1995-04-19: Brotherly Advice


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Scene Title Brotherly Advice
Synopsis Fred's having a bit of girl problems and confides in Bill.
Location The Burrow - Yard
Date Apr 19, 1995
Watch For Girls are Nutters
Logger Hurricane Bill

With Fleur working part-time at the bank on weekends, Bill's gotten his schedule shuffled around so that he's now working weekends. All the better to end his shift around Fleur's! At any rate, he's free today, so is outside enjoying the downtime. Spring's coming fast and with it, warmer weather. Stretching out his arms as he walks, he heads back towards the Burrow, coming from the orchard.

Outside just enjoying the warmer weather is one half of the Weasley's twins. A herbology book in hand Fred actually looks like he might be studying, which is a tad rare. He however starts to mutter to himself as he flips pages looking for something specific. Catching sight of Bill heading his way Fred closes the book with a bit of a bang and lifts a hand to his older brother, "Howdy Gringott's worker one." He chimes.

"Since when have you taken to studying while on holiday?" Bill asks as his long legged strides bring him quickly back to the house. The herbology book is given a curious look, "Thought you and the others might be gathering up for a bit of Quidditch." Which sounds like fun to him, he hadn't played a casual game in ages.

Fred's ears go a slight red as he looks at the book, "Oh no studying, just working on something for a lady. Don't tell mom, I think she was getting all gushy seeing me reading. Wouldn't want to disappoint." He chuckles lightly and swinging himself out of the seat grabs the book and tucks it under his arm, "Don't know what everyone is up to. George is being pissy in our room or something so don't even try and talk to that prat."

Bill frowns in concern as he drops to have a seat next to Fred. "It's not like the pair of you to get your knickers in a twist at each other." The twins are as close to each other as he is with Charlie. "So a pick up game is right out." His gaze drops to the book briefly and says, "Don't let it become a habit, the book. Mum might mistake you for Percy." There's a slight pause, then he asks, "Just /what/ are you working on for a lady?"

Fred drops down into the seat again next to Bill, "My knickers ain't in any twist, he just needs to stop wanting to kill me. Not my bloody fault…" Alright it is and Fred frowns slightly. Looking to the book as he sets it in his lap, "Well this girl Nia suggested something to instantly pick you up. You know awakening. This bloke Neville mentioned some plants can do that, so figured I'd check it out. But can't find a thing that might taste good. Probably have to think of a charm next." He reaches up a hand to brush hair out of his face.

"Why.. in the name of Merlin's saggy buttocks.. is George wanting to kill you?" As far as Bill's concern, any sort of disquiet in the family is going to come first here for discussion. Everyone just takes it that Percy's a prat, and that's that. But the others? Typical brotherly issues there, except for this bit now between the twins. He sighs a bit, planting his hands behind him in the grass, bracing him up. "Some of the more effective plants, they're going to have the worst taste. Who needs the pick me up? You or George?"

Fred chuckles lightly and shrugs his shoulder before tilting his head from side to side, "Ah well yeah, that…" He pauses and makes an awkward face, "Well there was the time I pretended to be him and kissed him girlfriend and I don't know if he knows but sort of was just me and did it again. Now she's all pissy at me and he's being a right prat about it, not my fault she's gorgeous." He shrugs like it could happen to anyone and taps the book, "Oh no, agreed to go on a date with Nia, she just said the suggestion for the item and it would sell." Anything for galleons.

Bill groans.. he just.. groans and raises a hand to cover his face. "Idiot." Yet, it's said in fond exasperation. "You got yourself into a right mess.." There's another sigh, "It would have been a girl. Dunno what to tell you about this. Can't say I've ever been in such a situation. Try talking to him and apologizing. Or I'll lock you both in the broom shed until you're hugging again." As to making money and such, Bill nods. "Maybe a pick me up for exam time, right? There's loads that can be used. What do you want, effectiveness versus taste? Or both?"

Fred looks a tad defensive for a moment, "Well she likes me…just don't know what to do. Was arguing with her one moment and had a sudden urge to kiss her and couldn't stop my stupid self. Now my fault see. And no don't lock me in with him, he'll give me a black eye or something." He shrugs at the product question, "Well taste has to be good, cause otherwise why buy it, but yeah good balance I'm going for.

"Would serve you both right, to get matching black eyes," Bill points out. "Only way through this is to talk to him. Who does she like more? You or George? There's no easy fix for this, sorry to say it." Sorry, and a bit morbidly amused. He slides back to lay on the grass, folding his arms beneath his head. "Hmmm.. Let me think a bit, see if I can suggest something for you lot to use."

Fred looks to Bill like he has grown a horn in the middle of his forehead, "Hey, I deserve a black eye? Totally uncalled for mate." He chuckles and shakes his head as he props his chins on his elbow, "But yeah, that's the problem. You ask Angie who she likes more and all she says is she likes us both in different ways. Girls are right nutter." Flipping open the herbology book he adds to the other line of questioning, "Well if I could find something that can mask the taste of anything."

"All's fair in love and war, little brother." Who is not so little anymore. "Just saying it like it is. The two of you can't live under the same roof and work together if you stay at each other's throats over a girl," Bill points out quite matter of factly. "Oh? It's Angelina Johnson then? Ouch. I'm glad I'm not in your shoes. Girls are nutters, in their own way, that much is true." Take Fleur for example, she's such an odd one. But beautiful and likable in a weird way. "Fred, if you could find that, you'd be richer than Midas."

Nodding his head quickly Fred says, "Yeah see what I mean, of all people he has to ask out before I can it's Angie. Totally unfair…then I go and ask Nia out to get off Angie's case and all Angelina does is yell at me and get mad. Makes no bloody sense." He says exasperated, "And yeah I'll figure it out eventually with George, just giving him his space to cool down. You never wanna bug him to much when he's in this mood, it's like a dragon with to much sugar."

"Charlie might argue about that.. dragons on too much sugar that is." Stretching out his long legs, Bill pushes back upright. "It's a bit obvious to me.. Angelina thought you were still fancying her, but you turn around and ask out another girl. They don't tend to like that much." It makes a lot of sense to Bill, but he's an outsider on this matter. He turns, grinning to Fred and claps a hand to his shoulder. "Believe it or not, it's all part of teenaged romances. It'll pass."

Fred looks to Bill and waves a hand in the air, "Oh Charlie isn't the expert on dragon…wait he is. Wonder what a dragon with sugar would be like." He gets his to fast brain off topic for a second then shakes his head after a touch of pondering and shrugs, "Girls are nutter…plain and simple, but that makes sense I guess. Does it get easier or are they just as confusing when they're older?" He asks cause older brothers should have all the wisdom.

"Ask him, then just watch the look he gets in his eye as he talks about them," Bill says, and there's a faint gleam of amusement in his eyes. "Sorry, they don't get any easier to understand or interpret. Regardless of whether or not they speak English." Egyptian, English… French.. women are women. "It's almost easier to learn how to speak goblin than talk to women."

Fred gives Bill an exasperated look, "That just bloody unfair you hear me." He taps his fingers on his leg lightly, not one to sit to still for to long, and leans back from his hunched over position, "To bad woman aren't like quidditch. Straight forward, you know the rules and just have to hit things hard…though don't hit a girl. That's just not good form."

"You're telling me," Bill says as he pushes up from the ground, brushing grass from his backside. "Just be yourself around them, it's not that complicated. It only feels that way. I'm going to go in, peek in on George a bit. If I get any ideas about what you can use for the pick me up, I'll let you know."

Fred nods his head towards Bill and opens his book again, "Yeah, he says anything I could use as an apology, feel free to tell me." He chuckles and tries his best to look studious for there mother, gotta try and freak her out sometimes.

Bill shakes his head. "When you least expect it, I'm locking you two together in a closet," he says before disappearing on into the house.

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