Portrayed By Elijah Wood
House Ravenclaw
Year 4
Position Student
Sex Male
Race Half-Blood
Age 15
Place of Birth Kildare, Ireland
Date of Birth 01, Sep 1980
Mother Fiona
Father Conrad
Siblings None

Character History:

Very Abbreviated Version (tm): Cianan grew up in the muggle world, believing he was going just a little bit (ok, a lot) crazy, because of his prophetic dreams. It wasn't until he received his invitation to Hogwarts that his pure-blood father explained to him for the first time that his side of the family had magic. And, that it was possible he was a Seer. So, Cianan went in to the wizarding world with a confusing outlook, no experience with the culture, and a 'gift' that made him look like a freak. Among other 4th year students, he is known to be that freaky kid who has passed out a few times in class and started shouting about dead bodies. Not the best way to make friends.


Cianan is very reserved and self-contained. He struggles not to show much at all in the way of emotions, much of which is the result of his parents demanding he exert the utmost control over himself when he was growing up… lest he be suspected of actually /being/ insane because of his outbursts while asleep and sometimes even when awake. But, nobody really knows that because nobody has bothered to ask yet! Like many Ravenclaw, however, he is studious in the extreme and focuses a lot of his extra-curricular study into his elective classes of Divination and Ancient Runes.


Other Information

Memorable Quotes:

"Hey, you brought it up jackass." Cianan retorts, glaring up at the pointing man (who happens to be Salazar Slytherin) sullenly. But then he looks all apologetic because Rowena Ravenclaw. (Dues ex… Filius? 1995-11-09)

Trivia and Notes:

  • He's related to the Noble's through his Da - which is a recent discovery.
  • Nobody has ever seen him cry during his time at Hogwarts. Ever.
  • He only speaks in class if he is called on. The rest of the time he writes down every single word of the lecture.
  • He still acts like living at Hogwarts is like living in the lap of luxury - which says a lot about the money situation at home.
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