1995-02-18: Changing Course Midstream


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Scene Title Changing Course Midsteam
Synopsis Angelina seeks permission to change her classes for a very pointed reason.
Location McGonagall's Office
Date Feb 18, 1995
Logger Angelina

It has been a day and a half or so since the attack in Hogsmeade, and Angelina was finally released. Upon being so released, she doesn't go to the Great Hall, or the dorm, or the Common Room. No. She makes a beeline straight for McGonagall's office. She takes a deep breath before rapping upon the door. "Professor? It's Angelina."

The small lion's head that is the door knocker on the outside just might have flinched around the ring in his teeth. The rapping upon the door gets a pause from inside, while Minerva lifts her head from a long letter of parchment on her desk, quill to the paper. The writing is immediately set aside when Angelina sounds herself out, and as soon as Professor McGonagall folds her hands neatly on her desk, she speaks.
"Come in, dear." She intones some physical weariness unintentionally- which is no surprise, given the events of the last few days or so.

The door opens and Angelina slips within before closing it gently behind her. She looks about the office before her gaze falls on her Head of House. "My parents are gone. Did they revoke my Hogsmeade pass?" Further into the room she comes, pausing at the desk. "I..my father.." There just aren't words.

"At first, they seemed to wish it." McGonagall begins, but motions with a nod and a slight curve of her hand towards one of the chairs across the desk. "Sit down, please."
Trusting Angelina to have done so, the professor continues, her shoulders balanced even when being run ragged. "However, after some explanations and some convincing that Hogsmeade and its visits will be heavily monitored should we continue to have them; your permission remains, should you wish to keep attending. I did leave it as a decision for your parents to make, miss Johnson. Not all students are lucky enough to have such merciful guardians." Or rather, overruling mothers and enabling fathers, yes? But as it stands, McGonagall would rather Angelina be grateful to the pair.

With a nod, Angelina takes the offered seat. She listens in silence to the professor, nodding a little. "Merciful? He.." Her head shakes then. "I guess I should be happy they spoke with you then. My father said he was going to revoke it, and all my mother would do was cry and hug me. He was…harsh. My father." She picks at her clothes, imaginary lint. "I..have a request. I know it is unusual. But its what I want. I want to change my classes."

"Fathers can be protective when they are faced with a danger to their family." And that is what she shall chalk it up to, from her corner. "Change your classes? In the middle of the year, Angelina?" To say the least, it comes as a puzzling- and unusual, yes- request, granting a curious downward bend of the professor's brows over her nose. "That is …quite a request, yes, but not unheard of." Which also serves as a note to continue.

"I know it's the middle of the year. And I know I'll be behind. But I need to add Charms and Herbology, at least. I checked the class list. To be an auror, I need 5 NEWTS. In hard classes. Astronomy and ancient runes don't count. If I don't have them, the Ministry won't even let me go to any of the Auror Training courses." And there it is. Angelina lays it out about as cleanly as possible. Perhaps she has decided that being a Pro-Quidditch Star isn't really what she wanted in life? Or maybe a backup plan?

Minerva has her eyes wholly on Angelina while she explains, and even in the end that gaze does not waver. It does not move until several seconds after the teenage girl finishes, and even then it is only to seemingly observe the lines of her own hands for a moment. Her eyes flicker back up to the girl seated nearby, past those sharp-cornered glasses. "I see." One more thing that her father may not be very keen on, should he find out, if her evaluation is correct.
"I am sure that professor Flitwick and professor Sprout would be thrilled; however, I must impress that you will be a semester behind on your work, should you change. Now, if you knew that you could catch up on that work, I would be more than happy to switch your courses." Ah, the catch. "We, as teachers, need to make absolutely certain that you know the material. I may be able to take your word for it on one hand, but on the other, we will need proof that you are catching up on covered material. Perhaps a series of extra quizzes during the rest of this semester, to bring you up to speed before exams?" And frankly, that almost seems like the only option willingly offered by the Head of House. Learning is learning is learning- and even if she changes courses now, she has to pass the exams in the end regardless.

Angelina lifts a hand and rubs at her temple, lowering her gaze. "So I will have a whole semester in work to catch up on in each class? And how long will I get to make up the work?" That is /alot/ of work to catch up on. ALOT of it. "I'm .. Professor Moody said that I needed to take the right classes, or they won't even let me try. I'm his student assistant now. But if I can't do it.."

"You need only a specific set of knowledge to pass any test, and it will be the same. For example, professor Sprout could tell you to read up on the varieties of Tentacula, then your quiz will only be on what you've been assigned to read. I would rather you try to look at it as if it were simply extra credit work, rather than you being made to take twice as much course. I suppose that you could be assigned reading without any testing on what you've gone over, should professor Flitwick and professor Sprout think it easier for you. Or even none at all, depending on what they plan on giving on the exams come the end of term. In the end, it is up to them what they teach in their classes." Oh, some hints being dropped, but not exactly a change of heart on her side. McGonagall would very much like some proof that Angelina will pass both classes, despite being late into the fold- but not all teachers think like her.
"I think that you should speak with them about what you can do. If changing courses is what you wish to do, miss Johnson, then I will be glad to change them for you; only with the requirement that you speak with both professors about how to catch up on the material- at the very least, enough to pass the exams at the end." Or else switching would be all for nothing, right?

"Yes Professor." Angelina's voice is quiet as she answers, head lowering. "I will speak with them, then, right away. The longer I wait, the further behind I get. Maybe..maybe I can get Hermione to help me. But being so far behind, I don't know if even she can do it. she has her own classes to look after right now. And there are…other things…we will need to be doing and helping with. I don't know for sure I can do it. But I have to try."

"I would hope that the very least they shall have you do is read through the textbooks. At the most, they may want to test you. It is ultimately up to them." Professor McGonagall lowers one hand to open the bottom right drawer of her desk, which opens much further than it visibly ought to, and the contents are compromised of a thick array of different folders. Her fingers nimbly search a sharp sheet of parchment out, leaving it facedown beside the writing she had been doing earlier.
"I do understand why you feel this way." And now, once more, she finds herself looking Angelina in the eyes. "We shall see how this pans out, but if you decide sooner than later that it is not something that you wish to continue, I am certain that not one of us would hold it against you should you go back to your old schedule." The only thing she can do is try. Test the waters.

Angelina watches as McGonagall pulls the paper out, clearly curious. "I want to keep the other classes, though. Astronomy at least. I can give up Ancient Runes, and study that on my own, if I want to, I guess. Astronomy is my favorite class. I know it doesn't really… do much..for me. But it makes me happy." She considers a moment, then nods. "I will try it then. I'll talk to the professors and see what they want. See if they will even let me, or what they will want. I don't want to let anyone down."

"I know that you don't." Finally, it seems, McGonagall offers Angelina a knowing little smile, which is largely the tugging motions there at the ends of her lips. "I understand your situation perfectly. I imagine that you will attempt nothing less than your best." Coming to change this took a lot of gumption to begin with; if it's one thing that Angelina has shown over the years, it is that type of determination.

"Thank you. I will talk to the Professors then. And see what they would expect. And if I decide to change, I should come and talk to you? Once I'm sure I can do it successfully? I don't mind a fight and a challenge, but there are some things that are just ..folly." Angelina rises. "Thank you for seeing me, Professor. Did you have anything else?"

"Do not pull yourself too far. Merlin knows you students should not be dealing with such things as recent events, but unfortunately…" Professor McGonagall rises to see Angelina out- pure manners, habit, you know. "We need the few level heads to stay level. I've nothing more aside from reminding that many of us-" The staff, by and by. "-are willing and able to lend an ear should you need one of more age than your fellow students." Experience adds up.

Angelina nods to the professor, giving her a faint smile. "I…thank you." And out she goes.

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