1994-10-15: Children-Yours, Mine And No One's


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Scene Title Children-Yours, Mine and No One's
Synopsis Molly runs into another mother in F&B's, and the two of them hatch an unlikely idea.
Location Flourish & Blott's
Date Oct 17, 1994
Watch For Bragging mothers, unintentional name-dropping, planting ideas in Molly's head.
Logger Molly

Flourish & Blott's

Flourish and Blotts is the premiere bookstore for all wizarding needs in London. Towards the end of summer, this is the only shop where Hogwarts students can purchase their required texts for their studies. Bookshelves fill up most of this room, from floor to ceiling and are jam packed with volumes ranging in size from that of a postage stamp to a paving stone. The contents of the books are as varied if not more than their sizes. Tomes range from the harmless to some that could burn out the eyes of the reader. Why on earth that would be for sale is anybody's guess, but there you have it. The books seem to be arranged by their subject matter by the harried shop keeper and assistants.

Now, here is an abnormal sight It's less strange during the school year these days, since Ginny started school, but it's still a fairly rare occurence. Molly Weasley stands in Flourish and Blott's, looking in the gardening section, gazing at the shelves. She's scanning the titles, touching a finger to one or two here or there, but mainly just looking to see what's available. She pulls out one book, opens its pages and begins looking through it to see if it's one she might be able to use.

Adorned in her usual black dress with sparkling floral designs, high-heeled shoes, and a matching small bag slung over her shoulder to hold things like money and her wand, Septima opens the door to Florish and Blotts and makes her entrance with the clickity-clack of her shoes upon the floor. She flicks a bit of her hair out of her face as she makes her way in, stopping not too far from Molly to look at a book on one of the many shelves.

Molly frowns slightly as she turns the pages of the book, trying to decide if there's enough important information in it to be her one purchase of the day. She turns to shelve the book, brushing slightly against the woman beside her. "Oh, dear. Pardon me, dear." She sticks the book back, and flushes slightly, embarrassed to be caught making that kind of decision in front of such a well-dressed lady. At least for a moment. Then, she steps away a little further, collects herself, inhales and continues to scan the shelves. "Pleasant weather, isn't it?" She attempts small talk, at least for politeness' sake.

Septima takes only mild surprise as she's brushes against, looking over to the side to see who it was. She offers a polite smile to the red-headed woman. "Do not worry, ma'am. No harm no foul, as they say." She says soothingly, hoping to make the other woman feel more at ease. She pulls down a book from the shelves that seems of particular interest to her, before the small talk begins. There's a glance out the window before nodding. "Yes, quite pleasant. Well, for this time of year. Though I could do with it being summer once more."

Molly nods. "I do enjoy the summertime. However, each season has its merits. I enjoy the Yule holidays as well. The children come home so happy and full of cheer…" She looks wistfully off for a moment. "Oh, pardon me." She turns to Septima and smiles. "It's been a while since my youngest went off to school, and I still miss having her around…" She pulls another book off, glancing at it before realizing she's got that one already. It only takes a quick moment to reshelve it.

Septima smiles and nods. "That is very true. The Yule time is full of joy and happiness, isn't it?" There's a moment where the Scottish part of her accent becomes more apparent. "It will be nice to see my daughter again. She's in her first year at Hogwarts." She says with a small tinge of a smile. "Though she has been keeping me updated constantly."

Molly smiles fondly. "It's always such a challenge, isn't it? To keep them close enough to protect them, but to let them have enough space to grow." She chuckles. "I have seven. My youngest is in third form this year." She continues to peruse for a long momeent, the silence between them comfortable. Then, she sighs. "I still worry about them though. They've been in more danger than I ever expected, especially at that school. Such things never happened when I went there." And she walked uphill both ways, too.

Septima nods ever so slightly. "I've got two children myself, and my daughter is the oldest. I've got a son who is younger. But it was most difficult. And it seems an older student played a trick on her on the train too…hazing as such never happened when I went to school." She shakes her head in a disappointed manner. "I didn't want to see her go, though. I'd gotten so used to her being at home…my little girl." She chuckles softly.

Molly is curious about the woman's children, as her children are her life, but doesn't want to open any doors that would discourage conversation. So, she nods sagely. "I do remember that. When Bill was so small…" Her face gains that wistful look again. "Of course, by that time, I already had several more children running around, but I still had a rhythm. I loved having my little ones around me. Even when they were being mischievous." She snorts. "They often still are, but…" The other woman will understand. They're your kids. "Are you looking for something particular, dear? I'm trying to find a book about what plants grow best with no care. My neighbor has such a lovely yard, but it needs a few more plants, and I wondered if I couldn't help them out." She has been already, but wants to do a little more.

Septima nods firmly. "Ah, my children are the apples of my eye. I do love them so dearly." She says softly. "Children will be mischievous, won't they? I believe it's in their nature to be so." She says kindly. "I've been to an orphanage or two, to see the conditions children there live in…well, some are quite happy, and are playing tricks constantly on each other, and playing games constantly." She giggles quietly. "Children will be children, after all." She shakes her head. "No, I'm not looking for anything in particular. But I just love to read, don't you know?"

Molly's maternal heart breaks at the mention of orphanages. She'd empty every last one of them or at least feed them all up and hug them to bits if she could. But with seven of her own, that's not really an option. She does her best to give Harry and Hermione the love she can while they're at her house. Luna, too. "Oh, those poor dears." She can't help expressing her feelings. "I'm glad they were having some fun." She frowns. "Were they wizarding orphanages, dear?" She wasn't sure there were any. "Yes, I love to read, too, I just don't often get to unless it's term." She spots a book, and pulls it out gently, favoring the tome with care. "This looks like it may suit." She says, softly, flipping through it to check. "Aha. I think someone recommended it to me. Pomona perhaps." She smiles.

Septima shakes her head softly. "I help the orphanages as best I can." She says softly. "They were wizarding ones. Though most of the children don't have the money to buy the supplies they need to go to a school like Hogwarts, so tutors offer up their time to teach the children right at the orphanage if they have not been adopted." She explains softly. "Pomona?" She asks. "Isn't the herbology professor at Hogwarts first name Pomona?"

"It is." Molly nods. "I asked her for a recommendation. Professor Sprout." She looks a little sheepish. She hates it when people — like her son — name-drop to get attention, and she's gone and done the same thing. "I wonder if they could use some help. I might be able to lend a hand or something…" Molly thinks for a long moment. "At least during term. During holidays, it's quite difficult." She doesn't want to start something she can't keep up. "I taught every one of my children the basics, so perhaps I could help with that." She clutches the book, turning it over, examining the price. "Oh, my. It's on sale." She smiles widely.

Septima smiles softly and nods. "Yes, my daughter seems to be intrigued, if only slightly, by Herbology. I don't know what she's really going to take an interest in, however." She sighs softly. "Well, the tutors could always use some help, I am sure. The more the merrier. I could, perchance, get you acquainted with some of the tutors, Misses…?"

"Oh, dear. Forgive me. So rude." Molly twitters for a moment, and shifts to stick out her hand. "I'm Molly Weasley, dear. And you are?" She nods at the information about Septima's daughter. "Herbology has always been one of my favorite subjects. I think the twins did fairly well at it, one of their OWLs, if I recall…" One of only three, which makes her lips purse for a moment. "I did hope more of my children would enjoy it. However, they've each got their strong points." If none of them share hers, it's not a problem. Most of the time.

Septima smiles kindly, her hand moving to shake Molly's. "Septima Falton. Pleasure to meet you." She tilts her head. "Twins? Well, twins in a group of seven children…I admire your ability to raise them all up. I do not believe I would hold up so well as you seem to be." She says kindly. "I doubt I would look so…good, either, in your place."

Molly is flattered. "Oh, my. Why, thank you, dear." She smiles, and shifts herself again to get to her purse to count out the change for the book. "It's a pleasure meeting you, dear, and if I can help there, I really would like to. I knit each of my children a jumper for Christmas, and I could surely do some socks or blankets for the smaller ones." Especially with no grandchildren on the way yet. "Luck and a good husband go a long way, I believe." She smiles fondly again, thinking of Arthur. A clock somewhere chimes, and she listens, counting the hours. "Oh, dear me. I cannot believe it has gotten this late. I must pay for this and be on my way. Arthur will be ever so worried if I'm not home on time…" Besides, she has a supper to finish.

Septima smiles kindly. "Not at all." She nods firmly. "Well, I'll certainly discuss it with some of the tutors and the director of one orphanage I know needs it. Perhaps you can teach some of the older ones how to knit as well? And perhaps some spells to help them do so? I could provide all the yarn needed for such activities, and anything else as well." She doesn't like to flaunt her money around, though if it's for a good cause…"Send me an owl, Misses Weasley, listing the activities you'd like to do with the children and I am sure I can get something arranged. Have a pleasant day."

Molly nods, considering it. "I'm sure I could figure something out. I will talk to Arthur and surely we'll help in some way." She nods. "You have a great day, too, Mrs. Falton." She turns to pay for her book, muttering something about 'those poor dears' and 'must find some of the leftover yarn' and other such things as she plunks the coins down on the counter. After her business is concluded, she steps out of the shop, heading to the apparition point to go straight home.

Anybody who wants to hitch on to this idea, or has ideas to hitch to it, just let me know. Something for Molly to do while the kids are away.

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