1994-10-05: Brief Encounter


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Scene Title Brief Encounter
Synopsis Harry hides out in the Library, though not without some unexpected company by Elizabeth.
Location Hogwarts, Library
Date October 05, 1994
Watch For No recognition of the Boy Who Lived's fame
Logger Elizabeth

Hogwarts, Library

Diffused golden light is given off by enclosed globes of flame bracketed to towering mahogany bookshelves, flickering into even the dustiest recesses of the stacks. Here and there, open areas are littered with open tables, each set with chairs comfortable enough to sit in for hours, should one of the students need to study that long. At the end of certain popular shelves, small end tables with decorative lace doilies offer non-functional stained-glass lamps. The librarian's table is set near the expansive doors, kept impeccable neat. Hidden away in the darkness to the back of the library is a roped-off section, a wooden plaque overhead reading 'Restricted Section: Do Not Enter Without Permission'.

It's probably unusual that anyone ever catches Harry in the library. And without Hermione no less. Will miracles never cease? But there he is, working his way among one of the dusty racks of books, apparently in search of some book or another.

The quiet of the library isn't even interrupted by the light whispers of students as they murmur to one another in the many many rows of bookshelves. Madam Irma Pince occasionally glances up from behind her counter, peering at the students nearby before returning to stamping books. At one of the empty tables sits a young Ravenclaw girl in silence. Her long raven black hair tied up into a neat and precise French braid, sky blue eyes glancing through her wire round-rimmed glasses over the book before her as her fingertips brush over the worn, yellowed pages of Advanced Rune Translation. Releasing a slow breath, she leans back further in her chair, comfortable as her slender fingers flip the page aside, only for her hand to rise to the bridge of her nose and absently push up the glasses on her nose. With her chin still down, her eyes glance up briefly, just enough to spot Harry moving through one of the aisles, searching apparently. The Ravenclaw girl lifts a brow, "Are you looking for a particular subject?" she murmurs out loud to him, but not so loud to draw attention from Madam Pince. A practiced art in itself.

Harry darts his gaze from the shelves, the green eyes scanning the room for the sound of the voice. "Nothing in particular." he returns equally as quiet. The deep green of his eyes scan the girl, as if trying to place where he might know her from. But it doesn't readily come to him.

Elizabeth watches him for a moment before a hand lifts to push her round-rimmed glasses along her nose again, "Well that's a pity. There's always interesting things to find out here. It just depends on what you are interested in." A brow lifts behind her glasses, her sky blue eyes shifting to the doors of the Library with some curiosity. Though nothing happens after a moment and she looks back to Harry, peeking above the books from the row he's in. "Hm, well this is a good place to 'hide out', sort to speak. Not many come here recreationally like I do, so if someone comes looking for you I can always cover you." The faintest hint of a smile tugs at her lips before she glances back to her book, only part of her attention on it. "Elizabeth Dweedle."

"Yeah, not many people would think to look for me in here." Harry comments offhandedly as he plucks a book off the shelf. The Finer Points of Dueling. Hey, this might be interesting. Holding the book, he works his way over towards where she is sitting. "Harry." is all he offers. If she doesn't know his last name by now, something is wrong.

"Again, a good hide out. And almost sad at the same time." Elizabeth shrugs a shoulder at that, her sky blue eyes glancing to the title of the book as he approaches her table. Her gaze only lingers there for a moment before she closes the book in front of her, "Hello then, Harry." She doesn't seem to have any apparent recognition, nor does her eyes instinctively flick to his scar like most others are known to do. Instead her slender fingers set aside the worn copy of Advanced Rune Translation, reaching for her knapsack and shuffling through it before pulling out not a text or reference book, but a English to French dictionary.

Harry can't stifle the snicker that comes out of him as he glances across the table. "Hey, when half the school hates your guts and wants to pound you into a pulp… you hide wherever you can." he says, casually opening the book and flipping a few of the pages.

Elizabeth arches a brow at that, "Huh. I wonder if that means that wanted men hide out in book stores. I should ask my parents if the store has something in its history about harboring outlaws. It sounds plausible…" she seems to ponder out loud to herself for a bit before her sky blue eyes glance up to him, lifting a brow. "You must have enraged a Slytherin Prefect to get that much attention. I wouldn't imagine the other houses being that… well, brutal."

"It's mainly Slytherin. And no, it wasn't a Prefect." he says. Can you blame them? Harry's nemesis, well, one of them anyhow calls that House his home. You might know him. Tall. Platinum blond hair. Arrogant jerk. Yeah, him. "I figure if I give it a few minutes, it should be safe for me to make it back to my common room.

Elizabeth glances back to the door for a moment before shrugging a shoulder, "If they come in here, you can always duck into the invisibility section." A hand reaches up to lightly push up her round-rimmed glasses as her sky blue eyes return to Harry. "Should be. There are enough hallways and corners to avoid people."

"That's always an option." Harry admits, turning a few more pages. It's amazing what you find in the library. This book is actually interesting. "Especially in this school. Never know where that next moving staircase is going to send you." he adds, skimming the other pages quickly. "Actually, I think I'm going to go check this out. Nice meeting you." he says, standing up to head towards the librarian’s desk.

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