1995-03-31: Burnt Pages


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Scene Title Burnt Pages
Synopsis Neville is in a fix with a new friend.
Location Hogwarts: Great Hall
Date March 31st 1995
Watch For A spell going right for once!
Logger Neville

Neville is lingering after dinner, the obliterated remains of dinner strewn across the four house tables. The fourth year Gryffindor sits on the side of the table between his own hosue table and Slytherin. "Bollocks," the young boy murmurs, flipping through a book in his lap.

Nia sits at the Slytherin table somewhat close to Neville at the Gryffindor and reading a letter while what was left of her dinner lay on her plate. Sighing happily as she finishes reading she put the letter away and blinks as she just bearly catches Neville's murmured curse word. "Anything wrong?" Nia asks the boy with a smile as she turns towards the Gryffy's direction.

Neville looks up, seeming a little spooked. "Oh," he peeps, halfway closing the book on his hand. "Nothing really. One of the pages got a bit… mangled during potions. Means more library detention for me."

"Have you tried repairing the page?" Nia asks sweetly as she scooted down the table so she is sitting infront of Neville. "Maybe it will save you some detention time? My name I Nia by the way Nia Fox" The girl blurts out at the end.

"Yeah? Neville Longbottom," he shoots back, sending a friendly smile to her. "Nice to meet you, Nia." The book is peeled back open, revealing a tattered end to a page, a greenish colored burn marking the remaining bits of the paper. "'Fraid it's not within my abilities."

Nia smiles back at Neville before looking at the book and frowning. "Nice to meet you Neville. Hmmmm that doesn't look too bad I'm sure you can mend it. Give it a try." She encourages as the smile falls back onto her lips and her eyes look back up into the boy's face.

Neville chews on his bottom lip, eyeing the page hesitantly. "All right. Know a good spell for this sorta thing, or should I attempt 'reparo'?" He meet's Nia's gaze, looking a little more confident.

Nia thinks for a moment before answering, "I think reparo would be best. Nothing else really comes to mind." Crossing her legs and pushing some of her dark hair back over her shoulder the girl gives Neville another re-asuring look as she waits and watches him. "Just relax and don't worry about it I know you can do it."

Neville catches his tongue to his teeth, reaching to his robes to pull out shrivels of the pages that's left. He scatters them to onto the book. The boy looks to Nia, bac to the book, and clears his throat. "Reparo!" he commends, flicking his wand at the burnt page. The bits of burned paper curls begin to shake and shiver and… do nothing. "Bollocks," Neville repeats.

"Relax Neville and visulize the page being put back together then try it again." The girl advises with a soft pat to his shoulder. "That was a really good try. Just forget about everything else and focus on the spell. I'm sure you will do it next try." Nia replies with a smile as she puts her hand back in her lap and watches again.

With a determined bob of his head, Neville closes his eyes and /visulizes/. "Reparo!" he barks again, his voice dipping a bit deeper and fuller. This time the bits shiver, shake, and move back together. The burned paper grows, inches around the spots where missing pieces were not recovered. The charred color begins to fade, but it doesn't go completely back. "Brilliant," Neville cheers anyways, beaming to the book. He looks up at Nia. "One more should do it, y'think?"

Nia bites her bottom lip as she watches the second try and claps her hands at the progress. "Excellent Neville!" She praises as sbe looks at the book then back into his face. "Yes I think one more should fix it completely and then no detention."

Neville nudges her, grinning. "Wotcher," he says happily. The wand flicks again and the spell is cast. Slowly ink weaves back into the paper and it appears to be fairly acceptable. Well, maybe a few words her and there are mispelled. But Nevs looks pretty happy.

Nia giggles at the nudge then places her hand onto of his in a friendly type mannor and squeezes lightly, "See good as new." She replies with a wink as she drew back her hand while her eyes glance at the newly fixed page. "Nothing to it right Neville?"

"Nothin' to it," Neville agrees back with a smile. "You're brilliant. I've been trying all day. M'not too good at spells, y'know." Neville sits back, giving the page another look through. "Saved me a load of trouble, y'did. I owe you."

"Thanks" Nia replies with a slight blush on her cheeks as her hands idly play with her tie. "But I'm not that brilliant I guess I just know how to get the best in people out." She looks back into Neville's face, "I think you just need a bit of confidence in yourself and it will reflect in your spell work and…" Nia trails off for a moment with a smile "If you will be my friend I'll consider that your I owe you paid."

"That's what everyone says," Neville says to the girl. The book is closed carefully. "I think you've got that whether you want it or not," he says to her with a chuckle. "I've seen you about, of course. Never spoken that I remember. Good to finally do it."

Nia chuckles back as she leans aginst the table, "Good." She replies as her hands rest in her lap and her tie falls aginast her sweater. "Yeah I don't know why it's taken so long to talk but I'm glad we did." Standing up quickly as she remembers a forgotton essay she had to write Nia quickly apologises for having to go and rushes out the door. "Maybe we can study some time See ya Neville!" She calls over her shoulder as she dissapears out of the great hall

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