoot, I've already kept your whereabouts hidden from the Ministry on one previous occasion by not telling them when you escaped where you were. You should know by now," he says quietly, "That I would do anything to help you. Incrimination or not. If the trial does not bode well…I've got some plans myself to help." And now he whispers: "My doorknob portkey was no joke."

Sirius frowns and is getting a rather stubborn expression about him. Although, he's not so proud to turn down a portkey out of here. "I know, and I appreciate it deeply.. You're already on the rocks right now with that toad running things, and working in the lion's den.. Just you know, no need to go completely overboard."

There's a slow turn of his wand over his other hand as Lupin creates a doorknob. "It's here when you need it. If the trial ends unfavourably and you are sentenced back to Azkaban, I'll send you so far away that they won't be able to trace you." Comes his serious reply. "I'll even perform a memory modification charm on myself to forget that I did that so that we are all in the clear." The doorknob is slipped into his pocket.

"Now Moony," Sirius begins with a slow forming smile. "You do know that you have to have a permit, and permission to create one of those. Otherwise you might get a fine, my law abiding friend." He's trying to tease, some of it comes out, but he's also sounding a touch desperate. Sometimes it feels as if the walls are closing in on him here. "That bloody arraignment needs to hurry up and arrive. At least that will be something to do. Give us an idea of the reception given by the Wizengamot.."

Lupin raises up a hand defensively. "Ah, but don't you know, Padfoot, that ignorance can sometimes be bliss?" He smiles happily. "And what our lovely and dear Ministry does not know, need not ever hurt them nor harm myself, can it?" He shakes his head. "No need to worry, Sirius. It's all coming around soon enough and we'll know what exactly we are all up against."

"Ordinarily yes, I would agree. But sometimes, I'd like to have a head's up." Shifting a bit in the seat, as if uncomfortable, Sirius glances away. He's not too keen on his friends watching the trial, the only family he has left, sitting there. In all likelihood, he'll be back in that chair and bound. He doesn't want them to see that. Especially Harry. "Oh I agree," he says with a distant sounding voice. "We already know what we're up against.. just trying to feel out ways through it or around it."

Lupin sighs deeply. "Perhaps it's best if there are some who do not make it there in a couple days, Sirius?" He asks, as if knowing Sirius' thoughts of Harry. "Look, Sirius, this is a difficult time. There's no denying it. But we've got to push through. You'll be cleared…hopefully. But the reality is, we don't have as much as the evidence as we'd like to clear your name. Most people believe that you were the Secret Keeper for James and Lily. How are we going to prove that it was Peter instead? And how are we going to convince them that Peter cut his own finger off and cast such a powerful spell? Anyone who knew Peter back in school knew that he wasn't the strongest wizard around. In fact, he was usually mediocre at best as we both well know."

Sirius pushes up forcefully from the chair and growls out testily, "I don't know how!" He tears his hands through his hair, looking more than a little manic. This was a mad idea, and Holly is even madder for for attempting this farce. Why did he ever leap at this chance? "This is impossible," he finally mutters, the burst of temper fading away to leave a more restless mood in its place. A desperate light burns in his eyes as he thinks furiously. He'll just have to.. oh he doesn't know.. maybe he'll actually keep his trap shut and do as Holly says.

Lupin keeps a calm gaze on Sirius as he has an outburst of anger. Think that is unusual? Try hanging out with a bunch of hungry, suspicious, possibly rabid werewolves with the full moon nearing. A few months with that would make anyone flinch less at such outbursts. "If my werewolf 'buddies' had any clues on his whereabouts, I certainly would have made a move to get him by now. But that's the trick. He's as sneaky as a mouse. How do we find someone who can be so small?" This last question seems more to himself than anyone.

"For all we know, he's putting in a repeat performance and we're none the wiser," Sirius grumbles as he doesn't seem keen on settling back down. "He let himself be found before, he's sure to have learned from that mistake. Even if he was on the dim side, still is.." He can sit and wallow in misery and the past all he likes and it's not going to change a thing. He seems to realize this as he flops back onto the bed, "Sorry Remus… I try not to think about the negative, and when I do.."

Lupin shakes his head slightly. "Sometimes we need to look at the dark before we can see the light." He stands. "I should get going. Let me know if you need anything else at all. And I literally mean anything. It doesn't matter if you think I'll get in trouble for it or not."

Sirius glances over at Lupin and nods his head. "Right. Don't want the blokes out there getting suspicious." He pushes up to his feet and gives a rather fraternal embrace, "So far, can't exactly complain about the conditions here." Still, he's looking at it that way. "I'll see you again soon. If you could, just get a message to Harry that I'm quite well enough, and to not worry?"

Lupin returns the hug. "Of course, Sirius. I'll let Harry know as soon as I can. I think there may be a Hogsmeade weekend coming up. Or we can have him sneak through the tunnels. Either way, we'll talk. Don't you worry." There's a pause. "Be well, Padfoot. And if they try to get rid of this door, tell them an irate werewolf gifted you with it."

Sirius chuckles, "And if they take this one away, we'll just have another one put up in its place. And thank you for that, and for talking to Harry for me. With a good deal of hope and luck, I'll be cleared in time for Harry to have a proper home to stay in for the summer."

Lupin bows his head. "For you, Padfoot, of course." He says. "See you soon, my friend. And don't get too riled up here." And without a second word, he gone out the door and through the house, exiting to the apparate spot.

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