Christian Faulkner
Full Name Christian Jacob Faulkner
Portrayed By Christian Bale
House Hufflepuff
Year Graduated
Position Hit Wizard
Sex Male
Race Muggleborn
Age 31
Place of Birth Cardiff, Wales
Date of Birth April 20th, 1963
Mother Allison Kathrine Faulkner
Father Andrew Connor Faulkner
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Children None

"I've seen angels fall from blinding heights
But you yourself are nothing so divine
Just next in line

I've seen diamonds cut through harder men than you yourself
But if you must pretend
You may meet your end"

- Chris Cornell, You Know My Name


Christian is a character on the MUSH called Harry Potter: Into the Fire. He is a Hit Wizard with the Ministry of Magic. He graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1981, and was in Hufflepuff house.


The man before you is tall and thin. Through he is quite broad, he still appears lithe. His eyes and hair are a dark shade of brown. His hair is slicked back into a pony tail that hangs down to his shoulders. His angular face and jaw is softened by a dark moustache and goatee around his thin lips. His cheeks are slightly sunken in, and he has deep bags under his eyes showing his distinct lack of sleep.

Christian is wearing a white t-shirt underneath a beat up, tan-leather jacket. The jacket itself seems to have seen more than its fair share of use, but still looks as though it is quite warm and weather proof. A large black leather belt holds up a tattered pair of blue jeans. A pair of steel-toe boots protect his feet.

Character History:

Christian Jacob Faulkner was born in April of 1963 to Andrew and Allison Faulkner in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. The Faulkner family was a traditional muggle family. Christian's father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all police officers. Each one was a respected member of the force, and the Faulkner name was quite respected on its own. Christian's childhood was a happy one, but held a wait of deep responsibility. Andrew expected the young boy to follow in his footsteps and join the Police Department, and that weighed on the Young boy heavily. Christian wanted to join the department as well, but he always held a nagging doubt in his mind that he was something else, and different for the world he perceived around him.

This all changed when a teacher from Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry arrived with a letter for Christian. At first, all three family members regarded it as a prank, but after a long discussion and a demonstration of the teacher’s magical ability, the Faulkner family was forced to relent. Andrew and Allison were lead to accept that their son was to become a wizard. Needless to say, Andrew was quite disappointed. At first he forbid Christian from participating, but in the end love for his son won out, and Andrew relented to let Christian attend Hogwarts. It wasn't easy or cheap, but Andrew spent much of his pension to help afford the materials to get Christian set up for school and to afford text books for all 7 years of his Hogwarts career. Andrew and Allison loved Christian, and wish him only happiness and this new door that had opened in their son's life.

Christian time at school was mostly spent in books. The young man had a thirst for knowledge that bordered on an addiction. Christian was intelligent and perceptive, often able to answer complex magical theory and perform complex rituals, potions, and spells. When other students would play quidditch and travel to hogsmeade, Chris would brew potions and practice charms. He became a student of wizarding history, and an expert at wizard dueling. He gained a reputation for improvisation and charm adaptability. Christian was a master duelist by his 7th year; something that he is quite proud of to this day. The young man had few friends while in school. His intense demeanor tended to drive away most of his peers. However, he did gain the friendship of a trusted few. He remained incredibly loyal to them for his entire school career, and remains in touch with them to this day.

After he graduated from Hogwarts, Christian made the decision to join follow in his father's footsteps…after a fashion. Chris left Hogwarts to join the Ministry of Magic as a hit wizard, becoming a cop for the wizarding world. Andrew and Allison, who have always been an active presence in their son's life, couldn't be more proud. Christian graduated from the training process with high marks, and now works as the leader of a small squad of wizards who investigate wizarding criminals.



Christian's personality is one of multiple layers depending on one's level of interaction with him. For those at the ministry, Christian is what can only be described as a hard-ass loose cannon. What sounds like a a contradiction is terms is really a way of life for the Welshman. His demeanor is professional, and to everyone who has ever had the dubious pleasure of working underneath him he is a slave driver. Chris is known as working like a man possessed, ignoring breaks for food or even sleep, and he is well know for requiring the same from his subordinates. To his superiors, Christian is just the opposite. He's a trouble maker, who enjoys bucking the system. He often takes risks and the law into his own hands.

In his personal and private life, Christian remains loyal to his friends and family. He tries to keep the spirits up of those around him, and remains friendly whenever possible. He maintains a wide culture of friends in as many strata as possible, building contacts and alliances for whenever he may need to call on them professionally.

Chris has defined himself by his job for most of his life, so he often switches back and forth between a professional and casual deamor at the drop of a hat. His insatiable curiosity oftens ends up with him unknowingly interrogating someone like they were a suspect.

Memorable Quotes:

"Never Compromise."

"The worst enemy, is an enemy who believes everything they are doing is right. They are the ones who believe whole-heartedly in the fact that they are acting in the interest of the common good…"

"…and the next time one of you gets the idea that you can just simply take a day off during a crisis, don't bother coming back!"

"I cannot act on information if I don't have it. A lack of information can kill you, people. Remember that."

"Chasing dreams is an endeavor which I endorse fully."

"…Da' was a cop, and so was Granda' and Greatda'. Its a Faulkner tradition."

Trivia and Notes:


Wand: 18 inch Ash Wood with a Phoenix Tail Feather; More like a Shillelagh

Patronus: Ram

Pet: Paws, a large orange tabby cat. Chris has owned him since he was a kitten.

Chris is an expert at Dueling and charm improvisation.

Christian is more loyal to ideals rather than the people who represent those ideals. Justice is his highest held ideal, and he refuses to compromise on it.

Charms and Potions were his best classes, yet he was average in all other subjects.

Christian has quite recently become fond of the wizarding band the Weird Sisters.

He prefers to be called Chris by his friends, and simply Faulkner while on the job.

Chris lives alone with the exception of Paws, but doesn't spend much time at home anyway.

When in his professional demeanor, Christian tends to speak in a gravelly voice. This tends to give him a more intimidating force. Junior Hit Wizards describe it like a rock tumbler trying to speak.

Christian tries to bring as much as he can from Muggle Law Enforcement into Wizarding Law Enforcement. His methods are a blend of magic and good old fashioned leg work.

Despite his aptitude for Charms, Chris prefers to work without magic. He only uses it if absolutely necessary.

Christian cannot fly a broom without crashing. He is an awful pilot, and never could get a hang of it at school. That being said, he loves flying and has sought to discover a spell or item that allows fight without a broom.

On is desk at the ministry, Christian has a small plaque that reads: "… And the Cruciatus curses will continue until morale improves!"



You Know My Name - Chris Cornell
Die Another Day - Madonna
Show Me the Place - Leonard Cohen
God's Gonna Cut You Down - Johnny Cash
Red Right Hand - Pete Yorn
Short Change Hero - The Heavy

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