Cash Montgomery-Regan
Portrayed By Sean O'Pry
House Hawk Talon
Year Graduated
Position Captain, USMMC
Sex Male
Race Pureblood
Age 29
Place of Birth North Carolina, USA
Date of Birth Sept 24, 1971
Mother Abigail Montgomery-Regan
Father Joseph Montgomery
Siblings None
Marital Status Involved
Children None
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Cash was born in North Carolina to a family who embodied 'technically correct.' A well-crafted line of half Veela for multiple generations all leading up to a Pureblood child who, nevertheless, was half Veela. Oh how the town liked to talk.

From that point life was just life. There was school, there was familial obligation, and there was work. From the time Cash was small, he knew he wanted to go into the USMMC, just like his father had done. Right out of school he got married and joined the military, and that is where he would have stayed forever.

Except humans are the worst.

While away on deployment, Cash's wife had an affair. The divorce was messy, and Cash swore off relationships with humans as something of a rule. The best thing to come out of it was that he was relocated to Britain as a training aid.

Which is why he's in the country, and why he's gotten himself stuck in the country after D-Day. Travelling across the countryside trying not to die on his way to Hogwarts.



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