1994-07-03: Changes, Changlings, and Changing


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Scene Title Changes, Changlings, and Changing
Synopsis Harry meets Dania while heading back to the Burrow and the two talk a while. Nessa shows up looking for advice on how to know which House she'll get sorted into at school.
Date Jul 03, 1994
Watch For Dania's constantly changing appearance.
Chronology NA
Logger Harry

Ottery St. Catchpole

The village of Ottery St. Catchpole is remote and located in the very Southern portion of Great Britain. Unbeknownst to many muggles residing here, there is a small wizarding community to be found in this area. It's favored by a few wizard families due to the area being isolated and quiet. It's almost like a step back in time here. There are still dirt roads leading out of the village and to the residences that lay just a short distance outside of town. Since the area is out in the country, many residents grow the majority of the vegetables they require and they raise their own cattle and sheep. A few grocers are found along the main street as well as clothing shops and even a few souvenir stands can be found. Ottery St. Catchpole is seen as a tourist attraction for its location. There are two competing inns with their own pubs. Just outside of the village itself is a school for the local children to attend. Towards the north end of town is a train station, it's more of a covered platform really. Trains roll through every now and then, but not often enough to disrupt the quiet life here.

Danni has just left Diagon Alley and is coming to visit her cousin again. She wears a pair of sunglasses, along with a red and black striped shirt and dark jeans. Her hair, which she is in the process of changing from a short and spiky blonde, to a long haired blonde with pink streaks in it, she's taking her time and anyone that's watching could see the hairs lengthens and coming down to her shoulders, the pink seems to rain from her scalp to her blonde locks.

Harry is just coming down the road through the village, having left one of the nearby clothing shops. There's a bag held in one hand, while the other swings freely. And a smile on his face. Does the boy really love shopping that much? Or maybe it's just the new clothes. Walking along, he can't help but notice the girl with pink-striped hair. She looks familiar, as if he knows her from school.

The transformation complete, the girl smiles softly, she doesn't think anyone is looking as she basks in the sunlight. The wind picks up around her and the hair flies back out of her face. Danni removes her sunglasses and places them on top of her head, while she does so her electric blue eyes transform to a light violet. It's a rare thing, actually seeing Dania change herself slowly, taking her time. She still has no idea anyone is watching.

Power. Check. Lightbulb. Check. DING! Recgonition. Checkmate. Now Harry remembers her. The…what did Hermmione call it…met…metamor…metamorphmagi. That's it! "Quite a trick you have there." he says, changing his path so he comes closer to her.

Dania's head whips around and her gaze centers on Harry. "Oh, didn't think anyone was looking." She sweeps a strand of hair out of her eyes. "How are you Harry?" she grins, of course she knows his name. Who doesn't know his name?

"Probably not everyone. Just me." Harry grins, shaking his head. Then again, everything that's happened to him so far would make him constantly on guard. "I'm good. Dania, isn't it?" At least he thinks that's the name. "Summer treating you fair, I take it?"

"Yes, Dania is the name. Danni for short." She grins back, "Summer is going great, are you going to go to the All Stars Cup?" she asks and puts a hand in her pocket. "My grandparents have said that they're taking me, it's gonna be exciting." Dania's excitement over Quidditch can be seen from her facial expression. "How's the summer treating you? Staying with the Weasley's I'm assuming."

Of course Harry's going to the Cup. "Yeah, already got my ticket." he says, pulling it out from his back pocket to show it off for a moment before placing it back. "Yeah, I am." is the answer, to staying with the Weasley's. "Loads better than staying with my ruddy uncle and his family."

"Awesome! Then I'll see you there." Dania looks at Harry's ticket before he puts it away. "The Weasley's are pretty cool, the twins are really funny." She grins and looks away to where the Weasley house is. "Is your Muggle family really that bad?" she tilts her head.

Harry cracks a grin at mention of Fred and George. "Think they're funny now, wait until next term. They've been locked up in their room. Top secret stuff they say. Won't tell anyone." he explains, nodding his head at the question. "They don't think magic is real. Well, they do now but they don't like it. Last summer, they put bars on my window so I couldn't sneak out."

"Can't wait to see what they have cooked up." Dania rubs her hands together and then her gaze narrows when Harry explains about his muggle family. "You should have told someone, they.. can't do that." Dania glares. "I do a /very/ nice Full Body Bind." Her hair changes into a deep red, her eyes following. "The nerve."

Harry still can't help but be amazed by how she changes her appearance. But the deep red eyes seem bad to him and he waves a hand dismissively. "Nono. It's alright. I'm here now, and there's nothing they can do or say to make me go back there." At least not at present, he thinks. Change of topic. "I suspect we'll find out soon after the term starts."

"Ok.. if you say so. /But/ if they give you more trouble, just owl me. I can just.. show up there and give them a scare." Dania snickers as her hair and eyes change back to what it was, the blonde and pink. She grins at Harry, "New term coming should be fun, I'm hoping of getting on the Quidditch team as a second string Chaser, but who knows?" she shrugs and looks at Harry. "You should just.. move in with the Weasley's. I'm sure they would take you in."

Shaking his head lightly, Harry smiles as the girl calms down. Or appears to anyhow. "I doubt the Ministry would appreciate that. And I can't ask the Weasley's to be that generous. They've done enough for me already." he explains, grinning and nodding. "You should try out. Though, I'm not sure what's going to happen this year. Wood's has graduated, so they're going to have to choose a new team captain."

"Alright.. alright. I'll be good." Dania snickers and shrugs her shoulders, "Come off it Harry, if they didn't make you Captain, well it's either you or Katie. I would think." Danni says and nods at Harry, "You're an amazing seeker Harry, especially for only being in the school league." Dania brushes more hair out her eyes and smiles at Harry. "I would vote for you for Captain." She admits.

"Yeah, well, Katie's been there longer than I have." Harry admits, as his cheeks blush as the compliment. "Thanks. Though I've lost my fair share of matches." he adds. "I don't know if it's voted. I seem to recall Wood saying it was done by the head of house. Which means Professor McGonagall chooses."

"We'll see then now, won't we?" the girl grins at Harry. "Ya know, I know you have fun over there." She jerks her thumb behind her to the house Harry is staying at. "But you should come over my grandparent's for dinner sometime. If you ever feel like you want too." Dania doesn't say it's because she doesn't really have /real/ friends and it gets a little lonely in the summer by herself for most days.

Harry definitely knows the feeling of not having that many friends. One could say that term before last, especially, he didn't make many friends, but instead more enemies. "Or you could some have dinner with us sometime with us here. I'm sure Mister and Mrs Weasley wouldn't mind. Besides, I might try to teach them about 'grilling out'." Muggle term, probably not many know what it means.

"That would be great!" Dania says with a grin and nods her head, "I would really enjoy that." Danni grins and tilts her head. "What is, grilling out?" she hasn't heard of it before.

"It's a muggle thing." Harry grins, explaining. "I've only had it a few times myself, but the food tastes so much better." There's almost a hint of dreaminess to his voice as he continues. "Basically, you take charcoal briquettes, and set them on fire. After a few minutes, they're hot enough to cook on. Muggles cook things like steaks, hamburgers, and hot dogs, on the grills."

"That sounds.. like it's fun actually." Dania always up for new things, smiles. "You do it often?" Then an idea strikes her. "That should be the before the year party! Like.. you invite over tons of people, of course students that are going to Hogwarts and then have a big ol grill out sessions and we can have music and all sorts of stuff to say goodbye to the summer and hello to the new term starting." She grins widely as she pitches her idea to Harry.

"Loads of fun." Harry nods. "I've only had it a few times myself. But some muggles do it every day during the warmer seasons. Uncle Vernon never really cared for it." He grins widely back at Dania as the idea is presented. "I don't know if the Weasley's would go for that, but maybe at the All Star Cup game we can."

"Ok then, we're plan to do it at the Cup." Dania nods and begins to walk, though to where she doesn't know. "Where were you off to?" she asks, a finger idly playing with a lock of her hair. Her light violet eyes look at Harry, she isn't walking very fast, so if Harry wanted to catch up..

Harry indeed does catch up to her, the brown paper bag rustling by his side. "It's a plan then." he nods, grinning sidelong at Dania. Keen eyes might notice his own eyes flick to her twirling of the hair for a brief moment. "Oh, I was headed back to the Burrow. Had to buy some new clothes. Moths ate my old ones up."

The Metamorphmagi looks up towards the sun. "Ya know.. I think there's a charm you could use for that." The two are coming to a nearby hill. Dania swings her arms and looks to Harry. "That was a bit of a fiasco, last term I mean. With the Dementors and all." She says and tilts her head as she looks at him.

"I'm sure there is, but I needed new ones anyhow." Harry explains, as they near the hill. The road to the Burrow will be coming up soon. He walks along beside Dania, nodding. "It was. Part of me just wants to have a normal school year."

"Heh, I know. I need to go shopping one of these days also." Dania fingers a golden chain that hangs around her neck, it falls out of her shirt and a small ring with some sort of crest can be seen on it. She looks down at it as she plays with the chain and the ring. "Well.. let's just hope things will be nor- but really, when are things /ever/ normal at Hogwarts?" Dania asks with a chuckle. "Teachers have said that things have been less than normal since our year got there." She didn't say since /Harry/ got there.

Harry continues walking down the road towards the hill with Dania. The two appear to be talking. Laughing, Harry grins and nods. "I don't think the school has been normal since I started." As the ring in displayed, he glances at it, but doesn't say anything.

"We can say some of the blame for that is yours." Dania teases and runs a hand through her long blonde hair with pink streaks. She grins at Harry and tilts her head up at the hill, they've finally made it to the bottom of the hill, three ways to go, the Burrow is that way.. the hill is that way.. and the road going back to the village is that way, oh and there goes another road leading to some other part of the village. Dania starts walking off the path to the hill. The wind picks up just a bit and it blows some of her hair into her face. "This hill, has the best view of the village and the surrounding area." Dania says behind her shoulder.

Simple instructions. 'Go try to meet someone'. Go — Nessa did that, certainly. Try — maybe notsomuch, but at least a little. Meet someone? No, Nessa certainly hasn't accomplished that part of the task her brother dismissively gave her earlier that day. And so, the quiet little girl is walking slowly back toward Ottery Sr. Catchpole on the same road a certain two Hogwarts students happen to be leaving it from. How conveniant! Little Nessa might look a little melancholic of course, with the way she daintily kicks a small rock forward ahead of her a few inches at a time, occasionally switching the side from which she kicks based on which way the rock happens to tumble.

The wind tousles Harry's hair, though like it can make it any more unruly than it already is. "So I've heard. But never gone up to have a look." he says, glancing down the other road which will take him towards the Burrow. The newest arrival is noticed, and given a smile, as he pause for a moment to debate the path to travel.

Danni turns around and smiles at the new arrival also. She doesn't know the girl but might as well be friendly. Dania places a hand in her pocket, she'll let Harry do the talking for a moment. She still runs a finger over the gold chain and the ring.

Huh. Huh? — Nessa lifts her chin, pausing briefly as she catches the pair smiling at her in passing. Perhaps her cause is not all lost! Rather suddenly, she turns on her heels, her kicking stone left discarded on the road as she walks right up to Dania and Harry, stopping a foot or so away from the pair. Rather than say anything, however, she merely stares up at the two when they pause and look around. Her stare is.. one of those rather unsettling types of stares.

Decisions, decisions. Hasn't that always been the way of Harry's life though? "Maybe I should get headed ba…." he starts to say back to the Burrow, except…there's that feeling like he's being watched. Looking at Nessa, he can tell she's the one staring. "Helllo there." he greets.

"Hello." She echoes Harry and Dania looks to the boy and then back to Nessa. "I need to go too." Dania looks to Harry, "How about I come by the Burrow, tomorrow? If you have nothing better to do?" Danni looks back to Harry as she begins to walk away. Nessa is given another polite smile, the little girl is freaking her out.. /just/ a little.

At first, Nessa almost seems as if she either didn't hear the two's greetings, or didn't understand — her head quirks to the side, and she blinks slowly, finally breaking her staring. However, after a pause, she finally replies quite suddenly. "Hello." She emits in reply, taking a couple of steps closer; her gaze draws over toward Nessa as she starts to walk away, and she faintly quirks one of her eyebrows.

"Sounds like a plan." Harry grins, nodding. "I'll send an owl if everything is ok to come one." he adds, as Dania starts to walk away. Now left with just himself and Nessa, who appears to be about first year ago or so, he tries to smile. "Are you lost, or something?"

Nessa's gaze is now turned back to Harry, and she just stares at him for another moment. "— No. I live around here." She says, slowly lifting her arm and gesturing back toward the village. Her eyes, however, stay turned up to the older boy; her lips stay set in an abnormally neutral position, with none of the smiles or giggles of a normal little girl.

Harry didn't quite expect that answer. But then again, he didn't used to get away from the Burrow this much either last summer. Part if him wants to feel creeped out at how expressionless her face remains. But then again, he's seen worse. Yeah, Voldemort's head on the back of Quirrell's head tops this for sure. "Really? The Weasley's never talked much about the other families here." He tries to stay vague, unsure if she's a muggle or witch.

Quirking her head slowly to the other side, Nessa pauses briefly. ".. Oh, they're ones that live over.." She murmurs off, looking thoughtful for a moment. Whether she can remember or not, she continues on regardless. "Nessa Elis. We aren't a very large family." She replies, perhaps as an explanation of sorts. ".. Are you a friend of theirs, then?" She asks, since.. well, Harry isn't a ginger. Even Nessa has heard they're all ginger-tastic!

It's Harry's turn to sort of tilt his head to the side. "Elis. Not familiar wi…" he stops, realizing she said they weren't that large. "Yeah, I am. I'm Harry. Harry Potter. Staying with them for the summer."

"Oh, you're.." Nessa murmurs off, clearly recognizing the name at least. Little girl hasn't had the time like Harry's classmates to stop gawking at his name. She does thusly — staring for a few moments in that unsettling way she does, though at least Harry isn't phased by it! At least that might clear things up a little — certainly a muggle wouldn't gawk that way.

Well, yeah…that certainly does clear it up. Harry grins at Nessa as she gawks. "Yeah, I am. The one and only." he grins, offering out a hand. "Nice to meet you." Trying to judge her age, he scrunches his nose up. "Just starting school this year?"

Nessa slowly lifts a hand in return, though her handshake is a bit.. limp. "Yes. My brother said I won't get to be in the same house as him, though." She murmurs, slowly lidding her eyes half-way. Her neutral expression curls into a slight frown. She certainly has an annoyed air about her at the idea, but she continues to stare up at the older boy with now half-lidded eyes.

"Oh, I wouldn't be to sure of that." Harry replies, noting the frown and trying to sound upbeat. "There are loads of siblings who get sorted into the same house. Look at the Weasleys. All Gryffindors." A smile is offered her, whether it's accepted or not is another story. "It's up to the Sorting Hat, really. Wherever it sees fit to put you based on your personality."

Another slow, grueling pause! "— My brother said I don't act the right way to be in the same house as him." Nessa replies, glancing off to the side idly for a few moments. She lifts a hand, brushing the side a finger lightly against her cheek; her frown has faded, at least, though it only returns to that neutral state. "He's a Gryffindor too." She murmurs finally, since.. that might be important information. Her voice is faintly reluctant, and she once more turns to stare up at Harry morosely.

Is Harry destined to cheer up the world? One might think he is. But this one defnitely seems to need cheering up. "I don't know. There are a few Gryffindors I know that seem to keep to themselves. You might just fit right in." he says, widening the smile a bit more.

Another eyebrow quirk, and Nessa eyes Harry appraisingly. "You think I could?" She asks, looking faintly quizzical for a moment — and then, an idea! She stares at Harry for several more moments, drawing her lips together in a little pursing. "Could you teach me how to be a Gryffindor, then?" She asks, advancing just a little. Like some kind of advancing doom. In little girl form. "My brother won't do it. He doesn't want me to follow him around everywhere." Oh. So that's what this is. Little girl latching syndrome.

Yes. Doom. Harry's been there. Done that. Have the t-shirt and scar to prove it. So a little girl advancing doom is nothing. "It's not really a matter of teaching you how to be a Gryffindor." he explains, setting his bag down. "The Sorting Hat doesn't look at how you've been trained. It looks….deeper inside of you. At your personality and character. And from that it makes it's decisions. But I can tell you this, Gryffindors value loyalty."

Nessa just continues to stare and listen as she listens to Harry's words. This can't possibly end well — giving vague ideas to impressionable little kids rarely does. "So I should find someone to be loyal to?" She asks, with a curious quirk of her head to the left. Hopefully she won't run off to try to be someone's knight in shining armor? Hard to say, with the neutral expression she wears.

Right. Harry should have seen that one coming. "No no. Not that kind of loyalty." he says, wrinkling his brow as he tries to explain. How can he explain it properly? Public speaking was never his strong point. "More like being loyal to yourself, standing up for what you believe in and fairness for others. Stuff like that." Yeah, sure put him on the spot.

If her unchanging expression is any indication — which it may or may not be — Harry's words are lost in meaning to Nessa. At eleven years old, she isn't much of a philosopher. ".. Oh." Is her simple reply, in a tone that doesn't do much to hide her lack of understanding! ".. I guess I could try to do that, but.." She murmurs off, leaning back on the heels of her shoes briefly. ".. Maybe if I watch some Gryffindors, I'll understand better.." Well, she could watch her brother, but somehow.. her tone doesn't really suggest that she's going to choose a course of action that won't possibly get creepy.

"Novel idea!" Harry grins, hoping that the spark of idea might get the girl going on her own. But then…the glimmer of hope fades. Wait, now it's Harry's turn to have an idea. "Tell you what, maybe you could have your mum talk to Mrs. Weasley. See if you can come spend a day and hang out with us. That might help."

Nessa listens patiently, and at Harry's idea, her lips curl into a slow, wirey smile. Certainly not the most perky, reassuring smile a little girl has ever mustered. "I think I'd like that. I'll see if I can talk to my mother.." She murmurs off quietly, turning her head to glance back toward the village. ".. I live in the village proper, not the outskirts." She explains. Surely she wouldn't, say, stand over your bed at night and stare at you. Surely.

Harry grins broadly. There we go. It's not the best smile, but take your victories where you can, Potter. "Sounds like a plan to me." he says, glancing in the direction she glances. "The Weasley's live in the outskirts." Though she probably already knew that. "Speaking of which, Mrs. Weasley is probably wonders where the heck I am."

Nessa slowly nods her head, and turns on her heels with a faint jerk — "I should probably get home too." She murmurs in reply, "Goodbye, Harry Potter. Possibly I'll see you again some time soon." She murmurs, bringing hand up to brush back a few strands of hair behind her ear; she starts walking off in the direction whence Harry and his other friend initially came, back towards the village.

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