1994-11-27: Brotherly Affection


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Scene Title Brotherly affection
Synopsis Jack goes to visit Sio in the Infirmary after the first task
Location Hogwarts Hospital Wing
Date Nov 27, 1994
Watch For Thinking Out Loud, and pride in smaller sibling.
Logger The brother

The day after the tournament's first competition has been a busy one. Madame Pomfrey has been in and out and in, feeding Siobhan potion after potion; each more foul than the last. Several visitors have shown up throughout the course of the day, but only the youngest were allowed in. She still hasn't forgiven the older of her Housemates for what she sees as abandonment. The only upsides to the day so far is that she hasn't had any visitors from outside her House and that - barring any negative developments - one more night in the Wing is all she'll need to suffer; classes on Monday would be a welcome relief from all this sitting.

It doesn't matter if Jack is visitor the first, or visitor the hundredth. He's here, and he steps into the infirmary quickly, deftly, and with a deep look of concern on his face. "Rosie." He speaks quietly, and looks at her, trying to gauge how she is doing. "You said you were fine but…" He worries anyway. Big brother thing. "What's going on?"

Blinking at the sudden - but not altogether unexpected - entrance, Siobhan shakes her head. She's tilting and turning, trying to see around Jack; looking for a thinner, bouncier body perhaps. "Where's Ali?" Well, there're her current priorities. "I was supposed t'meet him today, Jack. If I'm not there and he panics…" She shudders, feeling a sudden wash of pity for whoever Alistaire corners for answers. "Nothin's goin' on, I just ended up on th' wrong end of some seriously pissy bludgers. They publish anythin' on the task?"

"I let him know. He said he'd get here when he could." Jack frowns at the 'priorities', but says nothing. There's really nothing to say about it. "They published the basics, but left out the crap about you being hurt. I was trying to finish some stuff when Ed reached me…" Ed the Hyena, not Ed the Hitwizard, "and am just now getting to a stopping point. Madame Pomfrey getting you fixed up? Tell me what happened."

Holding her hands up to hopefully stave off the absolute flood of verbal diarrhea, Siobhan can't help a little laugh. "Calm down Jack. I'm fine." It's a point she illustrates by holding her hands out to either side. "Just mendin' the last bones an' makin' sure I don't have any bad reactions to the potions she needed to use on me." Dropping her arms - which does cause an odd twinge - she pulls her covers up higher on her chest. "I guess it wasn't real noteworthy, since pretty much everyone got hurt t' some degree."

Jack nods, starting to move to hug her, but something in the way she moves and shifts makes him stop cold. "Rosie…" She says she's fine. "Alright." He backs off, and sits down in a chair near her bed. "Yeah, it said something about a few bumps and bruises, but didn't mention any body coming to the hospital wing." He growls to himself. "But that rag's always leaving the important stuff out." He snorts. "How much longer you need to stay here?"

Something in his voice when he says her name makes Siobhan sit straighter, smile brighter. He doesn't need to worry about her more than he already does. "Just one more night. Barrin' anythin' really odd, I'll be allowed to go to classes tomorrow." Pushing her fringe back out of her face, Sio Changes Topics. "What were y'workin' on, then?"

"Did I tell you about the letter our esteemed Minister got during the trial?" Jack's not sure he had. "Something is bothering me about it. So, I've been trying to process it. Got through 'first ring' fine, but something in the second ring is really just…off" Jack has explained the way he goes about figuring curses out to his sister, most of it anyway. "So, I've been thinking about it, and musing…" Letting it ruminate in his mind. He's aware of the Topic Change, but figures it's her call.

"No, I hadn't heard about that…" Siobhan's face brightens just a little; she needed a distraction. She remembers about the rings, yeah. Useful way of figuring things, and a thought-process she's adapted to her own uses a time or two. "What'd it say?" She reaches over to her bedside table to sip at the glass of water there. "The letter I mean."

"Not a whole lot that was discernible, really, and some of it made no sense." Jack is into storytelling mode. "But when she opened it, a Dark Mark flew out of the thing and into the air." He frowns. "I wonder if some of the writing is part of the …" He should have thought of that, but his mind sometimes goes in odd directions first. "Only have a copy of the bloomin' thing, of course." Non-sequitur alert. "Have you met the two heads of experimental charms yet?" He asks with a smile.

"I haven't, no." Then a sudden thought strikes Siobhan. "They're not like Ali, are they?" As in, they blink and shite explodes… "Only a copy, huh… Have they checked the original for layers, d'you know?" A nod follows her brother's Thinking Out Loud. "Part of the incantation, yeah."

Jack laughs loudly. "You know, they actually do have that reputation. Things tend to blow up around them." He grins. "How did you know?" He shakes his head. "I dunno, I didn't' get to talk to them myself. I just wish I could collaborate with them, but I have a feeling they'd…" He listens to her following his train of thought. "Exactly. I should see…" He considers for a long time, in silence, then looks up to Sio again. "I'm proud of you, Rosie. Extremely proud of you." If she wasn't in pain, he'd probably be giving her a noogie, or at least a muss-the-hair gesture. As it is, he looks down to his lap at his hands.

"Hey, I know it's simple, but if you do get a chance at the original, run a set of Aparecium-spectrum spells for me?" Sometimes the simple things get overlooked, and there are definitely some wheels turning in Siobhan's head. One thing she has in common with her brother, that. "And I didn't know, just figured that'd be why you'd bring it up." Shrug. "Feelin' they'd what, Jack? Turn you down?" She snorts with disdain. "You're the best cursebreaker we've got north of Egypt. I highly doubt they'd turn you away." But of course, there's no bias there At All. Suddenly the fun's gone, though; she hates to see her brother like this. It's like Ali when he shuts down. Neither man feels right when they're not…up and out and throwing themselves into whatever they're talking about - or doing. "Thanks, Jack." Her voice is quiet, but the smile is genuine. "Hey, tell mum and Da I'm alright? I'd, uh…rather not have them down here fussin'." Because Edana would shriek at people for putting her baby in danger, and Michael would undermine the whole affair if he knew just how much danger his youngest was in.

With her words, the wheels start turning in Jack's head again. "Alrighty, Rosie. I'll humor you." He grins. "Yeah, I'll let 'em know. In fact, I'll just downplay it even more than you did with me. 'Cuz Mum on a tear won't do anybody any good." He grins, and chuckles. "Well, that may be as it may be…" The compliments are absorbed and appreciated, and he lets her know by acting arrogant. "I don't want to give her any ammunition." He frowns for a moment. "But I'll see if I can get ahold of those guys and see if they want some help." A shrug. "It can't hurt to offer." He nods quickly. "Mind if I just sit with you for a bit?"

"Aye, an' that's a fact." Their mother on a rampage would probably do more harm than good at this point. Rolling her eyes, Siobhan lobs one of the smaller, extraneous pillows at her brother. "Humor me, my arse." He knows she wouldn't ask without a serious hunch - or at least, he should. "Ammunition. That toad…" Yes, she's heard. "I heard some of the Ministry-poufs' kids talkin' this mornin'. How'd she get that shite pushed through the Wizengamot?" The disappointment and anger in her voice makes plain the unspoken question; how could their father have let that happen?

Jack hears the unspoken question. "I think he's waiting for the bigger fights, Rosie." He's not exactly sure what a bigger fight would be, but he's sure there's some reason. "You know I'm not the best at that political stuff. I'm the 'hex 'em all, and let Merlin sort 'em out' kind of guy." He grins. "You need to be resting, though, not gettin' crazy-go-nuts over political stuff. Calm down, or Poppy Pomfrey'll pitch me right out of here." He jerks a thumb toward her office.

Siobhan snorts with amusement - nice diversion, Jack. "She would not an' you know it!" Her trademark grin shows the first signs of popping up. "I think you're the one person alive who could sweet-talk that woman." Speak of the devil and he shall appear! Madame Pomfrey bustles in with a tray of small vials. Siobhan, though she makes a face, downs the lot and yawns. "Sorry, Jack…these things always knock me out." She gestures lazily towards the stack of mags on the table by her bed. "Stay if y'can… I'm just gonna…nap a bit…" One more yawn and she curls onto her side; fast asleep.

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