1995-09-01: Boys Will Be Boys


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Scene Title Boys will be Boys.
Synopsis Slytherins return to their dungeons for the new year.
Location Sytherin Common Room
Date Sept 01, 1995
Watch For Sneaky Portrait!Snake
Logger Bean

The start of the new school year has finally arrived. Julian is much more sanguine about his second year than he was about the first. However, as he enters the Common Room, he still looks around for exits and commits the paths of most traffic to memory. Again. He moves to sit in his normal seat on the couch, noticing that he takes up a little more space than he did before. This makes him smile for a moment, before he sprawls out on the seat. "So glad to be back." It's spoken with complete relief. He waves to a couple of friends, and then settles back in to see how things are.

It's a rare thing, to find Draco Malfoy alone. But alone he is, sitting upon the table in the best condition as though he were royalty. With brows furrowed in an expression of concentration, he scribbles along the piece of parchment that lies before him with diligence. His script is small, pointed and precise, and the only time the scraping of the quill stops is when the fifth year pauses to glance around with Common Room with clear suspicion and wariness. Someone is clearly not as pleased to be back in the castle.

Bored out of her mind - because this week happens to be really slow - and itching for some trouble, Siobhan has traversed the myriad of portraits along the castle walls until ending up in a lovely autumn forest scene along one of the shadier walls of the Common Room. Seeing several familiar faces - as well as some new ones - Siobhan grins wickedly to herself and points her tiny wand at herself. She may be out for trouble, but she's not stupid. Getting recognized here could jeopardize a lot. A few whispered words and suddenly instead of Sio, there is a Really Big Snake (TM). Said Really Big Snake slithers soundlessly through other paintings until she can find a spot closer to the fire - and, coincidentally, one Draco Malfoy. Oh joy.

Though they had seen one another at some point in the summer, it has still been weeks since anyone has seen hide nor hair of Rene. Partially, it was because of what happened at Beaubaxtons. What was going on, back in France. He did not go back himself, but for a time- his father and mother did, leaving him and the other children with their oldest sister to look after them. Vivien and his wife returned just in time to send Rene off to school. It has left his son with a measure of anxiety about what is going to happen to the sudden influx of students practically just like him. Rene has had a whole year to acclimate to Hogwarts; these French students are already reminding him of himself, last year. At first he was astounded when someone on the train mentioned that he was just like that.

Now, he is just curious to see how it changes some things around here. When the local Frenchie finally turns up in the common room, it is with a somewhat bewildered expression, as if he had just walked out of a wind machine. Being here first is also unfortunate- the new ones are apt to accost him for various reasons.

"Fre—" The moniker doesn't really apply now, does it. "D'Allegmange!" Julian pats the seat beside him. "Come sit down. Tell me about your summer." He scoots over to the edge of the seat. The very little boy is just a tiny bit bigger, and he's looking a little better proportioned. Not much though. "How are your Abraxans?" That's a leading question if you ever heard one. He notices the dazed look, and just ignores it for now.

That odd painting of the rather large serpent doesn't move much. The forked tongue flickers occasionally, but for the most part, it would seem that the snake is sleeping.

"Mon Dieu." Rene answers breathlessly, practically descending on Julian in a flutter of black robes, landing thigh-first onto the seat nearby. He peeks, squirrel-like, up over the edge of the back before leaning in conspiratorially. "Was I like that? Really?" Seems he has had a day's fill of himself already. Both boys have sprouted a little over the summer, and still are rather- neck and neck, so to speak.
"They are well. Father took Pollux to France, Castor was distressed for a while- they are back together again, now."

Julian snickers just a little, getting up to fetch something, and passing by Malfoy in the process. He is still looking Rene's way, and not paying attention. His foot snags on Malfoy's bag, and he does a funny little hop to try to avoid falling on his face. Luckily, he manages to do so. "Malfoy, would you please move your bag?" He words his request politely, infusing the tone with the same sentiment. Grabbing his own bag, he lugs it over. "Look, Frenchie. Let me show you.." The nickname falls out before he can catch it. "Not so bad, I don't think. But I'm not exactly the best one to ask. I was a bit … unsettling myself." He snorts. "Everybody was new." In other words, maybe, but Bean is too nice to say so. "I had a brilliant summer…." He grins widely.

"Fantastic. It is good to hear that." Rene fusses a moment with the arms of his robes. They also seem to be the same set from last year- there was a notch in the fabric he kept forgetting to fix along the right side cuff. "I am not sure what to expect, with all of them here- I think one called me a 'defector' on the train." The boy looks bewildered again as he thinks about it. "It's not like I was a spy or …something."

Julian gives an eager nod, about to start in on an anecdote about his new family, or something, when Rene's comments stop him. "I don't think you're a defector. That's dumb." And that's twelve-year-old logic for you. "You should tell them you're an ambassador or something. That you are the one person between them and all us crazy Englishmen." He giggles at that, thinking it very funny. "Do you want to see the pictures? We got to go to a few Quidditch games, and Gabe took all these pictures…." He pulls out a little book of them.

Rene laughs, almost dryly. "Ambassador. True, that. Yes, yes, let me see." This may be cute in some respects; Rene is sitting up to look after Julian's hands and the small book of pictures he produces out of his bag. "This was your first summer with all of this- I think I expected a bigger batch than that." Take more pictures! Next you know, Bean will be the next Creevey brother, just wait and see.

"S'not me taking them, Frenchie." Bean snickers, pointing out a few more. "It's Gabriel. Look, see? I've got bunny ears on Gareth. He never noticed." Julian sounds more like a little kid right now than he ever has. It's a good thing, really. "Did you do anything fun this summer?"

"Bunny ea- oh-" Rene didn't know what Julian meant until he looks down and sees a little pip of fingers behind Gareth's hair. "Oh, now I wonder if you have ever done that to me." It is funny when it doesn't happen to you! "For some time we were home alone, with my sister. She spoiled us rotten. We got some new birds, too. This was our first summer here, so it was very much settling in. The animals like it here, which is the biggest thing we were worried about."

Julian nods, as he listens to the story. "No, I'd never done it before this picture. And Mam wasn't really pleased when I did it then. I have to tell the picture-boy to behave around Mam." He grins, happy to have someone to call that. "That's really good that they do." A hint of the old Bean reappears, and he shivers a little. "It's been a bit scary listening to the news and stuff, though."

"I have not heard much, after what happened at Beaubaxtons. My father was the one to always sit us down, but Isabella does not know the same people he does. We only had the Prophet." Rene makes a short commentary on the goings on from his secluded point, rubbing one palm along a wiry bicep. "And the Prophet is never entirely truthful, I would suppose. Newspapers never tend to be." Lest there be further panic.

Julian gazes over at Rene with raised eyebrows for a moment, then lowers them with a small smile.. "Yeah, that's true." That's where they got most of their news as well. "They only say what sells papers best." And if that happens to be the truth, or something on the opposite end of it, they don't really care. At least that's how Bean sees it. " "I heard it was during the summer, though, so there weren't any students hurt." That's important, isn't it? "They're all here, then?"

"It was a beautiful school." Rene does seem sad about that much. "I heard that Madame Maxime's Abraxans got loose- that it took them days to round them up too." He supposes that this part is hearsay, though it sounds true enough.
"I think so. Seems to be the case. I am not sure if they are going to stay within the houses, or if they may get a part of the grounds to themselves. We shall see, won't we?"

Julian listens to Rene, and purses his lips in worry. "I never got to see it. I would have liked to." Maybe they'll rebuild, but not right now. He shifts in his seat, moving the photo album from his lap, and turns to fully face his friend. "Your family in France is okay?" This is the important question, right?

"My relatives live inland, they are well." Rene lifts his browline a little at Julian's physical shift. Hm. "I have some cousins that are school age wizards- I do not know if they will be here, or if they will be schooled at home." Contrary to belief, not all of them really know one another. Distance happens.

Julian nods, and turns to face outward again, though he still keeps his body comfortably arranged on the seat. "Well, that's good." The part where they're all okay. He doesn't comment on not-knowing. Knowing is the new thing for him. He yawns, and stretches his arm in the air. "It's been a long day." And the train ride seemed packed and interminable.

"And we begin classes in the morning." Rene has mixed feelings. On one hand- HOGWARTS! On the other- Ew, school. He sighs out through his nose. "I'll race you for the non-squeaky bed?"

"If Montrose hasn't gotten there first!" Julian grabs his stuff, packing it into his bag, and stands to rush to the room. "Ready, set, Go!" He's already started moving before he finishes the 't' in 'Set'.

It is something to say about the pair, that neither of them wait until Julian actually says go. Rene is practically leaping over the arm of the plush sofa when Bean starts off early, a flutter of robe and blonde hair whizzing into place beside him, as they both manage to look like complete idiots, racing madly for the dorms. Boys will be boys.

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