1995-02-20: Brownies Fix Everything


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Scene Title Brownies Fix Everything
Synopsis Moody catches Angelina not in Potions class. With brownies.
Location Hogwarts Entry Hall
Date Feb 20, 1995
Watch For Detentions!!
Logger Angelina

The Double doors swing open and close quickly behind the figures that take no time into entering Hogwarts proper. One heads off in the direction of the stair case, while the other remains behind and leans inon the Walkstick that helped him lurch in as well. An old scarf is loosened from around his neck, as stray bits of slush and chill are brushed off with not so much of a thought. Moody gives a cursory glance back to the doors-inspecting the defenses and charms most likely. Nothing like having a wee bit of time off from classes in the morning- and such.

Breakfast is over, classes already begun. However, one lone student walks out of the Great Hall, carrying with her a plate of chocolate brownies she nabbed from a table with snacks on it. Angelina should be in potions, yes, but here she is. And she doesn't look happy. There is a look of determination and..well..rage.. on her face that Moody had yet to see there.

Moody raises a brow when he turns around-watching as a few third years scurry on towards class-running late of course-and no one wishes to be stuck in Moody's wrath. However the look given over towards Angelina has the Professor at a bit of a puzzlement. "Erm.." quiet for a moment there as he stares at the Gryffindor Chaser "What in blazes are you bloody seethin' about Miss Johnson? An why aren't you in class?" Ever the inquisitor Moody is not leaving his stump it seems. Actual curiosity being the rage at the moment.

Angelina turns to Moody, plate in hand, and breaks off a piece of one of the brownies before cramming it down. Yeah. She's mad. It's chocolate. Its a female thing. Once it is gone, however. "I was in class. I left. I walked out. And she turned me into a hippo. Madame Pomfrey fixed me. And now, I am eating chocolate." Any questions?

"Why in th' blue name of hell-did you leave class?" comes Moody's reply after a minute. Blue eye zooming in on the brownie as if to see if it held any magical properties-before he is looking back towards Angelina. "An what d' you mean a hippo?" of all the things to be transfigured into? Well that might be the worse- He'll have to congratulate who ever thought up that one. "Start from the beginning before my ire decides t' warm up."

Angie stands there, holding the plate. "Want a brownie?" Dude. She's offering to share chocolate. Take it or not. "I went to potions. All of us went to potions. And she, the new professor, told us we would be drinking poisons and antidotes, made by her. We don't know her from anyone, and she demands us to drink POISON, have a reaction, then drinks what she tells us are antidotes?? No thank you. No."

Moody blinks- well its more like a wink seeing how that magic eye never really does blink- still the astonished look is held for a second before "No I don't want a bloody brownie." snarled out, apparently Alastor wants the point of it all. "She had you WHAT?" comes that bull roar, before it seems that the professor is about to turn wheel and go a lumbering down into the dungeons-wand drawn and all, but he hesitates for a second. "Th' professor's name?" He has a feeling on who it is.

"Yeah! My thought exactly!" Angie wholeheartedly agrees with his assessment. "I refused. And I don't know her name. She didn't even introduce herself to the class. I respectfully explained to her that I would not drink the poison, and a few other students protested. I was the only one who wouldn't cave. She told us to leave, if we wouldn't drink it. And when I did, she turn me into a BLOODY HIPPO. For not drinking POISON when she ordered it!"

Moody is quiet for a moment before he is looking back towards Angie for a second. "Did it occur to you Miss Johnson-that this professor-though her methods might be a bit off-"Whoa who is Moody to claim ANYONE's methods are a bit off. Still he holds up one gnarled finger for a moment "That she was trying to prepare you for the use of poisons? Also did it occur t' you that this Professor might have been picked by Dumbledore- to stand in for a reason? Trust me g'el when I say no harm will come to you in a class here.." Well you might be imperio'd all the same Moody is looking back towards the Dungeon. "Did she give you detention?"

And that really kind of does it. "No harm was supposed to come to us in HOGSMEADE either? Remember? It's all supposed to be safe up here! Constant vigilance? Drinking a poison by a woman that didn't even give me her NAME, and trusting that the other is an antidote is not vigilance!" Angie looks at him, tears starting to well in her eyes. "I couldn't do it, alright? In my gut, it was /wrong/. I couldn't DO IT."

"Hogsmeade is not Hogwarts.." Moody intones for a moment- after all he will always hold that the castle is safe and that Dumbledore can be trusted. Despite the fact he doesn't trust Snape- he is Dumbledore's man and so he is given some respite as far as an interrogation might go. She starts to show tears and there is a faint frown there before he is shaking his head "Well-you have it now. You will be aiding Miss Lovegood with her thingamabob." Wargle detector? Something like that, but he will see both students working on the project-and it would be good if more got to know her-he is feeling. "As for sticking to your gut

There's a screwing up of his face "Thirteen points to Gryffindor. Its hard t' stick to one's guns lass. Even when it would seem its th' thing not to."

Angelina looks away from the Professor. She is /not/ going to cry. But he has to understand why she did it. Its something she never did before. Once she gathers herself, she nods a little to him. UGH. Helping Luna with a project. Well. Its better than being a hippo. "Yes Professor." Her voice is quiet, and she doesn't even get joyful over the points. "Thank you, professor. I will help Luna." A glance at the plate of brownies. "Are you sure you don't want one? If you don't, is it okay if I go sit alone in the dorm for a bit, and eat the whole thing? I've..had a rough week."

Moody nods slowly back towards Angelina "Aye you may." added before he is turning in the direction of the class in question. Just because it happened, doesn't mean Moody is not going to go and talk to Moldovia about her teaching methods. He will however discipline one of his house for leaving, even with good cause and reason. "Get your detention done as soon as able-such as today. I'll be needing you if you're my assistant" with classes and the side project. With that the Stump-tap shuffle is heard as Moody lurches off in the direction of the dungeon

Angie turns to take her plate up the stairs, pausing at the bottom of the staircase. "Professor?" She pauses, then goes on. "I got my classes changed. I'm more than a semester behind in Herbology and Charms, but the professors say they will work with me. I wanted you to know. And Professor McGonagall approved it." She doesn't wait for his answer before turning to go up the stairs, plate in hand, and a brownie-filled pity party awaiting her.

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