1994-09-17: Cat Scratch Fever


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Scene Title Cat Scratch Fever
Synopsis There's a dog, a cat, and Hogsmeade weekend
Date Sept 17, 1994
Watch For Bloody Great Cat!
Chronology N/A
Logger Lassie

Hogsmeade - Ivy Lane

Not content to stay pent up in the cave too much longer.. for now anyway. He's been strolling through the woods, and now the big black dog is seen along Ivy Street in Hogsmeade. Plunking himself down between cottages, he's eying number 16. Where the American has moved into recently. Perhaps if he hangs around, he just might pick up some further information on her.

Out from Number 14, Jilly steps outside for a moment. It's time to run a few errands and generally get the things done during the day that she doesn't have time for during the week, but that doesn't mean she's looking forward to it, really. Chores is what that is. Locking the door behind her, she heads down the short path to the street.

Tonks is … in the area. For whatever reason, but it oddly doesn't have to deal with Sirius at the moment. Until she sees the big dumb dog over there trying to get himself in trouble. O r something. But she doesn't greet him readily, becasue she's walking towards Jilly instead. "Wotcher," she greets.

Lurking by the dustbins at the odd numbered flats across from 14 and 16, Padfoot watches Jilly come out, then his cousin enter the area. The witches are watched for a moment before his pale eyed gaze is back on 16. Debating, this one is on a few things.

"Hello!" Jilly gives a friendly wave, stopping where her pathway meets the street. She remembers Tonks from the dressing down she gave Lupin about letting his poor dog roam the streets hungry. Though she doesn't seem to embarrassed about it now. "Are you staying in town or just visiting for the day?" It's a Hogsmeade weekend for the students, so she's used to seeing people not normally in the town stay.

There's a smile, "Oh, just visiting. I love going to Honeyduke's for my dad." There's a wink here. "He's got to keep up the old belly for the holidays, y'know." Ted Tonks, Muggle-born Lumberjack Santa, go fig. "Besides, it's a nice view." She indicates over where Hogwarts would be.

Seeing the two witches occupied, Padfoot gets up and trots away from the dustbins. Crossing the little street, he heads up to #16, sniffing at the residence. Maybe peek into a window or two, if there aren't any wards up to stop him from doing so. It's rude yes, but he's just a curious dog. Right?

"It's definitely a lovely view. I forget about it sometimes from living so close to it all the time." Jilly glances over to the space that Tonks indicates. The dog that brought them into an acquaintance still isn't noticed by the witch. "It'll be overrun this weekend, you know," she warns. "It's Hogsmeade weekend for Hogwarts. Third years and up'll be running about with sticky fingers and drunk on butterbeer."

There are a few shrubs in front of number 16. Fairly dense, evergreen, and scented so strongly of pine that it would be pretty difficult to tell what - if anything - is hiding in them. There is no hint of something stirring within the green boughs until it's too late, and then, with the quickness of the wild serval that makes up her bloodlines, Mo leaps out of the shrub nearest Padfoot, a whirling, screaming ball of fur and teeth and claws and yowls, which will surely DESTROY HIM. Granted, the dog is much, much larger, though Mo will try her best to get hold of one of those black ears.

To this, Tonks laughs. "Better that than drunk on other stuff, right?" There's a grin here, but before she can say anything, there's a spitting hissing commotion behind her! She spins around, her hand moving to her back pocket where her trusty wand waits to one of these days shoot off her right butt cheek. Instead, she just sees Padfoot and that cat. "Oi," she grumbles in a disgruntled fashion.

Sniff, sniff, ugh, overpowering scene of pine with an undertone of… BLOODY GREAT CAT! He figured Mozambique would be inside, not stalking the shrubs too! Not wanting to hurt the cat of the lawyer who wants to help him, he lets out a high pitched YELP, that's not faked. You know how they say the smaller the dog, the more vicious? That the big dogs are the teddy bears? He's gonna play that up for the moment.

"I'll give you that," Jilly laughs. At the commotion and the noise, the witch moves forward to attempt to break up the fight. "Protego!" She quickly attempts to throw up a magical barrier between the dog and the cat in order to break up the fight. "Bad dog! Bad kitty!" She's not sure exactly what happened here, but she'll just call them all bad in order to have her bases covered.

Oh hey, that works. Tonks doesn't own any pets (unless you count an animagus, sometimes a werewolf, and her Aunts) so she doesn't think to actually throw magic at them. They're usually cute and cuddly! She crouches down to pat her hands against her knees, signaling, hopefully, for Padfoot to come over to 'safety' from the vicious mean kitty cat.

Mo is going to TEAR THE HELL OUT OF THIS BEAST and send it BACK TO HELL WHERE IT BELONGS. She's about to do a really good job if this when two things happen - her teeth collide with a shield charm, and Padfoot's saviour throws open the door to her flat and steps outside. "Hey!" she says, eyes narrowed, focused on the dog first, then looking up toward Tonks.

Mo, with a tuft of black hair stuck in her teeth, stalks back toward Holly, sitting there facing the dog, with her ears flattened back against her head. Growling.

Well. "You gotta keep your dog on a leash," Holly says with a good deal of annoyance in her voice, as she crouches down to run her fingers over the cat's fur to see if she was hurt at all.

What? Bad dog! Padfoot did nothing and that bloody cat beast thing attacked! He's the victim here! HIM. Of course, he doesn't help his case by growling at the cat before retreating. 'I wasn't going to bother you!,' he tries to convey, but sometimes, it can be tricky communicating with other animals. Crookshanks was easier, due to his Kneazle heritage. Regular old cats? Another story there.

Once the cat is for sure not about to attack Padfoot again, Jilly lowers the magical shield. The one thing that the woman was good at in school was charms, so the two are lucky for that. "It's not my dog," Jilly replies in a matter of fact fashion. In fact, she doesn't see the owner anywhere around. Again! She really should just steal the dog by now. Eyes looking over Holly and taking in her accent, she tilts her head just slightly to the right. "You're the American that's moved in?" Word travels around a small town like Hogsmeade.

There's a hiss when Holly comes out. She was unprepared for a visit. And oivey… Sirius gets a chastising look, and then Tonks looks sheepish. "Ah heh… you saw how well that worked, miss. I'm really sorry. He probably just thought the cat'd like to play. I mean, some dogs are dumb like that, you know?" Suck it up, Sirius. PLAY DUMB. She gives a sheepish look to Jilly, "Remus must be away again. He probably chewed through the leash I got for him."

Trying to not look too annoyed, and to keep up the appearance of 'hurt dog', Padfoot slinks towards Tonks. Tail slightly tucked, he throws a dark look to the cat. Dark for a dog that is. At the dumb dog statement? He bites at Tonks's robes. Not destructively so, just, NOM.

"And you," Holly states, at first paying little attention to Tonks and Jilly, and instead pushing her cat up on its hind legs by grabbing it about the shoulders. "Stop being an ass." The American witch stares into Mo's wide, surprised eyes and scowls. Picking the spotty creature up, she flings it over her shoulder, where it sits, duly punished, a giant thirty-pound kitten.

"Nah, it's okay," Holly says to Tonks. "Just worried about Mo. She's trying to get herself killed." A half-smile is offered to Jilly. Not much gets past her, does it? In the end, rather than introduce herself to the neighbor with a snarky greeting, she just nods. "I'm Holly."

"Dogs just don't know their own size sometimes." Jilly gives Padfoot a bit of a fond scritching behind the ears as he moves toward Tonks to hide from the big mean kitty. Back to her generally genial mood, the postmistress sticks out her hand for Holly to shake. "Welcome to Hogsmeade! It's really a lovely little town once you get over every knowing everything about you already in a few minutes. I work in the post office, so I get to hear most of the good gossip." As for Tonks, she offers a half-smile. "It's not your fault. Your Remus should learn to keep his dog inside, though!" Then, as if forgetting something, she adds, "I'm Jilly, by the way. I'm sure I'll see you in town, especially if you need to owl anything."

There's a 'gurk' and Tonks tries to get her robe from Padfoot. "No, bad! Bad Padfoot—eh whu?" 'Her Remus'? Tonks doesn't dwell on it long because, well, it's a slip of the tongue and all that, but it just still sounded weird in context. "Ahh, Padfoot's a free spirit, unfortunately. If Remus leaves him inside, he won't have any furniture left to repair." There's a bit of a yank and Merlin help Sirius if it ripped just then. "C'mon, why don't you go back and apologize to Miss Holly." She glances at Mo then, curious. "Is Mo an ordinary cat?"

Amusement then dances in Padfoot's eyes as he lets go of Tonks's robes. HA HA. Take that cat. Laughing on the inside at Mo's chastisement, he manages to look smug for a dog. He barks at the cat, essentially trying to tell Mo, 'Serves you right. I didn't even attack you.' As he's scritched behind the ears, his eyes half close, stop that.. wait.. don't stop that. Feels kinda good. Didn't hear you cousin. Getting ears scritched here. Kinda busy. Leave a message.

Ah, see? This is why you don't snipe at people. Because you're liable to get the old and slow owls to deliver your mail if you do. "Nice to meet you," Holly says with just a bit of her own private amusement in her voice.

Mo looks over Holly's other shoulder as Tonks asks her question. There's some sort of intelligence in those green eyes. "Not exactly," the witch answers. Like so many cats in the wizarding world, Mo isn't quite ordinary. Longer lifespan, greater perception. Also, "She's half serval, and all grumpy. So don't feel too bad… It just takes her awhile to warm up to people. Or, you know. Huge dogs." With a node in Sirius' direction, Holly puts Mo back on the grass. Somewhat cowed now thanks to the chastisement, she hunkers down and glares, but doesn't otherwise make any noise… Or attack. That's a start, right? Perhaps randomly, Holly says, "Oh, she can make tea."

Once in awhile. And Jilly isn't really the type to hold a singular moment of bad temper against someone for all time. Unless they were very inexcusably mean. Finishing scritching Padfoot, she pats his head gently. Not realizing her faux pas at thinking that Remus and Tonks were a couple trying to take care of a dog that Remus owned, she just nods at Tonks. "Understandable. What you need to do is put some lemon juice on the feet of the furniture and the like. It's sour and they won't want to bite it any more." Tips that she got from her family's bitey dog.

"Make tea? That sounds lovely. Is it good? And does she put in the milk and sugar, too?" She's not making fun, she's curious! "Oh dear. I need to get to the store before it's totally overrunn by students. They always run out of quills when I need them these weekends. If you're home later, Holly, I'll bring over some cookies to welcome you to the neighborhood! Homemade!" The poor witch still has delusions that her cooking is somewhat passable. "It was lovely seeing you again, Tonks. Stop by the post office some time! And get a stronger leash for Padfoot!" And then, the witch hurries off to do her important errands.

Tonks glowers at Sirius before she straightens her clothes. "Oh, I'll remember that. I'll try to pass it onto Remus, too. I think the biggest problem is my babysitting him with my hours," Y'know, they work those Aurors SO LONG and sometimes he doesn't get a break or anything! But then Jilly's got errands to run, and Tonks seems genuinely disheartened that she's leaving. She's so nice. "I'll try, Jilly. Take care!"
Oh the cat makes /tea/ really? Tonks seems impressed! "Wow, sure she's not part Kneazle or something?" She'll walk over, eyeing the cat. "Is she grumpy towards people, too? Or just dogs?"

Hey, she stopped.. no come back. *sigh* Padfoot wags his tail as Jilly pats his head and hurries off. Being a sucker for punishment, or just determined, he rises back on all fours, and takes a few steps towards Mo, trying to communicate with the cat again. This cat may take extra work.

Holly waves as Jilly heads off toward the Post Office again.

"I don't think so. Can't be a hundred percent sure, though. I think she's just smart," she answers, kneeling down to put a hand across the cat's shoulders as Sirius approaches again. That dog is going to get himself eaten if he's not careful, and Mo isn't so easily won over by Padfoot here. Hey, she agreed not to attack him unprovoked, but this is pretty provoking. "She's grumpy at everything that moves, unfortunately. I mean, she warms up to people, but…"

Apparently keen to make a liar out of her owner, Mo completely ignores Sirius, walks right past him, and rubs up against Tonks' leg. "Little brat," Holly says.

Tonks is just /smug/ for a moment before she reaches down to give Mo some attention. She's careful, letting the cat sniff her fingers before she'll attempt just a basic swipe of the hand across her back and then wait to see if the cat would like more. Cats are so much more peculiar with permissions than dogs…"I wanted to apologize for the other day, when you mentioned why you were here. Sort of took me by surprise. Didn't mean to insinuate anything."

Padfoot knows when to back off. Mostly. So for now? He stops trying to communicate with Mo, and just eyes the cat as he smarms up to Tonks. He glances towards High Street, briefly wondering if Harry will be in the village at all. Perhaps he should have talked to his godson via the mirrors earlier to find out.

"Yeah, yeah," Holly says as Mo looks up at her. "Made a new friend, I get it." Shaking her head, Holly decides that there's no way she's ever going to figure this cat out. Ever. "I have a feeling I'm going to be justifying myself to a whole lot of people before this is over. And that's gonna include more than just Aurors. General citizens, the rest of the Ministry of Magic… They do know why I'm here, though, so they are allowing it. It's just a matter of getting them to see past their own noses so they don't stamp guilty on the paperwork before the trial even begins."

There's a sigh. No one has to tell Holly what she's getting herself into, as she sees that all too clearly. "I don't even know if I can win. And this is a hell of a way to go solo, but everyone deserves a fair trial. And the more I look at things, the more I think he can't be guilty. I mean, I sent a court order to the Minister earlier this morning. So we'll see."

There's a pause, and then Tonks'll move to pat Sirius on the head. "Well, Like I said, the only bits I deal with is catching the wizards but…" She takes a deep breath. She thinks for a long moment. "Get a behavioral profile done on Sirius Black," Tonks suggests. "Pull a couple of people from St. Mungos to evaluate him. You might have a bit of work though, to find one that won't take that night into account but…" She digs in her pocket and on the back of a Chocolate Frog Wizard Card (Pick a Wizard!) she taps it with her wand so a name comes up. "She might not be qualified as a professional—but she /is/ the only one qualified to give you how Sirius was before the Potters died." The card's handed over.

Padfoot takes the pat on the head stoically. His eyes shift upwards to look at Tonks, then over to Holly. Studying the witch, he's still not sure what to make of her, and this mission she's on. The giant cat, is simply ignored for the moment. His ear still being severely bitten and a nice chunk a fur missing from Mo.

The first Hogsmeade weekend for students, and where does it find Harry? Skulking the streets of Hogsmeade. Alone. Not like he's in danger here anyhow. Having just left Zonko's, and carrying a bag that appears full of recently purchased items, the young man wanders aimlessly down the streets, not looking at where he is going. And thusly, ends up on a street he hasn't been down before.

"Any help is appreciated," Holly says, taking the card, looking at the name, and then tucking it into the pocket of her jeans. Unfortunately, anything she does is going to be with the ministry looking over her shoulder, and any evidence she has is going to be overshadowed by the fact that there is no Defendant to stand trial… And Tonks was right before. He's not likely to turn himself in, even with the promise of a fair setting.

Leaning down, she takes Mo by her pink collar, and drags her away from Tonks and Sirius. "C'mon, you, let's get you inside." Then to Tonks, "If you have anything else, just let me know."

There's a wane smile. "She might be a bit hesitant at first… Sirius was her favorite cousin." She drums her fingers together. "The only one who stuck with her after she married my dad." So you be nice to her mum, y'hear you crazy American! She nods. "Like I said, I just catch the bad guys. But I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who'd like to know if we actually caught the right guy that time…" Personal knowledge aside. "Justice and all that, right?" She does have to wonder if after Sirius, if the Lestranges will be up next—but even they had something of a joke-trial to go on…Not noticing Harry, she just pats Sirius head. "Looks like she's taking your friend away, Padfoot."

Padfoot settles onto the ground, and scratches a hind leg at his uninjured ear, casting another glance back towards High Street. Ear scratched, he pads over to Holly and nudges at her with his nose. Hey. Right here. Let us do our research on you, and there might be a conversation sometime in the near future. Tail wagging, he looks over his shoulder in Tonks's direction, and catches sight of Harry from the corner of his eye. A booming bark is given as he tears off towards the teen!

As Harry comes up the lane, voices hit his ears. Instantly his gaze darts up from the road towards the sound of the voices. And in just enough time to see the dog rushing him. Of course, he knows exactly who it is and grins. "Padfoot!!" he shouts, dropping the bag in clear expectation of being tackled mercilessly.

There's a laugh from Tonks as Holly heads off and she notices Sirius streaking off. She follows leisurely behind the dog, smirking. "Wotcher, Harry." She says lifting her hand. She seems kind of preoccupied right now, though Sirius would likely understand it's because she gave her mom to a crazy American Lawyer.

Crazy American Lawyer isn't thought about at the moment, Padfoot's too busy bowling over his godson. Tail wagging crazily, he barks happily before letting Harry up and backing off. Once letting Harry up, he does wonder why the witch nipped off so quickly. Huh.

Harry is indeed bowled over! Dirt bath FTW! "Haha!" he laughs, as he starts to push himself to his feet and scritches Sirius behind the ears. "You're looking better fed, I see." As he talks, he glances over at Tonks with a wide grin. "Thanks for the warning."

Tonks lifts a finger to her lips, tapping it a bit then pointing behind her over her shoulder at the pair of flats where someone just went in. It's a quiet way of making sure that the pair watch waht they say—not that Sirius can say anything right now. "I'm about to return Padfoot here to Remus, if you want to come along, Harry? I mean, you're out so I'd assume that it's okay for you to be about, right?" She gives him an eye. You're not getting into trouble are you….

Padfoot butts his head against Harry briefly, tail still wagging. He butts his head against Harry's hand before trotting off to the direction of where they can converse safely. C'mon people, keep up! Chop chop!

Picking up the Zonko's bag, Harry tosses Tonks a wide grin and laugh. "Actually, no. I thought I'd skiv out on my own against school rules." he replies, making it clear he's being sarcastic. "I think he's ready to go." he adds, following after Sirius.

That's enough reason for her! She doesn't say anything, just ambles after the pair. Doobiedo.

Once far enough back in the woods, it's safe for him to transform. Sirius gives Harry a proper hug before letting go. "Watch it, no skivving off. Unless it's for good reason. You're safer in the castle, Harry." And that's all the chastisement he'll give. "I don't think you two have been properly introduced, although you've seen her a few times now, this is Nymphadora Tonks," he gestures to his cousin. Leaving out the important bits about how she prefers to be referred to.

"Actually, we've met." Harry acknowledges, as Sirius transforms. "We met when Moody escorted Hermione, Ron, and I to the castle. And I'm not skivving off." he says, smirking at his godfather. "It's Hogsmeade weekend. Came down to pick up a few things as a favor to some friends." A motion is made towards the bag he holds. Couldn't possible mean anything being from Zonko's.

She nods. "Remember, troll head?" She told Sirius about that. Tonks had a great laugh at that, even if it /was/ tossed to the Hufflepuff table! Tonks does resist the urge to begin peeking into Harry's bags like she was one of his classmates, which is good.

Chuckling, Sirius claps a hand to Harry's shoulder. "I forgot, but knowing Mad-eye, it's hard to say if he gave an introduction or not. He likes his jokes, Moody." He eyes the bag, grinning, "Let's see what you've got then. Nothing /too/ troublemaking, I hope?" Hey, he's got to keep up the appearance of a responsible guardian, no? "Saw all the students invading, figured it had to be an official weekend, otherwise Dumbledore'd have a time rounding up the wayward kids."

Harry forks a thumb in Tonks' direction and laughs. "In case you haven't noticed, she likes to talk and stand out. Hard to miss." Inside the bag are various items from Zonko's, and some ingredients that could be used in making other items. "Nothing much. It's not really for me." Three guesses who it's really for. "Yeah, it's good to get away for a weekend."

Tonks' eyes widen. "I do not!" Ignore the eye-searing Cyan hair and all that. She managed to stay on her feet for a long time this time! "I wouldn't be what I am if I was /taht/ bad." She'll risk personal bubble busting and fuzzle the teen's hair. "Heard any interesting rumors, lately?"

"He's got you pegged," Sirius says good naturedly over Harry at Tonks. "Ease up on the cheek there, she's related to me, so you might not know what she's got up her sleeve. Oh, for Hermione then? I can see her putting this lot to good use." He knows full well Hermione would not approve of the items let alone use them. The items in the bag, are given silent approval. Good haul, this lot.

"Hey…hey…watch the hair!" Harry yipes, trying to duck his head away from Tonks' hand. As if his hair isn't already fuzzled enough. "Actually, Fred and George. Something about being searched this year by Filch when coming back from Hogsmeade." He owed them anyways, for the map from last year. "Really, I didn't know she was related to your family."

A hand goes to her heart. "Yes, unfortunately so." She winks, "He represents my ugly side." STill, she sobers up and explains, "We're second cousins, or something. Mum and he are first cousins." So not only is it just related, it's kind of close.

Sirius laughs at the ducking of the hair ruffling. "She's not too proud of having a murdering fugitive as a cousin, would want to keep that quiet now wouldn't she?" He winks playfully at Tonks. "Now.. rumors. Anything going on up at the castle? I know there's a Tournament on." Suddenly, there's a shift in his attitude as he frowns, "Tonks, I want you to make sure Harry gets back to the castle watched." To Harry he says, "I've run across three Death Eaters in the area this month so far. Two talking, another torturing muggles, killing one. You shouldn't be walking about alone here."

Harry listens intently at the explanation. "I had no idea. Though i can see how he would with that mange and fleas." he says towards Tonks, while tossing a grin a Sirius. "Yeah. The Triwizard Tournament. Except Beaubaxtons and Durmstrang protested. So it's going to be one champion per house this year. Dumbledore's already got the goblet out with an age line." The young man's eyebrows raise at mention of the Death Eaters. "This close to the castle?"

Tonks is serious when she nods. "I"ll hand deliver him to Moody if I need to, but he'll get there safe." Maybe Dumbledore, whoever! She does turn back to Harry, "Staying in groups is your best defense. And staying in a public place." She'll let Sirius finish about the Death Eaters, since he was the one who's ran into at least one.

Sirius smirks at Harry for the quip, "Hey now, the mange, fleas and disguise are helping me keep my soul right about now." Smirk fading, his expression turns more musing and thoughtful. "I had heard about Beauxbatons and Durmstrang protesting. I'm sure Moody's disappointed that he didn't get to see Karkaroff again." He nods his head firmly, "That's right. This close to the castle. Getting a little bold without their master about. Just be extra careful. Keep your friends close."

"And my enemies closer." Harry finishes, nodding his head. "I know the saying. And he's not as gone as some people think he is." the young man offers, reaching up to touch his scar. "I can feel him. Not much, but it's there."

The topic of Harry's scar is a new one for Tonks, so she doesn't really do anything outside of glance around as if she's expecting something to come out of the woods at them at any given time.

Sirius puts an arm around Harry's shoulders briefly before letting go. "I know Harry, first sign of any trouble, let me or Dumbledore know immediately." He glances around as well, knowing Tonks's concern as it is his as well. "How about we get you back into view? People might get a bit suspicious about you wandering off and being gone from view for too long."

"I probably should be getting back anyhow." Harry grins, reaching for the bag of fun shop goodies. "Fred and George are probably wondering where I'm at with their lot of stuff." Sirius' warning about notification is given a nod. "It's not been bothering me much. Just a slight sting every now and then. But if it gets worse I'll let you and Dumbledore know."

"You get back somewhere safe," she tells Sirius. "And next time, can you at least put the collar on so neither Remus and I look /completely/ incompetent?" The last MAY be a tease. MAY. Tonks waits until Harry gets his things together. Seems Sirius is going to wait a bit before the news gets delivered to his Godson. SHe thinks this is best; the more deniability Harry can afford, the better. "Ready t'go when you are," she tells the teen.

A stern look is given to Harry before Sirius rolls his eyes at Tonks. "No. That's asking a bit much, that is. Remember, if you need to talk to me, I've got my mirror with me all the time. Don't risk owls, find a place you can use the mirror in quiet and reach me." A smile is made to Harry before he transforms and is clearly going to stay put, and walk with the pair.

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