Portrayed By Ryan Newman
House Hufflepuff
Year 1st
Position None
Sex Female
Race Half-blood
Age 11
Place of Birth
Date of Birth May 15, 1983
Mother Abigail Midgley
Father Damian Midgley
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance Twistin' the Day Away
Last Appearance Yet To Be Seen

Character History:

Born of a muggle mother, and wizard father, it was surprising that Chloe didn't show magical signs at a young age like most young wizarding children did. Then again, it might be considered magical how she's surprisingly lived as long as she has, with how wild and hyper, and rather naive of a child she was. It's more than once had her barreling head first into situations that she really should have thought about first, but just forgot to. However, she was a very cheerful girl. Almost too cheerful. FAR too cheerful. For quite a while, her parents wondered if she even had any other emotions than 'hyper and happy'.

Once she grew out of being a toddler into a child, she did calm down somewhat, and occasionally remembered to speak before acting. It was at this point that her parents told her the truth about the wizarding world, and everything about magic she wanted to know (to an extent.) So, it wasn't much of a shock at all when that owl showed up a few days after she turned eleven. After a few excruciating months of waiting (In Chloe's opinion.) and a few torturous months of questions (In Chloe's parents' opinion.), she was shipped off from London, to soon become a Hufflepuff.

So far, her first year has been rather… eventful. Because of her inability to think before doing anything eighty five percent of the time, she's ended up in detention. A lot. But her grades aren't half bad, and she sure is getting good at cleaning and polishing those trophies!


Ever wonder what type of personality a butterfly would have? Yeah. That's Chloe. One minute she can be talking to you about Quidditch, and the next, she be babbling to the person across the room about what they had for lunch that day. Hyper. Cheerful. Obnoxious.


Other Information

Memorable Quotes:

"I think everybody but mean old Professor Snape is distracted by bubbles."

Trivia and Notes:

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