Braeden McCauley
Portrayed By Unknown
House Gryffindor
Year 6th
Position Prefect
Sex Male
Race Human
Age 17
Place of Birth Glasgow, UK
Date of Birth 12 Dec, 1976
First Appearance 1994 Sorting and Feast
Last Appearance

“I want to become like them. To protect the people that I care about and those who cannot help themselves. Nobody should have to be afraid of the dark. Afraid that one day they might have a Death Eater standing at their doorstep.” - Braeden

Character History:

His first year came to a close soon enough and a long and boring summer came upon him as he was stuck unable to cast the things he'd learned or perfect himself in such. He hadn't made many friends at all the first year but he didn't really care. Deep down though, he wanted to be recognized by more than just the professors or at least, in some part of his heart he wanted to meet others if only to fill the void that was there.

Braeden joined the Quidditch team in his second year of Hogwarts as a Chaser upon his return which seemed to be rather promising considering his skill with the broomstick. Some were surprised at how good he was to start out and the fact that he managed to get on the team at such a low year though he wasn't the particular best at it if only an equal to the others around him. He managed to slip in just well enough and helped the team on towards victories over the other houses. His time on the team would continue onward through his third year at Hogwarts before the arrival of the infamous Harry Potter where he'd choose to lay down his broom for a time.

During the coming years, Braeden would prove himself to be quite the upstanding individual within Gryffindor House with numerous occasions of standing up for his fellow members in the face of Slytherin and otherwise. Always was he choosing to play the good guy for those that he'd become friends with now with a growing reputation for such. After all, he had his mother's temper when it came to it and both of his parents hard-headedness when it came to such things. One such incident would be that of the wizard's duel between him and another Slytherin student by the name of Xander Cross when the young man attempted to attack one of the his fellow students. Word spread like wildfire over this and consequentially led to the student being expelled in the process due to the significance of the tracer on them and the subsequent intervention of the professors before anything lethal could happen. It most likely wouldn't be the last that Braeden would see him. Investigation pending upon the Gryffindor students inciting the incident would come underway though they'd be found to have been innocent in the deal otherwise.

Recently with the years leading up to his sixth, Braeden seems to be achieving his goal that he set out for with high marks on the O.W.L exams that could allow his entrance into the required courses he'd need for time to come. Surprisingly, he even managed Severus Snape's potion class in the process, something of which he had wondered about.

The coming of the next year will prove to him as to whether he could truly obtain what it is he desires, something of which he'd strive for with everything that he is.

((Note: A significant part of the background was not listed here due to Hogwarts Students and otherwise not having knowledge of it. Any information centered around his Father or the presumed deaths of his mother and brother would only be known to Ministry officials and others who worked in the Hitwitch and Auror professions around 9 years ago. If not, they could find out through the right channels or may have even heard talk about it regarding his Father. Find out in roleplay if you want as i'd enjoy the chance to RP it. Otherwise, Braeden tends to keep it to himself.))


Braeden is generally easygoing with those that he knows and cares about while he finds himself constantly paranoid of his surroundings. While kind on one end, he's a protector by nature. Don't be surprised if he steps in when he feels someone is about to hurt someone else or if he feels that ill tidings will come by the actions taken towards that person. Another part of his personality to note would be his own short fuse. Mixed with a stubborn streak and an almost infallible willpower, this can be a bad thing.

Other Information

Wand: A 11" bright wand made of hornbeam with a phoenix feather core.
Patronus: A Silver Dire Wolf.
Specialties: DADA, Charms, and Flying
Abilities/Trained and otherwise: Over the years, Braeden has developed himself into the skill of silent casting. While this will be used in roleplay, the spell names and such will be marked in the poses though don't expect him to do this all the time.

Memorable Quotes:

Trivia and Notes:

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