Portrayed By Katie Leung
House Ravenclaw
Year Fifth
Position Student, House Seeker
Sex F
Race Pureblood
Age 15
Place of Birth Tutshill
Date of Birth 04 July 1979
First Appearance Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Last Appearance

Character History:



  • Patronus: Swan


Jun 29, 1994 Quidditch Shopping Encounters Setting up a Quidditch match for fun!
Jun 29, 1994 Pet Shop Party Meeting new people. Yay friends!
Jun 30, 1994 A Scale of One To Ten Cute Cullen is Cute.
Jul 02, 1994 Whatta Man First date. Breaking kissing canon.
Jul 02, 1994 Danger Danger OMG I'm going to die! Not really for Lupin and Broland are awesome.
Jul 03, 1994 Lesson Plans
Jul 04, 1994 Unicorns and Vodka? The kitty went into Knockturn alley :(
Jul 06, 1994 Psychedelics Diagon Alley hates Cho. Morpheus bugs make her high on drugs…
Jul 07, 1994 Protego or protaygoh Private Lessons with Lupin FTW!
Jul 13, 1994 Unforgiveables A lesson in the three unforgiveable curses and how to possibly defend against two of them..

Significant People

Name Relation Notes
Cullen Langley Boyfriend Seen often in company. Was confusing, but much clearer now. They go on dates and stuff.
Siobhan Noble Acquaintance An older student in Slytherin house that proves not all of them are mean.
Remus Lupin DADA Tutor/Badass He saved helped defend her during the attack at Diagon Alley. He's teaching her awesome stuff.
Melissa Burch Possible Housemate An incoming first year with ambitions to join Ravenclaw. Their parents know each other.
Ophelia O'Mainnin Housemate/BFF Asides from Marietta, this is her other BFF. Sooper seekrits shared!
Antigone Atherton Acquaintance She's nice enough, and gets teased with the tension between her and Bertrum.
Bertrum Holmwood Acquaintance Likes teasing him concerning Antigone. Still doesnt believe that anyone else was invited to his party
Stephen St. Claire Hate Machine The only person who really gets under her skin. H8 Machine.


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