1994-11-25: Bludgers And Snitches



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Scene Title Bludgers and Snitches
Synopsis The Champions compete in the first task of the Tournament in which they must catch a Snitch that contains the clue to the next task.
Location Quidditch Pitch
Date <date of IC effect>
Watch For Bludgers and Injuries and RAGE OH MAI!
Logger Avada "I Killed Yo Mama" Kedavra

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25 Nov 1994

Out on the pitch, It's a cold and blustery day out on the Quidditch Pitch. Perfect weather for fun and frivolity. If you're totally sadistic that is. Regardless…on the field itself stand two notably recognizable faces. One of Barty Crouch Sr., and the other, wearing the uniform of a Wimbourne Wasp, is Ludo Bagman, head of the Department of Magical Games and sports. High above both men, and easily seen to anyone looking up, is what could only be described as a SWARM of bludgers zipping around just looking for a target.

Out on the pitch, Danny glances skyward at the bludgers, mouth slightly agape for a moment - two of the things is enough, but a whole swarm? Phew, he's glad he isn't the Gryffindor Champion. Still, he's a supportive sort which is why he's out there on the field and not tucked away safely in the stands. He turns to wave to the crowd just because.

Out on the pitch, Mei stands somewhat out of the way, her cloak pulled tightly about her. Shaking her head she just looks about for Ashley, muttering something under her breath. It vaguely sounds like "Couldn't they have picked a warmer day for this?"

Out on the pitch, Ginny gives a snort of laughter as she arrives on the pitch, the wind whipping vigorously at her hair and robes. "Showing off, Willen?" She raises an eyebrow at her housemate, then turns to smile at Mei. "I think it's perfect weather. Makes the Task more.. challenging, doncha think?" Her own cloak flaps around her shoulders, the Gryffindor badge on the shoulder. Brown eyes sweep the field for the sight of the champions.

Out on the pitch, Broom gripped tightly in her right hand, Siobhan stands on the field. She's forgone robes today, instead wearing denims, trainers and a heavy black sweater beneath her trademark magenta cloak. Her long blonde hair is pulled back into a French braid down her back, leaving only the shortest fringe around her face. The wind pushes at her, billowing her cloak behind her and pulling the blood to her cheeks. There's a determined set to her jaw, but she seems more herself than she has this entire week. The bludgers have her attention for a while, but as they don't seem to be particularly important just yet, she turns to Crouch and Bagman.

Out on the pitch, Showing his support for the Gryffindor champion, and having heard that the champs were supposed to have brooms, Harry suspected something Quidditch related might have been on the agenda. As such, he's wearing gear suitable for quidditch. Pads and all. Despite the crowd of students and faculty, Harry resists the urge to wave as well. It's not his time to shine. And for that, he is thankful.

Out on the pitch, Ashley isn't looking up at the bludgers. Honestly, he doesn't want to see it. He knows its there though, because the loud buzzing from above as the bludgers slice through the chilly air is obvious. He, like Siobhan, has exchanged his robes for a pair of jeans and a heavy brown hoodie, his own broom held tight. His eyes are focused ahead of him, somewhere between Bagman and Crouch, looking directly at neither but giving both is attention.

Out on the pitch, Broomstick strapped to her back, and the warmest 'warm weather' clothes she can find, Ophelia makes her way onto the field and moves to stand with whom she's assuming are also part of the support team. Well, if it isn't a champion, and not an official then they must be Support, right? the bludgers are eyed, and she looks almost comically frightened. It took her forever to just to get up on a broom in the first place, and now she might be in a position to deal with /bludgers/?

Out on the pitch, Luna, for her part, steps out into the field, wearing a… hat-like thing. Two cloth wings, resembeling those of a raven, flapped occasionally, held at the sides of her head, and sticking out of her form head, (well, out of a headband, of course.) was an approximation of a raven's head and neck. It opened its beak every so often, and kinda made a squeak. Otherwise, Lovegood had a lavender and yellow scarf around her neck. Eyes going upwards with a bit of wonder, she giggles rather happily. "Oh, it's quite beautiful." she says. "There's so many of them!"

Out on the pitch, Walter is likewise approaching the pitch, his rather old broom held loosely in one gloved hand. He's mingled part of his quidditch uniform with more comfortable and easy-to-move-in muggle clothes, and is currently eyeballing the bludger-things with a thoughtful grin on his face, eyes darting as they track the violent movements overhead. "This is going to be fabulous." He certainly doesn't care about the weather, poor as it is. It's just part of the challenge! He sends a glance over at Luna and offers a wink in greeting. "Let's hope your hat doesn't kill anybody."

Out on the pitch, Mei laughs loudly at Ginny's comment and shrugs. "Maybe." Pursing her lips she laughs some and then hmms. "At least it'll make cleaning the stain up if they get squished between two of those…gods I hope those aren't bludgers up there. They bloody well hate me." Sighing deeply, the girl looks around again, seeking out Ashley and finding him she smiles some. Walking over to the boy she pokes him in the shoulder "Don't stare at them too long. You'll just psych yourself out and that doesn't win us anything." Spotting Luna and that…well if that isn't a hat, someone better call the ministry because something is nesting in the girl's hair. "Took a bludger aside the head that one…"

Melissa found an early seat for the event, and looks up at the gaggle of Bludgers, pushing her glasses close to her eyes. "…This is going to make it hard to see what's going on, isn't it?" she says to nobody in particular. "I know they have to make it challenging but… people are supposed to be watching it too…"

Out on the pitch, "It's a sporting event," Danny answers in his Australian drawl, continuing to wave in the direction of the crowd, "Entertainment. No fun if we're all looking like we're attending our own funerals." He swings his broom like a cricket bat, hitting imaginary cricket balls into the crowd with a laugh.

"Don't die Walter!," is practically screamed from a particular bundled up Hufflepuff as she watches from her section. Sure, Perpetua is supporting her own house, but Walter /spoke/ to her. So she was a bit torn, so is supporting both. Her rat that was thought to be long gone has been found and is tucked into her cloak. A swathe of cloth in Ravenclaw colors has been wrapped around him.

Already sitting with a few of the Ravenclaws that have gathered in the stands, Elizabeth slips her slender hand from between her dark cloak to lightly push up her glasses, sky blue eyes narrowing behind them before her arm disappears and she pulls the cloak a bit closer around her, protecting her from the cold november air. She watches as the champions file out onto the field, along with the support groups, everyone in all showing their nerves in some way. The raven-haired girl releases a slow breath, the material of her cloak moving slightly as her hands rub along her arms.

Out on the pitch, Ginny smiles appreciatively as she spots Luna's 'hat', lifting a hand to wave to the girl. After a second of hesitation, she makes a beeline for the fellow third year. A glance is cast upwards, and she lets out a low whistle at the scores of bludgers. Idly, Ginny wonders what a bunch of bludgers is called. A herd? A throng? A pod? A pride?

Out on the pitch, Luna is spotted, rather easily, and Ophelia cracks a grin here. "Clever hat," she offers, reaching a hand to try to touch one of the wings when they stretch out. Luna's weird, but in a good way. Walter shows up and the little gothlette cops a salute, completely ruined because she spotted the blugdgers again and she's blanching. "Good luck!" Poor Walter. He's got a couple of creepy girls as his support team.

Out on the pitch, As the four champions make their way onto the field, it becomes one of the few times Barty Crouch /smiles/. Mark it on your calendar, people. "Welcome, everyone, to the Quad Wizard Tournament at Hogwarts!" His voice is enhanced so that everyone on the pitch, and the stands, can hear him. "Today our champions will begin the first of three tasks that will challenge them both physically and mentally. Who will make it to the end? Who will claim the prize money and the honor of being the Quad Wizard Champion? Only time will tell. With that, I give you Ludo Bagman, head of Magical Games and Sports to explain the task."

Bagman steps forward, with a wide grin on his face. Where he stops, there is a small wooden chest on the ground. "The first task is simple. Inside the chest are four golden snitches. Each have been tested and charmed by our Joint Heads of Experimental Charms, Adam Graves and Jamie Llewellyn, to be more visable than a normal snitch." He pauses to catch their reactions.

Out on the pitch, The Ravenclaw champion, hearing a hint of his name through the name in the stands, peers towards them and shields his eyes with one hand to try to get a better look. But it was probably nothing so he looks away again, instead taking a moment to treat Ophelia to a somewhat crazed smile. "If I die, feed my corpse to the squid. And blow up Professor Snape's office while you're at it." But then it looks like the Ministry blokes are ready to get things going, something that attracts Walter's attention as a matter of great importance - or at least amused interest. He leans his weight onto his broom and stands a bit lopsidedly while listening to Bagman, his gaze dropping briefly down to the indicated chest before returning politely to the man's face.

Out on the pitch, Luna spots Ginny across the way, the girl perking more to wave her hand towards her friend. Sidestepping closer to Ophelia, however, Luna keeps her eyes upon the big crowds of bludgers. The wings flutter, and to Ophelia's ken, it would likely feel just like normal old cloth. "Oh, it's a Quad Wizard tournament." Luna says, drawing her eyes back down towards Ophelia. "I think daddy will have to change the name of the Tri-Wizard Conspiracy, then." she says, then turning her eyes towards Walter and smiling brightly. "Oh, please don't die - that would be very sad, you know."

Out on the pitch, Danny cranes his neck to look at the snitches before turning his attention once more to the swarm of bludgers and finally back to the two Officials. He whistles in appreciation of the Task's difficulty, leaning on his broom and ceasing with the playing up to the crowd for the moment.

Out on the pitch, Blinking Mei cocks her head at the snitch things. "Oh this is going to be fun…" she's heard to mutter idly before looking to Ashley. "You a seeker? If so we've got this one in the bag. If not…might I make a minor suggestion?" Not waiting for an answer she smirks. "If you four are up there together…play dirty. No honor in it I know, but in the end it's probably our best bet." Furitive glances are cast at the others on the pitch before she waits to see the terms of the competition. "If it's just you, well you're on your own. No pun intended."

Out on the pitch, Harry watches the interaction between the champions and the officials. "Snitches and bludgers." he remarks, grinning. "Think maybe Bagman is looking for future recruits for the Quidditch circuit?" Wouldn't surprise him if the man was.

Out on the pitch, Ashley jolts to life as Mei prods him, and he shakes his head. "I wasn't psyching myself out, I was psyching myself up." He then turns to listen to the officials. The look on his face might suggest a quidditch themed task doesn't quite seem the most fair of choices, considering, but he doesn't say anything about it. "I won't play dirty, don't even suggest such a thing. We'll all do our best, and that's that."

Out on the pitch, "Not t'mention, one of us'd have to take your spot, so…" Ophelia nods here, and gives Walter the best uplifting support she can muster, "T'would be in everyone's best interest y' don't get your head cracked by a bludger." See? Completely supportive! And there's talking about snitches and everything, and Ophelia actually feels a bit woozy. Ugh, she can't imagine chasing after one of them. Good thing she's just there for support!

Out on the pitch, Playing dirty… Now that's something that Siobhan is more than familiar with. "Interesting…" Seems her favored position will come in handy now - thank Circe! Those bludgers though… For a moment, her eyes stray to the Flying Agents of Death with no small trepidation. She's no Beater. Still, there's probably another twist to this. That in mind, she resets her focus on the two officials.

Elizabeth releases another breath, steaming in front of her in the November air as she leans back in her seat, cloak pulling around her as she watches the field with a passive glance. With a light sigh, the Ravenclaw girl glances over her shoulder, looking over the crowd of students that have gathered for the first task.

Out on the pitch, Walter still seems supremely unconcerned with the bludgers whipping around up in the sky. Unlike some of the other champions, he is a Beater - and that won't change even if there's no official Quidditch this year, though he's admittedly a tad rusty. He sends a quick glance between his official support team members, unable to suppress his entertainment with the whole concept of the challenge as it appears at the moment. Bagman and Crouch have his full and undivided attention a moment later.

Out on the pitch, Bagman continues. "The snitches are also charmed to record the moment of capture. So there won't be any dispute over who captured what and when. You goal, capture the snitch. That simple. But do watch out for the bludgers. Any last words, Barty?" he asks, glancing at Crouch.

"Thank you, Ludo." Crouch nods, looking at the champions and their support teams. "Champions may utilize their support teams in the event of injury or equipment failure. Each team has been issued four extra brooms, all of which have been certified by the Ministry for use. If your broom is damaged, you may have your support team ready the replacement. If you are injured, they can also call for Mediwitch and Mediwizards who are standing by. Aside from that, we ask that you play fair. Game on, Ludo."

Bagman grins and kicks the chest, which flips open. Out of it, four golden snitches fly out. Each snitch pauses briefly in front of each champion before disappearing into the sky above the pitch. "At your leisure, champions."

Melissa looks to her right at Elizabeth and gives a wave. "Hello!" she says. "I bet Walter has this one in the bag… don't you think?"

Out on the pitch, Mei sighs as she looks at Ashley. "look, what I'm saying is simple. When you take off up there, you'll no longer be among friends. We're Huffies right? Everyone thinks we're their friend. That may be true, but you keep that mind up there and you've lost before it even starts. You need to play dirty in the sense that the moment your feet leave the ground, everyone else vanishes. So what if your friends get hurt? You need to win. Besides, I seriously doubt Dumbledore would really let any harm come to us. So, have at it. Show them what teeth a badger has mate." Looking at the mediwizards she sighs and steps back inspecting the brooms and then nodding at the medical wizards.

Out on the pitch, Braeden lets his broom rise and mounts it before looking back to the other champions, "May the best man..or woman, win hm?" He comments with a grin only to look back to the support team for Gryffindor. An upturned nod is given to them as he turns to kick his feet up onto the stirrups of the broom itself as he looks skyward at the mass of bludgers warily. "I'm used to throwing those things…not dodging em. Hm, we'll see." With that, he flips out his wand with something in mind and launches skyward at Bagman's call of "At your leisure, champions."

Sky blue eyes glancing up from under her glasses, Elizabeth gives Melissa a light nod of acknowledgement before lifting a brow in mild curiousity, returning her gaze back to the field. "Considering I know little of this Walter or his Quidditch skills, it would be unwise to make a decision based on inadequate facts upon his victory." she answers easily. "This is the first time I have seen him."

Out on the pitch, Siobhan wastes no time at all. No sooner is the box open than she's running, swinging a leg over the broom and taking off into the sky. She stays low at first, eyeing those bludgers with a knot of fear slowly forming. No one volunteered to back her up; for the first time in her life, her House has failed her. This means she'll have to take extra care. "Oh hell…" She swallows hard and ducks low to her broom, gaining height as quickly as she possibly can. Better Snitch-viewing from above, after all.

Perpetua pokes Mr. Skitters back down into her cloak pocket as she teeters on the edge of her seat to get a good look out to the pitch. As conversation reaches her ears, she glances over to Melissa and Elizabeth, the latter getting a fierce look. "Walter will do fine!" Don't ask her how she knows, she's got starry eyes because the boy /spoke/ to her.

Out on the pitch, Ginny looks rather awestruck. It's the Ultimate Quidditch Challenge! Unable to keep from bouncing a little on the balls of her feet, Ginny finally finds a place to stand, near Danny. She gives an enthusiastic wave to Braeden, calling, "Good luck!" to her House's Champion. Biting her lower lip, her eyes are intent on what's going on in the air above her.

Out on the pitch, Danny watches as Braeden takes off, holding up his broom and prodding Harry with it gently, "You should've been sixteen - we'd have had this one in the bag." Not that he isn't supportive, turning about and looking up towards the Gryffindor Champion before proceeding with the cheers.

Zarina releases a nervous breath as she leans forward in her seat, elbows resting on her knees with one hand cupped idly in the other as she narrows her eyes at the champions without a flick upwards at the snitches. After a few moments of watching, her fingers curl a bit further, her shoulders tensing a bit as the beginning is announced.

Out on the pitch, The Ravenclaw champion kicks off a few seconds after Braeden and Siobhan do, taking a moment to breezily salute his own Support with his wand. He's rocketing upwards half a second later, heading straight for the cluster of Bludgers and the rising snitches. Once up in the air it becomes rather clearer that things might not be as simple as he suspected, since those are an awful lot of Bludgers moving very quickly indeed. "Two sickles on Gryffindor," he calls to his fellow champions with a slight drawl before bringing his wand to bear and aiming it at one of the clouds of zooming potential pain.

Out on the pitch, "If only age potions worked." Harry retorts, grinning at Danny. "Then we would have. It'll take some serious moves to avoid all those bludgers." Casting a side glance over at Ginny, he gins at the awestruck look on her face. "Maybe next term you can try out for the team, Ginny."

Out on the pitch, And as any good Gryffindor would do….Braeden charges headfirst into the fray with the rise of his broom into the air. The whip of his wand to the side would bring it to the ready as he grips the broom itself in front of him with a sure hand, eyes darting about to watch for those bludgers he was so used to throwing. One bludger darts directly for him as he does so, causing the young man to make a loop over it before barely ducking past another. Then comes a third, "Bloody hell." He utters before raising his wand as if a sword before him with a swish and a flick, "Finite!" The bludger coming at him is halted in its tracks and hurtles towards the ground below before resuming its pace.

Out on the pitch, That's when a fourth bludger clips his shoulder and sends him hurtling past another as he follows after his own Golden Snitch.

Out on the pitch, There's a little bit of a 'whoo!' from the Ravenclaw Support 'area'. Ophelia bounces on her feet, waving an arm in the air. "Go Walter!" Hey, just because she's 'goth' doesn't mean she can't be happy and cheering, right? And then there's an eek! When she spots a bludger falling towards the ground though it resumes it's path way before hitting the ground. "Alright. I think t'is best we hug the wall here as close's possible…"

Out on the pitch, Keeping the brilliant smile upon her face, Luna waves Walter off as he salutes them with his wand. Still smiling, she turns to talk to Ophelia. "I do hope he got that charm I sent - all it will take is one mischievous nargle, and he is out of the match." A pause, and she glances back up towards the game. "Oh, there goes Brisen." she says, pointing up towards Braeden. Another pause. "What an adorable looking bludger. It's very different, no?" she says, pointing up into the sea of swirling balls and champions.

Out on the pitch, Siobhan makes it above the 'cloud line' with only two 'tailers'. Swinging wide, she smacks her wrist against her broom handle and points her tiny wand behind her. "Immobulus!" she calls after first one and then the other. Oh lovely…look how they fall. It won't last long - she didn't put much effort into the spell - but it should buy her a few moments to look. Where…where…there? Spying a glint of gold, the blonde Slytherin speeds on towards the opposite corner of the pitch. Her path takes her closer to the swarm of bludgers, one of which smacks her right between the shoulderblades. Wind? It's gone.

Out on the pitch, Ashley kicks off into the air, straight at the bludgers. Any that come his way are met with a spell - "Arresto Momentum!" and they slow to a halt as he escapes by them before they begin to move again. He breaks through the Sea of Bludgers, only to have one take him from behind. It hits him square in the back, sending him flipping over and falling off his broom towards the other bludgers. He points his wand towards his broom, shouting out "Accio broom!". It zooms to him, and he grabs it, floating in midair above the zooming bludgers.

Out on the pitch, As it happens Walter does have that little strap of butterbeer corks with him; it's not on his broomstick's handle but is hanging from his wrist just behind the seam of his right glove and it gives a proud rattle as he barks a quick "Reducto!". A bludger flying towards his face gets bashed with the spell and is knocked off course, looking a bit worse for wear and sort of limping as it spins through the air thanks to a brand new dent. The Ravenclaw leans down and hurtles through the cleared path as fast as he can manage while still being able to see, glancing about for his snitch - which he still hasn't spotted - but it's only a matter of time.

Out on the pitch, Mei watches intently before pursing her lips. Nodding over to the Mediwizards, she keeps an eye on Ashley while trying to convince them she really needs a bit of willow bark and powdered ginseng from them. Not much she would try to explain, a furitive eye cast back on the competitors, just enough to give Ashley a tiny perk should he catch a minor strike. Keeping her eyes on him she tries to wheedle, to ask, and finally just begs. All cute like too.

Out on the pitch, As one of the bludgers plummet towards Ashley off of his falling broom, Braeden's eyes go wide. He couldn't let the guy get clipped again while he was falling after all! He raises his wand and utters another spell of "Finite!" that sends the magic hurtling at that particular bludger. The bludger itself falls to the ground moments before hitting the other man and when Braeden turns, he finds another crack him upside the side of his head. "OOF" he falls with his broom still gripped in hand, hurtling towards the ground. He barely manages to retain control when this happens, bringing himself up in time with a hazy look in his eye…and the sight of the Golden snitch flittering a few yards away before zipping off away from him.

Out on the pitch, Ginny clasps her hands together and jumps up and down rather enthusiastically, briefly grinning at Harry. "Oh, yes, I think I might just do that," she says without stammering. It seems that the excitement of the Task is overriding her usual nervousness with Harry. As Braeden gets hit, she gasps loudly, crying, "Oh no!"

Out on the pitch, The bludger in her back doesn't send Siobhan for anything nearly as dramatic as the other contenders' falls - poor dears - but it leaves her gasping hard and blinking back tears of pain. This distraction leaves her open to another bludger, one that thankfully only clips her shoulder. Pain is piling on pain and is very quickly bleeding all the 'fun' out of this particular venture. Swooping down to avoid a third strike, she spins off-course because another of the Demon Balls smacks into the tail of her broom. "Damn it! These things need rearview mirrors!" Not that she expects anyone to hear or understand, but the sentiment needed expressing. Oh! Maybe not so bad then. There's a Snitch not 30 yards away and she is off, more focussed on dodging than spelling the things away for now.

Zarina takes in a sharper breath as she watches a bludger slam into Braeden, only a moment passing before Ashley is slammed into as well. Releasing that breath evenly, her finger tighten unconsciously as she continues to watch, shoulders tensing further.

Out on the pitch, Ashley hangs onto his broomstick for dear life, as a bludger comes soaring straight at him - but stops, and then zooms off in another direction once it regains momentum. He catches Braeden out of the corner of his eye, and gives the man a shouted "Thanks!" He then points his wand at his broom. "Oppugno snitch!" The broom then zooms off, presumably on its way to attack a snitch. Ashley keeps his grip, eventually swinging back onto the broom as a bludger comes his way, forcing him to turn the broom manually to avoid collision. "Rubbish, now what?"

Out on the pitch, In no time at all it seems like Walter's managed to catch sight of his target thanks to a bit of glittering, which is unfortunately located in the center of a large cluster of death-Bludgers. As he makes his speedy approach, gripping his broomstick with one hand while his wand is held out with the other, he once again casts a spell. "Avis!" Is roared above the whipping wind, and a small flock of conjured birds spill ahead to 'distract' the Bludgers if possible, which seems to be a fairly effective tactic until a stray Bludger hits the champion right in the side of his head, causing his broom to barrel roll to the side as he peels off, momentarily disoriented. He manages to swing himself right side up a few meters later with a fresh cut above his eye, and then heads right back for the snitch as it flees the cloud of birds, feathers, and savagely beating spheres.

Out on the pitch, Braeden shakes the cobwebs out of his head and sends his broom into another kickstart as he leans forward with his eyes on the prize. "Let's see where you go now you dirty little…" He mumbles, his hot blood getting the best of him for that moment. The launch sends him after the snitch with an upward spiral through the hurling bludgers in the air, an outstretched hand going for it that nearly catches the little bugger only to have the man get clipped by another bludger that knocks him off balance from it. "Bloody.." He murmurs but calms himself down and clears his head, "Focus." It's then that he makes another attempt after the snitch he'd missed moments earlier with a downward dive, leaning forward on his broom with an outstretched hand.

Out on the pitch, So, so close! Farther and faster Siobhan pushes her broom, lying as flat as she can against the handle. Sliding her wand back up her sleeve, she shifts her grip on the handle and gives it another three seconds… Swing! Or…not, as the case may be. At the last minute, that devilish little Snitch zooms to the left and Siobhan is left clenching around nothing but air. Unfortunately, all that momentum has to go somewhere; that 'somewhere' just happens to be into a frontal spin. A not-so-graceful forward spin. She manages to pull out of it, but only after the handle has smacked her face, leaving the Snake with a bleeding lip. Less and less and less fun by the minute. Deciding this needs to be over ASAP, the seventh-year takes off again for the skies, just barely missing a bludger aimed at her legs.

Out on the pitch, Mei grumbles something when she gets a rather blank stare. In that time she totally misses Ashley's near death experience. Grumbling the girl peers up at the bludgers seeking out the boy. Oddly in that short time she spots three of the snitches, though the fourth seems to have vanished until she spots it for a split second hiding behind one of the officials before darting off. Just raptly watching she backs up and waits, still muttering about medicals with their lack of needed ingredients.

Melissa cringes as Walter is hit in the face, but gets excited as he keeps going regardless. "That was a close one…" she says, looking toward Elizabeth again. "He must be pretty tough to make it through that…"

Elizabeth couldn't help but wince slightly as well the moment Walter is hit with the bludger, frowning with something close to concern as she watches just how hard the bludgers hit each of the champions. Pursing her lips just slightly, she lowers her chin in a soft nod of agreement, "True…" she murmurs.

Out on the pitch, Ashley narrowily avoids a bludger aimed at the front half of his broom by tilting it downwards when he catches sight of a snitch. He zooms towards it, his hand stretching out for it.. almost on it.. almost.. and then his shoulder is struck by a bludger, causing his arm to push back and miss the snitch. He pushes the pain to the back of his head, keeping his eyes on the snitch as he keeps after it.

Out on the pitch, The snitch spotted to Ravenclaw leads Walter on a merry chase during the next short while, zooming around like a thing possessed and forcing its follower to duck, cover, and generally get pelted with a rain of random blows here and there that spin into his shoulders, back, and broom. He keeps on it, though, and soon he's reaching forward for the dastardly golden ball. Just as he puts on the speed and his hand prepares to close another bludger comes flying straight at him out of nowhere - or from above, to those watching carefully - and hits him right in the front of the chest before bouncing off again. It's a sufficiently rough blow to keep him from grabbing his target, though it's a very close thing indeed and some on the ground might take it for a victory before the snitch goes buzzing away. As it happens the Ravenclaw barely manages to stay on his broom, even slipping partway off of it with the right half of his body dangling down horribly before he recovers his seat.

Out on the pitch, Braeden seems to not be in the best of luck today as he dives towards the snitch before having it zip in the totally opposite direction all of a sudden. He reaches up to grab for the snitch as it does this but finds himself in a precarious balance on his broom that sends him off of it. Quick reflexes save him in the last moment with a firm grip to the broom in one hand that leaves him dangling about 30 feet up off of the ground. "Up…" He gives the broom a tug that sends him towards his seat again, "And at em." The swing of his legs brings him to sitting again as a bludger flies beneath. A few moments later and he would've been pummeled. He gazes out at the pitch after that, searching for the snitch again with a dull hum as he casts Finite at another incoming bludger that sends it falling to the earth only to look around for a glint of gold rising from the officials. "Well then. Seems one of them knows how to play hide and seek." TALLY HO and off we go! The broom builds up speed and he's off towards the snitch he'd managed to spot.

Out on the pitch, "There you are!" Siobhan has now degenerated to the point of talking to herself. This is probably not a good sign. Aborting her attempt to rise, she smacks her wrist against the handle again and Immobilizes bludger after bludger to clear her path down. Doesn't stop the one that clips the crown of her head, but that's collateral damage. She pulls out gradually and follows the little golden ball as it zips across the field. So focussed in on that golden speck is this contender that she doesn't notice the officials until it's almost too late. O HAI BARTY! A hard swerve manages to avert disaster - unless the poor old man has a heart attack - but it's cost her the Snitch. Again. … Or has it. Looking up again and blowing hair out of her face, she sees the obnoxious yellow tree ornament bobbing in front of her face; teasing like a child. Before she can snatch the thing - or even get over her shock at having it Right There - it zips off and away, still skirting low to the ground. Sio is after it like…well, rather like a skinny blonde bullet.

Out on the pitch, Ashley keeps after his snitch, head ducking and bobbing to avoid bludgers. One manages to whizz against the side of his head and ear, drawing blood that leaks in a trail at his velocity. He bunkers down further on his broom, reaching out a hand.. can he grab it? Before anyone can tell, even him, his broom is hit from behind and shatters, sending him into another freefall towards the ground - and through the bludger storm, who apparently have discovered his state and begin to zoom at him, three bludgers colliding into a bludgerpile upon him.

Out on the pitch, Mei winces, quickly snatching up one of the spare brooms. Gauging just where she expects Ashley to impcat, hoping the Bludgers have a limited altitude, the girl gives up on her cloak for now. May be cold but she can't run with it on. Tearing out after Ashley, she makes a move to slide in after him, her own wand out with a weak shield charm ready to protect Ashley from the impending iron balls of doom!(tm)

Out on the pitch, Walter pulls up high after that last hit, hovering above the storm of bludgers as long as he dares to get a good look at the big picture. He sees Ashley go down and winces his sympathy, lip curling into a grimace as the balls start flying down to punish the fallen champion. But he can't worry about that for too long, since there's still the matter of shiny zooming pretty things with wings, such as the one that has started buzzing around below him. He turns the handle of his broom straight down and goes into a dive, preparing to give chase once again with his hand at the ready. It's unlikely that he'll nab the snitch in his dive and it's not what he's intending; he's more concerned with keeping an eye on it while avoiding the sudden onslaught of bludgers hurtling in his general direction.

Out on the pitch, Braeden's within reach of that golden thingamabobber that he was chasing and makes a snatch for it but finds himself in a moral conundrum. Grab the snitch for the hometeam or help the guy who just got PUMMELED by the bludgers around him. Well, that'd be a hard question for anyone else. He gives up his chance with a narrow miss on his part and speeds towards the falling man with his wand raised in the air. A swish of it over his head and a flick and a spell is cast towards one of those bludgers as he swoops in for a catch with another spell cast towards a second bludger. "FINITE!" He misses his shot and the two pummel into him with two direct blows that leaves him stunned. "You alright Ashley?" The words are spoken in a daze before gritting his teeth and looking every which way as he'd lost sight of the Golden Snitch.

Out on the pitch, There's no time now to tell who's down and who's out. Siobhan has one goal in mind and one goal only. That Blasted Snitch. Trying a different tactic this time - a frontal spin now would be Bad News - she reaches out with her left hand extended, fingers open and grasping. It's her weaker hand and she knows it, but there's no time to put away her wand again, she just has to grip it alongside her broomstick and pray her palms don't decide that now would be a good time to start sweating. Her broom - as wonderful as it is - just doesn't seem to be able to get that extra speed needed to seal the deal. It looks like she's in a losing battle and it's one Sio would indeed have lost, but…but! Ducking from the crowd above, a particularly virulent bludger slams into the left side of her ribcage from the back. She can hear bones cracking and the pain makes her scream in shock and…well…pain, but her fingers still close around that little golden ball. It's the only thing she can think about. The only thing she can register over the rising tide of searing agony. She will not let go. She Will Not. She'd better land soon, though. It's a valiant effort, but one that she fumbles on hitting the ground; too hard; too fast. The Slytherin champion - Snitch still grasped in her pain-aided vicegrip - ends up on her back on the turf. Her arrival is heralded by another shout. That hurts!

Out on the pitch, Ashley can't hear Braeden over the sound of bludgers around him, shouts from the stands and the blood pumping in his ears. Slipping out of consciousness, he aims his wand at the ground where he's about to hit and manages out a weak hearted spell. "Spongify." And SLAM, he hits the ground, his fall softened only enough to not have the seventh year turn into goo. He's out like a light, but as his hand opens (considering he's not conscious now to keep it closed) a snitch rolls out of it and onto the ground.

Melissa stands up, looking down at the pitch with a pair of Omnioculars she'd brought along. "Wait… did he just win?" she says, surprised, rewinding the view. "…He did!" she says, even more surprised. "Does it even count if you get knocked out like that?"

Out on the pitch, It looks like no champion is going to get out of this challenge totally unscathed. Walter pulls sharply out of his dive as the snitch turns its angle upwards, his broom giving a short buck of protest before returning to its normal working order, and this time the Ravenclaw's outstretched hand gets closer and closer to the golden ball in front of him - and his gloved fingers soon close over it, the rough dragonhide coating the palms of the gloves themselves ensuring the catch will be one that sticks. He manages to look triumphant for all of five seconds before veering hard to avoid a pair of bludgers, something that doesn't treat him particularly well considering the crash he then makes into a lower pillar of one of the stands, his broom nearly splintering but staying up as it flies away from the wall and eventually glides to the ground, bringing its rider to an undignified and sprawled landing on the pitch below where the crash itself occurred. Thankfully, it wasn't that far to fall. Relatively speaking.

Out on the pitch, Mei groans tossing the broom aside. Pointing at the medi wizard she quickly calls them over, stepping back as the medical team makes their way to bring him around she blinks and then ahs sending up a small shower of red sparks from her wand tip. Normally the sign for distress, she seems to want to draw attention to the little golden ball Ashley just had in his hand. Waving and bouncing are also used, along with numerous calls and even the odd curse or two. Mostly a simple "HEY YOU!" aimed at one of the officials.

Out on the pitch, Braeden watches as Ashley collides with the ground beneath him as it seemed while he was able to manage taking the other bludger hits for him, he didn't quite manage to snag that prize that was catching the other man entirely. Instead, he's forced to watch as the other slams into the softened ground with a loud slam. The sight of the snitch would bring a deep, troubled sigh and a worried look towards his support team. It seems he was afraid of going back to the locker rooms after this. Either way, he waits hovering there, his eyes darting back and forth in search of one of the remaining golden snitches while holding his wand at the ready to keep stray bludgers from crashing into the fallen man in wait for the officials to get him.

Out on the pitch, She's watched this with a rather bland look, though there were several times where she hid her face as some things were just too much to bear witness too. But the moment that Walter ends up careening into a pillar, Ophelia's running towards where she thinks he'll land, calling out to a couple of on-site Mediwitches. Or wizards, whichever, who cares about being PC. She's already picking up pieces of the splintered broom, "Please say y've caught the damned thing, Walter. I didn't think t'grab yer spare," she mumbles as the Ravenclaw Champion gets checked over by staff. She then hovers nearby, worriedly.

While he'd been watching the Task with a Hagrid-sized tankard of ever-piping hot chocolate, the headmaster of Hogwarts seems somewhat under the weather, the tip of his nose quite red from sneezing and the hanky he has to keep from spreading germs around him. However, when the danger increases to the students, his blue eyes water briefly, and sorrow crosses his features just briefly. After all, people don't grow if they don't face adversity. Still, students falling from the skies is enough to cause him to rise to his feet and peer down into the pitch, despite the coughing wracking his frame, and he hurries down onto the pitch as well.

Out on the pitch, As both the Hufflepuff and Slytherin champions return to the ground, Bagman heads over towards Siobhan. "Congratulations, Ms. Noble. Very well done. I need to see your snitch for a moment though to verify the time of capture." he says, darting a glance at his fellow official.

Crouch, meanwhile, has headed towards the fallen Hufflepuff champion. Along with two Mediwizards. "We'll take care of him, Miss." one of them says towards Mei, as they work to rouse the boy. Crouch taps his wand on the snitch by the boy's hand and the time of capture appears in a whisp of smoke, and disappears almost immediately. Satisfied, he looks up in time to see the Ravenclaw champion close around a third snitch. That pretty much seals it. Whipping his wand, the swarm of bludgers dives towards an unoccupied corner of the field and stack themselves neatly in a pile.

Out on the pitch, Siobhan is still conscious, but barely. Lying on her back this way sends waves and darts of fire up and down her chest and back. She's a bit out of luck, though. She must have pinched a nerve in the crunching of bones, because it would take more muscle control than she has available to her to roll to her uninjured side. Blinking up towards the vaguely familiar face, Siobhan has to shake her head - another painful motion - to try and organize her thoughts. She groans incoherently; a sound which can here be taken to mean, "Certainly Mister Bagman, you may of course have my snitch. It's right here in my tightly clenched fist. Best of luck in removing it."

Out on the pitch, Bagman smiles. "I don't need to remove it, Miss. Just this." he says, tapping his wand to the small bit of exposed snitch he can see. The capture time appears in a whisp of smoke and is gone. "Thank you." he adds, turning to watch another team of Mediwitches head towards the Ravenclaw champion who seems to have taken a dive into the support structure of the stands.

Out on the pitch, "…Are you my mother?" So says Walter, whose sad broom is in very not good shape at this point. To be fair, neither is the champion himself. But any fears Ophelia may soon have about his mental state should be dispelled just a moment later: "-Just kidding. And yes, I caught it. But seriously, feed my shattered corpse to the squid." The Ravenclaw champion drags himself forward with no small difficulty and props his back up against the support beam of the stand behind him, lifting his captured snitch so he can inspect it closer. All that trouble for something so small - it's really quite unfair to all the champions and their many and varied wounds. Taking a moment to survey the state of the other champions, Walter actually feels rather lucky to have escaped with his own personal set of bruises and cuts. Siobhan looks particularly bad. He glances up at the oncoming mediwitches and then frowns funnily at them.

Out on the pitch, Snape sweeps out onto the grounds once the 'festivities' seem to have come to a halt, cloak fluttering behind him as he stalks to the prostrate Slytherin Champion. There are mediwizard and witches on hand, of course, but he would be a poor Head of House if he did not check for himself before entrusting her to their care. He looks down his nose at Siobhan, quirking an eyebrow before checking to make sure that enough breathing is still happening to keep her from passing out. He mutters something or other but it goes unheard beneath the din.

Out on the pitch, Ashley sort of half opens his eyes, groaning as he starts to push himself up onto his rear, slumping forward. "Ouch! Well, I don't.. nothing seems to be broken, but man am I sore." He looks around, then notices Crouch. "Hey, did I catch it? I caught a snitch, right?" As the mediwizards help him to his feet, he sways a few times before finding some solid footing. He looks like he's about to say something to Mei before he spots Siobhan on her back, and starts to walk - well, limp - towards her, perhaps even forgetting about Crouch.

Out on the pitch, "You'll let them do their job," Ophelia says, narrowing her eyes. "An' I may be yer mother if'n you don't behave." She's still collecting bits and pieces of broom. Bagman's given a curt nod as she does so. She stops and looks over her shoulder at the gathered before back down to her housemate. "Maybe you've a lass up there…make sure you smile prettily as you're bein' carried off," is said with a smirk.

Out on the pitch, Mei ahs, reaching out to place both hands on Ashley's shoulders. For a moment she seems ready to hug him before she turns him around and is heard to say "Walking the wrong way. We'll fix up your pains in the common room later. Just hold out mate. For the firsties watching. Be the REAL Hogwarts Champion."

Out on the pitch, Dumbledore moves over to Bagman and Crouch, after checking on each of the four students for himself to ensure their safety. An explosive sneeze racks his form, and he gives a rather miserable apology for his illness. Then, he listens intently to the two men for their opinions and double-checks the readouts on each snitch for himself.

Out on the pitch, Braeden drops off of his broom to the ground and hangs his broom over his shoulder, his footsteps carrying him warily towards the Gryffindor group. A soft mutter could be heard from him though the words arent audible, his gaze drifting across them. "Sorry guys. It looks like i've failed us this round." He comments idly before looking away towards the stands and the House he'd just managed to quite possibly lose support from for the coming Tournament.

Out on the pitch, Snape's appearance in her field of vision is a vast relief. (And how many times does one ever hear that?) Siobhan even manages a smile - well, what passes for a smile. It looks more like a grimace at the moment. She's about to try and say something… Only Dumbledore's sneeze interrupts her…right into seeing Ashley headed her way. Her face - already white and pinched with pain - pales further, her brown eyes widening. "Nooo," she manages to groan out. "Please, no…" Really, after the Potions debacle, the Hufflepuff is the last person she wants to see right now - good intentions or not.

Out on the pitch, Ashley shrugs his shoulders rather forcefully despite his condition, to get Mei's hands off of them. "Get off of me, Mei! I'll go whatever way I feel like!" He resettles himself from his mighty shrug, and resumes his limp towards where Siobhan gave a spill - but then he buckles over on one knee. "Alright, you know.. maybe I'll just.. sit here a while." And sit he does.

Out on the pitch, Snape quirks a brow yet again at Siobhan's comment, glancing briefly over his shoulder at Ashley before waving a hand to summon the attention of a nearby mediwitch. He speaks in low tones, obviously not intending to make a show of things. "I wish this student to be transferred to the Hospital Wing immediately."

Out on the pitch, Walter flaps his free hand at Ophelia a few times to concede to her desire for his good behavior, staying put - though it's not like he's got much choice in the matter thanks to all the aches and pains he's picked up since leaving the ground. "No lasses that I know of, Ophelia, but it doesn't matter. I'm always pretty." He eyes Bagman from past the mediwitches that are soon clustering about him, holding his snitch out to the side for the man's probable arrival in his vicinity.

Out on the pitch, Mei just sighs, hanging her head as he sits. "Arse." she's heard to say just grumbling before peering at the Mediwizards. Pointing at him she's heard to say something very rude, and very likely to garner detention, but whatever it is seems aimed at getting the Medical staff off their rears and back over to him. "And see if you can check his head. I think he took a hit upside it…or needs one. Stupid sod, hurt and tries stomping off like a love sick puppy. That stuff can wait. Besides…" Looking over at Snape and Sio, she sighs "I know if I were her I wouldn't want to be seen now. Embarassing enough I wager, without you tromping over." Though standing a short distance away, she seems talking to both Ash and the medical wizards before turning to go pick up the pieces of…well, it may have been a broom at one time.

Out on the pitch, After the results from the three captured snitches are confirmed, and even shown to the headmaster, Bagman and Crouch nod to each other. It is Bagman that speaks though.

"After confirming the results from the three captured snitches, the results of the first task of the tournament stand as follows. In first place, Siobhan Noble of Slytherin House. Second place, by a close margin, Ashley Wickham of Hufflepuff House. Third place goes to Walter Reed of Ravenclaw House. And last, but certainly not least, is Braeden McCauley of Gryffindor House. And while Mr. McCauley came in last, he is certainly to be commended for his effort to ensure the safety of the other champions."

And now, Crouch takes his turn to make his own speech. "Each of your snitches contains a clue as to the second task. Inside each of your dorms you will find a small wooden chest has been placed on your bed. Simply place the snitch in the chest, close it, and when you open it back up there will be a letter containing the clue. For now, I suggest the champions see Madam Pomfrey in the Hospital Wing."

Melissa claps her hands. "Well, we didn't come in last!" she says. "So we're already beating Gryffindor… maybe we'll win next time." She gives a huge wave to Walter. "Good job Walter!!!" she shouts.

Out on the pitch, Ashley listens to the results from his seated ground position. He gives himself a little pump of his fist and arm as his name is called for second place, though he quickly frowns. His eyes scan the area for Braeden, his frown deepening. With some effort, he pushes himself back up, but doesn't move immediately.

Out on the pitch, Braeden raises his wand for a moment and looks at it with a hum before depositing it since nobody from the support team had responded to him. A slow shrug is given to himself before heading away from them with the quirk of his ears to the announcement. He'd be on his way to Madamme Pomfrey's alone it seemed. "I'll just have to do better in the next round." He offers to himself before drawing his shoulders up and subsequently making his way towards the exit of the Pitch.

Out on the pitch, For those students needing it, Dumbledore conjures extremely comfortable stretchers, fluffed with cushions, and lets the mediwizards take care of the students in direst need.

Out on the pitch, Mei picks up a…tooth and then hmms. Looking to Ashley, then the others the girl ahs softly and then shrugs. "Maybe they can regrow it." The tooth is casually tossed over her shoulder before she turns and heads back to clean up. Walking over to Ash she hmms. "So, what are you standing here for? Go on. They're taking your mate and girl up to the Infirmary. You aren't needed here. Go on before I give them a reason to carry you off on a stretcher."

Out on the pitch, "Oh thank Circe…" Siobhan breathes, watching the medical personnel descend on her in a decidedly no-nonsense manner. Thank you Snape! One of them has the sense to levitate her onto Dumbledore's Moste Comfortable Stretcher on her mostly-uninjured side and she breathes a sigh of relief. She mouths a 'thank you' towards her Head of House, but it's a haphazard motion that probably doesn't make much sense. Ah well, she'll get him later. Lids slide closed over hazy brown eyes and the Slytherin Champion lets herself slip into unconsciousness with a smile. It feels good to win - even temporarily.

Out on the pitch, The hospital wing sounds like a good idea. Walter pushes unsteadily up to his feet with the aid of a couple of the mediwizards who've been tending to him and happily slides onto one of those stretchers, seeing no reason to walk off his injuries. They're painful! And walking on the ones not tended to already would probably be a bad choice to make. He promptly reclines onto the conjured pillows while giving a short wave to Dumbledore, a gesture that is then duplicated for the benefit of the Ravenclaw section in the stands. It's time to get patched up properly.

Out on the pitch, Ashley turns to look at Mei as she speaks to him, and his eyes widen and jaw drop at her words. "Merlin's beard.. did you just threaten me?" He shakes his head at the Chinese Hufflepuff. "You're off the support team, Mei." He lingers a moment, just baffled before he turns and forces himself to limp - on his own - towards the castle and the hospital wing.

Out on the pitch, Snape swoops off after the Slytherin's stretcher.

Out on the pitch, Ophelia follows after Walter, stopping only long enough to show off the busted broom to Luna. "Maybe we can turn it int' a small house for the common room," is commented before she's bustling after the Ravenclaw Champion again.

Out on the pitch, Mei just sighs, rolling her eyes. "What support team? Don't see anyone else out here." Shaking her head slowly she smirks. "If I ever get that way, someone plese hex me? Quickly, into oblivion." Turning she picks up her own cloak and sighs. While Ashley may not need worry about his classes and examinations, she does. There's a test pending the next class day, and she best be off. "bloody hell, least I have time to study now. I wonder if I ought thank him…or would he smack me for it?"

Out on the pitch, Luna, with hat still flapping and everything, does take a moment to examine the broom. "It was a rather good try, regardless." she says. With that said, she favors Ophelia with a smile, and follows along after her housemates, giving her vacant little smile to everyone she passes.

Out on the pitch, Dumbledore can't help the next sneeze that racks his poor frame and he waves to Bagman to conclude the festivities however he sees fit. Within reason.

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