1994-07-04: Books Memories And Blushing


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Scene Title Books, Memories, and Blushing
Synopsis Random meetings in FaBs, there's talk of books, memories, and even some blushing by two people.
Date Jul 04, 1994
Watch For Dania's spacey moment, Siobhan's idea of a prank, and pink cheeks.
Chronology NA
Logger Harry

Flourish and Blotts

Flourish and Blotts is the premiere bookstore for all wizarding needs in London. Towards the end of summer, this is the only shop where Hogwarts students can purchase their required texts for their studies. Bookshelves fill up most of this room, from floor to ceiling and are jam packed with volumes ranging in size from that of a postage stamp to a paving stone. The contents of the books are as varied if not more than their sizes. Tomes range from the harmless to some that could burn out the eyes of the reader. Why on earth that would be for sale is anybody's guess, but there you have it. The books seem to be arranged by their subject matter by the harried shop keeper and assistants.

It's been a quiet afternoon for Dania and she decided to come and look up some books she had been wanting for a while. She is currently leaning against one of the shelves as she flips through a book on some unknown topic. Today dressed in tight black shorts and dark red tank top. Her hair is short, spiky and blonde with some blue tips here and there and her eyes are a cool grey color today. She leans her head against the shelf, humming a soft tune.

Doing a bit of random adventuring on his own, Harry finds his way into the book store, the bell on the door jingling as he opens and shuts it. "At least Lockhart's not here anymore." he says quietly, more to himself before heading towards a stack of books on Quidditch.

Closing the book, the girl makes her way out of the aisle. Pausing she turns around and then shrugs. She'll come back for another book later. A hand palms her head as she opens the book again and walks while reading it, not a very good thing. Because now she's about to crash into Harry, oops.

Except, you forget…Ever Alert Harry! As he places the book he was looking at back on the shelf, his eyes drift downward for another. And out of the corner of them he catches movement. Close movement. Collision imminent. "Hey…watch where you're…." he starts, sounding a bit irritated, but stopping as he realizes who it is.

"Oh! Didn't see you there Harry." Danni says and closes the book with a snap, she grins at him. "You beat the stereotype that Quidditch players don't read." She chuckles softly. "How are you?" she asks as she puts the book under her arm.

"I wasn't familiar with that steroetype." Harry replies, grinning as he selects a book on famous Quidditch tactics. Flipping it open and persuing it, he looks up at her and grins. "Enjoying my summer. You?"

"That's because I just made it up." Dania pulls at one of her spikes, "Same. How was that little girl.. the other day? She looked like a first year." Dania squints her eyes as she thinks about Nessa, the girl with the intense stare. "Little shy, that one."

Harry laughs, shaking his head at the girl. "That explains why I didn't know about it." he says, closing the book and tucking it under his arm. "Just a little. She's going to be a first year this year and was unsure how to get sorted into Gryffindor." The shelf is perused for other related books.

"Yes that does explain it." Danni says with a soft smile. "Aw, poor thing thinks you can pick which house you are in?" She tilts her head and looks to Harry, "I don't know what I would have done if I didn't get into Gryffindor, my-." Dania's expression changes as she thinks about just /who/ she was getting ready to talk about.

"Not exactly." Harry explains, shaking his head. "She just want to know how she could increase her chances. I gave her some advice, which was basically quoting the traits of the house." Not finding another book similar, he turns back to Dania. "I don't think there was any doubt which one I was going to get sorted in."

"..yeah." Danni says softly and bites her lip, the gold chain is out now and she is playing with the ring on the end. "I just knew I was going to Gryffindor, I don't know how I did.. but I did." Dania breaks out into a small grin. "I wonder whose gonna teach Defense Against the Dark Arts this year." She wonders aloud to Harry.

Harry leans up against the shelf, glancing at the chain and ring as it's exposed again. She did that yesterday. Part of him wants to ask, but then again it could just be a nervous action. "I don't really know. Haven't heard anything in the Prophet. But I'm sure we'll find out at the Sorting Feast."

"Let's cross our fingers that whoever it is can keep the job, and that they're likable." Dania says and she looks off to the side because she notices someone looking at her, the wizard is whispering something to his female companion and looking pointedly at Dania as he does so.

"This is exactly why I didn't come out often." Dania says and she tightens her grip on the chain. If Harry notices the wizard that Dania is looking at, he would have heard faint whispers, something to do with 'parents', 'poor thing' and 'vanished'.

"I have faith that whoever it is, will be able to do the job. Dumbledore hasn't let us down yet." Well, with the exception of his first year. Harry does indeed notice, and turns his gaze to track her line of sight thus seeing the wizard. As he turns back, there's a look on concern on his face. "You know that man?" he asks, not overhearing the words spoken.

"No.. I don't. But he apparently knows about me.. or of my family I should say." Dania says with a sigh and she palms her hair. "I was beginning to believe that people would stop staring and whispering about me, because of what.. /happened/." Danni moves out of the line of sight of the wizard.

"What happened?" Harry finally asks, glancing back to see if the creepy wizard is still there. Normally he's not one to pry into personal details, but it was left dangling out there.

"The.. the year before I started Hogwarts. My mother, father and older sister went on a trip abroad. They never came back." Dania says slowly. The girl looks down to the golden chain and ring. "My family's crest ring.. my dad wore it all the time. It arrived in mail not to long after they disappeared. Stained with the bloody, the Ministry couldn't find them." Dania has her head down and is blinking a lot. Are those tears?

"I'm sorry to hear that." Harry offers, genuine sympathy relaying in his voice. He's not exactly the best at dealing with upsetting situations like this. Well, at least not outside the Trio. So he's caught a little off guard at the teary eyes. He continues to stand leaned up against the bookshelf titled 'Quidditch'.

And wouldn't you know it? That's just the section of books that Siobhan makes a bee-line for upon entering the book-seller's. With a saucy sort of bounce in her gait, the young blonde dodges customers and assistants alike with an easy grace. Tossing a bit of hair over one shoulder, she runs a single finger along the top line of books, muttering under her breath. Her brown eyes still as she catches the end of that sentence, uttered from a familiar voice. "Oh, it's you! Hullo!" Her brown eyes brighten and her smile grows to a genuine warmth. "How've your hols been?"

"Yeah, but what can you do?" Dania shrugs and then a forced smile is put on her face. She quickly changes her eye color from grey to green and her hair from short and blonde to long and auburn. Her hair is shaken out and she tilts her head at Harry. "Thanks for-." Oh and there is a new person!

Harry isn't really sure, but shrugs his shoulders. "Survive, I guess." At least that's what he has been doing. The newcomer is overheard, but he's unsure if what's said is addressed to him or the myriad of other in the shop.

When she gets no response from either of them, Siobhan frowns slightly. Her errand shoved - for the moment - to the back of her mind, she steps closer, trying a non-threatening smile and a little hand wave in front of their faces. "Oi, you two alright, then?" One never knows, and with some of the stories her brothers have brought home… Well, she can't be blamed for assuming the worst, now can she? Another thought occurrs to her then and she takes a step back. "I'm not interruptin' anythin', am I? Cause I can just, y'know…come back later…"

Harry glances to Siobhan at the hand wave. "What…oh, yeah…" he says, nodding his head. "We're fine. My friend here was just rattled by a passerby that reminded her of her parents." It's a calculated lie, that hopefully should hold up. "That's all."

"Oh." Well that derails one theory, at least. Thankfully it's a good theory to be derailed. Instantly, her eyes dart to Dania, warm and compassionate - as is her way. It doesn't take a genius to put 2 and 2 together, and her voice softens. "I'm sorry." It's a trite platitude and she knows it, but it's the best she can offer. "Did you lose them recently?"

While Dania seems lost in thought for a moment, Harry decides to answer for her. "She said something about the year before Hogwarts. I'm guessing that wasn't recently." he says, wrinkling his nose to try and do the math. "I was just in here looking for a book on Quidditch strategies, we were talking, and apparently someone passed by that reminded her of them."

Sio, the social butterfly-cum-people person, has a hard time understanding that such things slip by others as unimportant. "She's a fourth year in your own house, Harry." There's a note of resigned exasperation in her voice, but when she glances his way, she's still smiling. Sio won't hold it against him. He is, after all, a boy. Sometimes these things just can't be helped. "Honestly…" With a shake of her head, she turns back to the books, willing to let Dania hold her silence. "That reminds me! There're these Muggle books that introduce different things to people using simple language and goin' from the ground up. I was hopin' I could find somethin' similar that'd cover Quidditch for my brother." Yes, Siobhan is looking for 'Quidditch For Dummies'. She winks. "He's got a date to the Cup."

What?! It's not like Harry's had all that much experience with women. What not with saving everyone's lives his first two years, and then that nasty Dementor business last year. Where does a boy find the time? But then, Sio changes the subject. To something Harry /does/ know. "Right. I think I know…." he pauses, drifting his gaze upward to scan the shelves. "Right here." he adds, reaching up to pluck a book from the top shelf. "Brimbane's Guide to Quidditch for the Uninformed. Not the best, but easy to understand." On the cover of the book an older wizard, on a broomstick, flies around in circles tweaking his handlebar mustache.

"Oh this is /perfect/!" Staring at the cover in a cross between horror and fascination, Siobhan extends her hand for the book. "/You/ are brilliant!" When she pulls her gaze from the distracting moustache and looks up at him, there's a sparkle of mischief in her bright brown eyes. "He'll never know what hit him."

Harry beams a proud smile. Brilliant. She called him brilliant. Wait, Hermione's called him that loads of times. Maybe he /is/ brilliant. "Well, I'd be a careful if I were you. Brimbane can be rather boring if you ask me. Might put him to sleep." he says, handing the book over to Sio.

"But don't you see?" Siobhan's getting a bit excited now. The prospect of a new prank always puts her in a bouncy sort of mood. "That's the point of it!" She looks to the left and then to the right before leaning in and lowering her voice to a more conspiratorial tone. "The trick is to psyche him out before the big match, make him feel like a real first class idiot, then leave the book out somewhere he's /certain/ to find it. He'll try and use it to 'bone up' a bit and end up readin' himself right to sleep. No alarm, so he'll oversleep and run around like a headless hippogriff tryin' ta make himself presentable for his ladyfriend." She giggles behind one hand. "That's always worth watchin'."

Danni snaps out of the trance she was in, thinking of old memories. She looks at the other girl, and tilts her head and then to Harry but she doesn't say anything yet.

"Sometimes…" Harry starts, shaking his head at Siobhan, "…people make me glad that I'm an only child." He doesn't sound offended or anything, in fact more amused. "Just make sure he makes it to the Portkey on time. The vendor I purchased my ticket from made it clear that the Portkeys will not return for others. Something about security measure."

Frowning, Siobhan seems almost to deflate a little. "Oh. Well I hadn't thought of /that/." Watching her older brother rush through his usual regimen of primping and polishing would be loads of uninhibited fun - not to mention good for blackmail - but the thought of him actually /missing/ his date doesn't tickle her fancy one bit. "Suppose I'll have to think of somethin' else then…" She screws up her mouth into a thoughtful pout that somehow manages to make a seventeen year old seem adorable. "You wouldn't happen to have any ideas, would you mate?"

"What's going on now?" Dania scratches her head, her newly changed auburn long hair, she makes it significantly shorter and then nods. Yes she likes it like that better.

"Seems like she's planning a little prank on her brother." Harry explains to Dania, shaking his head. "Sounds like something Fred and George would do to one of their siblings." His green eyes roll slightly at the thought. "None at all. Don't exactly have siblings to prank."

Ginny enters the book shop with a parchment list in hand. No, not the Hogwarts book list, but rather a list of recommendations she'd gotten from a girl from school. The titles ranged from Muggle to Magical, and after a few minutes of bustling around the store, Ginny found each one. Holding a stack of books that nearly went over her head, Ginny ran into the knot of teenagers. Literally. She fell on her butt, books flying everywhere.

"So prank a random stranger!" announces a voice unfamiliar to anyone in the shop except Siobhan, and the faint whiff of something burning seems to be coming with the thin and tall man with the ready smile, Alistaire apparently. "Hallo." He even wiggles his fingers in greeting to the kids, although most of his attention is on the prankster. "Hello," he greets Siobhan with a special smile, just for her.

"Ahh, well best of luck with that! I should warn you though.. make sure that they don't know any good jinxes that will make your hair fall out." Dania should know of this.. /long/ story. "Harry, I'll see you later." She gives the boy a nice smile and wink and the other girl is given a polite nod. "Must be of-." There goes Ginny! "Oh dear.." she says softly and smiles as she walks away. "Help her with that won't you Harry!" Off goes Dania.

"You don't need /siblings/…" Siobhan starts to explain - perhaps about her exploits at Hogwarts - but is cut off by a jolt to her side. Stepping forward to avoid a fall, she looks over her shoulder to see the cause of said blow and smiles as recognition sets in. "Hullo!" she greets the youngest Weasley girl pleasantly. After all, baby girls out of large families of boys have to stick together, right? "Here, let's get this mess straightened up, yeah?" That said, she drops to her knees and begins to grab and stack books. Halfway to stacking a particularly fat tome, that familiar voice stops her dead. She tilts her head back to look up at Alistaire, a bright smile blooming right there on her face. A piece of hair falls into her eyes and she blows it back. "Hullo."

"Catch you later, Dania!" Harry says, waving as he turns back to Sio, the books, and stuff. "You all right there, Ginny?" he asks, kneeling down to pick up a couple of the books himself. Glancing at the title, he grins. "Muggle to Magical. Bet Hermione's already read that one." he grins, lifting his gaze /and/ the books upward. "Here you go."

Alistaire looks over his shoulder at the departing girl, filing the name 'Dania' away for later, then uses his wand to help with the book-cleaning, the tip of the wand glowing with a fierce blue light. "Sorry if I helped cause that," he says cheerfully to the kids he doesn't know until he spots Harry and simply goes, "Blimey! It's /you/!" But other than that stroke of recognition, he doesn't make a big fuss about Harry, busily filing Ginny's name in his memory as well. "Nice to meet you," he continues almost gaily, smiling toward Siobhan in that silly way she causes him to smile. "What're you all up to today, mm? Books and learning, not running out and enjoying the weather?"

Oh, dear. Ginny blushes scarlet, and crouches down to assemble the rest of the books. "Thanks, Harry. And thank you, miss." She says to first Harry, and then Siobhan, who she doesn't recognize. "I couldn't see where I was going with all these books."

There, the last books are stacked and Siobhan gathers them in her arms, then stands. "No wonder you couldn't see with all these in the way." Her nose wrinkles in a mild disgust when she hears Ginny's address for her. "Sio, please. I get enough 'miss' and 'young mistress' and other nonsense from the house elves." She takes a few steps forwards and sets the books on a mostly-empty shelf, brushing her hands off before glancing at Harry. "Dad made me read that one before I went to Hogwarts. S'a good book. Very fair." That being said and done, Alistaire gets her full attention, complete with that saucy smile that seems to show up most often when he's in the room. "I dunno about these two, but I was lookin' for a book on Quidditch for Jack." She steps over to his side and leans in. "He's got a date, see. I was lookin' to take the mickey a bit."

"Anytime." Harry replies, giving Ginny a grin before standing to his feet. At mention of not being able to see, he adds, "I can help carry some of them if you want. Only have one myself." These two? "I was just here looking for a book on Quidditch strategies, is all."

"Do you think he needs a book on Quidditch?" Alistaire asks Siobhan curiously, with a vague sort of interest in the question, apparently not /really/ caring all that much, even if Harry Potter himself is clearly interested in the subject. "Maybe one on pick-up lines relating to Quidditch, maybe," and the Auror grins cheekily. "Now THIS," he says, putting his wand away as one of the books comes to his attention, "shouldn't be available in a public shop or library or anywhere where the books scream if you touch them without permission…" And that one book, he retains possession of, not even letting the title be revealed. "And I won't ask how you got it. Looks like it was stuck together with one of the other ones," he mutters, grimacing as his fingers seem to want to stay attached to the book in question.

Ginny smiles shyly at Harry, handing over a few tomes. "Sure, Harry, thank you," she manages without stammering. Go, Ginny! Turning her attention to Siobhan, she sticks out her right hand. "Ginny Weasley. Pleasure to meet you, I'm sure." As Alistaire talks about dangerous books, she eyes the volume in his hand curiously, wondering what it was.

Siobhan chokes back a laugh at Alistaire's comments, turning to stifle the sound in his shoulder. Her interest is piqued again when he mentions a book that shouldn't be there. "You're meddling," she teases him, gently elbowing his side and grinning up at him to show she's not too terribly serious. "What're you doin' in here, anyway?" She hasn't seen him for two days only to meet him here again. A girl might start to wonder what his attraction was to so many books. To Ginny, she smiles brightly. "I've seen you around. 'm at Hogwarts with you, remember?" Nevertheless, she'll grasp the hand offered to her and shake it vigorously before letting it drop.

Taking the offered tomes, Harry grins. "Anytime." is all he can manage of a reply back to her, while watching the exchange between Allistaire and Sio. "I'll take these over to the counter, along with mine." he then says, inclining his head towards the tomes he is holding. "Got what I came for anyways."

"I was taking a break," Alistaire says with a light smile, pocketing the thin book he'd confiscated in his coat and nods to the younger people. Before he has the chance to introduce himself, it seems the other two are about to check out, so he doesn't. "Don't let us keep you," he invites pleasantly, apparently not wanting to be a bother right now, looking back at Siobhan. "We do get them once in awhile, you know. No matter what they said at the Ministry."

Ginny nods to Siobhan. "Right, I thought you looked a mite familiar. Nice to see you." She gives Siobhan and Alistaire a wave, following Harry to the counter. Ginny produces some birthday money to pay for the books, and piles her purchases into a canvas bag.

Waving to the two younger students, Siobhan offers a smile. "I'll see you then!" And hopefully before term starts. With a warmer edge to her smile, Sio turns back to Alistaire, grabbing his hand and tugging him towards the corner table where they sat last time. "Really now? I'd not think the Brigadier would ever let /you/ out on a break. Circe only knows what you'd blow up unsupervised!" With just the tip of her tongue poking out the side of her grin, she eyes the boy at the counter. "Fancy a cuppa?"

Already at the counter, Harry had Ginny's books ready. And soon as they are paid for and packed, he pays for his own out of the moneybag suspended around his neck. "Thanks." he says towards the clerk, tucking the book under his arm. "So, where are you headed now?" he asks Ginny, offering a wave to Siobhan.

Alistaire doesn't seem to mind that his hand was just yanked and he was hauled off without so much as a by your leave, but Sio's a special case in this regard, the older man plunking down when they get to the table in question. "Letting me on a break is far different from me taking one because I needed one," he replies with a diffident shrug, nodding with a smile at the offer of tea. "Thanks." His gaze shifts back to Harry and Ginny at the counter, a thoughtful look as he regards the young man. "And you're just shopping the day away for Jack?" he questions Siobhan without immediately looking back at her.

Ginny smiles at Harry, though she doesn't make direct eye contact - her brown eyes are somewhere around his cheek. "I was thinking I might stop by the ice cream shop and then head back to the Burrow. What about you? Did you have anything else to get?"

Well, then she's sure to notice the slight reddish tint to Harry's own cheeks. "Well, I promised your mum that I would come right back after my shopping. All I found was this book though." he starts, darting his eyes just about anywhere but her. "But I don't think she'd mind me taking a side trip to the ice cream parlor. That is…if you don't mind." he finishes, looking around. He's never noticed that cobweb in the corner there.

With a few coins put into the tea-boy's shaking hands, Siobhan brings forth two cups of steaming tea, hers with three sugars and a hint of milk, his with five sugars, no milk. "I never did ask how you took your tea, so I just did the same as last time." Settling in the seat across from him, she wraps both hands around her own cup; grateful for the warmth despite the heat of the day. "Enh," she shrugs. "Not much to do in the summers an' I can only take so much of mum's naggin', so I come out here. I pick up different things to pass the time." She eyes the book Harry'd helped her pick up. "Today the best I could come up with was a prank on Jack…" She seems to realize that his eyes aren't on her and turns to follow his gaze. "What?"

"That kid there," Alistaire says, jerking his chin over to indicate Harry. "D'you know him? I mean, actually know him, rather than 'oh, hey, it's that kid with the big lightning bolt on his forehead, he's Harry Potter, lah de dah'." His voice is pitched low, not meant to carry over to the teenagers checking out, as he takes the tea that's proffered and has a sip from it, nearly gagging and pointing at the tea boy's cream dispenser. "Who doesn't put milk in their tea?" he demands of no one in particular. "Philistines, I swear…"

Ginny smiles brightly at Harry's cheekbone. "Sure, that sounds good. We can get the ice cream and eat it on the way back to the Burrow.. Mum doesn't like it if I'm gone too long, either."

"Right then." Harry starts as he hears the word 'sure'. And then quickly has to add, "Good idea. I'm sure she's probably worrying that we're going to wander into Knockturn Alley or something." Heading for the door, he holds it open for Ginny. "Shall we, then?"

Eyes narrowing a bit, then widening as she realizes who he's speaking of, Siobhan turns back to Alistaire. "Who, Harry? Sure, I've seen him around. He's at school with me. One of the few what doesn't look at me like I've just drank baby's blood or summat. He's a bit of alright. Shame he gets into it so much with that Malfoy kid." Her voice follows his, low and not meant to carry, though it has a bit more of a feminine hiss. "Why?" Then, she's distracted by his spewing and sputtering. Miffed, she folds her arms over her chest and slumps back into her seat. "Fine then, fix it yourself," she grumbles, then lifts one finger to wag at him threateningly. "An' don't you go callin' me words I don't understand. That's just low."

"Hmm?" Alistaire asks a bit distantly as he ponders both his tea-correcting until there's the right combination of milk to offset the noxious infusion of Oriental leaves… and the sugar, with the deeper problems. "It's just, y'know, the Ministry's going spare now that he's back amongst us, like they expect him to explode or something… or save the world." His voice still pitched low, he adds, "Someone like that, people currently in power would probably see as a threat or some other kind of danger." Sipping at his now-exceptional tea, he sighs softly. "I pity him," he murmurs quietly. "A normal life is the last thing he'll ever get, just because of what happened years ago. Poor soul. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." And then he sighs again and looks back at Siobhan. "I wouldn't wish that kind of reputation and fame on anyone."

Watching him speak, Siobhan's ire fades into sorrow. It's not a reaction one can help when confronted with such a dynamic man as Alistaire. His emotions become your emotions…or maybe that's just Siobhan who picks up on them so. "I suppose I hadn't thought of it that way," she offers, her warm brown eyes fixed intently on his face. She's silent for a few moments and then tilts her head to one side. "You sound like someone who knows." Her quiet observation hangs in the air between them, meant for his ears alone.

Ginny nods to Harry, pulling the canvas bag so it went over her shoulder, and lifting her hand in a wave to Siobhan and Alistaire as she heads out of the book shop. "Let's."

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