1994-09-23: Books And Strange Looks


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Scene Title Books and Strange Looks
Synopsis Four boys in the library. Four very different reactions.
Location Hogwarts Library
Date Sep 23, 1994
Watch For Slytherins supporting each other.
Logger Julian

Cullen has liberated several books from the library shelves today. The boy doesn't look particularly like he belongs in a library, nor enjoys spending his time there, but here he is. He's got a few sheets of parchment laid out in front of him, several weights to hold them down. It's quiet, as it tends to be, only clatter or the occasional thump of books filling the air.

Julian does belong in a library. He's piled up a couple thick books on a chair, sitting atop them, having gotten the idea from Professor Flitwick, and has several more spread out around him. A couple of them relate to his studies, but some of them are personal reading. These are usually on the bottom of the pile, for some reason. He's taken up most of his study area with the books, leaving just a small patch for quill, ink and parchment.

Derek walks into the library and looks around, he nods to Cullen before moving to the shelves and geting a few books on potions for his homework with Prof Snape, he takes his books and takes a seat with his backpack on the ground. Derek takes out some paper, pen and his ink well and starts to copy stuff from the book onto his paper.
Rene has arrived.

Cullen's head turns up when he spots motion, eyes rising over toward Derek when the boy passes. He gives a small nod, one hand rising from pages to wag over. A quick glance about after, then one small nudge of books before the Hufflepuff begins to dig into pockets. "So boring," He moans.

"Shhh." Bean pipes up, as he rereads the sentence in the book he's got currently. He frowns, and sets the book down, pulling another one from the stack to correlate something in his mind. He grabs his quill, and starts taking notes, writing out his thoughts quickly. The quill scratches echo around the small table.

Derek nods to Julian as he keeps working on his potion homework, he glares at Bean before going back to work, yes he's bored too but he's not going to lash out with the librarian around.

Cullen's nose wrinkles at the chiding from elsewhere, eyes lofting upward to examine the room again. He peers at Julian for a second, making tap of fingers to book afterward. Just a few, loud enough to be audible throughout the immediate area before the thing is nudged even further away. He finds what he's looking for eventually, small and wrapped hexagon container that he begins to peel open.

Rene belongs in a library when it suits his mood- though he does not consider himself a bookworm, sometimes he can be. That hat did resound in his head that he could find a place in Ravenclaw. Or Hufflepuff. Or Gryffindor. But, the snake won out through, ironically, sheer resourcefulness.

He is here, somewhere, only peering through some of the shelves when the shushing comes up. From there, the boy sidles his way out of the shelves with a book that only looks like it might weigh as much as he does. There must be some sort of charm on it, because he skirts right over to the table and plops it down across from Bean, not yet sitting, and eyes on the books the other boy happens to be sitting on. Hrm?

When Rene sets the book down on the table, Bean looks up, and is about ready to say something when he recognizes his roommate. He gives an off-handed wave with his left hand, and starts reading again. However, Cullen's 'tap-tap-tap' starts to annoy him, so he hops down from the chair — leaving his makeshift booster seat unprotected. He walks quietly over to Cullen giving Derek a nod on the way, and looks up at the bigger boy. "Would you please stop doing that?"

Derek looks up from his book at Julian and Cullen, he stops to watch them and his wand in to the ready if he needs to jump in and help his fellow house mate.

Cullen's eyes move over toward Julian when he approaches, head slowly tipping toward the side. The request seems to amuse the boy somewhat, small laugh parting from his lips before eyes skitter toward Derek. There's a second of consideration, small nod afterward. "Sure. If it bother you that much." The words are genial, firm nod of head made afterward. "What's your name?" Pause. "Both of you."

As Julian gets up, Rene keeps standing beside the table, hands flipping open the tome in front of him in order to browse and find the pertinent chapter. Stalling, in part, to see where this goes.

"Call me Bean." Julian says, with a small frown. "It was making it difficult to study." Normally, he can tune out distractions, but he's tired and restless today. Something is bothering him, but it's just under the surface. He frowns and looks over at Derek. "No hexing, Rimmer. I think we're good." He glances wordlessly over to Rene, just to keep track of him, as well. "And you?" He forces childlike politeness into his tone. "What's your name?"

Derek nods as he puts his wand away. "Derek Rimmer." he waits but keeps his hand on his wand just in case, derek is the nervous type seeing he was pick on all his life by evil brothers.

"Cullen Langley." His introduction is short, pleasant, the boy rising from his seat after. Hands move to scoop up several books, mentioning, "Sorry if it bothered you. It's dreadfully boring in here, you have to do something to keep yourself from falling asleep now and then."

Rene has moved his eyes from the book up to Cullen across the space of room in silence, half-lidded eyes watching the older boy with an idle curiosity not unlike the owls give to students that pop into the tower they occupy.

"Nice to meet ya." Bean says, keeping his voice quiet. He chuckles. "I don't know. I usually can study in here pretty well. But today…" He's just restless. And as evidence, he shifts his weight from one foot to the other, still watching the bigger boy. "What are you studying?" Or supposed to be studying, at any rate.

Derek goes back to writing on his paper, he keeps on listing as he works,

Cullen makes tip of head toward those gathered around, mentioning, "Well, good to meet you. Hope that fixes itself soon." The boy grins, adding, "For me, I better go before I do something worse. Bothers me in here." Books are tucked under an arm, packaged going into pocket again after. He makes small wave of farewell, beginning to wander off and away afterwards.

Julian watches the boy go, and moves back to his seat, his more normal frown returning. "That was weird," he comments to himself, though the whisper is loud enough his tablemate can hear it. "What're you working on?"

Derek looks up from his paper. "Homework for potions class, meed to write on the shrinking potion we made." Derek shivers at the though of that potion.

"Older students are all weird." Rene confirms, finally sitting down. What is he working on? "Not 'omework. I finished." He flips over the cover of the book for the other first years to look at. Hawkins' Encyclopaedia of Common Spells: Novice to Intermediate. "Eet ees mos'ly spells we could learn zee firs'few school years. I read about zem back home, but now zat I can practice-" Well, he will be practicing them. Whether or not he needs to. "I need- I need to try and tame my wand. I think. I'ave always'ad problems wit'channeling zat…accidental magic. An'now eet comes out in classes…" Rene frowns to himself, keeping a rather low volume.

Julian nods, his expression worried. "Yeah, it's been a bit strong the last time or two. Will you teach me some of those?" He gestures to the book Rene is reading. Derek gets a nod. "That's good." He's finished his homework already, of course. "I know that Ravenclaw girl is definitely weird. Lovegood." The one they were talking to in the Courtyard. "Nargles." He shakes his head, and turns back to Derek. "Rimmmer, you ever heard of Nargles?" He's doing an informal survey, yeah, that's it.

Derek shakes his head. "I've has class with Lovegood before and that redheaded one she hangs out with ummm, I can't think of her name Giner or something like that."

Derek says, "oh and i ran into one girl in the hall, Hermity or something like that."

"Zey do not exist. I asked around, and eet seems that she an'er father are… strange. He prints a …wizarding periodical- zat nobody seems to take ver'seriously. Called ..um. Quibbler?" Or something like that. Rene nods to Julian when he is asked about the spells, though it is very noncommittal and he might forget if Bean does not remind him later. "I jus'ope eet works. I don'want to hurt someone."

Julian snorts. "Ginny." He corrects Derek easily. "She's a Weasley. There are seven of them. Seven kids." He remembers that much from their conversation. "Don't konw the other one." He would jump on the chance to be introduced if he knew she was Potter's friend. "Yeah, she seemed like Old Jack to me." He grins, choosing not to explain himself just now. "He writes a magazine with this stuff?" This makes him snicker. "I bet it's fun to read." If for no other reason than to find the faults in it. "Somebody takes her shoes, then." That was the natural assumption, but it's been proven.

Derek nods and goes back to work on his homework.

Rene sighs softly. "Yes. Somebody does." Which is exactly why he told her to put shoes somewhere not in her room. "I'ave not read it. Don'want to."

Julian shrugs, and looks down at his book for a long moment. "It would just be for entertainment value, I think." He says, still smirking. "I found this book that talks about shrinking solution. It says if it's strong enough, it can de-age you…" He shudders. "I'm so glad that didn't happen. Had enough of that…" The Librarian moves over toward them, and Bean quiets as she nears. After she passes though, he sighs. "I should just finish up my homework and read this stuff another time." He gestures to the lower books in the stack, which have titles like The Wizarding World: A Primer. "Probably shouldn't have them out at all, I suppose."

Derek shakes his head and gathers up his stuff, he stands up and moves to the door. "I better go, see you both later."

Rene eyes said books, then Julian. He nods a goodbye to Derek before leaning a bit towards Bean over the table. "When you finish those- if you'ave questions- I can'elp." Immersion is otherwise great.

"Thank you, Rene." Julian's gratitude is sincere, and it shows in his eyes. He leans down, scribbling some more on his parchment before he looks back up at Rene. He doesn't say anything more at the moment, just looks at him, then looks back down at his book. He's unsure if he wants to say something or not.

Fade to Black

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