1996-03-02: Cat Itonic


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Scene Title Cat Itonic
Synopsis Sio and Maura launch the plan to let off some steam.
Location London - Noble Flat / London - Cat Itonic's
Date March 02, 1996
Watch For Club time!
Logger Bright One

Saturday afternoon has seen Maura and Siobhan notably absent from the castle at Hogwarts. Instead, it's been spent at the lovely flat she's sort of stolen from her mum for stays in London proper. Hours of preparation and general girly fun finally culminate in Siobhan shooing Maura into the walk-in closet to change into her dress and heels. By her calculations - admittedly, she's not of a very mathematical bent - it should be just enough time to open the Floo and reassure her (probably very cross) mate that she's fine. Everything's fine. This will be good for everyone. Right. Shoring up those kinds of arguments she knows she'll need, she runs her hand along the fireplace's mantel, feeling her soft sunshine magic unlock the seal placed on the incoming fireplace. From the time she can feel the 'snick' of an open Floo, she grins, smoothes down the front of her Chinese silk robe, and counts under her breath. "5, 4, 3, 2 … "

Maura, dutifully shoved into the walk in closet is -totally- having second thoughts about this thing that is supposedly a dress. She's not entirely sure it actually counts as one with as little fabric as it actually has, so she's very carefully using charms magic to make sure the damn thing stays exactly where it's supposed to. "SIOBHAN ARE YOU REALY SURE ABOUT THIS THING. I'M WEARING LESS THEN THE HOOKERS WE SAW ON THE STREET ARE." she shouts, from the closet. And with her luck, it's absolutely heard by whomever lands out of the floo first.

Though she told him she was going to be gone, Severus didn't think much of it until she actually left. Then, his magic seemed to reach, to stretch. It seemed to give a loud twang like a badly played instrument, and then … nothing. He stalked around the castle for the day, taking more points than he had in days. Finally, he decides that he'll check to see if the Floo is open yet. When he checks, it is, so he grumbles to himself about Floo powder and finally steps through, just in time to hear Maura say, 'hookers'. "Siobhan," he practically growls, his magic reaching toward her like a swirl of nearly-visible blue-green water splashing through the air. When it reaches her, it seems to … check her over, making sure she is uninjured. Once he's sure she is alright, he addresses what he's heard. "Perhaps I should step back through and return when your friend is more fully clothed." His tone is bone-dry.

Jack is just behind Snape, and he steps out, looking between the two as the older man seems to check his sister over. He nods approvingly, and grins. "Heya, Rosie. Was that my girl I heard?" He's dressed for clubbing with black, leather pants and a silk cornflower blue button-down, open slightly at the top, showing the white shirt underneath. He's got a couple rings on his hands, big but tasteful. "Good to see you, sis." He leans over, and kisses her cheek. "Maura!" He calls her name, looking around to see where she might be.

When Maura shouts that … unbelievably awkward question, Siobhan winces. It's just her luck that - yep. "Maura, sweetie," she calls back, voice pitched considerably lower. "You and I need to have a conversation about that amulet of yours and his sense of timing." Because despite the smile plastered on her face, there's something in her eyes that says she'd like nothing better than to wring the neck of that spirit. If spirits, you know, had necks. Lifting a hand to her forehead, Siobhan massages it gently, praying to whatever deity is listening that this situation doesn't get any worse. It couldn't possibly get - yes, apparently. Yes it could. "Jack, dearest, you know where the flat is. You even have a key." So why use the Floo that goes into the bloody bedroom? She'll sigh and accept the kiss, but then pointedly block his way to Maura with a finger pointed at the stairs. "Not a chance, Casanova. You can go downstairs and cool your heels a minute." She pauses and then adds. "Get the champagne out of the icebox. We'll only be a moment." Her hair's twisted up into an elegant knot secured by pins that look like butterflies and her night-time smoky face is on, so she really just needs to replace the robe with a dress and shoes once Maura's done. "Please." Because she doesn't exactly have a lot of time before her friend is done changing and what seemed so simple before doesn't seem simple now.

"Sorry! God, I'm -sorry-. You know these things just come outta my mouth. We're working on it!" Unsuccessfully, so far I might add. "I don't even have anything to threaten him with really. I could promise not to wear him for a week and see how he likes being stuck in a purse. But that'd kind of suck for me too." Mutter, mutter. There's a pause when voice are heard and various sailor-reminiscent curses are heard under Maura's breath. "Hello Jack! Be right there! Try not to get maimed by your sister, please!" Yes, she -is- scrubbing at her own forehead now too. "Lord above, Sio. Just tell me when it's safe to get out of here and go downstairs, would you? And yes, I am fully dressed, thank you." That was for Snape.

Severus just quirks an eyebrow, and steps closer to Siobhan. When Jack kisses her cheek, he gives a wry snort. "Icarus." It's a greeting. He wraps an arm around Siobhan's waist for a moment, and sends a pulse of magic toward her. It's meant to help soothe. It may have another effect, though. "Will you explain … " He gestures with his hand as he steps back again. He's not sure about what he's seeing so far, but he's not completely against anything just yet.

"Yeah, yeah yeah." Jack grins, running a hand through his hair. He heads down the stairs. "I dunno. I was at the office, Floo was right there." It took less energy to go through the floo than it would have to apparate. He can be lazy. "I can be patient, Beautiful," Jack calls to Maura. Snape gets a nod just before he starts toward the stairs. "Yes, ma'am!" He salutes like a British soldier, and steps down. "I shall be waiting." And he's off, out of the room, and hopefully making things a bit more simple for everyone.

Siobhan leans into him, her sunshine twining with the pulse of ocean in a way that does, in fact, soothe - though it also makes her just a touch light-headed. Jack gets a nod and a grateful smile before he skips on out of the way, but when Sev steps back and requests and explanation, Siobhan shrugs, rubbing her left arm with her right hand. "Maura needs some fun for a change. I - … I do too." She's got her head ducked and is watching her manicured hands play with the ties on her robe. "We figured some loud music in a hot dark club would do the trick." It's hard to be depressed when the bass vibrates through your whole body - it's hard to think in any kind of complex pattern at that point. Which can only be a good thing, as far as she's concerned. "And since the dress I have covers less than this… " She tugs at the short skirt of the robe demonstratively. "I figured you'd probably feel better coming along." She'll lift her head, now, determined set to her jaw and taking in his very un-Muggle teaching robes. "I'm positive Jack knows a charm for that, too." So he can't use the robes as an excuse, anyway. "Just a minute more, M, sorry!" she calls over her shoulder, turning back to gauge her mate's expression with just a little bit of trepidation.

Severus casts an appraising eye at what she does have on. "If I understand this correctly, you wish for the four of us — Miss Zehavi, Icarus, yourself and myself — to head out into the Muggle world and go into one of those establishments which are dark and loud." He speaks quietly, using Maura's last name, because he can, dammit. He frowns, then reaches forward to lift her chin, and kiss her lightly, just enough to allow their magics to twine. "I do know how to dress Muggle." He just doesn't do so often. With a flick of his wand, he's wearing black trousers and a black t-shirt. "Perhaps this is more appropriate." A small smirk appears, and he leans forward to whisper in her ear. "Perhaps it will help if we are able to connect somewhere in public, where it will not matter the circumstances of our connection." If no one knows them, they won't have to pretend.

"And the MSEC details will be there. M's, yours and mine - that's six - plus a couple extra to cover the entrances and exits, that kind of thing." Because that's an important distinction, right there. That single 'Miss Zehavi',however, makes Siobhan grin. It's not nice, she knows - and she does adore her friend, really! - but she had to work hard to lose the last name thing. That kiss takes her by surprise and her eyes don't open until a moment after he pulls back. And then boy do they open. "Damn." She takes another step back, looking him up and down in that slow way that usually means whatever looks so good isn't going to stay on for very long. "Remind me to go Muggle places with you more often, mo chridhe." Because without those billowing black robes to hide it, he's got a nice body. Stealing her own quick kiss, she pushes one hand back through his long hair, leaving it falling less in that rigidly straight line and much more … naturally. "Mmm, there. Sexy." Her grin is bright and playful as she steers him too down toward the stairs, shooing him out of the bedroom with a simple. "I'll send M down to say hi to Jack and then I'll only be a moment. Promise!" And as soon as she can, she's darting back into that walk-in closet to give her friend a grateful grin. "You all set, love? Coast should be clear if you wanna go down and distract Jack from ferreting out the snack food while I finish changing."

Maura's just kind of waiting, looking through all the clothes actually, and keeping herself busy. "All set." she assures, shooing Sio into the walk-in closet as she's making her exit. "You mean there's actually snack food left? Er… I mean, sure, I'll make sure he doesn't get to all of it." The agreement given innocently enough before she leaves her friend alone to finish getting ready. And she'll just breeze by Snape with a cheery, "Hello Professor!" before heading down the stairs. "If you found the cheetos, you better put them back before Sio sees you with them!" is called out ahead of her before the click of her heels heralds her entrance into the kitchen.

When Sio kisses him again, Severus smirks more, and watches her walk into the closet. His eyes follow her path as she moves. When Maura comes out, he nods a greeting to her with a quick, "Miss … Maura." He hates giving her a custom he avoided giving to Sio for so long. However, as circumstances are what they are, he'll go ahead and call her by her first name. He does continue to talk to Sio as she changes. "I am glad that Morgan's men," and women, "will be there." It eases his mind a great deal. "Anonymity may have as many drawbacks as benefits."

"There's Cheetos?" Jack grins, looking in the cupboards for a few minutes. "Just kidding. She really would kill me." He passes her glass of champagne, then looks her over with a low whistle. "And baby, don't you look fine." He grins, lifting his own drink to her before taking a small sip.

Siobhan actually does change in a remarkably short amount of time. You learn to change fast when your mother insists on the Spring and Fall shows as 'mummy/daughter time'. Those schedules are tight between events! It's only maybe … five and a half minutes from the time Maura dashes out to the time Siobhan is finished and leaving the closet. Stepping out, the first visible thing is a pair of slinky black stiletto heels with thin leather bands criss-crossing up her calf. The skirt is long enough to pool on the floor despite the added height, but the slit up the side doesn't stop until it almost hits her hip - and the top half isn't much better. There's a band that sits at the top of her bust and fabric that drapes down over both breasts, but not much else at all. A choke-collar of silver threads wrapped an endless number of times around her neck and diamond dangly earrings are the only concessions to jewelry. No bangles for wrists or ankles this time. "Oh." She's a bit startled to see Sev still up here, but hey - a few minutes for both pairs before dashing off into the night can't hurt. "Well?" She gives the obligatory twirl. "What's the verdict, hmm?"

"She did that have look when she told me to distract you from the snack food. It was vicious." Maura agrees, firmly tongue in cheek with the statement. And the cliched compliment is returned with one nearly as bad. "Not so bad yourself, handsome." She'll drink to that, lifting her glass and tasting just a bit of the champagne before setting it aside with her usual overly cautious movements. It will take more then a couple of weeks to get used to -not- having to be so careful with every gesture. What she is entirely comfortable with though is leaning up to give Jack a kiss on the cheek before they all wind uo herded out the door. "I missed you this week." Though her gaze slides towards the stairwell to give her advance warning. "Should we bet on whether they make it down here?"

The verdict is written plainly in Severus' eyes. "Were we alone…" Perhaps that's why Maura and Jack are here; this way they will actually leave the house. "I feel a disparity between our attire." He's just wearing a plain black tee and trousers. However, it seems to be enough for her. He offers her his arm. "I shall be proud for you to be on my arm tonight." And, later, in his arms. He flashes an intense look at her before turnng his attention to the stairs.

Jack chuckles, a light, easy laugh. "You don't even know." He teases her about his relationship with Sio. "Rosie can be a force if she wants to. Luckily, she's more forgiving than I deserve." There is a quck flash of pain in his eyes, and then he brushes it off. "Why thank you, my dear." He responds to her compliment and then returns her kiss, careful to avoid mussing her makeup. "Rosie? Naw. She knows we're here." If something were to happen, she'd shoo them out of the flat. "Later, though…" And here, Jack waggles his eyebrows. "All bets are off." For either pair.

"Trust me, love. When I'm showing off this much skin, you can't get much classier than you are without arousing suspicion." In short, in this club? It's about the sex appeal, not the class. That heat makes her cheeks color quite nicely, but Jack and Maura are there for a reason. "See if you think that after I scare Jack into not fucking this up." The smile at those words is just … too sweet to be real. "Actually, on second thought, I think you'd enjoy that." And she slips her arm through his and will follow his lead down the open stairs. And of course, it's totally by accident that she manages to take every stride at the perfect angle to show off nearly all of that leg. Definitely accidental, that. "You guys ready?"

Maura is a little unnerved by that flash of pain, admittedly - given some of the conversation she had with Sio yesterday. But even with her amulet on, she's not going to pry. Not when they aren't alone. So she just squeezes his hand lightly, the suggestion of empathy in her gaze. "Considering how long it took to pick this dress out, all bets -better- be off later." she jokes, then, keeping things light and playful. Even when Sio ad Sev make their grand entrance into the kitchen. "I am -so- ready. Show me the party." is encouraged, putting on the ready-to-be-dancing face and posture for when they head out the door. "You look absolutely killer, Sio. Good thing we have bodyguards." Maybe kissing up will prevent any maimimg of siblings later. She's hopeful.

"Perhaps," Severus grudgingly admits as they walk down the stairs. "However," he pitches his voice low enough to keep his words between them. Perhaps this is payback for the other day, perhaps it is merely an expression of how he feels. "I shall rather enjoy helping you expose the rest of your skin back in our rooms." Though she nominally has a room fairly near his, he considers his rooms theirs. "I am impressed," he says more loudly. "Icarus has shown some self-control." It's uncertain whether he refers to the 'cheetos', or something entirely different. Knowing Severus, it's probably both.

Just before Jack hears his sister on the stairs, he winks lewdly at Maura, then looks up to whistle at his sister. "Wowie, Rosie. Lookin' good." He's used to the way his mother dresses her, so this might even be conservative for some of that. "I'm read — Oi!" He looks over at the other man with a mock-hurt expression. "That wasn't very nice." Honest, maybe, but not nice. "Let's go." He gives a fake pout, and steps toward the door. "C'mon, Maura." He offers her his arm, too.

Grabbing a set of keys from a small green ceramic bowl, Siobhan will wait until her brother and friend are outside, then steal a kiss from her mate. The whole heels thing is nice - she doesn't have to strain so hard to reach him. Once they're all out in the hall, however, she closes the door and locks it with both keys and wards activated by a brush of her hand. Both Jack and Maura have come up this way with her, so she and Sev can hang back a little on the walk to the elevator. Just long enough for a private murmur of her own. "There's no portrait or children here, though." Could be a chance to enjoy each other without a constant 'ear to the wall'. Not like they often get the opportunity. "Something to think about." And she'll send a warm pulse of sunshine - this time more sensual than soothing - through the arm she's wrapped around. Funny how the MSEC people seem to melt out of the hallway walls as they walk along. "The others are set up at Cat Itonic's place, Jack." Because he'll know the place, she's sure.

Clucking her tongue at the combination rebuke and teasing Snape delivers to Jack, Maura lets the sudden spring of mild panic at the words slide away and be replaced by vaguely amused expression. Where she doesn't bother trying to ask what was meant. Instead she takes the offered arm and walks out the door with an air of far more confidence then she's got. The makeup charms and deliberately mussed hair that Sio foisted on her help with that, surely. "Cat Itonic. Nice." Hell, by the time they finally get on the dance floor she'll be all but itching to let loose. The tension crawling up her spine is -bad-. Bad. Must go away.

"Hmmm." Severus hums his response, responding to the magic with a small flare of his own. When she names the place, he quirks an eyebrow. He thinks he may have heard of it, but he's never been there. "Are we close enough to walk?" Severus glances down to the girls' shoes. They may not be used to walking long distances in their high heels.

Jack grins, and nods the direction they need to walk. "Oh, yeah. Just about a block and a bit up the way. Not far at all." He glances over at Maura, and his head tilts again, as though he's sensing a little of her tension. "It's a lovely place." He starts to say something more, but then, all he does is grin widely. It's fun to see people's expressions firsthand.

Siobhan catches that downward glance and laughs. "You have met my mother, right?" From the time she was thirteen, Siobhan couldn't go anywhere without a good four-inch heel. The older she got, the steeper the heel got. Part of why she rebelled against them so hardcore at school, true - but boy does she know how to move in them. When Jack cuts himself off, Siobhan picks up on the hint pretty quickly and keeps mum herself - though, it should perhaps be noted that her smile turns about six new shades of wicked. "One of the most popular in London, last couple of years. Good people - discreet." Which is a huge plus for all of them.

Smiling at the thoughfulness of worrying whether they'll be able to walk because of their shoes, Maura nods as soon as Jack gives the directions. "That's not too far at all." and being mostly the sweet and unsuspecting sort she's apparently not at all suspicious about what kind uf surprise they're in for when they finally reach the bar. "Lovely, hmm? And discrete, ok." Maybe that raises a brow.

"Discretion is valued." Severus drawls, and tilts his head in acceptance of Siobhan's words about her shoes. "One does try to be accomodating to people one cares for." If it was going to be an issue, he wanted to know. "I have heard of it. I cannot say as I have ever been there." This will be an interesting night for all of them, it appears. They walk along the way, nearing the club, and both of Severus' eyebrows raise at the line outside. Really?

Jack strides up to the bouncer, and grins. "Jelly!" It's obviously a nickname, because the large man grins and reaches out to shake Jack's hand. He greets both siblings by name, and then nods, letting them past the huge line of people.

Siobhan pulls just as far away from Severus as it takes to kiss the rough-looking guy on the cheek and ask about his little girl before stepping right back into his space and following her brother and his date inside. There's a dirty look or two from the good folks standing in line, but what makes Sio really grin are the three girls - and even two blokes! - who are not even trying to be subtle about checking out her mate's arse in those trousers. "See?" she purrs against his ear as they step into the darkness. "Told you so." She's assuming he noticed as well.

The inside of the place is nice - a very odd blend of classy and industrial that no one would ever in a million years bet on working, but it does. There's a live DJ tonight, spinning something that is rough and loud and has a driving rhthym. Someone from a different time might call it 'dubstep' but here and now, these patrons crowding the dancefloor - sunk into the lowest part of the building and surrounded on three sides by absolutely massive exotic fish tanks - and the bar area? They just call it Cat's.

Being the generally sweet natured person she is, there's a moment where Maura kind of tries to gesture half-heartedly at the rather long line of people they're able to bypass with what appears to have been just a simple by-nickname greeting. "But…" Her head turns back againf or a moment, but the six MSEC people rather quickly block the view and start doing their thing. And keeping in mind her relatively sheltered upbringing, and year of 'seculusion', her awed expression shouldn't be too big a surprise. "Wow." The music is far too loud for the quiet exclamation to be heard though, and for the moment she is merely playing follow the leader all the way inside. Dirty looks, women (or men)checking out her date.. she'll deal with that later.

Severus did notice. And he noticed her noticing. He smirks, and leans in to whisper to her. "I shall defer to your superior wisdom." He steps into the room, and gazes around, taking in all he can see. He draws Sio close for the moment, as though announcing to the world that she belongs to him. However, he lets her go and waits to follow her lead. He's not sure whether he'll dance right away, or sit and sip a drink while watching the environment for a while.

"It's good to be back here," Jack is moving as soon as he's through the door. His body almost automatically begins dancing to the beat. He steps out toward the floor, holding a hand out to Maura to join him if she wishes. He's singing to the music, though not loud enough to be heard by anyone except maybe the person dancing with him. Strangely enough, however, when someone tries to start dancing too closely with him, he steps back just a step or two. He'll dance beside others, but seemingly, he won't dance with just anyone.

Maura slides a knowing glance at Sio and Severus, a brief smile appearing before she accepts the hand held out to her in invitation to head out onto the dance floor. And it quickly becomes obvious that whatever she does and doesn't remember about people, she -does- remember dancing. On some level. Cause an ancient amulet can't possibly know much about this kind of environment except for 'ooooh, get rid of the inhibitions!' And there is definitely /nothing/ inhibited about her dancing. Except that the only person she apparently has any interest at all in dancing with in an up close and personal way is the person she came here with in the first place. It could be because she still feels the need to stay 'safe', or, well, other reasons. But she definitely shies away from anyone else trying to get too close to her.

Siobhan seems to loosen up - losing stress and tension and worry - as soon as the bass rhythm hits her. Hips sway gently in time and that place in the small of her back is humming quite happily. It's instinct almost to follow her brother to that dancefloor. Merlin knows the two of them got each other through quite a few of their family's affairs that way, but this time she's got an anchor. Hiding the smile that his possessive moment brings, she stays close even when he releases her. Instead of heading for the floor, however, she leads them to one of the colorfully-lit bars with a few empty spaces in the middle. This way she can sit with her legs crossed 'just so' under the slit and he can have a chance to familiarize himself with their new surroundings. She pushed to get him here and that's enough for now. Push and release, give and take. Because the when is just as important as the how.

When they find a place to sit and watch in, Severus relaxes a little, gazing unashamedly at his mate, tapping his fingers on the table, and leaning back in his seat. He scans the area, eyes straying back to the dance floor before returning to watch Sio in her seat. "If you wish to dance, I shall be fine here." Watching. He smirks as he leans toward her, running a hand along her leg just so.

Jack grins widely, drawing Maura close to him, and dancing a little more wildly, as though showing off. He holds her close, attempting to match his rhythms to her own. He's a natural at this, and she looks like she's pretty damn good at it too. When another guy tries to get close and she shies away, he glares at the guy, and he backs off, hands raised. Jack grins, and moves further away from the middle, bringing Maura along to a less-crowded part of the floor. "I like your moves." He speaks into her ear, so she'll be able to hear him.

Siobhan flashes a winning smile at a passing 'tender - cute young guy with lots of ink and metal who isn't shy about giving her (and her top) a good long look - ordering a White Russian and pausing with a glance toward Severus to give him a chance at something too, if he'd like. Only once he's moved on down to mix what they've asked for does she relax, leaning one elbow on the bar and glancing out at Jack and Maura before resting her hand on his. "After this, maybe." She nods toward the bar to indicate the coming drinks. She's just fine right here for the present - especially if there is booze and the kind of touching he's doing involved. "There are a couple rooms overlooking the place upstairs though. There's one Jack and I use when we want a bit of a break." Or need a place to meet up at the end of a long night. She jerks her chin up across the way from them. There's not a whole lot that can be seen from this angle, but the little that can be looks very high-end. Upscale, even.

Recognizing a good show off when she sees one, Maura laughs, a little unable to resist. It also just encourages her to further let go and findn herself quite willingly swept up into the nice little rhythm she and Jack are sliding into. One almost, but not quite, intruded upon. The way it plays out has her looking up at her date through lowered lashes and with grateful (or maybe pleased) smile, which only grows when she move along to that less crowded part of the dance floor. "Well, thank you. I definitely admire yours." That's absolutely a smirk when she replies, in a way that ensure he can hear her. "And your glare. I very much enjoyed your glare." She'll point out playfully, because she knows she's being cheeky. But, she also glances around quickly until she can spot where Siobhan and Sev are. Always keeping them in sight, apparently.

Severus is a gentleman. And as such, he's reaching toward his pocket where his wallet resides when the waiter comes back with the drinks. The man waves off his money, and the frowns. He sips slowly at his whiskey, and watches the dancers. "As you wish." He turns his hand over underneath hers, interlacing their fingers. After a moment of just holding her hand, he slides his fingers through hers, rubbing his thumb on the skin between her thumb and forefinger, movements gentle and slow. It's a bit of a contrast to the beat of the place, but it works.

"All part of the service," Jack replies, just as cheekily. He spins her around in his arms, and then dips her just a little. "When we get tired, I'll have to show you upstairs. It's neat." He feels kind of like a kid showing his friend all the secret places in a new home. "You can totally just sit and groove to the music, or get a drink, or block it all out." He's done all three.

Siobhan will sit with him for a while, content just this way. It's long enough to down two more shots of the brown and white drink she prefers - on top of the first one, mind - but the 'tender never says a price, never asks for cash. Finally, however, that buzzing in the small of her back is at an intolerable level and she stands, giving his hand one final squeeze and leaning in to brush a soft, lingering kiss across his lips. "Sorry, mo chridhe. Can only hold still so long." Which shouldn't surprise anyone, really. The music is low, grinding and sensual. It's what Brian would call 'liquid sex' and it isn't long before her body is bending, swaying and curving to it, every motion sensual and smooth. She's a practical girl, Siobhan, and there's nothing more practical, more physical, than moving sinuously to this kind of music. It brings her into pretty close quarters with a few of the other patrons, but like the crest of her house, she always seems to slip through their fingers and get lost back in the sea of heated, moving bodies.

Definitely not expecting the spin and dip, a giggle escapes as soon as she finds herself fully upright again. "Oooooh, show me." Maura encourages, rather like the kid being shown all those nifty secrets in the house she'd never otherwise find out about. "If we can hear the music, it's not like we can't just dance up there too if we feel like it." She's having fun, and is rather loathe to let that slip away. Not so loathe to move spots though! Plus, it will give the security team a workout. Where did they gooooooooooo. "C'mon, let's see how long it takes the suits to find us."

Severus is content to sit as well. However, he sips on his single drink slowly, watching and enjoying from afar. When she starts to move, he waves her off. He knows her well enough and he trusts her enough. Besides, good view. Under the table, his knee is moving with the beat of the music. Everything p eople can see above the table is stock still, affecting an easy, lazy pose. His eyes follow her, able to keep track of her easily, though she fades from sight from time to time. He spots all the security detail and gives them a quick nod before returning to his enjoyment of the dancing. Especially Siobhan's.

"C'mon, then," Jack pulls her up into the upper level, moving past more and more luxurious boxes. Finally, nearing the end of the row, he enters a box that just has a small symbol on the outside that might look a bit familiar. "See?" He gestures into the room where there's a collection of various kinds of seats, most covered in soft cloth or leather. "Have a seat. You want a drink?"

If Severus is the voyeur, then Siobhan is most definitely the exhibitionist. She knows him well enough that she is pretty sure she has an appreciative audience. It spurs her on, her body bending and twisting through the tightly-packed mass of people in a way that really shows off her flexibility and dexterity. She runs into familiar faces now and again, taking a moment to move her body in sync with theirs before flashing a predatory grin and moving off to be lost in the crowd again. Between the music, the moving and that adrenaline rush from knowing she's being watched, not only does the discomfort in the small of her back turn to pure pleasure, but every inch of her skin seems to take on just the touch of a subtle sheen and glow. Not nearly enough to draw casual attention, but a noticeable change, for certain.

Maura is absolutely going to kick off her heels and wander over where one can see down onto the dance floor, hip leaned up against one of the seats. Heels suck, honestly. And she's glad to be rid of them. Her eyes linger on the door; the spot where the symbol would be on the other side of it for a moment. But, with a smile she considers all the various alcohol options. "How about just a glass of white wine? That'd be nice." she decides, peeking out again towards the bar - where one of their security detail does the universal 'I'm watching you' eye-hand thing, which just sets her off laughing. "Wellll, so much for being sneaky. This place is -nice-." Running her fingertips over the leather covering, there's a low whistle. "You must be here often to know the bouncer there on a first name basis."

Severus watches her, and tilts his head just a little as she dances. There is hunger in his eyes, but there's also a worry hidden behind the hunger. Partially because she is not right here, and partially because something seems to strike him just a little. The way she moves… He downs his drink, sets down the glass, and moves to join her on the floor. It's a bit unlike him to dance this way, but he needs to be near her. He dances stiltedly at first, but then begins to match his moves to hers as he winds his way through the floor to meet her.

Jack grins, and presses a button in the corner. "White wine for my date, and give me my usual, thanks." He moves to sit on the couch she's standing near, and leans back, his hands behind his head. "We come here a fair bit, yeah." He stretches back a bit, focus totally on her. There's a discreet knock at the door, and he hops up, moving to take the drinks from the server's hand. "Thanks, Jake," Jack nods to the server and moves back to the couch, handing Maura her drink. "One white wine for the lady. One JD on the rocks for me." He holds up his drink and takes a long sip from it.

Muggles in general are too blind and stupid to notice the things going on right under their very noses. These Muggles? Drunk and high on arousal and adrenaline? Definitely too blind and stupid to notice things going on right under their noses. So even though Sio's not exactly in a frame of mind to care about the logic behind why it's okay to feel that familiar magic moving closer and then letting hers meet it, she'll say she was later - if she has to. She lets it pull her closer to him until she spins to avoid a particularly energetic threesome and ends up with her back firmly against his chest. With all the subtlety of a solar flare, her magic whips through him, hot and wild and dangerous in its intensity. And yet he is left unharmed. Swinging her hips back and forth, Siobhan slowly lowers her body into a crouch before sliding back up, always leaning back just a little against him. It doesn't matter that his motions are subtle and refined - even restrained. It gives her the stability to be freer in her movements and she takes that freedom with both hands and runs with it.

"Apparently, if they know your usual. And you just press a button, sending someone scurrying to do your bidding." Maura, of dry amusement. "Thank you!" she calls out too, because it's really only polite to do so. Her sip of wine is more judicious then his of the JD. But then, she's a lightweight and she knows full well that a full glass alone is probably going to have her a little further into her cups then she'd .like. Cheap date. And when he sits back down on the couch that's there, she invites herself to sit right down as well. Except that she's pretty much using him as her seat, cozying right up, which in and of itself just does wonders for the tension that been lingering around her. "Plans tomorrow?" Her expression, at least, is innocent enough.

A pulse of hot magic flows through Severus' body, and he groans, unafraid of being heard in the loud environment. When she wiggles down his body, he frames her with his arms, giving her space to move, but giving her support when or if she should need it. "You, my dear," he hisses in her ear when she's standing up, "are an utter tease." She's close enough to him that when she comes up again, he breathes hot on her neck. "So gorgeous moving like that."

"Well, y'know," Jack gestures grandly. "Perks of the name?" Maybe that'll slide, maybe it won't. It's not the whole reason, but it may be part of it. He wraps his arms around her, and draws her close. "Enjoying yourself yet?" He gazes down at the dancers, watching the different people on the floor. "Wow. I didn't know he could move like that." Jack leans forward a bit, then returns his focus to Maura. "I like the way you dance." He's said it before, but it's still true.

Siobhan shivers at the hot breath on her neck, lifting both hands over her head to wrap around his neck as she turns in his arms, tugging him down at the same time she's leaning up, kissing hot and hard with her body never quite managing to stay still. Laughing softly in his ear, she turns her head just enough to nip at the side of his neck. "And you love it." Pulling away just enough so that there's no more physical contact between them, she lets her eyes slide closed and her body move to the rhythm, delighting in the pure, unadulterated hedonism of the entire experience.

"Mmhmm." No, Maura's not really buying that explanation. But she's also not pressing further; simply letting it be obvious that she knows that's probably not the whole reason. Or maybe she doesn't say anything because she's pleasantly distracted by being drawn closer, where she can rest her head against against his shoulder until he leans forward to look down at the dance floor and her eyes follow. And, okay, they widen a bit. "Did anybody know he could?" He doesn't seem the type. But what does she know? As for her dancing, her lips curl up in a slightly wicked smile. "Well, play your cards right and you might even get a private show." she whispers to him, before giving him a teasing kiss on the cheek. "We moved well together, I think."

"I do indeed. You as well." Her body up against his makes his magic and his libido sing. Severus moves with her, starting to lose a little of the residual stiffness. Her enjoyment of the music and the movement is catching, and he watches her pleasure with his own intensifying. Words aren't necessary in this moment: just the raw power of their magic and the movement between them.

"A private showing sounds promising. What cards do I need to play to get that?" Jack continues to joke with Maura, his arm around her until they get tired of watching the show. The thing about a private box is that the owners can apparate from the box without bothering to walk through the door. Signalling the men downstairs, the two of them will apparate away to spend their night together in his little room. Maybe he will get that private showing after all.

The Law of Inertia - it's not something Siobhan could even begin to understand in its purest form, but the basic principle could be said to define her life. An object in motion stays in motion. The motion of her body, his body, the sound and the very air around them seems to energize her, building sweet tension until finally she maneuvers him into a dark enough corner and - with a saucy salute toward the shadow she can make eye-contact with (that would be O'Neill, who just rolls his eyes and says something to his wristwatch) up on the platform overlooking the floor - she wraps both arms tight around her mate and jumps them into the lounge room of the flat they'd left only hours before. Want to know how she passes the rest of the night? Three guesses - and the first two don't count…

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