Portrayed By Alexandra Daddario
House Slytherin
Year 6th
Position Student
Sex Female
Race Human
Age 16
Place of Birth Bristol, England
Date of Birth Oct. 6, 1978
Mother Sonya (Banister) Voltaire
Father Cassius Voltaire
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Cassius Voltaire was a skilled and a master jewelry designer and maker who came from a very wealthy family yet was cut off when he decided to choose to follow his own dream instead of his father wanted. He runs and owns a little shop in Knockturn Alley with the help of his twin sister. Cassius is known to the more wealthier and older (as well as some of the darker) families in the wizarding world for his beautiful, unique and expensive pieces but has equally magnificent pieces on the other end as well. It was in his shop that he caught the attention of a young lady named Sonya Banister and after awhile the two fell in love and married.

It wasn’t long before the Bristol dwelling pair welcomed little Cassandra into their lives in the beginning of October of 1978. Though the happiness was short lived as Cassius noticed his wife Sonya grow weaker and frailer within the first year of young Cassie’s life. A few months before the infant’s first birthday Sonya was bed ridden and then died the night before her daughter’s birthday. Though Cassius was working from home mostly since Cassandra was born, this event made him seclude into his house further and focus his attention into raising his daughter while occasionally working through an owl delivery system.

Growing up Cassandra spent a lot of time with her father watching him sketch out different pieces or actually creating them but he never missed an opportunity to educate her about her mother. They spent many hours looking at pictures, answering questions, and listening to stories making it seem like she had never left the world. Cassandra also spent a lot of time at her grandfather’s house when work called her father in and he couldn’t avoid it. Yet, soon Cassius felt happy enough to bring Cassandra out of the house and to his shop in Knockturn Alley where she spent time upstairs in the small flat with her Aunt or exploring Diagon Alley and playing with other children. This was a nice change from only knowing her house and her grandfather’s house, though the girl felt more at home sitting on the counter next to her father. Cassie also helped with customers, worked on little pieces of her own, or sketched but she always got to turn the key in the lock before the pair went home. This caught Cassius’s attention and he began to mentor Cassie by teaching her some techniques as well as having her draw and it wasn’t long before she began to sell her own crafts in the store as well.

Her life began to get into a routine of going to work with her father then coming home to relax and sketch before helping him with dinner and going to bed, but her letter from Hogwarts changed all that. After shopping for supplies and finally going to the school Cassandra was sorted into the Slytherin house which made her father prouder than ever. Being raised in a wizarding shop also helped the young girl too. At a young age she would listen very carefully to how adults spoke and quickly learned how to twist her words so she came out looking good. This skill she kept refining during her school years as a way to get herself out of trouble and to stay on teacher’s good sides, though on occasion it backfired and Cassie did have to do a detention or two. Nobody can be perfect yet she did keep in close contact with her father during her years at Hogwarts and even worked on pieces he sent her way in her free time, though only after homework was done of course. Her grades were good but she really excelled in Transfiguration, Charms, and Herbology which she used a lot of in her jewelry making.

Once summer came however it was back to working in the shop as usual but that didn’t bother the girl one bit. Though as Cassandra got into her teens the girl became a little more independent and ventured out by herself around Diagon Alley but never went too far. She knew that her father wanted to open up another location but she had her own ideas on that matter. She wanted to be the one to open up the shop and become a great if not greater jewelry designer than her father.

Now nearing the end of her school years, Cassandra has a clear path and is working harder than ever to make her dream come true as well as making herself happy. Though her direction is clear and her work load is heavy, who’s to say that she could do with a little distraction? That is if they can get her attention…



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