Clemency Iakovevna Lancaster
Portrayed By Elle Fanning
House None yet
Year N/A
Position Child
Sex Female
Race Pureblood
Age 6
Place of Birth Yealand Redmayne, Lancashire
Date of Birth January 30, 1989
Mother Valentina Ilariyovna Baryshnikov
Father Jas Lancaster
Siblings None
First Appearance A Twisted Tea Party

Character History:

The marriage of Jas and Valentina Lancaster, once upon a time in the late 1980s, wasn't so bad. When they had been together for a few years, Valentina got pregnant — at the very beginning of '89, they welcomed Clemency Iakovevna into the world. Her first name was a family name of the Lancasters', her middle the proper Russian patronymic for 'James.'

A little over a year later, though, Jas had been caught in Affair Number Absolutely Too Many For Valentina To Tolerate — and this time with a co-worker, as opposed to a one-night stand with a stranger at that — and Clemency and Valentina were out of there. They relocated to a magical creature's refuge and research facility in the village of Cadgwith on Cornwall; Creatures of Cornwall had little Eider Cottage behind it, after all, and at present no one lived there. When Valentina became the magizoologist in charge after one of her former mentors retired, the pair of Lancasters moved into Eider Cottage and began their new life.

It's really the only life Clemency has ever known, and while she visits Leighton Hall every other weekend (generally by Floo despite the mess, as it's quite the distance) normalcy is in Cadgwith and her father isn't expected to be in her life any more than that. At age six, her primary concerns are jellybeans and playing with kittens.


Clemency, usually called Emmy, is a very typical six-year-old child. That is, she's a very typical six-year-old child with wizarding blood on both sides, as she is schooled by a neighbor and spends most of her time playing with the magical creatures that are her mother's charges and in some cases housemates. She's almost insatiably curious and loves to draw, especially on anything she can find that has an interesting texture when mixed with crayon. Which means not necessarily paper.

She has two pet rats, and neither of them are secretly Animagi; Valentina would have eaten them by now if they were.


  • 30 January, 1989: Born in family home of Leighton Hall.
  • May 1990: Parents' divorce. Moves to Cornwall.
  • August 1993: Starts lessons with neighbor witch.
  • November 1995: Kidnapped by Death Eaters in Diagon Alley.

Other Information

Memorable Quotes:

Trivia and Notes:

  • Clemency plays the violin, and has since age four.
  • She was also just starting ballet lessons when she was kidnapped.

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