1995-03-12: Boot To The Head


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Guest Appearances By

Wanna-be Death Eater #1: Debbie, the brunette (played by Jilly)

Wanna-be Death Eater #2: Janine, the blonde (played by Thalia)

Scene Title Boot to the Head
Synopsis Wow, the wannabes are cryin' now!
Location Hogsmeade - Three Broomsticks
Date Mar 12, 1995
Watch For Oh. Everything?
Logger Back in Black, Mad Eye

Early evening falls, and so does more snow. Jack's becoming tired of it, but he bears it well. He steps into the 'Sticks and finds a seat easily, picking one of the warmest sets in the place. He waves down Rosmerta and buys a glass of firewhiskey. "Keep 'em comin', Roz." He gives her a small half-smile and sprawls out a little bit in his seat.

The snow makes the walk to the Three Broomsticks a little harder than it normally would for the Post Mistress. After the previous evening's scuffle and humiliation at the hands of Sirius Black, Jilly has stalked around Hogsmeade with her limp and her post and has not looked happy about it. Finally, she has decided to wallow her sorrows and anger in butterbeer. The wind whistles through the inn before quickly shutting the door behind her. Shivering, she starts to unravel her scarf and shuffles awkwardly to the nearest empty table and seat.

There's an unusual sound stemming from outside the pub on the High Street. Any wizard who's ventured close enough to muggle motorways would recognize it as an engine. The engine of a motorbike to be precise. Once the engine is at its loudest, it's promptly killed. Shortly thereafter, Jilly's worst nightmare wanders his way into the pub. Nothing the witch's presence, Sirius waltzes right on past her as he's spotted Noble. "Jack! Evening to you," he calls out rather cheerfully as he heads in the man's direction.

Cold! Coldcoldcold! Tally has decided that she is Deeply Unhappy with this notion called cold. She is bundled up in a fairly ridiculous series of brightly coloured layers, resembling a poof ball that's been attacked by a rainbow. This does, however, help with avoiding fans. With a sigh of relief at the warmth, Thalia walks in to the pub, flushed with the cold.

*POP!* It's normally a safe location to apparate where she did! and she takes a step forward and *CLANG!*. The string of curses is likely to be heard because, really, when is Tonks quiet when she's currently hopping around on one foot because she walked into something metal? Realizing what it is, she glowers at it, lifts her booted foot and WHAM! The chasis now has a nice snowy bootprint with Merlin knows what else was smeared on it because Tonks just got done with today's foray of HUNTING THE WILD AUNTIE. Then, now her hair a vicious orange, she stalks her way into the Broomsticks, takes only a minute to find her cousin. She's stalking over and *WHAP!* upside the head with her open palm. "How dare you park that abomination where I'm walking!" And then, dropping into the seat that 1) isn't occupied and 2) closest to where she stands, she just crosses her arms and glowers. Who cares who else is there. She's GLOWERING.

The various noises, and now added voices bring the young man David from the little room which he's rented while he's been moving in and out of the area a lot lately. He sits listening a moment, but grabs his heavy cloak and tosses it over himself before making his way down into the main area. Here he takes a glance about the quickly as he moves towards the bar and an empty stool which he plops down onto.

The door opens and the cold wind sweeps in momentarily. Christian sweeps in with it and closes the door behind him. "Bloody weather!" He barks, rubbing the back of his neck. "Its a venture to cross the street." He turns to the bar and blows into his hands, trying to warm them up. "One coffee with everything in it," He says at the bar.

Some times everyone needs a break, or to get away even for just a little bit. And decidedly tonight the place to be escaping from is a school filled with children that you just set to hex one another, the place you escape to? Why that would be the bar where you never drink anything anyway. The door pounds open again, letting the wind rage a little behind while the ends of his traveling robes lightly rustle. The electric blue eye is caught in the light, and th' bloody figure looks rather sinister for a moment before he is stumping and lurching his way in.

"Lovely evening.." Moody mutters, as he nears the bar-letting one eye simply scan for a seat facing the door-while the other whip cracks from one face to the other. "Rosmerta…A fresh clean glass if you please." And he waits.

Jack watches all the happenings and gives Sirius a smile. "Hey." The smile isn't as wide as it might be, however, when Tonks walks up and slaps him, he gives a wry chuckle and takes a long pull of his drink. Tally also gets a nod as does Christian, though the latter gets a verbal greeting, since Jack's not seen him for a while."Faulkner. What brings you out our way?" He gestures toward the seat across from him. "It's open." He might not be the most pleasant company, but hey… it's an empty seat.

"Ack!" Sirius exclaims, raising a hand to rub up against where Tonks just smacked him. "Don't you talk about my bike that way! I just got her back to proper working condition! She's no abomination, she's a veritable jewel in the sky. Keep it up and you'll be going for a ride on her." Why yes, that would be a threat where Tonks is concerned. And since his cousin has helped himself to a seat at the table, he too joins in. HI JACK. Hope you don't mind too terribly. "Oh look, the postmistress," he says with the air of someone just now noticing the woman. "Hello Miss Gale, did you enjoy your flowers?," he asks. Loudly. So as to be heard by several sets of ears. The devil. Undeterred, he then raises a hand, "Evening Faulkner, David." He's being a rather cheery SOB, isn't he?

Augustus is already seated inside the Three Broomsticks. He's slung his coat around a chair near the bar, and has a tankard of rum inside of it that still has about three-quarters left. He's engrossed in a conversation with a young wizard next to him about the Ministry of Magic, "Well of course there are those who break the law, but just bec — " he pauses in his conversation as he notices the inn getting quite full. "Looks like you're in for a busy night, Madam," he says towards Rosmerta.

As the door keeps opening and shutting, Jilly just unwraps herself from her warm clothes and tries to ignore the man that she has deemed unworthy of notice. Something much like a pleased grin crosses her face when Tonks slaps Sirius and it only clears when she hears Sirius addressing her. "Yes," she replies to the ex-con coldly. "They made excellent kindling. If you come any closer to me, I will hex your ears off." To Tonks and Jack, she offers something of a warmer smile. "Hello Tonks, Mr. Noble."

In the back corner, a pair of witches sit, heads bent in discussion. The elder looking of the two glowers at the younger looking one and hisses something as she looks around at the growing crowd in the Three Broomsticks. Not pleased at something, she takes a bit of a swat at the back of her companion's head. If one didn't know any better, it would look much like a sibling quarrel.

With a squawk of outrage, the swatted woman glares in what she thinks is a ferocious manner at her companion. Various words can be heard, though no complete sentence is audible. ".. don't.. I'm not.. you .. told you this .." Her voice is nasally, grating to the nerves.

Thalia unravels the scarf around her neck. It's multicoloured, with various coloured squares every few inches. It also seems to be neverending. About three feet have been unraveled from Tally, and the scarf is just continuing to pool on the bartop. She does not seem bothered by this - in fact, she's not even really paying attention. There are people! That she knows! All around! "Hiii!" Tally calls, to who it's not entirely clear, and waves enthusiastically.

Christian turns to Jack and Sirius. He waves a greeting to the others. "Evening Jack, Sirius," He calls over the din. "Good to see you two." He turns back to the bar as his coffee arrives. "Thank you very much," He says to Madame Rosmerta. "By the way, all of Ms de Riviats drinks are on my tab tonight." He winks at Tally, and walks over to the seat indicated by Jack.

Sirius asides in a loud stage whisper to Jack with a cheeky grin and gestures to Jilly, "She likes me. I can tell." Incorrigible, he is. And tactless. Leaning back in a casual manner in his chair, he rests his arm across the back of it and glances around the pub briefly, taking in the faces of those around them. "Mad-eye," he shouts with a raised hand to Moody, then another greeting to Thalia. The pair of witches in the back corner? They haven't garnered his attention yet.

Tonks pauses in her glowering to regard Jilly, then she smirks at Sirius. "Awww, the cute post mistress givin' you a bit of a row, Cousin?" This time, she'll actually wave greetings to people, a weary smile on her face. H'lo, Jack, H'lo Christian…etc. Yes, she looks tired. S'what you get when you've been chasing around Death Eaters.

Blue eye remains on the witches in the back corner, all the while, Moody waits for his glass. Once the glass has arrived, he nods as hands shift into his robes before returning with coins that are clinked down onto the bar top. After that, the ex Auror is reaching within to provide his battered silver flask. Yes, Moody is that bloody tacky to pour his own drink at someone else's establishment. All the same drink is poured-flask returned, and Moody is pulled out of his witch watching.

"Hm?" Though its more of a grunt than a question as eyes land onto Black and his group-A nod and he is moving over, taking the hand as an invitation to join. Watch out!

"Lo there, Nymphadora.." Moody says as he is then forcing to angle himself a spot-back to the wall, and face to the door. Though it isn't exactly needed with his eye. All the same, call it a habit of comfort.

David turns back in his chair hearing his name. He offers a raised hand in greeting. "Ah, good evening seems here is the place to be." the young man looks about another moment turning around. "Just water tonight." he says over to the barmaid. He recognizes a few of those here offering waves to the tattoo artist and looking to Tonks recognizing her from work. "Good evening." he says in greeting

"She does?" Jack asks with a quirk of an eyebrow. "Looks more like the 'step a bit closer and I'll hex your face off' look, mate." He's seen that a couple times. It's been a couple years, but he has. "Tonks. You look like you've been through a long apparition." You know. Squished together and pulled quickly back into shape. "Busy night." Jilly gets a frown. "Wait." He's got a slightly better memory than she does, apparently. He takes a long slow sip of his 'whiskey while watching Jilly for a long moment. Then he looks around the room. The others he recognizes get a nod. Chris gets a grin and an enquiring expression that asks, 'so it's like that, huh?'

There's not much to report from the witches in the back corner. To all intents and purposes it seems like they're just having a normal sibling quarrel. There's a dismissive snicker given to the younger sister. The brunette just rolls her eyes. Her own voice is dampened by the chatter in the room, the only words audible are those that she takes care to enunciate. "/You/… /weak/… /no it's your turn to pay/."

"She's a spunky witch, that one," Sirius says airily to Tonks, although in a lower tone, he says to his cousin and Jack, "She's just shirty with me because I tended to her injury without her consent. The silly woman was limping about unnecessarily and not getting herself tended to. Took a curse to the leg during the attack. She also seemed to be quite offended that I was concerned." He reaches over to tousle Tonks's hair in a fond manner, "You should have a rest, 'Dora." Frowning somewhat, he glances to the witches in the corner. He can't hear what they're saying, but something doesn't look right. Hm.

The busier the 'Sticks is, the better Jilly likes it. It's easier to get lost in the crowd this way. And with such company, who needs strangers? Or friends? Jack is more on target than Sirius is. Absolutely livid at the treatment she was given the last time they spoke, if he gets any closer, she /will/ hex him and it will not be with something pleasant. "/Shirty/? You /paralyzed/ me and then left me on the floor of the post office. I was taking care of it!" Turning to Jack, she uses his first name this time, "And then he sent me /flowers/, Jack. Can you think of a more miserable excuse for a wizard?" Imploring Tonks, she thinks she of all people will understand her pain.

"Tonks…" it's almost a whine at her mentor. It's useless to argue, she knows, but eventually it'll work/ right? Just like it'll eventually work with her mother, who insists on using the foul thing. Tonks' hair shifts wildly for a moment at the tussle, before settling back at it's typical pink. She does frown a bit at Sirius paralyzing her, but she does tell Jilly, "Y'should've gone and had it looked at. Still…" Her hand is raising rapidly. If Sirius doesn't move out of the way, he'll get one upped again by the girl he likely vividly remembers running around in diapers. "Stop paralyzing girls. It's rude." Her tone of voice is almost identical to her mother's. But she's smirking. "and I'll rest when I get home. I'm resting now." Questions about what she's been up to are shoved to the side. It's /work/ and she doesn't feel like /work/ right now.

"You know.." Moody says to the table in general as that blue eye finds its way to staring out of the side of his head on over to that corner again. Well, once he does muscle himself a seat at the growing table. Leave it to Moody to be wary about a couple of witches in a corner, but then it could be two children playing with puppies and Mad Eye would still want to curse them where they all frolicked. Anyway- "Y' know if you don' treat a curse to your leg it'll rot off, or they'll have to cut if off-rather nasty, bloody business that." A sip of his whisky as the brown eye takes in those assembled at the table-noteably Tonks, and Jack. "Noble." grunted-there he's been polite to everyone he knows. A slight look to Jilly there. "So I wouldn't be complaining, Miss?" though that comes out more of a bark. Don't worry-surlyness is usual for Moody.

"You weren't taking care of it my dear Miss Gale," Sirius points out, then feels the need to clarify. "Yes, I did paralyze you, and I lifted the jinx once I was a safe distance away. I came to the correct conclusion that you would be quite cross, and I was. I barely dodged your owls." He's /grinning/. The scoundrel is /grinning/ now! "You were being most unreasonable about your situation, and not understanding in the slightest how serious it is. Just ask Moody here about curses to the leg." As if there are eyes in the back of his head, he shifts aside to avoid getting hit by Tonks. He then thumbs at Moody, "See?"

There's that nasally tone again. "I am.. show you.. my idea .. don't forget .. !" The dishwater blonde to who it belongs makes an expansive gesture, most likely to illustrate some point. What it succeeds mostly in doing is knocking her drink to the floor. Loudly.

Christian remains standing, and sips his coffee. "Please say I don't have to make a half-hearted attempt at taking you in for assault Sirius," Christian says with a smirk. "I just got off work, and I don't feel like going back." He chuckles, and looks to Jack with a mock look of misunderstanding. As the cup clatters to the floor he turns to look at the three witches, giving them a long gaze. Then he turns back to the others.

Thalia watches the banter between Sirius and Jilly, and a grin spreads across her face. After securing a fruity cotton candy blue drink, she makes her way to the table that seems to have all the action. "May I?" Tally asks with a smile to the group, gesturing to an empty chair.

With a roll of her eyes, the brunette just laughs at the drink being knocked to the floor. Taking that as a sign for something other than just a cup knocked to the floor, the witch stands up, her chair toppling over itself. Without much of a warning, she shoots off a spell at the nearest person with a smirk. "Colloportus!" She waves her wand at the door, magically locking it. Then, she points at the raucous table. "Confringo!"

Something about the way Jilly says Jack's name makes him remember something, and he grins for half a second before turning to Padfoot and Tonks. "You know, mate, they're right. Probably less invasive ways to do that." Like transforming the flowers first and then casting the healing charm while she's staring down at the flowers. Works for him. When the hex is fired, Jack is completely unaware. He's got some alcohol in his system and he's been chatting amicably with his friends. He jumps up, spilling the firewhiskey all over him, and is cut in several places by shrapnel.

Sirius barks out a laugh at Christian, "No assault Faulkner, merely, ah, forced medical assistance. I didn't harm a hair on Miss Gale's curly head." Thalia's given a wide grin and a wave. "Evening to you Tally." The moment the spells fly at the back of the room, Sirius is on his feet, wand out, and on alert. Surely people wouldn't be so damnably stupid as to start something in front of /this/ lot? His smile is now no longer jovial or full of humor, it's a snarly sort of grin. He can't pin his good mood on alcohol so his reflexes are quick with the shield charm he casts, "Are you two completely mental?" On second thought, don't answer that.

"As if you would know," Jilly tells Sirius with a glare. And when Moody takes his side, he doesn't get a kind look, either. "It was not about to rot off," she tells him seriously. Any other argument she was about to have is cut off when the table she's sitting near explodes into splinters and wooden pieces. With a shriek, she attempts to duck and cover, and merely manages to fall off her chair, bleeding in a few places from stray wooden splinters. It happened much too quickly for her to take out her wand to defend herself.

EEE! She's sitting with them? She's asking them if she can sit with them? Tonks is about ready to just squeal with fangirlish delight when Thalia comes over, screw Sirius and his Post Mistress!
And then things explode. And some how, Tonks is not blasted over, or anything else. She might have a few splinters, but she's found herself standing on the bar, her wand out, and she's looking at the pair. "I. Don't. Want. To. Work. Right. Now. Petrificus Totalus." This is aimed at the brunette who thought to blow stuff up.

Oh oh oh it's starting! The blonde jumps to her feet with a great deal of enthusiasm, knocking her chair back in the process. Her wand gets tangled in her robes, and she nearly tips over, bumping into her companion and nearly knocking her over. But then! Then it's free, and she's casting at the pieces of table on the ground. "INCENDIO!"

"Knew it." Comes Moody's reply before he's lurching up, As the blast skims back and sends shrapnel to the leg and his stick away-but that's never stopped Moody before. Hand shifts from his robes in rapid movement as a curse is fired off in return. "Stupefy!" That one is leveled to the Blonde. Where as she is launching fire, Moody is launching..well something. Worst move for them to make? Locking themselves in a room with him. But, we'll see how that goes. Right now he can't move-so fast.

David turns at the glass falling the arguing folks in the corner catching his attention for the first time. The Auror takes a drink of water but slams it back down. David is on his feet and wand drawn but to late to cast a shield charm. There is another blast this time from those at the table. "Are you alright." he calls to his side not taking his wand away from where the attackers are. The other leaps forward and he calls out an aimed spell "Stupefy." aimed at the blonde as well.

Christian reacts as quickly as possible. The coffee mug falls as his hand draws his wand. He steps between Thalia and the incoming spell, and puts up a shield charm. "Damnit!" He calls. "Why is it everyone is always shooting at us? STUPIFY!" He too launches a stunning charm aimed at the Brunette.

Jack is still moving rather slugglishly, partially because of the quick intake of the alcohol, and partially because of shock. He's blinking at Tonks as she's firing a curse at the woman, and something in him clicks. He ducks, stepping out of the way, aiming his wand at Tonks first. As full realization hits, Jack spins around and casts a shield around himself, arcing it a little to try to cover those nearest him.

Sirius darts away from the table, intending on leaping into the fray and thrill of battle. In his haste, he does give Jilly a push for cover, "Stay down!" Since Moody's taken on worse than these two witches, and heck, Tonks too, he still aims for the blonde, "Expelliarmus!" Bleedin' idiots. Got to be stupid to start something with /two/ Aurors, the best of the best, a hit wizard, and free lance fighters!

Thalia looks around, for a moment looking a bit like a deer in the headlights. Well, what do you expect? She's a musician! After a moment, though, she extracts her wand and utters the first spell she can think of - "PROTEGO!" The blue shield flares up, encompassing bits of the people next to her.

When Sirius pushes her down, Jilly splutters and attempts the wrestle her wand out of her robes. It's a trial when being shoved one way and then another. The burning pieces of wood are noticed and she attempts to kick them away from herself and the others as she finally grabs her wand. With a wave, she casts the spell that she used earlier on Sirius to douse the flames before they burn anyone - or the entire inn - down.

Mental would be a good word to describe these two. Gleeful, the brunette giggles and puts up a shield in front of her to block off the paralyzing spell. "For the Dark Lord!" She shrieks and lobs off another spell, behind those attacking. "Expuso!" Another table explodes behind them with a good amount of force.

Wait, what? Why is everyone always picking on her? Why can't they stupefy someone else? The blonde takes an indignant step forward, aaand.. slips on the glass that she'd knocked over a few minutes earlier. This is not good, she thinks to herself as her butt hits the floor - hard. Luckily, she manages not to get stupefied, but unluckily, the expelliarmus hits and her wand goes tumbling out of her hand. Oh, wonderful. "FOR THE DARK LORD!" She adds belatedly. From the ground. With no wand. And a sore bum.

"Fine." Tonks frowns and aims at the table the pair are standing near and/or on. "Reducto." They want to blow stuff up, fine. Let's blow stuff up. And hopefully that'll shake the concentration of Brunette's spell. "Expelliarmus!"

"You're getting soft-boyo!" Moody roars back towards Chris, or anyone in general. Hell knowing his own perceived madness he could be yelling at himself. All the same there's a sharp whistle, and his hand sweeps back, as that hardwood stick comes up and catches into his scarred hand. Blue eye keeps a hold of the targets. However it seems that both Tonks and Moody have the same thought "REDUCTO" Called back as his wand whips towards the direction of the two either clumsy, or drunk Death Eaters.

"Piss on your Dark Lor-" But the Expuso is coming and Moody is Whipping around quickly-staff pointed "Protego." called out, though the shield protects him from the shrapnel, the force does send Moody Mobile and into another table with heavy crash.

Merlin's pants. You've /got/ to be kidding him. Fine. Sirius has enough of verbal casting, and chooses to go the silent route, his wand snapping in the air instead of graceful swishes at the blonde who's now on the floor. Wordlessly, he's casting the incarcerous spell to try and bind the woman. HOpefully before she can reclaim her weapon. "Idiots, the pair of you!"

Jack gets his bearings, and aims carefully. "Stupefy." This is aimed at the blonde on the floor. He's got an odd angle, but he can see her, and can aim properly, so he does. "Hear hear, Moody." He agrees with the old man's sentiment, barely registering that said man has just gone flying.

Christian growls. "I've had enough of this," He says echoing Tonk's sentiment. "INCARCEROUS!" He shoots at the Brunette, trying to bind her and end this now.

The first spell misses due to lucky slipping. There is more bangs and he is hit with debris but not kept off very long "Here, really?" his voice isn't angry but near it. David jabs his wand another stunner sent this time for the brunette perhaps the room exploding around her will catch her at unawares?

As the table explodes behind her, Jilly manages to put up a bit of a shield to protect herself and those closest to her, but a few pieces surely still get through. One of the smaller pieces embeds itself in Jilly's shoulder. Really, what were the pair thinking? It's a crowded inn!

Thalia is cursing a blue streak. She's uttering words she didn't even know she knew as she tries to get a good angle on the pair. When she thinks she has one, she flicks her wrist, and then there's a piece of table flying at her. It lodges in her wand arm, and she cries out again, this time in pain. Her wand clatters to the floor, and she bends over, holding her arm. Blood begins to seep from between her fingers.

When her sister crashes into her the brunette is toppled a bit to the other side, as well. Since most of the spells are aimed at her sister, the elder takes the opportunity to sling some pain on some of the others. Eyeing Christian, she grins a wicked smile and advances on him. "We will prove we are worthy! CRUCIO!"

Sirius rolls his eyes. Really? They honestly think they can cast the Cruciatus? This is just getting pretty damned sad by now. With a flourish, he throws up a shield in front of Christian, to hopefully deflect some of the curse. If the woman doesn't give herself a nosebleed first.

Tonks is becoming aware of a prickly sensation in her back. Oh yeah…something got blown up behind her and she was a dolt and forgot to protect herself. Mum'll be pissed. Tonks frowns at the Crucio. Well, HELLO AZKABAN TO YOU SWEETHEART. OH yea, btw. BOOT TO THE HEAD.
Yes, Tonks just threw her boot at 'Debbie's' head.

Someone is in for it. Janine, the Wanna-Be Death Eater has absolutely no chance. As her fingers desperately grasp for her wand - where did it go?! - the two incarcerous charms hit her, one after the other. The ropes encircle her wrists and ankles, binding them together. "YOU CAN DO IT, DEBBIE!" Then, the stupefy hits, just adding insult to injury. The woman is out like a light.

Jack watches, rather amazed at the idiocy of the antagonists and the skill and … boots of the good guys. He cannot believe Tonks just threw her boot at a death eater. It gives new meaning to the adage of 'using everything you have'. Or however that goes. Jack is still a little out of it, so he shakes his head quickly, and notices Tally. "Dammit, girl." He moves toward her, and looks at her arm. "Anybody with Healer training?" Jack knows basic stuff, but if there's a real healer around, it'd be better they did something first. He doesn't wait, though, and rips a tablecloth to press to the wound, or barring her letting him do that, he'll just hand it to her. "Hold it there. We'll get someone to…" He's not sure how quickly, but it will be done.

There are times, that Moody sometimes-wishes he could get away with throwing an Unforgiveable at someone. However,he lost that privilege and with retirement to become a professor. There's a groan from where he smashed a table, and he wiggles fingers-Yep nothing is paralyzed as far as he can tell. But, he's looking back towards Tonks "Who throws a bloody shoe these days.." Crucio is called out..And from his angle he points the business end of his walking stick at the direction of poor Debbie's feet. Why poor? Well, There's a white spark of a spell, th' crack heard as a Blasting Curse is sent for the floor under the dolt who decided to use a Crucio on someone. Not as effective as a Stupefy, but it it slams her into anything, it will break the hold of that Crucio-if it hits. Lots of ifs here..

Thalia looks most decidedly pale, opening her mouth to speak, when the brunette utters the Unforgivable. Is her wand aimed at.. "CHRIS!" Tally's voice is rough with pain, but she tries to sit up, to do something. "Jack, my wand," it's still on the floor, "Give it to me so I can.. before Chris.. Jack!" Yes, she's frantic.

Of all the things for Debbie to get done away with, it's a boot to the head. Prepared for magical attacks, she's ready to go. But a physical one and it lands straight between her eyes with a THUNK. It gives just enough of a stun to her that when she's hit by the other stupefy spells, the witch doesn't stand a chance. Another THUD and 'Debbie' hits the ground right next to her sister. Whatever their plan was, it was certainly ill-conceived and got them nothing but injuries of the splintery nature.

"Thanks Sirius!" Christian calls, adding his own shielding charm to catch the Crucio. The impact still sends him sliding backwards several feet and causes him to fall to his knees. His body shakes as the pain, dulled by the two shields, courses through him. He doubles over for a long moment. "Damnit…" He growls, his voice sounding like a possessed rock tumbler.

Once the two agitators are done away with, Jilly slowly sits up again. Her shoulder aches from the wooden shard stuck in it, but it doesn't bleed nearly as much as Thalia's wound. Worried, she looks around at her companions to make sure they're alright. The sound of someone casting Crucio has made her frantic. "Is everyone okay?!" she calls out, attempting to scramble to her feet to help despite her previous leg wound and all.

Now that Debbie's down too, Sirius lets go of the shield charm and spins around to check on Christian. "Think nothing of it Faulkner. You alright?" Shield charms help, but they can't deflect everything, and the Unforgiveables? So difficult to protect against. Wand still out, he holds out his hand to help Christian up, and to steady if the man needs it.

The wand waves, "Incarcerus." Tonks is binding ol' Debbie there. She hobbles over, considering it was one of the rare pair of boots that had more than a half an inch heel on it, increasingly aware of the splinters in her back. Crouching down, she tugs on Debbie's sleeve. Why is she not surprised that there's not a single trace of ink on either forearm? "Christian, you alright?" she tosses over her shoulder, concerned. She picks up her boot. There's a moment of thought before *thwack!* and then she's tugging it back on. Another wave of her wand and she's unlocking the damn door. "Damage report?" She's got sharp pointy in her back!

Oh. Jack reaches down, scoops up the other rosewood wand and hands it back to its owner. "I think he's going to be okay, Tally." Jack watches with an odd detachment. "Maybe it's better she's not here…" This last bit is spoken softly. So softly that Tally may be the only one to hear it. "I think so, Jilly." He frowns. "I've got a bit of …" He looks down to his upper arm, and there's some wood sticking out of it, but it's not bleeding or anything. Oh. Oops. There are some other cuts and bruises from the exploded table. "We ought to help set things to rights, if we can…" He turns to Tonks. "Tally here's bleeding, and I've got…" He spots the piece of table. "You've got…" Coherence, thy name is not Jack Noble. At least not right now.

Moody looks down with a grunt as he is slowly pushing himself up with the held of his walking stick, but his wand remains drawn on the two downed witches-For good measure of course. Moody then is looking back to the pack at the table, where his poor glass of whisky has been demolished. However it seems mad Eye doesn't even notice the large shard of wood sticking out of his leg as he moves-pretty much as he did when he came in, albeit a little stiffly. Tables do that. "Anyone know a Healer?" As he doubts they can sneak these people up to Hogwarts and into the infirmary for this bit of injury.

A glance back to the downed whitches, which the Blue eye has not left. "Bloody idiots.."

Thalia very carefully slides her wand into one of her many pockets, wincing as she does. She'd had to use the hand on her wounded arm, as the other hand was busy applying pressure to her wound. With an effort, she tries to sit up, but her head swims. "That was a bad idea," she says aloud, leaning partially against Jack, partially against the remains of a table. Then she raises her voice. "Chris? Are you okay?"

Okay the young is angry now, unforgiveables from these two wannabes. David's eyebrow arches as a shoe goes flying, he is ready to attack further though the second goes down. He moves back towards the others. He looks towards the man hit by the crucio though seems he just got a minor hit lucky enough. "Everyone okay?" looking about concerned for the splinters, but could be worse.

"Tally," Christian growls, looking up. "I'm fine, where's…?" He carefully stands, doing his best to wipe the pain away. Chris glances around, and sees Thalia bleeding. He rushes over to her, trying to bind the wounds on her arm. "Are you alright?" He asks, his voice still sounding like a diesel engine. "David, get to the Ministry and grab anyone you can find. I'm gonna secure this damn town if it kills me. Moody, please set up a Triage here. We need to figure out where to take the wounded."

"Should be a town healer, or something like that." Tonks just nudges the prone forms with a toe. "And here I was wondering if he actually started resorting to recruiting morons. Still, proves that even idiots can cause damage," she's mainly muttering to herself. She moves to step away, and finally she trips on something. She was doing too well, it appears. At least she didn't fall onto any busted furniture. Ah well. She points her wand at the thoroughly reducto'd table. "Reparo." Let's at least get things going there. She looks at Sirius. "Should I call Mum, or do you think that'd be a bit much?"

"Bloody useful idiots," Sirius calls to Moody over his shoulder. "I bet 20 galleons neither of them are in /his/ service. Things are unnerving enough without morons playing pretend." He nods to David, "I'm fine here. Sorry for the mess, Rosmerta! It'll be put right!" Leaving Thalia and Christian to tend to each other, he starts using his wand to set things right within the pub. Putting tables and chairs back up, and reparo attempts on the poor busted furniture. Personally, Sirius has seen copycat attacks before now, and he suspects this is perhaps one of many to come. While working to set things back properly in the room, he glances across to Jack and Jilly. One's drunk, the other, well, he'll not bother for now. "Hmm? Nah, that's a bit overkill I think, Tonks. Nobody seems /terribly/ harmed, or at least not beyond our capabilities."

Her own wound isn't very bad. It's hard to reach, what with the wooden splinter being in an inconvenient place to try and grab a hold of. But, Jilly leaves it for now and stands up on woobly legs. Leaning heavily on one of the tables, she looks over at the stupefied witches with an unhappy glance. "But, why?" She's not drunk, just confused.

Jack frowns for a moment. "Naw, I'll call Artemis." He casts his patronus to summon the healer he has on-tap for curse-breaking emergencies. Junior goes bounding out and into the air. "There are several of us with shrapnel…" He looks down at the singer-slash-tattoo artist. "We'll get you some help Artemis Took is one of the best Healers I know." He gives her a grin intended to be reassurring, and starts casting reparos around him."

"Anyone who believes that.." Well then it comes out from Moody's mouth-a torrent of words that come up in daily use amongst sailors and women of ill repute. However Moody continues on that rather vitrolic rat, insulting things from the Dark Lord's mother-to the poor women who are lain out on the floor. "..can lick th' bile off m' boots." A grunt from him an he is turning back towards the others. Wand holstered finally as he bends to pull out that small shard of wood from his leg with a grunt-but no blood comes. A rap of knuckles against his shin-before he's looking towards Christian for a moment "D' I look like a mediwitch?" And then a reparos is tossed to a table. Might as well do some fixing.

Why? "Because they don't have a clue," Tonks answers. "They probably thought it was the 'cool' thing going on right now. Probably thought it was the best way to rebell against Mummy and Daddy, and haven't a braincell between them on what it really meant." She shrugs off her coat. "Okay, I can do some basic first aid until someone qualified showed up. Whos' the worst?" Point her in the direction, and she'll have a a spell or two to cast.

Tonks does add in a grumble, "And here I thought my aunt had the corner market on Crazy Groupie."

"Because Miss Gale, people, like these two geniuses here, like to take advantage of the times." Sirius throws the pair of bound witches a scathing look of purest loathing. "They also haven't a brain between the two of them, I wager." Damned if Sirius could ever understand the fanatical mindset. Now that he's helped with setting much of the place right again, he offers, "I know a few basics in healing, so I can help tend to those with some minor wounds."

The Patronus is out, and gone for a bit, before the loud crack outside the door can be heard. A moment or two of silence before the door opens and rather cautiously a shaky wand hand pokes in first, followed by a dark and slightly green face. in fact one might assume death warmed over just ambled into the Three broomsticks this evening. Visibly swallowing the young man finally enters and closes the door behind him. One hand moving to push that streaked bit of hair from his face. The green robes worn-and perhaps the dark doctor bag in his hand would indicate that the healer finally has arrived.

A light cough, as eyes survey the scene "Ah..Ahem…Did some one require a healer?" Jack didn't really give too many details, but he arrived all the same. "Artemis Took-At your services.." Awkward? Yes please.

Frowning, Jilly remains leaning on her table. The sudden appearance of Artemis warrants a tilt of her head, but she makes no move to be treated by him yet. She has relatively minor injuries and expects those with more blood and pain to be treated first. She'll wait it out for her turn. The explanation from Sirius is noted, but not commented upon yet. Just because they survived a Death Eater of some sort attack doesn't mean she likes him any more.

Thalia answers Tonks's question with an immediate, "Chris. Chris is the most hurt." Yes, she's bleeding out of the arm, but it's not that bad. It's not! It's like a party. In her arm. A party of pain. Her face is pale, but there's a determined smile on her lips. Party. Really.

Christian looks up from Thalia's arm, a slight grin on his face. "Liar," He says to her. "She's loosing blood fast doc!" He calls to Artemis. "I'm fine, but this young lady looks alot prettier when her face isn't so pale."

Tonks looks at Thalia, then looks at Chris. She scratches her head, then decides to listen to Christian. She goes over to Thalia and glances at it. She doesn't do anything more than prep it for a more professional look. Then, quite suddenly, out of the blue… "Can I have your autograph when this is done, please?" SQUEE?!

Moody looks back towards Tonks taking in her Injuries, well that is till the shaky wizard comes all cautiously in. One brow raises as the Walking stick merely points towards the the new Healer, and lowers. No words said just a grunt, as the grizzled ex Auror stiffly moves over towards the bar and pops a squat. Hand reaching inside his robes for that flask of liquid courage. "I got all th' medicine I need right here lad." moody much more or less barks towards the gaunt young man. "See t' the kiddies.." Not that any of them are kids-but..Well you know.

David moves only after making sure nobody needs an emergency transport his wounds aren't bad just splinters and cuts. "I'll be back as soon as I can." he says stepping just out of the Inn a crack is heard as he moves off to make his trip to the Ministry to report and than hurry back.

Funny, few people seem willing to allow Sirius to help them with their injuries. He's not bothered by it. He crosses the room and returns to where Jack is, and thusly, Jilly. "You alright there, mate? Look like you've had a fair too many drinks." He eyes Jilly and her injuries and frowns. He's possibly debating on attacking her with another bit of a healing spell.

Artemis offers a small frown to both of them as his wand lowers, and he is walking to a relatively safe and sound table, making sure to keep his movements where everyone with wands out or now in as it can be, can see them. Another slight cough as he turns right back towards both Thalia and Christian. "How about this-" and then a bit more strength to his voice. "How about you both come over here and I see to you both, and we can forgo the bit of chivalry and not fainting before ladies.." a point towards Thalia "You first, please…And No, you cannot say no-Why did I even say please.." a wave of his hand at himself "Come now."

Should Sirius even /think/ about trying to attack her again, Jilly is ready. Her wand hasn't been put away yet and he'd be the worse for wear for the attempt. Wouldn't it just be embarrassing for him to have made it through a shoot out unharmed only to be hexed by the witch he was attempting to help? She thinks it would be justified. "I think it has more to do with the fact that an Unforgiveable was just tossed about in Hogsmeade than the drinking." She glances over at Jack, though, and reassesses. "And maybe also the drinking."

"I'm fine doc," Christian says with a weak chuckle. "Nothing a good stiff drink couldn't handle." He stands and offers Thalia help to her feet. "Not exactly how I pictured tonight going." He smiles to her.

Thalia lets herself be helped up, but looks rather annoyed. "I'll be fine," she protests weakly. "And you," Tally waves a stern finger at Christian, turning to Artemis. "He got Crucio'd. He gets to go first." She raises her eyebrows at the healer in the universal gesture of, 'you know what I mean'. Grinning the first grin she's had since the attack began at Tonks, she nods. "Sure, of course."

Tonks has just got table splinters in her back, but she's moving about alright for the most part, so… not quite serious. She's already pointing her wand behind her to begin removing them anyway. Yay first aid! When Thalia agrees to the autograph, the pink haired auror actually squees and claps her hands gleefully, spinning around where she sits. We call this a 'fangirl moment', don't mind her.

Jack greets the Healer with a wry smile. "Art." He gestures toward the cuts and bruises and shrapnel. "If they're being all … noble…" Hey, if Sirius can make puns with his name, Jack can too, "I could use a little help. But seriously, take care of the more seriously wounded first. I'm good." He moves to settle himself into one of the recently repaired chairs. "Rosmerta? Anything else need fixed up?" He waits to hear the answer, which is dependent on her inventory of her poor tavern.

"I hear you Christian," Sirius says, then states decisively, "This round's on me." So order up! "An Unforgiveable? I hadn't noticed, Miss Gale." Aaah, sarcasm. "Can't say I pictured the evening going this way either, Faulkner." He's also perhaps a bit too used to seeing the usage of Unforgiveables and nasty curses to be fazed much by the dingbat twins. He then turns a thoughtful look towards Jilly, then asks, "Miss Gale? Would you permit me to assist with your wounds?" See! He can ask politely! It's just more expedient to forgo all of that nonsense!

"Right, and then you'll get infected, and it will come back that I COULD?? have treated you-and someone from our lovely Ministry will come and sack my license. No thank you. You //WILL be treated, even if I have to stun you to do it sir." Artemis, intones before he is looking back towards his bag and with a tap of his long ark wand, it snaps open. Hand reaching down to pluck out a few vials which are set along the table. Arranged shortest and fattest to tallest and skinniest. Finger idly draws along his nose before he is looking back towards one of the couple. "Oh for the love of Merlin, one of you sit and show now.." Voice comes out a bit loud and not entirely nice, but exasperation is showing on the young healer's face.

"Jackie.." the smile given back to his friend "Well sit down and wait-I'll see to you soon.Oh could you order me a wine? I am parched, I was eating crackers when you called.."

Moody merely is watching everyone else as he takes a wee bit of a dram from his flask. He'll drop by Pomfrey and make up a story like he fell down the stairs, or something to hide the fact that his perfectly good back, landed with solid connection to a perfectly good table. Though, as it seems Sirius is buying Moody is looking right towards Rosmerta "I'll have another glass, if you will."

Nonsense indeed. And seeing how she's just had about enough of his lip and his sarcasm, Jilly starts to limp away. "No. I will not." Because he already humiliated her once, she's not about to let him do it again. "I'll wait for the healer." It doesn't matter the order. Grabbing one of the chairs that was not exploded and put back together again, she eases herself into it, to wait out her tending to by a professional. Not someone who petrified her to take a look at an old curse. Nor will she buy anything on his tab.

Sirius merely smirks in Jilly's direction. She amuses him, what can he say? He dares to wink at the witch before heading up to the bar to grab a drink for himself as well as the requested wine for Artemis. It's a short trip to the bar for drinks and back. The wine is set within easy reach for Artemis, and Black settles into a seat near Jack. Taking a sip of his drink, he says aside to Jack, "Bit of a spitfire, she is." Does he need to say who 'she' is?

Christian nods to Thalia. "Yes I got hit with a bad curse," He says quirking his eyebrow. "But you, my dear, are bleeding." He turns to Artemis. "If you don't mind, Dr. Took." He indicates her bleeding arm.

"A bad curse? A bad curse? Try an Unforgivable, Christian." Tally looks sternly at Christian, but her indignation is taken down a notch when she begins to get a bit woozy. Bracing herself on Christian, she swallows visibly. "Well. Okay. I'll go first. But just so it'll make you feel better." She turns to Artemis, and asks, "What d'you need me to do?"

"Oh thank you-" Artemis replies back towards Black as his free hand reaches for the wine and takes a long good sip. A swish of the wine in his mouth and Took offers a satisfactory nod. "A good year-I like you." added with a grin towards Sirius, before the glass is set down. Now-to business or something close to it. Christian seems to offer up Thalia as his first victim, and the business face of the Ravenclaw shows "Well hmm. How about-do not faint-or move.." added softly as one hand moves to her arm, and draws his rather cold fingers along it. "I see.." And wand merely taps his wand once against her arm "stasis.." intoned which should hold the bleeding and freeze the wound all together. Wand then lowers as hands gingerly take her forearm and then with a small flick of the wrist the splinter is pulled out "Make sure she doesn't faint. It might break the stasis I have.." Wand retrieved and he is prodding the wound for a second a motion quiet chanting fore little bits of wood stuck in come out in a swirl. "Let me clean it, and I'll have it sealed immediately.." now he is ushering back towards his bag and phials.

Rosmerta comes over to give Jack a butterbeer and shakes her head. "Nothing that I'm aware of." Jack nods and gives a slow sigh of relief. "Give the good Healer there a wine, would you, Roz?" He plonks the coinage down to pay for his and Art's drinks. "Spitfire…" He rolls his eyes. "You could say that." He shakes his head remembering why their dalliance was short. Well, one of the reasons, anyway.

Sirius chuckles at Artemis. He was brought up proper, in a formal home and a pureblooded one. Although he strives to forget and distance himself from that rubbish, some things remain. Like picking a good wine, and fancy dinner manners. Eyeing Jack setting out money, Sirius shoves it back towards Noble. "I said, I'm buying this round." And he means it! An inquisitive look is shot towards the younger wizard for his comment, but nothing more is said. This really isn't the time.

Christian catches Thalia when she braces herself on him. "I'll be fine," He says quietly, almost to where only she can hear it. "As long as you are alright, I've got something else to think about." As the Healer turns away for a moment, he quickly grabs a chair and pulls it over for her to sit in.

Thalia sits in the chair, though not before voicing her opinion that it simply was not necessary. Blue eyes keep flicking from the healer to Christian, making sure he was still there. She seems comforted by his closeness, if the small smile on her lips is any indication. "No fainting - got it." Tally gives a thumbs up with her unwounded hand, which is beginning to crust with dried blood.

Ahh, Artemis, is not what one would call pureblood. Rather if the man's natural skin colouring was anything to indicate such-well his skeletal features would add to it. A bit of whisking and searching before one phial is brought over with bandages, and everything is set down. "This will sting in a rather cold way-My apologies miss.." And with that his wand is held over her wrist as his wrist turns slowly counter clockwise. A dark greyish plume of light-slidding into the wound, which indeed will bring that cold sting. Once down there's a flick of his wrist and a twist-as the silent incantation-works. Skin seals itself up nice and tight like a stitch. At that point he is setting his wand down and unrolling a bit of bandage..

"Quite lucky m'dear.." his voice comes back in that soft tenor "It was not too deep, nor damage to the tendons.." phial is opened as a bit of greenish-gunk is tapped out and spead along the bandages, before he is wrapping it up type over the healed area. "Don't remove this, till two nights from now-and all will be right as rain-Don't get it wet-if you do seek a doctor.." And with that eyes are looking towards Christian, a crook of his finger "You, sir." Artemis, is now in his element.

Christian steps up next. "Alright," He says, shoving his hands into his pockets. "No physical damage on me, Doctor. Just got hit with a Crucio curse." Anyone close to him notices his hands shaking slight in his jacket pockets.

Artemis looks towards Christian for a second, eyes trailing down to the man's hand. "Hold still.." said back, before his wand is picked up. A narrowing of eyes before there's a quick rapt against Christian's chest-and it would feel for the wizard as if an all warm shell was filling his insides. Like a fine liquor had been taken part of. "Now.." said softly as he reaches his hand into his robes. "Eat this.." and a chocolate bar is passed along. "All of it." The indication one might get is that he wants to watch it-not entirely the case. He is just serious about his healing.

"Oh man, not fair! I didn't get any chocolate!" Thalia protests, her tone indicating her teasing. "Should I watch him and make sure he eats it all, doc?" She turns her face to Artemis, her expression mock-solemn. A smile twitches on her lips, and she cocks her head to the side quizzically.

Jack waits patiently for Artemis to finish with the more injured patients. "Should I pull this out, Art, or wait for you to get over here?" He's eyeing the shrapnel in his arm. Sometimes, the Healer wants to make sure it's not infected, or too deep. His mouth turns up in a smile at Thalia's antics.

Christian visible relaxes has Artemis rapts on his chest with his wand. He takes a deep breath and accepts the chocolate from the healer. "Thank you," He says calmly. He turns to Thalia and grins. "I thought you couldn't take your eyes off me. SHould be easier now that I have chocolate in my hands." He unwraps the chocolate bar and takes a small bite.

"How big is it?" Artemis calls out, before he is looking over his shoulder towards Jack. And with that he is waving dismissively to both Christian and Thalia "Do something cute, and share.." said as he is hurrying over to tend to Jack and Jilly. Might as well rack himself up a healthy bill or something..Though the wines will be deducted out of the cost. "Give it here, mate an let me poke about abit. Make sure we don't have t' cut anything off." All of a tease, but still its Jack, one of the few people he knows here.

"Oh, Doctor, please! Anything but amputation." Jack chuckles, and teases right back. "It's … not too small, but it's not exactly huge-ass big either." He turns his body to let the Healer see his wound. "I think that's the only one."

"Such technical terms, like Huge ass. I never understood why you never became a doctor Jackie." Artemis offers dryly, before he is looking back towards his friend's wounds, and there is a slight frown. "Not too bad, you're bloody meaty enough to handle it though…" A slight nod and there's a reach of those cold boney fingers, before its ripped out and a flick of the wrist "Keep it clean.."

Thalia flushes pink as Christian points out the fact that she hadn't looked away recently. She waves a hand at him, making a face. With the motion of her hand, she remembers - autographs! Fishing parchment and a quill out of her robes - after becoming Famous, she never left home without them - she signs with a flourish, "To my favourite Auror, Thalia de Riviat". When she doesn't immediately spot Tonks, she frowns. "Christian, you work with her, sort of, don't you? Could you get this to her?"

"We work in the same offices," Christian nods, breaking off a piece of the chocolate bar and handing it to Tally. "I'll take it to her." He pulls up another chair and sits next to her. "Would you like something to drink?" He asks, leaning back. "I for one need more coffee. Reenforcements will be arriving soon, and I am going to search this town high and low."

Now that Jack is patched up, and things look — more or less — normal, Jack stretches, draining his butterbeer. "Thank you Roz. Sorry about all this." He shakes his head. "Owl or Floo, Art. We'll talk." Now he sounds a bit like his mother. Oh, dear. He nods to Tally and Chris. "If you need help with that, Faulkner…" He gives the hitwizard a meaningful look. "I know this town pretty damn well."

"I'll come by through the floo, its been a while since we have had some tea.." Artemis mentions as he finishes seeing to Jack. A slight nod and he is looking back towards the couple for a second, and a frown "Well, should this not be the last battle you find yourself in Jack.." A sigh as he packs up and moves for the door. "You know how to find me. A friend in need and all that." He'll talk about a bill at another time. And with that Artemis Took sifts out, like the fog..And the room might feel a bit warmer.

Thalia frowns at Christian, her tone stern. "No. The nice healer said for you to eat all of it. So eat all of it." She hands the piece back to him, along with the autograph, careful not to mix the two. Can

Thalia frowns at Christian, her tone stern. "No. The nice healer said for you to eat all of it. So eat all of it." She hands the piece back to him, along with the autograph, careful not to mix the two. Can't mix the chocolate with the autograph! "Yes, a drink would be nice." She glances over at the remains of her drink, on the floor. "Something fruity and a colour that doesn't occur in nature, please."

"Madame Rosmerta if we could please have a coffee, double the mixings, and something colourful, fruity and glowing," Christian says to the bar, taking a bite of his chocolate. "Are you sure? I've got more chocolate than I know what to do with, and I've already got a warm coffee coming."

Jack shrugs, having heard and received the messages. He's gonna go head home and let Mum fuss over him for a while. He sighs, and steps out into the cold before apparating to the front of Torchwood Manor.

Thalia grins, and nods. "You need all the chocolate-y goodness you can stand, mister. Go on," she gestures for him to do so, then smiles. "You sure you're okay?" Her brow furrows with concern, as she accepts the drink given to her.

Christian nods to Thalia, and takes a deep drink from the steaming cup of coffee. "I'll be alright," He says, coughing to clear his throat. "Are you alright? I came in to decide where I was going to take you to dinner, and wound up in yet another battle. It seems to be a pattern when I come to Hogsmeade. I'm either coming to see you or I get shot at."

Thalia chuckles, leaning back in the chair and taking a sip of her drink. "Yes, I'm alright. Just a little.. stunned, really. I mean, I wasn't expecting it." She rubs a hand across her forehead, letting out a sigh. "But, it's over. For now, at least." With that, Tally manages a smile.

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