1996-08-15C: Both??


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Scene Title Both??
Synopsis Jack gives Kee a scolding, and Harvey arrives. Nothing can possibly go wrong.
Location Jack's Place
Date 0815/1996
Watch For Visions aplenty.
Logger Cianan

Awhile after that visit to the house elves to procure coffee for the meeting, Cianan decided he didn't -actually- want to go to the meeting afterall. As he's wont to do, he meandered the school grounds for a bit, and then made his way back to Jack's office. Notably, he brought back snacks. Because that is just how he rolls. And he does all this as if he's not at all going to get into any trouble.

Instead of spending time with his cousin and his girl, Jack is frantic. He knows where the kid is, because he cast a quiet tracking charm on him when he arrived. He knows how these things go. However, when his cousin heads up to the school, he gets antsy. He frowns, starting to pace — a bit like Mum, actually, and isn't that unnerving — and sighs, running a hand through his hair. The tracking charm tells him where Kee is, but not how he is. Jack figures that his sister might say something if she knew something was wrong, but the castle is a bloody big place.

Kee the klueless teenager (see what I did there) walks into the pacing room and drops the bag of pastries on the nearest flat surface. "Geez Jack, you're pacing like Aunt Edana does. That's creepy." And he knows creepy amirite? "I swear she wore a hole in the floor before the reception." So he points at treats. "I'd say have one of those, but maybe sugar isn't the best thing for you right now. Tea?"

If Kee thought it was creepy that Jack was pacing like Edana, the torrent of words that flow out of his mouth might remind him of his aunt, too. "Cianan Tyler. You scared five years off my life, lad." The brogue is coming out. He's stressed. "You could have been hurt. Don't run off like that again, or … " He isn't sure what he'll do. "You'll be in a world of trouble." He hears himself, and shudders. "You're right. I do sound like Mum. That's bloody scary, that is. But the point stands," and he emphasizes it with an actual point of his fingers. "Don't run off again without tellin' me, you hear?"

One other part about being a teenager? Always hungry. So of course, Cianan rummages for one of the pastries and breaks a piece off to start chewing. Chewing that abruptly stops when Jack starts scolding him - maybe a few flakes of buttery flaky dough fall from his lips while he stares for a second too. "Okay, okay! I felt the tracking spell. I figured that'd be enough. Now I feel sorry for your future kids, man. You've got the whole, you know, scary look goin on." That's all said after he chews. "You know anything about that Harvey lawyer guy?" Tooooootally changing the topic here. Yes he is! Or trying, anyway.

"There's no need to be rude," Jack chides again before ruffling Kee's hair and reaching down to grab a pastry of his own. He's a little hungry too. He hasn't forgotten the point of the conversation, though. "You felt the spell. Well, it's still polite for you to let me know you're running off." He snorts. "I understand that I might not be the best company, especially now, but …" He runs out of steam. "Just let me know, alright?" And that's the end of that. He considers Kee's comment about the lawyer. "Harvey? Not a lot, why? I know he's Jake's friend. Met him once, I think." He frowns.

"It's not that. I leave whenever I'm with Sio and Professor Snape walks in too." He tries to duck away from the hair ruffling out of habit and reflex. But winds up unable to quite escape. Instead, he's greeted to flashes of an entire family of worried boys looking for their little sister. It makes him wince, of course, and his shoulders slump. "I get it now. I get it. Have I mentioned how much I hate 'seeing' things? Because I really hate it. There's so much shit I just don't want to know." Scowl. "Just wondering. I met him today. And, obviously, he grabbed my hand to shake it."

"Where were your gloves?" Jack frowns again. "And nobody told him? Or just not in time?" He knows how these things go. It's been a long summer for all of them. He gestures to a seat, and sighs. "I'm sorry, kid. It's a rough thing to bear." He can't imagine it, and wishes he could help. "And there's me forgetting again." He shook his head. "Nothin' bad, I hope?" It's meant to be a tease, but it only comes out half-joking. He's still pretty stressed from being worried.

"Forgot 'em." Obviously. Because it's Kee. "Nobody told him in time." He slumps all into the gestured to chair. "Don't worry, Siobhan ruffles my hair a lot too." And isn't THAT usually fun for him. "Huh? Nah, just you all hunting for Siobhan because she wanders off. Seen you other times though. Nothing bad." Which boy, does he sound relieved about. "As for Harvey, I saw him and Jake back at Salem when they were kids. And one sorta recent thing I think. Or maybe future thing. Watching over Jake in a muggle hospital."

Jack nods, listening to the recitation. "Wonder if it has something to do with what's going on, or what we're feeling at the time, because I was feeling about the same as I was then. He munches idly on the pastry. "You've gotta remember them. Or learn to conjure some if you can. I know it's summer, so the stupid trace, but you can always ask me. I'm sure you could ask Rosie or Sev, too." He knows they both understand the need to keep his skin covered. The mention of Salem gets a wordless wince. There are memories connected to that school that he wants to keep hidden, away from the unwilling eyes of his young seer cousin. Kee doesn't need to see that. At all. He looks away, taking another bite, still quiet and pensive.

Cianan actually looks thoughtful at that, his eyes narrowing a little as cogs and wheels turn inside the brain. "Yeah, I should learn to conjure them. Jake had someone bring me a pair after the hand grab. It's nearing fall at least, so the long sleeves won't look so out of place anymore." He's gotten used to it. Now he just needs a pair of mirrored sunglasses and a leather jacket to look like he belongs in an 80's Michael Jackson video. "Lighten up, cousin. Can't be both of us broody. Family dinners would turn boring."

"You're not a bad liar for a kid." The voice at the door is low, male and dry. Harvey - sharp in his designer suit - leans against the doorframe, arms folded over his chest. "You didn't mention a hospital at the time." Pushing off the door, he steps more fully into the office, hands in his pockets while he looks around. "I've got paperwork for you, Jack. I can leave it with you to read and come back if now's a bad time."

"But that's part of my amazing charm, lad. My broodiness. Where do you think you got it?" Jack winks, pulled out of his blue thoughts by Kee's words. He chuckles, and nods at the comments about style. "Or, you could just say you've got a mild skin condition. Which, from a certain point of view, is true." He grins, waggles his eyebrows, and opens his mouth to say something else when he hears an unfamiliar voice at his door. "Which part in particular is he lying about, Specter?" His words are more curious than accusing, but there is a hint of protective!bigbrother in there. He stands, turning to face the lawyer. "Paperwork. Fun. What this time?" He sighs, opening his hand to take it. "And, no, I'm just gettin' after my little cousin for his escape trick. Come in and sit down, take a load off."

Cianan winces, for real, when he hears Harvey's voice. "I prefer to think of it as being good at keeping people's secrets." he counters, focusing his big ol blue eyes on the lawyer. "It didn't seem like something you'd want shared with the people that were there." He's remarkably discreet for his age. And for a second he just looks old. Dude has he -ever- seen some bad shit. That was mild. "Is that what it is, Jack. Your broodiness? I don't have the ladies fawning all over me like you do. I'll have to work on it." he adds dryly. But quiets then, because he's totally trying to be nosy and get an eyeful of the paperwork.

Harvey nods his head to one side in acknowledgment of the kid's point. "That's about what I figured. What I don't get is what I could possibly have done that would make you think I'd want Jack to hear about it." His sharp gaze lifts to the man in question as he strolls further into the office. "No offense." It's nothing personal, but Harvey's not the type to like anyone getting a peek at the one chink in the otherwise flawless armor covering his soft, vulnerable underbelly. "Nothing painful, I promise. That's more of a third date kinda deal." And the only indication that he's not totally serious is a slight crinkling of the skin around his eyes. "Your six month contract renewal needs review and your signature. I have both versions depending on which role your schedule for the autumn and winter will allow."

"He's family," Jack shrugs. "He didn't say much other than it was you at school. No specifics. He's learning the vague language it takes to live with it. But he does tell us what he sees in general. It helps keep him sane, I think." He smiles. "That assumes a first date, Harvey." He winks. Yes, he's thoroughly taken, but it'll take him being dead for him not to flirt. And, then, depending on circumstances, he may still flirt with whoever he finds. "Yeah, let me look over it. Part of this is going to depend on Maura, part on what Rosie's got up her sleeve." He's fully aware that Sio and Sev are kind of running things, no matter what they let people think. "You got time for a drink?" To Kee, he grins. "See? Already talking about dates." There's another quick wink, and he takes a bite of his pastry before he gets up to get two glasses for them.

"You weren't here. And since it was neither incriminating, or horrifying, I confided in a family member. But I promise if I see something like you getting operated on while awake with no anesthetic, I'll keep it to myself." Ahhh, there's tne unrepentant little shit again. He does come out often, doesn't he? Cianan's voice is sharp and bitter there, but not unusually so for a moody teen. He's also lyng. Cause he'd totally tell if it looked like a future thing. But hey look, more pastries. He's already moving on to continue eating more of those. "What depends on Sio and Maura? Or is this one of those things I don't get to hear about until I 'see' it anyway." He also smirks at flirting-cousin.

Jack's response is let stand, but Cianan's snarky retort actually gets a clench of Harvey's jaw and a tightening of the skin around his mouth. "Maura or Siobhan?" he asks, because he's already been compiling a legal defense for whichever of them ends up with the opportunity to murder this 'Shadow'. No kid should have seen the kind of gore that's in those reports. He's not a kid anymore and he doesn't want to know what's in those reports. Quick to move on to more pleasant trains of thought, he shoots Jack a sharp and crooked grin. "You oughta be careful about telling me no, Jack. I can't resist a challenge." And with his odd mix of confidence, danger and charm, he has a terrifying habit of winning. "I've got time, yeah. Jake's gonna meet me here when he's made it through… something to do with bones?" He shrugs. "Wasn't really paying attention. It sounded boring." He might have rethought that stance if he'd known it was Bones and not bones, but alas. "Whatcha got?" And he almost - almost - manages to behave and simply leave decisions about what to tell the kid up to his cousin. "Please don't tell me someone's knocked up, Jack. That is not a complication we need right now." Almost.

Jack blinks. "Knock —" He addresses Harvey first, moving to look through his collection of booze, pulling out an old, expensive Scotch he thinks the lawyer will appreciate. "No small ones yet, that I'm aware of. I'm fairly seriously committed to Maura, though, and you've seen the shite that Rosie gets herself into. I've told Rosie I'll help her with taking care of that rat bast —" He cuts himself off again, busying himself with showing the label to his guest, making sure he'll drink it. "This good enough for you?" He winks. "I'm not saying 'no'. " He's not saying 'yes', either, and presumably, both men know this. To Cianan, he snorts. "It's probably a 'you'll find out more before I do, since you're playin' with Rosie's merry band of kids." Yes, he means the MA. "Let me see the papers." He's returned his attention to Harvey again.

"Both." Kee doesn't see any point in equivocating about that. He's not finished yet though! Lalala. Nope, still not finished. He also adds, at the mention of someone being knocked up or not. "Too early based on the weather; Give that a few months and ask again about the knocking-up though." Is he screwing with them? He must be screwing with them. Right? He didn't even bother commenting on the flirtatious innuendo-ish words being tossed about the room. "I figure there's a line now. Of people who'll be ready with something to kill the fu… twisted individual in question. You adding yourself to the list, lawyer man?" To Jack, he smiles brightly. He's waiting for his cousin to go pale first, honestly. But. "Don't worry, I'll let you in on any fun details from the meetings."

Harvey nods, pulling a long applewood wand from his pocket and tapping it on the edge of Jack's desk. A leather folder appears in the place he'd tapped, filled with the requisite paperwork. He stows the wand again and holds up the folder with a look at Jack before setting it right on top of whatever pile of work seems most prominent. Scotch is his favorite, Jack, how did you know? "Yeah, that'd be - " Cianan's answer interrupts his train of thought and catches him almost entirely off-guard. His eyes widen and his posture stiffens, but the grin he turns on the Ravenclaw is flawless. "Haha, very funny, kid. That supposed to be some kind of Divination? You read the shape of snowflakes or something?"

Kee's comments have a markedly different effect on Jack. He pauses, whiskey in hand, turning toward the young man, hand wobbling slightly, face paling quickly. "Both. At the same time." He blinks, and sits down. Pouring the Scotch happens almost completely on autopilot, as does the draining of his first glass. He refills his, slides Harvey's over to him, and shakes his head. "This year? Or could you tell?" The ability to plan for two Noble-blooded children is a very good thing. Especially if they're anything like any of their parents. He'll get to the paperwork in a moment, Harvey, really, he will.

"Divination implies that I have some kind of control over it." See Kee's sadface? "But I don't. Yet." Now see the stubborn set of his jaw. Yep, he's definitely related to Siobhan. His smile for the lawyer is cheeky at best. But at least for Jack he seems earnest. "Both." he agrees. "I'm not sure either of them is capable of anything in half-measures, honestly. They're like -twins-." And isn't that a scary thought to add to the mix of pregnancy? Try not to dwell on that word too much. "Couldn't tell, honestly. The dog was there though, and since the dog is now here, it's a possibility." So matter of fact about it. "We all know these things don't necessarily happen though." He's just never been wrong yet. Hahahaha.

The fact that Jack takes this as seriously as he does is enough of a clue for Harvey about just how accurate these visions usually are. And that is enough to make him down his own glass in one go and hold it back out to Jack for one more. "Mazel tov," he offers dryly, then passes his free hand over his face while he thinks. "You know if Siobhan is pregnant before Jake - " His hand tightens around his glass and his jaw clenches to hide his hard swallow. His eyes go hard and cold and suddenly he doesn't seem so harmless anymore. "If she's pregnant during her marriage and the child is not her husband's, it would be the biggest PR shitstorm this backwater island's ever seen."

Jack hadn't even thought of that iteration. He had thought more of the fact that his baby sister, wont to run right into trouble, would be bringing along an unwitting passenger. He'd thought of his lady, whom he loves dearly, and the fact that she's already dealing with several physical worries. He saw how a couple of his younger siblings' births affected his mom. Sometimes, things were dandy. Sometimes, not so much. "Thanks," Jack salutes Harvey with his Scotch, voice almost as dry as the lawyer's. Harvey's expression makes his own sober up, and he nods. "It would. However, if it happens that way, we will deal with it. As a family." He gestures around, including Harvey in that, because he's a part of it now. He'd be a strong voice to help them through the tricky situation. "Forewarned is forearmed. If we know it's a possibility, we can figure out how to deal with it. I'm sure there's a way to work it to our best advantage." That is a challenge he'll issue the lawyer. If anybody can get them through this legally, he thinks Harvey could.

Cianan looks about to say more, but just shuts his trap now. I mean, he's totally caused enough trouble already right? He's earned his troublemaker badge for the day. Having no whiskey to drink, the boy gets up to make some tea, as if this is the type of conversation that happens every day. "Tea, Earl Grey. Hot." And then he sort of giggles at himself. He may well be the only one in the room to get the reference, and he even makes the accompanying star trek special effects sound when he does it. And, makes the earl grey tea.

Harvey takes his refill and salutes Jack right back. "Oh, your asses will be covered, alright. Just means my associate is going to hate his life even more for the forseeable future." Harvey wouldn't be getting much sleep either, but it wouldn't do to make it look like anything other than an easy sell. Cianan's Star Trek reference makes him perk up just enough to be visible and the little smile he has over the lip of his glass - though fleeting - makes him look a good ten years younger. "Might be hope for you yet, kid."

"Accent's almost right, but you don't have a deep enough voice, and you do have your hair." Jack teases. The reference lightened up the mood for all of them, and he can sit back and sip at his Scotch, and think about being able to help Rosie and Maura, instead of being blindsided by something that'll give them more trouble. "And our billable hours just trebled, didn't they?" They always do with something like this. He's amused, though. Maybe it's the Scotch. Maybe it's Kee pretending to be Picard. Who knows. He sets his drink down, and picks up the paperwork. Scanning it over once, he sees nothing out of place. "Impeccable work as always. I'll let you know which I'm going to choose." He needs some time to think it over, weighing the needs of the business against the needs — somewhat greater this contract cycle — of his family.

Cianan flashes them both a smile that borders on charming. He's not really there yet though. Still too creepy. "I tried doing a Worf impression once. It didn't go over very well." He admits this with a great deal of dismay, a drawn out (and overly dramatic sigh) escaping. "I'm also not getting rid of the hair. This is great hair." So he'll never truly be Picard.

Harvey snorts. "You betchyour ass, Noble." Quadruple at least, though most of that will be on the M-Sec hours. Cianan's silliness seems to be his cue to go, so he tosses back the rest of his second drink and stands. "You can bring that up to Jake when you're finished or owl it to my London office. Either way will see it filed when you're ready."

"You've got Noble hair, lad. Of course you keep it." Jack runs a hand through his own, winking. He adds to the general silliness. When Harvey stands, he stands as well, offering his hand. "Thank you." He can see the wheels turning in Harvey's mind, both considering plans and how many hours it'll take. His poor associate. "Don't work too hard." It's a typical farewell, and he smiles teasingly while delivering it. "Will do. I'll probably make the decision within the next couple days."

Cianan lifts his hand in a wave. Not even with gloves on is he offering a hand to shake now. Because you NEVER KNOW. And he just doesn't like touching people. At all. "Seeya." Remarkably cheerful, considering. He's going to find a quiet corner to retreat to now.

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