1996-03-08: Blood is Thickest


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Scene Title Blood is Thickest
Synopsis Siobhan takes a quiet evening and invades her brother's office. A long overdue talk ensues.
Location Hogsmeade - Torchwood Offices
Date March 08, 1996
Watch For Noble silliness
Logger Bright One

Friday evening finds Siobhan curled up on the familiar sofa in front of her brother's Floo. Despite the cheery fire nearby, she's still got the couch's afghan wrapped around her shoulders and a hot mug of tea between her hands. It's well past dinner but not yet curfew and with no detention to give, Siobhan has found herself here. Either big brother stepped out on an errand or a house call, but she doesn't seem to mind being an intruder in the otherwise empty office. It's comfortable here - and quiet. It feels like home in a way so few things do, now. So even without a television set or one of her usual paperbacks, pyjama-clad Siobhan sits curled into the corner of her brother's office sofa, sipping tea in peace.

Big brother, as a matter of fact, has been down at the Hogshead, throwing back a pint with a client. He strides in, setting a parchment on his desk. He sits down in his seat, completely engrossed in the parchment for a moment before he looks up to think. When he does, he catches sight of his little sister sitting on his couch. He startles visibly, though he bites his lip, preventing him from calling out. "Rosie!" He grins a wide grin. "How are you?"

The lost, pensive look on his sister's face melts away like snow after a warm spring rain - leaving behind a warm, soft smile. All it takes is that familiar grin and greeting. "Heya, Jack." She looks him up and down as if checking to make sure he's all in one piece, biting her lip to stifle the childish urge to run up and leap-hug big brother. "I'm alright," she lies through a grin. It gets easier every time she says it. "I got some free time and Sev's stuck in detention. Poor brats." She explains her presence almost shyly. Everything has gone so fast and the last time she really had time to properly see her brother, things weren't so great between the two of them. "How's you?"

"Same ol', same 'ol," Jack replies with a grin. He looks her over just as closely. "You're sure?" Yeah, he's not as certain she's as okay as she says, but he won't push — too hard, at least. He snorts, and gestures down to the papers and parchments all over his desk. "I'm here." There's always a lot to do, and always paperwork to figure out what's been done. "Poor little bairns," Jack teases. "What'd they do?"

Siobhan glosses over his double-checking for the moment. It's so much easier to talk about things that don't matter, though when that happened she has no idea. "I believe this particular bunch charmed one of our fourth year girls' parchment." And of course, 'our' indicates a Slytherin student. One of the snakes for whom she and Snape take a personal level of responsibility. "It took all the steps she'd written down in her notes and reversed them so that when she went to brew the Blood-Replenishing Potion…" She mimes an explosion with one hand - complete with sound effects - the other keeping a firm grip on her mug of tea. "Poor girl lost her eyebrows and a good chunk of her hair. I don't envy those particular lions one bit, though they're lucky they got Sev." She tends to torture her recalcitrant brats with hungry caterpillars. Just ask Pie. Shifting her weight to spin more toward the front of the couch, she pats the cushion next to her. "I won't bite, promise." Though she winces at the wording. "Sorry, that came out wrong." This is awkward and she doesn't want it to be awkward. "I'm - I'm mostly okay, yeah."

It doesn't take him a moment to stand and move to sit next to his little sister, sliding his arm around her to hug her gently. "Mostly okay is better than not okay at all," Jack admits. He smiles wryly at the thought and sighs. "That would make for an interesting explosion, but …" He's learning the importance of being a little wiser. "Maybe test it in Myrtle's bathroom first. I mean…" Still a bit of a miscreant himself, though. He leans back.. "Lucky they got Snape? You're worse, are ya?" It's possible. Baby Noble is creative.

Sio shifts again, spinning her torso to lean against her brother, legs tucked up underneath her. The mug of tea is braced against her knees and she lets her head rest against his shoulder, laughing softly. "You mean you didn't hear about it?" Gossip is usually faster than that around here. "Let's just say that when a certain French Gryffindor openly defied Severus in a group detention, I am the one who got called in to ensure he learned his lesson." And though her face is out of his direct line of sight, one can almost hear the wicked grin in her voice. That glee fades quickly, though. "I'm all for a nice explosion, Jack, but she could have been hurt much worse. When the wrong thing happens in that class, people can die. You remember what happened to the girl in Liam's year, don't you?" She shudders. "Not the way I wanna go, thanks."

"Yeah." Jack is somber, remembering the girl in the Marauders' year. He's learning more and more that there is a place for frivolity, but it isn't everywhere. "I think I did hear about that. That's pretty brill, Rosie." Jack curls his arm around her, enjoying having his sister near him again. "That's why I thought of pre-testing it." Not doing something on the spur of the moment. "Weird effects are grand, but only if they're not permanent or too disfiguring." He shudders, remembering some of the other things the crazy pranksters did.

Sitting in front of a warm fire in a comfy hoodie and sleep pants with tea and her favorite brother nearby, Siobhan relaxes - just a bit. "Pre-testing, hah. Now you sound like Sev," she teases him lightly and takes a sip of her tea. She opens her mouth again to comment on weird effects but something in the word 'disfiguring' actually makes her body jerk a bit in surprise. Instinctively her hand moves to tug on the bottom hem of her jumper and sleeves, only lifting afterward and then only to run her fingertips self-consciously over the star-shaped scar on her cheekbone. "Yeah, um." Fighting down the surge of irrational adrenaline, Sio makes a valiant attempt to change the subject. "I signed the paperwork for Bean, today." There, that'll do for a topic. "I've got to get him into London and Diagon this weekend so he has clothes for Italy."

"Oh, good!" Go, big brother, just stick your foot in your mouth again. Jack is as pleased as Siobhan is at the change of subject. "I'm glad you're doing that for him. He needs it. If I thought…" He honestly didn't think of it himself, and if he had, he isn't sure he could've provided the stability the kid needs. "You want some help with that? I mean, I know Morty's usually good for wizarding things, but he's a kid. He needs some denims and some jumpers." Even if they're gonna be in the hotter climate. "And a swim costume." He grins widely. "I can't wait. Italy's gonna be a lot of fun." He reaches up to where she's touching the scar, and grasps her hand gently. "Rosie, you're still the prettiest little sister I have." It's a stupid thing to say, but it's true. Even if she is his only sister.

Siobhan pulls back so she can look her brother in the face, squeezing the hand grasping hers. They're British, raised on the upper crust of society and bred to keep calm and carry on, no matter what. "Thanks, Jack." She kisses his cheek and then lays her head back down against his shoulder. They're blood; they're Nobles. The fact that this one thing hasn't been changed by the past year is a realization that hits Siobhan hard. After thinking this was lost to her forever, having it back is enough to bring tears to her eyes - but they never quite fall. "Italy's gonna be an unprecedented clusterfuck." She laughs and sniffs, covering up her lapse in emotional control. "I still don't know how we're going to keep Sev and Liam from killing each other." She pauses, taking a slow breath to keep it from shaking. "But it'll be nice to have everyone together again."

"Separate beaches?" Jack tries to offer something to make her smile again, catching that tiny near-lapse and hoping to cheer her up. "Or, maybe we can make Brian and Pete do crowd control." Their middle brothers are very easy-going. "Hey, Pete could even talk to Snape about teaching, yeah?" Or something like that. It's a long shot, of course, but it's a suggestion. "Or, maybe …" He schools his face into an exaggerated expression of thought, scratching his head. "Huh." Nothing else comes to mind. "I bet you'll come up with something. If not, we can throw 'em in the water." That wouldn't go over well at all, not with either man, but hey, it's fun to think about.

That makes Siobhan laugh. "I'd say snakes and ravens to one and lions and badgers to the other, but that'd leave Kee and Pete with a whole beach and three snakes to experiment on. Thanks, but no thanks." She's seen what happens when those 'Claws put their heads together. "And Pete's a bit … bouncy to sic on Severus." Her mate tolerates her energy surges with remarkable equanimity, but she isn't entirely certain that patience extends to anyone else just yet. She smiles and shakes her head. "If we threw them in the water, they'd just figure out ways to kill each other there and we'd be back to square one." Lifting the mug, she takes a slow, sideways sip. "I'll think of something. I've got to go to Balmorrow on Sunday anyway. Apparently I wasn't descriptive enough in my letters to Da." And big brother gets a light elbow to the ribs and a subtle tease. "Thanks for that, by the way. I don't suppose there's any way you could have said something without making him want details from … there?" Because Da has ways of making his children talk - even about things they don't want to.

"I'm sorry, Rosie." Jack is genuinely sorry. Not for speaking with his father, but for doing it precipitously. At least without giving her any warning. "Da's just … very observant. Where you got it from, probably, and I could see us walking around on the beaches, and him noticing the way we all interact…" They're decent actors, but when the man knows most of them very well, and has a good read on everyone else… "I think we kind of need him to help keep things copacetic around Mum, and he needs that… thinking face time." The time to sit with that pensive look and consider things from all angles. The pictures she paints of their trip to Italy makes him grin widely. "Yeah, that's true. Maybe Brian could talk to Snape about something." He's not sure what, though. He chuckles, the thoughts still amusing him greatly.

Sio nods against his shoulder, smothering a yawn. "I know, Jack. I know why you did it and I appreciate it. Really, I do." It's nice to know that big brother is still looking out for her when she needs it. "Just … maybe next time we gotta tell Da something, you and I can tag team it. Less chance of bull-broken china that way." But she's smiling while she says it. She loves him dearly. "Hah! Yeah, Brian's pretty even keel." Her Quidditch player brother is, however, almost as flexible as this one. "He'd be a good fit, I think, but if he starts flirting with my husband I'll dump him in the ocean." Another yawn interrupts her and she sets her half-empty mug on the side table. "It's been a longer week than I thought, I guess. I need to get back and peel child-brains off the ceiling before bed." Standing, she makes to give her brother a tight hug. "It'd be wicked if you'd come to London with Bean and I tomorrow - if you're free, of course. We can leave early and make a day of it, catch something at the cinema, maybe?"

"Sounds like a plan, Rosie-luv," Jack leans into that hug, snuggling up close, and kissing her on the top of the head. "Looking forward to it." He grins, then chuckles at the thought of Brian in the ocean. "He'd like that a bit much." He releases her, and moves to put her mug in the kitchen. "Go, peel off wee ones' brains and sleep. Tell that husband of yours I said hello, aye?" He shakes his head with a chuckle. "Love ya, Rosie."

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