1996-02-25B: Bones Talk


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Scene Title Bones Talk
Synopsis Jake recruits #2 in his 'God Squad'
Location Hogwarts - Temporary Bullpen
Date February 25, 1996
Watch For TechSpeak
Logger Bone Talker

It's not quite yet time to go slam back whiskey with Jethro. So, Jake decided to go hunt down part two of his 'make Morgan Security ready' mission. Thus, he winds up back at the bullpen, where Brennan has set up all kinds of equipment. Some of which he'd rather not think about. He knocks on the door leading in to her little office away from home, and sort of leans against the doorframe lazily waiting for her to acknowledge his presence.

"Gardener, I told you, if you want me to look at the samples from the explosion in Cardiff I need originals, not - oh." Looking up from an examination of what looks like a super-sized human pelvis, Brennan realizes that her audience is not, in fact, Jethro. "Mister Morgan. Can I help you?" Brief once-over and then she's back to trying to match various bone-fragments against places where the pelvis has been chipped. "Everyone else is on rounds. I finally got clearance to examine samples of the starving werewolves from the Ministry." The dead ones, obviously.

Morgan is definitely amused at the greeting he receives. He's going to have to rib Jethro later, obviously. "I was actually thinking, and you talking about needing clearance to look at samples is a good segue… that I might be able to help you." is pointed out. He stays at the door. Does not want near that pelvis, yo. "Course, you'll be helping me too in a manner of speaking. How'd you like to be able to continue doing your work, but with better equipment and not be the one having to deal with pesky issues like 'clearance'."

Brennan pauses, blinking over at him in obvious confusion. "But you don't work for the British Ministry in any capacity. How could you help me with sample clearance?" Placing the bones delicately back on the table, she stares at the fragments for a long moment, running one hand over each shard before finally choosing one and turning to another table - complete with another skeleton - to place that fragment into a shattered clavicle. "That would depend on how you define my work, I suppose. What is it you need?"

"Because I don't work for the British Ministry in any capacity." See? -Easy-. Jake elaborates anyway. "I've enough contacts and enough money that getting clearance isn't a problem. and when I'm gone, Siobhan and Jethro will have access to the same contacts and the same money." is explained simply. Watching her do the delicate work captures his concentration for a moment, but when he looks back up, it's to try and answer her question. "Your field of work isn't my specialty. It's not the specialty of anyone else at the company right now either. We have been, up until now, only interested in security and protection. But, our focus now includes catching the son of a bitch who's been torturing kids and witches. As a forensic anthropologist, Jet says you've got skills he can put to good use. And I believe him."

Brennan snorts at the mention of Jethro putting an anthropologist to work. "As a forensic anthropologist, my skills are only of good use with murder victims. The sociopath who kidnapped and tortured those people displays a disturbing lack of respect for human life, but since none of them actually died, I'm afraid there's very little I can do for you. Now these are fascinating." Subject change! "This pack is made up of individuals from the South London area, almost all Muggles. That's just on the outskirts of Moldavia's territory, which would suggest these are outcast wolves, but every single one of them has the same degenerative markers - just concentrated in different areas of the body." At least the dead ones she's been able to re-assemble and examine so far. "And why would a security company take on a research-centric division. The only logical skillset I can offer to the kind of work you do, Mister Morgan is - " And it hits her like a brick in the face. "Close the door, please." Only once she hears the quiet 'snick' of the door closing will she turn and face Jake, leaning one hip against the examination table. "What do you need a Bone Talker for, exactly?"

"What type of degenerative marker are you talking about, here?" Jake wonders, wandering over to the area where she's working, and appearing genuinely interested as they talk. "And he may not have killed anyone /yet/, but that isn't to say he won't. Also, as a civilian, you would be able to pick up cases that interest you. Not just the ones you're assigned." he points out, then pulling the wand from his inner jacket suit pocket and flicking it at the door so that it closes. "Quite honestly, I am more interested in your abilities as an anthropologist." he shrugs, with no deception in his tone. "Your skills as a Bone Talker certainly enhance that. And I've no doubt they could be used wisely during investigations…" is agreed. "But, as I am certain you're aware by now, I'm dying. Security is my specialty, not everyone's. And Morgan Security needs to diversify in order to survive. Siobhan will own it when I'm dead, and I don't want her to have to worry about any of this when she inherits. So I'm taking care of it now. You'll be in at the ground floor so to speak. You'll have your own department, your own people, your own focus and research. And, your own equipment. But, you and your team would report to Jethro during an investigation or security assignment where your skills are required."

"Similar - but not identical - to the ones that would have been found in your blood when you were first diagnosed with pancreatic adenocarcinoma." Yup, werewolves with bone cancer. "But werewolves' immune systems are incredibly powerful. They make Professor Noble's allergy to Cruciatus look like hay fever. It's part of the reason werewolves with magic sometimes don't live very long. They develop autoimmune diseases much more rapidly than their non-magic counterparts because their immune system is always on high alert due to their background magic." She shakes her head, pointing to the upper end of the bone nearest her side of the table. "See this? There's pitting and malignant growth at the femoral head. Cancer can't survive in a werewolf's system. It just can't divide fast enough to survive the active T-cells. But all of these samples show some degree of carcinoma." And most of them looked pretty mangy and underfed before they died. She pauses in her explanation, seriously considering his proposal. "Would we be free to liaison with the law enforcement we've already built ties to or does that have to go through your company's central authority?"

"Werewolves with bone cancer." Jake just shakes his head, rubbing the back of his neck with the non-wand hand as he leans over enough to see the pitting on the bone that Brennan is referring to. "So, wait a moment. I read the information we have on the condition of all the survivors we got out of Riddle House." he ventures, his frown far more marked. "Most of them are just too far gone to tell us anything. But we know, from what Maura told us, that she was injected with something that gave her a disease she would not otherwise have developed. So, is this more of the same? Shadow fucking around with a blend of magic and genetics?" Which is some seriously scary shit if it's true. Que up the nose-bridge pinching. "Of course you would be free to liaison with the law enforcement ties you've already built. You'd just have to disclose any useful information to Jethro and myself. Hell, law enforcement's going to -love- you if you work for a company that enables you to cut through red tape like its butter."

"That was my hypothesis, yes. But it could also be naturally occurring. There are hundreds, even thousands of underground bunkers and shelters littering London's basements left over from the second World War. It's possible that some of those places could have been exposed to highly toxic chemicals with whose effects we aren't yet familiar." Those places would have made great hidey-holes for Weres kicked out of their pack. "I'd like to get these samples somewhere with less magical interference. I need X-Rays and bone marrow samples and none of the equipment will work around this much magic." Which aggravates her to no end. "Your offer is acceptable, under three conditions." Gloves are pulled off and tossed in the waste bin. "One, I get to pick my people. Two, if there's a case we're wanted on, no one touches anything before we get to it." Put that in the procedures, bub. "And three … You guys are gonna tell Shepard. Not me."

Normally slow to anger, Jake's temper starts steaming enough that there may in fact be smoke coming out of his ears. "Will a fully equipped lab in London proper give you what you need to examine your samples, until we can find a way to shield the equipment here?" He asks, finally, after a moment to shake off the urge to go find Shadow and split his skull open. "It's entirely possible that this is a naturally occurring situation. Well, I use 'natural' in loose terms. But, something tells me that's too easy." is noted, before he folds his arms across his chest and listens to her conditions. "Done, done, … and that's what I hired Jethro for." See how easy that was? "Of course, maybe I should tell her. Worst she can do is off me early, really."

"Well yes, but I can't take these samples anywhere without prior authorization from MLE or the MLEIA office." Brennan isn't strict about much outside of proper scientific procedures, but there are some rules Jane has managed to drill into her head. Not walking off with evidence seems to have been one of them. "If I can have access to even basic hospital equipment I could tell a lot more about these anomalies than I can from here." And hey, if he can make that happen, working for the suits might not be so bad after all.

"So, you need me to get Hospital equipment and have it just outside the schools protective sphere?" Amazing how he says these kinds of things as if, you know, anyone can just find hospital equipment lying around and get it to a place hidden by magic. Yet, Jake says it. Just like that. "I don't know what it means to be told I can't get something done, Dr. Brennan. It's the arrogance of having been Navy, perhaps. But you tell me what you need and where you want it, and I'll make it happen." he promises. "Simple as that. You don't understand just how determined I am to make sure this gets done, and done right. I'll do whatever it takes to get there."

"Okay." Pretty straightforward, Brennan. She might not have thought it possible but if someone else says they can do it - especially if they happen to be like the third richest person in the world - she'll take them at their word. Gift horses and all that. "Here." She grabs a pen and notepad off of Jethro's desk and scratches down a short list. Short being in length, not price. "These will be enough to tell for sure if the cancer is from radiation or chemical exposure or viral." Reaching across to grab her jacket off the back of her new boss' chair - because he's the only one who doesn't seem to mind when her stuff takes over part of his desk - Brennan shrugs into it and grabs a set of keys. "Drop me off in London on your way? I need to make some calls."

Jake picks up the list, looking over it so he has a ballpark for how much it's going to soak them for. "Alright. We'll turn it into a mobile lab. I assume that will work for you." if not, he has a feeling she'll say so. "I hope like hell it's from a natural cause. But if not, fill me in on what's next while we're on our way to London." Once she's all set with coat and keys, he gestures her first towards the door out of long habit. And wil then follow behind.

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