Portrayed By Josh Homme
House Gryffindor
Year Graduated
Position Dragon Handler
Sex Male
Race Pureblood
Age 22
Place of Birth Ottery St. Catchpole, Devon
Date of Birth Dec 12, 1972
Marital Status Single
Children None

Character History

Born on a blustery morning on December the 12th, 1972 was the second of what would slowly become Weasley brood, Charles “Charlie” Fabian Weasley. Times were dark, but being so young there are things you don’t quite remember. Mum and Da’ were very loving, an also worried. That much can be recalled. However Charlie was graced with a great older brother. He was his best mate and favorite playmate. After all when you’re a pureblood family you bloody well keep to yourself an don’ bother other people. As such he and Bill grew close, a closeness which has remained to this day despite physical distance. Charlie was four when Percy came along. Though he was his brother and loved him dearly-he just. Well he wasn’t like Bill, no Charlie found Percy t’ be more severe and serious, where as he and Bill were respectively more laid back. Oh well Percy was his brother, and he wouldn’t trade him in the world-even if he didn’t agree with him. During this time the three boys could be found in each other’s company-though Charlie sometimes would escape to go adventuring in fields surrounding the home, and would slowly begin to kindle a love that would become hard for him to shake

In 1979 The twins came out, and Charlie was finding him blessed with more brothers. Of course for a six year old this is a great thing to have. More brothers to play with. Needless to say for the next five years Charlie got to know the twins and bond with them and Ron just a little bit more. Ginny of course proved to be something not expected. A sister, but then it was someone to be protective over-in the ways that brothers are over their own sisters. All the same Charlie got to know his younger siblings, with the exception of and to a degree Ron quite well. He even got the first tastes of the twins humor, which he is still a fan of to this day.

Finally in 1984 Charlie went to join his brother at Hogwarts which was exceedingly exciting and awesome. Here he was going to be at school with his eldest brother and one of his best friends. Naturally, like all Weasleys, Charlie was sorted into Gryffindor. Needless to say school was amazing. He lived with his own brother and was making his own way for himself amongst his own classes. Charlie got along well in school-He was laid back and thus made friends easily, but he was by no means overly popular. During his fifth year he made Prefect, following in his older brother’s footsteps and was made the Quidditch Captain as well.

It was here that his love of Magical creatures was realized. And where as he was a strong wizard and a good student, his love fro CoMC won out, and thus he could be found in that class or with Hagrid when he wasn’t on the Quidditch pitch. While in Gryffindor, he was their seeker, and considered a fine player-After all it was mused if he had not gone into the study of Dragons, he might have been a professional Quidditch player, playing for England’s national team. Where as Bill was Head Boy and great with grades, Charlie didn’t worry. Instead under the tuteledge of Professor Kettleburn and with encouragement from Hagrid-Charlie began his study of dragons.

Thanks to the recommendations from Kettleburn, Charlie would go on to do an internship out in Wales the summer of his Sixth year, studying the Common Welsh out in the mountains and valleys. After his seventh year he was given a job in Romania working with members of his field at a dragon sanctuary. In 1991 his family came to visit him-much to his surprise, where he got to show them around, what exactly he does. And in 93 he joined them for vacation in Egypt.

Since then he’s been busy with the dragons and their work. He did manage to come home to watch some of the Quad Wizard tournament before being called back to work. Currently it is rumored that Charlie might be coming home as times get darker in order to see to a Sanctuary of Hebridean Blacks in Scotland.


  • Outdoorsy- Charlie has a love and a natural inclination to be outside. As such he used to spend loads of time outside with his older brother, and then when he was in school-he found better company in playing sports, or helping Hagrid, given his love to be outdoors. This helped in his decision to become a Dragon Handler/Dragonologist as well as dictates how he will spend his time.
  • Family Man: Charlie was born into a large family, and though he has a love for adventure and enjoys spending his free time out with dragons-he is deep down in his heart he is a family man. He loves his family above all else and would do anything for them.
  • Animal Lover : Another factor into why Charlie became a dragon handler is his love of animals. While in school he made sure to take Care of Magical Creatures, when he could, as well as helped out with the professor and with Hagrid around the grounds. As such he knows and has an affinity for many magical creatures, but the one he prizes over all? Dragons
  • Loyal: Charlie is Loyal. A quality that is prized in many Gryffindors and in Hufflepuffs. As such Charlie will stick by his friends and family through thick and thin. Once you have Charlie on your side it is hard to shake him. Part of this is what made him such a great team mate and Captain for Gryffindor when he did play Quidditch.
  • Sporty: Charlie besides enjoying to spend time outdoors has a great love for sports. It was this love combined with his natural inclination to be outside that pushed him to join the Quidditch team while at Hogwarts. This also fuels his competitiveness and gives him a bit of a swagger that he can sometimes show. Also if there is a game or some sort of sport like activity going on, Charlie is apt to join in.
  • Courageous: Given that Charlie was sorted into Gryffindor, it goes without saying that he is courageous in the face of danger and rough situations. As such Charlie is likely to find himself seeking and not shying away from exciting encounters. This was shown when was a Seeker for the Gryffindor team-as well as his love in working with dragons. He has badges from how close he has gotten to these beautiful gigantic beasts, but he wears them with pride. As such he might have a little more of a trouble seeker attitude-given the right motivation and situation.
  • Obedient: Despite being like his brother and not as clean cut or straight laced as Molly would like, Charlie is obedient to his parents. He’s cut his hair hair or allowed his mother to cut his hair several times in order to make her happy. As such were as Charlie might skirt with trouble, he’ll never try to break the rules or laws set in place. Bend them-perhaps but not break them. You can pretty much bet, that if someone asks him to do something in reason, he will comply. This goes specially with requests from his mother and father.
  • Laid Back: Charlie is a laid back guy. This comes to his salt of the earth and outdoorsy inclinations, either way it makes for him to be rather mellow and quicker to chuck a joke than to be severe or pompous. Charlie’s never lorded over, his blood status or his own grades, to his fellow wizards. This does add for an awkward situation with Percy his younger brother-whom he loves, but really doesn’t agree with.
  • Funny : Charlie has the same humor, that’s seen in his older brother and in the twins. However, he doesn’t take it to the extreme like the twins, but he does appreciate their work or as he would say “Bloody Brilliant.” All the same Charlie likes a good laugh, and loves to have a good time-within reason.
  • Hand me down: By this I mean to say Charlie is not into flash or flashy things (with the exception of dragons). Being used to being in the lower end of the income bracket Charlie makes do with what he has, and saves for rainy days. As is he doesn’t mind sharing things with his brothers and sisters if it means everyone is provided for.
  • Dragonphile: Charlie loves Dragons. They are his work and they are his passion. He has a healthy love and awe for these dangerous beasts and spends most of his time studying them-and working with them. It’s the reason he took the job in Romania, and will travel where he can to continue his work and study with these majestic creatures.


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