1994-10-18: Checking In


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Scene Title Checking In
Synopsis Jack and Tonks check in on the prisoner. They talk about a few different topics, gossip, the Ministry, what a miserable bag Umbridge is..
Location Undisclosed
Date Oct 18, 1994
Watch For Personal jokes
Logger Lassie

Sirius has spent enough of the day moping in the room assigned to him. Except for the brief period earlier where Tonks sent a Patronus message and he had to sneak a reply back to her. That was fun, and a bit of a pick-me-up that he needed. Now? He's utterly bored again and seated in what passes for the parlor. Someone of muggle birth thought it amusing to leave a book by a muggle author. Sirius doesn't mind it, despite his family background. Someone must have thought it would annoy him, alas it has backfired. Seated in an armchair, he's got the book open and has been reading through Douglas Adams's 'Long Dark Teatime of the Soul.'

Jack hardly ever gets sent on family business. There are several good reasons for that. However, when Elder Michael is busy and son Liam is not a good choice to be fair in this situation, it falls to the 'spare' to pick up the task. He steps up to the door of the designated house, scanning it quietly to see what kind of wards are there. It's a habit. He knocks on the door when he's sure the thing won't shock him, and waits for a response.

At the knock at the door, there's a few moments before a response is made. The guards on the other side check the identity before the door opens. The guard recognizes Jack but doesn't let him in immediately, "Noble? What are you doing here? You're not on the shift roster." Yet. Unless there was a last minute change this guy wasn't made aware of. Fine lot he's in, he's only helping to guard a mass murdering maniac. Least the higher ups could do is let him know if there's a duty change!

As Jack watches the door open and listens to the man, he gives the guard a winning smile. "I'm not here to guard him. I'm here to check to make sure the man is being treated well. My father wanted someone to check up on him, and I got the job." He steps forward past the guard, eagerly. It's been years since he's seen this man. Or, so he thinks. He looks around, trying to spot Sirius. "Black?" He calls, taking note of the room.

At the mention of the elder Noble on the Wizengamot, the guard simply nods and stands aside for Jack to enter. He's already notating this on the shift log. "Don't give him anything," the guard warns.

Hearing the voices, Sirius looks up and marks his page in order to set the book aside. "In here," he calls out, recognizing Jack's voice. Since the front door opens into a hall, Sirius's voice comes from a parlor just two doors down.

With a snort for the guard, Jack wanders down the hallway and walks into the room where Sirius is reading. He takes a long look at the man. "Black? How …" He's horrid at this. Really. "How are you doing?" He finds another chair and plops down in the seat rather unceremoniously. "No strange behaviors by the guards, no odd food?" He quirks a smile that might look familiar to the man. "Merlin. I'm horrid at this." He chuckles. "Better than Liam would've done, though." He mentions his older brother in passing.

"Fine, just fine. I'm feeling all pampered, like a proper guest of the Ministry," Sirius says, his tone light. "Mmm.. no nothing weird. At least, nothing I can complain about. Not after what I've had to eat over the last year." Rats for one. Yuck. The book is set aside and he tries to relax. At least Jack's a familiar face, even friendly. "Horrid at what? Oh bloody.. Liam's still a right git I take it?"

"Hasn't changed a whit." Jack relaxes, and his casual grin reappears. This is the Sirius Black he knows. He's still a little nervous that the man may indeed be Dark, but he can't fathom it. Not the guy he remembers from school. "I don't even want to know about that, mate." He chuckles softly. "I'm not the one who gets to do these 'family business' sort of things, because Liam does them so well, usually, but seeing as it's you, Da thought it'd be wiser to send me." And Sirius is probably glad of that. "I ran into Lupin the other day." He says, carefully, just sharing the news he knows.

Sirius grins a bit. "Some things just don't change. That's a bit of a comfort. Nice of them to send you instead. Although, I could do with a nice bit of shouting about now." Older, more mentally scarred, haunted in appearance, yet deep down, Black has retained more of his personality from school. It comes with being locked up for his adult life. "Ah, smart man, your father." He smiles further, as if he's got a secret he's not sharing. "How was he?"

She said she'd come in with an escort. Fortunately, her escort's an underling Kingsley trusts, and someone who the senior Auror put on the duty roster. Which means, it's time for a shift change! With any luck, Umbridge hasn't made due on her promise to keep her from Sirius and there isn't, like, suddenly a 'no visitation allowed' list suddenly posted. The other Auror will knock and make themselves known for the person they're supposed to relieve. Tonks just waits. It would be noted that she seems to be in 'Black Default' mode, as it were. Meaning, for some reason, she's not bothering with any sort of fancy hair colors or adjustments to face or body. Stuck in some paperwork that Kingsley sent along with her to give her a reason, is the Special Edition issue of the Prophet that just came out.

Jack is, of course, unaware of the new arrival just yet. He runs his hands through his hair. "He seemed to be okay, although he should keep a leash on his dog." He grins. "Nice dog, but it seems to almost have a mind of his own. He named the thing Padfoot." Jack shakes his head. "Yeah. Things are really getting crazy with the stupidity…" He purses his lips. "I'm probably not supposed to talk about crap like that." He doesn't mind, but he doesn't want to get Sirius into more trouble than he already is. "Oh." He grins. "I finally found a place to set up my shop. Hogsmeade. Next to Madame Puddifoot's." He chuckles. It's been his dream to have his own place to work from.

Sirius starts laughing now, as if he had just heard a very funny joke. One he's not going to explain. Holly said keep quiet, and he hasn't talked to her yet. Although, when Jack turns a bit more serious, he stifles the laughter easily. "So I had seen before.." He waves a hand at the parlor, "This. It's alright. Every now and then someone leaves a paper and I read it. Before I turned myself in, I was doing quite well in keeping up with the news." A hand is dragged through his hair, now shoulder length, and gives a vague smile. "Excellent news. You're a curse breaker, right? If I've heard correctly."

There might be a bit of fuss and bother with the shift change and /yet another/ visitor (what can't there be two?) But Tonks seems not to care, and leaves the two Aurors to dictate the finer details of their shift change. It might mean she'll get yanked out by her hair but who cares. Doopie do. "Sirius?" She glances through the rooms and when she finds him, she'll just stride up happy as can be and give him a hug. Don't mind her, she's just giving affection to a mass murderer, yup. Standing up straight she notes jack. "Oh, hey, Jack." Sorry, she's not feeling particularly pink now. As she greets the Cursebreaker, she's dropping the stack of 'paperwork' in front of Sirius, in such away that the edition of the Prophet peeks out.

Jack grins. "Yeah. I called the place 'Torchwood Offices', after Mum and Da's Manor." He rolls his eyes. "Couldn't think of anything more original." He lifts a brow at the laughter. It wasn't that funny, was it? He shrugs. The Marauders have their own set of rules for things, and Jack chalks it up to that. "Ah, then you know. I was at the RCMC today, and it was a mess. I mean, busiest place you ever did see. I don't think it's been that busy since …" He frowns. "Well, since they found that Manticore nest a few years back." At least that long. When Tonks comes in, Jack beams. "Tonks! How are you? Do any more shopping?" Yes, he's needling her. He sees her hair color, and frowns. "Bad day?" He's at least trying to be empathetic. The fact that they're cousins doesn't surprise him. Aren't they all at some level?

Sirius hears his cousin's voice and rises when she enters the room. The hug she gives is returned and quite warmly. "Visit with your mother go that bad today?," he teases just a little as he ruffles Tonks's hair affectionately. He doesn't immediately reach for the stack of papers, even as the Prophet peeks out a little. "Jack and I were just catching up a bit." He gestures for Tonks to have a seat along with the two men. He knows neither are here for a social call, for there really isn't any visitation for him. Sirius can tell something besides Andromeda has put Tonks off, and the peeking out of the Prophet adds to what could be amiss. "I always avoided the Ministry. I never thought much of them, think less of them now. With the mess they keep things in, I can just imagine the state of their offices."

Tonks readily takes a seat, sitting crosslegged. She does gain /quite/ the blush at Jack's comment about shopping. "Ah heh… Not lately. Why, you want to peek again?" Then again, it wasn't entirely peeking if the garment was actually falling out. As for the bad day thing? She just offers, "Worried about a friend." To which she points at Sirius, "If you see Remus before I do, tell him he is absolutely forbidden from biting that woman." This is said in a very, very quiet voice, so the guard doesn't hear. AS for Andromeda, "It'll take some time. I gave her the basics, which was about all I felt comfortable giving, really." She does pause, "Did I, like, catch you in the loo or something?" She then turns her attention to jack, "So why're you here?" She tries to look serious and slightly suspicious, but well, it fails.

"Da wanted someone to check up on him." Jack jerks a thumb easily toward the other man. Her comments about getting a peek are a huge opening for the irrepressible flirt. "Only if something like that is … in use…" He waggles his eyebrows and leans back in his seat again. He's pretty intuitive, has to be to be a cursebreaker. "I don't think Remus'd do something like that, although sometimes, I think she might deserve it…" This is spoken very softly. "It's not just him…" He sighs. "I've heard some rumors about her, you know? That she's really dead set against several things and doesn't care who gets hurt to prevent them." He saw a small taste of that recently. "Anyway." He slaps his hands to his thighs. "Better things. I have found a secretary, at least part-time. Stole her from the Ministry, too." He grins.

"I'll do that, although it's doubtful he can get in to see me. Soon enough some dour faced employee is going to poke his nosey gob in here and tell you lot to clear off. Although that Dawlish fellow is a bit clueless." Again, this is a situation Sirius can't really complain about. The alternatives are much worse. He chuckles at Tonks, "Only time I can catch a private moment to myself, and Andromeda will come around. You said yourself she was devastated. I can only imagine how she's taking this." The chuckle disappears and he throws a look at Jack, "No flirting with my cousin, she was mine first." The last bit, a joke, obviously. Or not. Take it as you will. A brow rises, "Talking about that pink sow, Umbridge, are we? I'd advise anyone against biting her, you'd need a medi-witch afterwards."

Okay, you too. Tonks is blushing, and that's not acceptable! "Dawlish is a dunderhead. I've gone on a couple of raids with him, and each time he manages to get himself knocked out. And he still insists on trying to pull time in service over me." She rolls her eyes. As for Umbridge, "She's tryng to push through some werewolf legislation," she doesn't care about talking about Remus' condition. It's been outed in the Prophet. "Even so far as to making them wear patches or something so people can readily identify them." She regards Sirius, "I didn't know he had a temper." To Jack, "She's a purist, plain and simple. Hell, even I set off her prejudices."

Tonks is blushing. Jack's work is done. He grins widely, and then the grin fades as she continues talking. "Yeah. She's a bitch." That's his opinion, pure and simple. Yet another reason he doesn't do the family business stuff. "Oh, really?" Jack quirks an eyebrow at Sirius, gauging his sincerity. Whether he is serious, haha, or not, he backs off slightly, quieting down, only chuckling slightly as he imagines Umbridge getting bitten by a werewolf. Or something worse.

"How the blazes did he make Auror?" That's one of life's eternal mysteries, that is. Sirius frowns, his expression going dark. "Fear mongering all over again. It never stops. We fiercely protected him during school and after, now that ruddy bint.." Before he says anything too rude, he smiles faintly at Tonks, "He's got a temper, he's just good about holding it in." The smile turns into a wide grin at Jack. "Knew I liked you for a reason. Good to see things have been kind to you." Oh to hint hint at a few things or not.

"You allowed to have any of the good stuff, Sirius, or they trying to turn you into a teetotaler?" Tonks says as she unfolds her legs and looks around for something that might resemble a liquor cabinet. She actually barks a laugh at Jack's succinct summation of Umbridge. She tosses a knowing look to Sirius, hoping he'd remember what she had asked in regards to Jack. See why she thought that?

Jack shrugs. "It has. And one of the biggest 'kind' things in my life? Not being the Heir." He grins widely, and chuckles to himself. "Liam does that so much better." He rolls his eyes. "Ooh. Didja sneak some in?" He whispers softly, shifting in his seat. "Did he buy his way in?" This about Dawlish. "I heard a couple people have done that from time to time."

Sirius grins after Tonks, "Sorry to disappoint, sober as a puritan. I already heard from a Miss Jones how bloody awful it was that I'm being kept here in plush surroundings while the hard working people at the Ministry are scrimping and suffering. I'm lucky I get fed at all around here." He does share that knowing look with Tonks, could make a person wonder just what the devil he's been up to since breaking out of Azkaban. "A lot of pressure, luckily my parents kicked it, and I'm a blood traitor. Although there has been a series of downturns to keep me from enjoying life." Need he go into detail? "Dawlish could have. Wouldn't surprise me. People buy the Order of Merlin all the time."

"Well, /hell/," Is Tonks response. "I didn't think to sneak /that/ in." Again, she makes sure she's quiet with that. She doesn't want to make it obvious Sirius is getting things he likely shouldn't. "People just don't understand that this is better than you being at Azkaban. People just don't know what it's like, considering the average wizard's never really encountered a Dementor." The topic of Dawlish just earns strangulation motions from the young Auror.

Jack shudders at the mention of the Dementors. He's not your average wizard. "Yeah, those things are awful." He shakes his head. "I met Miss Jones, if it's the same witch. She was an interesting person…" And that's Jack being polite. "Helpful, though, at least in her element." Which is the office. "Well, here's to hoping this is the first in a series of 'upturns.'" He grins, reaching into a pocket of his duster, pulling out a small flask. He sniffs it carefully and passes it over to Sirius. "Take a swig or two. But you didn't' get it from me."

"If they try putting me back, I shall have to bite a few people and escape again." Sirius says, because let's face it. The Ministry still hasn't a clue how he got out the first time, so what measures could they take to prevent it happening again? So really, this is the best alternative, as who in their right mind would want to personally guard him in that hell-hole? "Most people have never seen Azkaban or a Dementor in their life, so can't even fathom.. I'm not talking about this," he says and gets up, suddenly agitated by the topic of Azkaban. The offer of the flask has him going in Jack's direction, although he stops quickly. "I better not." For all he knows, anything in this place, anything offered could be poisoned. "No need to get you yelled at, and you're one of the few friendly faces I've seen. This Miss Jones that you met, did she argue a lot? Complain a fair bit?"

Tonks is drifting back tot he table after making sure she's done a thorough inspection. On the way back though, she does rest a hand on Sirius' shoulder, giving it a squeeze before she hops back in the chair and settles down, limbs all akimbo. While Sirius denies the drink, Tonks is reaching for it. Mmm.

Jack hands the flask off to Tonks. "Alright. Hell. I could be someone polyjuiced…" He pauses as the man stands up to walk around the room. Jack's run into a few dementors, but has never been subjected to their 'mercy' for longer than it took to cast his bunny patronus and send the things running. He gazes at the other man for a long moment. As to Miss Jones, Jack nods vigorously. "Oh, yeah. Merlin, yes. Reminded me of Severus in that way." He grins.

Sirius starts a little at the hand on his shoulder, as he wasn't expecting it. Exhaling audibly, he asks Tonks, "Is Miss Maplewood still getting the runaround? She and I still need to discuss my defense and other details." Clasping his hands behind his back, he smirks a little at Jack, "Could very well be. We'll give it an hour. Hmm.. I wouldn't go so far as to compare Miss Jones to Snivellus, but she did make me quite angry as he does. Haven't lost my temper in such a way for a fair bit. At least, in an annoyed way rather than.." A murderous rage of desperation? "Nevermind."

The mention of being polyjuiced causes Tonks to eye the flask suspiciously. But then she just shrugs and takes a cautionary sip. There's a moment, whith her features pensive. Alright, no weird aftertaste or anything. She takes another drink, this one more hearty, and when the flask gets handed back, Jack'll notice it's a big lighter. AS for Holly, "I'm trying to keep myself involved, but I'm encountering resistance. Apparently, I'm a 'conflict of interest' in regards to your case. She's already working to make sure I can't even visit you, much less be one of your guards." Which she didn't volunteer for /anyway/ because it just wouldn't do. And yeah, she shouldn't need to say who 'she' is. "I'd not be surprised if I'm pulled completely pulled from the case within the next few days." Which is why she needs to do her Tour de Azkaban asap.

"Can you hold that shape you showed me for very long?" Jack is getting ideas. Beware. "Miss Maplewood is a very nice lady." That's what he'll say on that matter. When Tonks mentions Umbridge again, Jack rolls his eyes. "I think she has entirely too much power. I think she's like …" He casts about for an appropriate comparison. "She only has to bat her eyes at him, and everything is peachy for her." Again, no names are needed. "Both of them oughta be replaced completely." He's got strong opinions on the matter.

"Ah.. Can't say I'm surprised. Not exactly the norm to have any sort of visitation." Sirius is sounding a bit frustrated, despite knowing ahead this wasn't going to be easy, and it could very well be a mistake. "That foul little.. I should make a list of things to have sent to her anonymously." Not that anything would phase the woman. Yet, the thought of not seeing one of his few contacts to friends and the outside has him less than pleased. "Unfortunately, the wrong people tend to get into office because there is a mindless following for their ideas. Fudge is merely a passable leader under peaceful times, and simply abysmal when things turn a bit unpredictable.. as for Miss Maplewood.. perhaps it's because she's American, but she's got a backbone I can admire. I look forward to working with her, as well as telling her more about why I'm innocent."

"For the most part, indefinitely," Tonks offers. "Or more accurately, as long as necessary." Again, likely one of Mad-Eye's drills was for her to sit into something she wasn't used to. "As long as someone doesn't really cheese me off…" She rolls her shoulders in a shrug. She does regard Sirius again. She doesn't say anything, but she wishes she could assure him on the path he's taken. "They can't deny her seeing you. She's your lawyer for crying out loud."

"Ok." Here's Jack still thinking. "So, like if I arranged to visit every week or so, and then let you visit for me and report to my father…" He frowns. "Because, yeah, I'm a fair person, but you're family. And if you can get in here looking like me…" He grins. "We could compare notes to make sure nothing happens that the other one needs to know…" He's caught up in this idea, and barely listens to Sirius' words about politics. He does hear them, though. "Unpredictable times are really hard to work through for most people. Takes a certain kind of person to deal with things like that. And that kind rarely involves himself in politics."

"I realize this is funny coming from me, but do try to keep your temper. I'd like to keep seeing you. Even if officially, yes, there is a blood connection and it could be seen as a conflict." Sirius finally seats himself back down and shrugs. "Not that we exactly use lawyers here, but yes, she is part of my defense and under Wizengamot statures, I am permitted to have a defense team. I should declare Remus part of it, just to further irritate a few people at the Ministry." A brow raises as Jack speaks, "Not too loud there mate, you'll have Dickens or whatever that bloke's name is, checking in to make sure no one's sneaking me a wand or such. Good idea however. Kingsley and I did chat a bit about attempts made against me. Not to mention I'm on edge, waiting for someone to pull a few dirty tricks."

Tonks grins. "Don't worry, the guy who relieved him's with Kingsley. He's not fully in the know, or anything, but Kingsley trusts him enough with this that he sent him along with me to relieve the other guy." She does hrm a bit at Jack's idea and then there's a slow nod. "It'll need a wee bit of tweeking and of course, a contingency plan," she frowns, "And then a back up plan for that one." JUST TO MAKE SURE. Nope, not paranoid. Never. She does blink when Sirius mentions Remus. "He was offered a job, actually. In the ministry." She looks to Jack, "In fact, it was this bloke, Ichabod Noble. You heard of him?"

Jack's ears perk up at the mention of good old Uncle Ichabod. "Ichabod Noble offered Remus a job?" Jack is really intrigued now. "I ran into him today…" He frowns. "Hey, have either of you had any reason to look at the portraits of the department heads down there?" And if you have, did you remember who was head when? Not very likely, but Jack has to try. "I ran into him today, actually. Ichabod." He grins at Tonks. "We could do that. We'll have to figure out a secure way of communicating…" Jack may be presently unaware of the secondary use of the Patronus charm.

"Excellent," Sirius says, not caring really if Jack's getting a whiff of a conspiracy. He's still at least careful to not drop a few pertinent details. "Ol' Mad-eye did a number on you, Tonks," he says with a fairly cheeky grin, one that fades quickly. "I'm glad Remus has been offered another job, but I'm sad to say and even think this.. but that's a bit like working in a Devil's Snare and might not work out well at all." Jack's question earns a headshake in response. "Only bit of the Ministry I've seen was the courtroom, and that was only long enough for Crouch to toss me away."

Tonks grins here. "I actually like him. Well, he's probably a lot creepier when Umbridge isn't around," she says this as if she's aware of something 'interesting' in regards to said Noble, "Totally called her out on her fashion sense in the middle of the atrium. I nearly lost it." Regarding Sirius, she does nod. "That mean you want me to give up my spot? It's up to him, though. He's probably considering it, regardless." If anything, to get under Umbridge's skin. As for the secure communications, Tonks gives a rather vague, "We'll work on it." Especially since she still plans on trying to poke at Jack to see where he stands in the grand scheme of things.

Jack nods. "Well, let me know if you are willing. My Floo address is 'Torchwood, Hogsmeade.' " He grins. "I'll add you to the list, Tonks, and you can come in when you need." He senses something going on, but at this point chalks it up to family machinations. "Alright. If you have an idea for that, then that's really good." He shrugs. "I should go soon, huh? I'm sure I've been here long enough to tell the Elder you've been treated somewhat fairly. Anything you want me to pass on?" He reaches to take his flask back.

Sirius barks out a laugh, "About time someone called her out to her face." He shakes his head at Tonks. "No. There's of course no limit to those I can have on my defense or call as witnesses. You're still part of my team. I've also got a few names to give to Miss Maplewood as far as witnesses go, names that may not be happy to be called to the stand." Not to mention surprised. "There are always other methods of communication. The Patronus charm for one," he points out with a shrug. It's a method employed by the Order, and it's just something he takes for as fact. Doesn't everyone use it? "More or less, I think most people stop in to stare at the mass murderer.. I do wonder however if I could get a chess set.. or a few books. I'm not partial to what. Just a little something to alleviate the boredom. You remember this well from school?"

There's an Oh, as she was still sort of holding the flask out, but she makes a point to make sure Jack notices it this time. She'll also take this as a good time to leave herself. Maybe she can check up on Holly and then drag her to her much needed tour of that place. "I'll see what I can do, okay?" She reaches over to fuzzle Sirius' hair. And give her props! she does not make a crack about how much better he looks now that he has ready access to a shower. She does nod about the Patronus charm method of communication. "It takes a bit though, I just recently got the hang of it," and she'd been dragged into the Order way back in the summer!

"I'd heard you could modify that charm that way. I just never learned how…" Jack considers that for a long moment. "Useful, though." He shrugs, pocketing the flask. "Ok, I'll see what I can do. After all, if they're going through the trouble to try you, they ought to try you, not some crazy, cabin-fever-suffering version of yourself." He frowns. "Remember what from school, Black?" He gives a cheeky grin. "If you try to alleviate boredom that way, you'll end up in trouble for sure." If he's referring to pranks, that is.

Sirius ducks his head away from Tonks, a grin on his face. Indeed, steady access to bathing facilities is much nicer than simple cleaning spells. The latter does the trick, it just seems to be lacking in a few areas. "It's dead useful. I'd show you, but I think Big Nose out there might have a conniption." Since the two appear to be leaving, his mood plummets considerably as he rises to see the pair off. "Well said, Noble. Of course I'm a bit 'round the bend as it is." Unavoidable really. He claps his hands to both Tonks's and Jack's shoulders, "Oh I don't know, can't get in worse trouble than I currently am in." He steps back to retrieve the book, so that once the two leave, he can sulk back in his room.

She doesn't want to leave him, but there'd be no way she could stay. "You'll be okay. I've faith," she says to her cousin. She truly believes that as long as he's not completely isolated from people, he'll be able to keep a hold on what little sanity he has. She turns to Jack and offers an arm, "Escort a lady out?"

Jack sees, or senses the mood in the room plummeting. "Black." He states, clearly. "Think a few things up to do to her. Kind of like the pudding hex all over her pretty cat-covered office…" He grins widely. "Might never use 'em, but one never knows." He knows the way to cheer him up. "Aye, milady, of course." And the charm is turned on. He winks to Sirius, and escorts Tonks out, waving cheekily to the Aurors guarding the place as he does.

"I've made it this far." Although, it's a slippery slope Sirius is on. One misstep and it's a one way ticket to CrazyTown. Then, despite his earlier quip, "She's already got eyes for someone else, don't get your hopes up." Even if the words are meant to tease, there's no humor in his tone. Perhaps later he'll take Jack's advice, and sit there, drumming up pranks, hexes and other things that may never get used, but it would keep his mind busy.

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