Character Creation

Applying for a character on Harry Potter: Into The Fire is a simple process. First, you need to give some thought as to the kind of character you want to create. Will they be a student, or an adult? Ministry employee, or other wizarding profession? Or just a plain muggle.

When ready, head into the 'Chracter Creation' exit off the OOC Lounge and begin.

If you have a specialized character concept (i.e. a characters with special abilities or special information in their background) it is advisable to check with a member of staff to ensure the concept is valid before writing up an application. See +staff/all for a list of staff members.

IMPORTANT NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Approval on the game requiers two (2) staff members to sign off as ok on the application. As metioned above, staff can be found using +staff (for currently connected staff) and +staff/all (for a list of all staffers.

EXTRA IMPORTANT NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There are several staff characters that ARE NOT part of the approval process. They include Coder, Builder, and Source. If you'll notice, they also DO NOT SHOW UP in +staff or +staff/all. So please do not ask if they have reviewed the application.

Pestering staff or complaining on the in-game channels about having to wait for approval, asking if someone has reviewed it on channel, or other 'pestering'-type behavior WILL NOT get you approval faster and may actually result in your application being placed at the end of the queue.

Here is an example background that contains everything we look for in a background. This applicant noted that he did read all the files before hand. Thus, it allowed him to write a background that got him through on the first time.

The following sections MUST be read by any applicant:

Things To Consider Before Creating A Character

  • Purebloods - A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE is that if your family considered Pureblood, you will have very limited to no knowledge of the Muggle world. Muggles will, for the most part, be a mystery to you. Take the Weasley's for example. Pureblood, and while Arthur has a fascination for Muggle items, he almost never gets their use right.
  • Muggleborns
  • Half-Bloods
  • Squibbs
  • Muggles
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