1995-01-23: Bland Soup


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Scene Title Bland Soup
Synopsis Approximately a week after The Incident (tm), Tonks attempts to de-hermit Lupin.
Location Spare Bedroom, 12 Grimmauld Place
Date Jan 23, 1995
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Logger Tonksie

It's been about a week since the incident and Remus has practically locked himself away except for the occasional person coming to talk to him…mostly they've done the talking and he's just listened. He hasn't been in much of a mood to talk. He's had one or two other communications, but nothing big. He's preferred to stay to himself.

They all expected it. For the man to take it badly. AT least he's eating (she thinks) as the food trays that were set before the door would return empty. But it's been several days, nearing a week now, and Tonks, at least, has had enough of this. Lunch is still being served on a tray, but this time it's being held in an arm while she knocks on the door. "Remus? It's Tonks." She'll wait a moment to see if he'll respond, either vocally or by hopefully opening the door, before she'll test the door knob to see if it's locked or not.

For a minute, there's no answer from Lupin. He has to actually consider if he's in the mood to 'visit' at the moment. Finally, he points his wand toward the door. With a 'click' it unlocks and the door slowly creeks open. He places his wand quickly back into his pocket. Otherwise, he just stays sitting in his chair, staring out the window.

Well, at least this means she doesn't have to go kicking down the door. Sirius probably wouldn't appreciate that. Opening the door with her free hand, she peeks in. Staring out the window? How cliche… "I brought you lunch," Tonks offers, though a quick look at the tray would see there's lunch for two. Seems Remus is getting company whether he likes it or not. She sets down the tray somewhere and goes to the other windows. Figuring he's probably brooding mostly int he dark, the drapes get yanked open and then the window's cracked slightly to allow a bit of a breeze in, though it might be a bit chilly. Fresh air is a good thing!

Lupin doesn't look up at right away when Tonks enters the room. He does, however, when she opens up some of the curtains. "How long are you staying?" He asks simply enough. The food for two doesn't register right away.

"Long enough," is her answer. The tray is reacquired and she moves over to where he sits. She frowns not seeing much of anything, so withdrawing her wand, she draws, literally, a small table, and an extra chair (likely conjured from another part of the house). The tray's deposited down and she seats herself on the extra chair. "I figured soup would be good." She begins pouring some tea.

Lupin emits a small grunt and nods in response to soup. "Thank you." He says quietly, taking the soup, and takes spoonfuls of the soup. He does so in silence, not very much in the mood to talk, as he has been in the past week.

She lets him take his soup. she takes the napkin, snaps it open and settles it on a knee while she takes her won bowl. "It's probably pretty bland. I don't get this cooking thing, but I think it was safer than letting Kreacher make your meal." She lets him focus on his soup while she tastes her own. Ugh, could definitely use some improvement, but it's not fatal. "You want to help me clean out one of the rooms upstairs?" she ventures.

Lupin doesn't really mind the taste…not really. He's had plenty worse in his time. Though, he'd have to admit that he wouldn't want Kreacher making his food. That house elf shouldn't be trusted with all too much. Lupin shakes his head at the question. "No, I'd prefer not to. I'd like to just stay in here…" He responds quietly.

Tonks makes a noise that is staunch disagreement. Well, at least with the purpose of Remus staying in here. "Okay," she says after a moment. "Then I'll just have to stay in here with you," she says matter-of-factly and takes another spoonful of soup. She pours herself some tea afterwards, bracing herself for either some sort of passive aggression, or just an outright outburst.

Lupin doesn't seem to care about that either. He's been so lost in his thoughts. "Look…Tonks…" There's a little pause, remembering that she once said he could call her 'Dora'. "I mean, Dora. I appreciate you coming to see me and all, but really…I'd like to be alone, I think." Not that that will really stop Tonks from being here, but it was worth a try.

Tonks forgives the slip up of names. He's not entirely all there mind wise, but she gave him a week. They /all/ gave him a week. It's time for him to start coming back out. "You've been alone for almost a week, Remus. Any more time, and it's not going to be good for you." She keeps her tone calm, trying not to get too excited, trying not to show she'd been wringing her hands with worry about how this has all affected him. Keep things quiet, civil.

Lupin turns his head away from Tonks and looks out the window. "I've been alone for good reason…I don't want to see people. I don't want to be reminded of what happened. I'm fine, here, in my own little world."

Hoooboy. Maybe she should get a degree in psychology before she goes tackling these things. "But what about your friends? YOu need them, and they miss you." I miss you. She's trying to help without actually bringing up the subject. She can sense that he's not quite ready to tackle it yet, but she will if she has to.

A psychology degree may not be a bad decision here. Lupin has spent his whole life as a werewolf practically and he and his family and friends, among those Dumbledore and the Marauders, have taken so many precautions so that he wouldn't bit anyone. And now this? Everything he tried to prevent, even through the first war, has come falling down in his eyes.

Silence again. Tonks' fingers drum on the conjured table. She was popular in school, she could easily talk to people. But this was the first time she ever had a werewolf for a friend. And that part really didn't bother her (Once she got over the suspicion he was a Dark Wizard). "Remus," She didn't want to do this, not yet. "It wasn't your fault."

Lupin shakes his head. "As much as you can say that, or anyone else, it doesn't make it any easier. You can say that it was Umbridge that did this. But it was me who bit her and attacked her."

"No, it wasn't /you/, Remus. If you were in control, it wouldn't have happened," Yay Werewolf Pop-psychology. "Of course, we can go round and round with this, me saying one thing, you countering with the other, and we'll both get tired of it quickly. Eventually, you'll need to talk about it, but…I just wanted to give you some company. It isn't good for you to coop yourself up like this."

Lupin finishes his soup and starts on the tea. "Look, I appreciate it and all, but really…I can't handle people right now. I just…I'd prefer solidarity to company at the moment."

Tonks' hands reach over and pluck the bowl and sets it back on the tray. "How long do you plan on sitting in here? A day? Another entire week? The rest of the month? The year?"

Lupin shrugs a little bit. "However long it takes me until I feel I can face the world again? Regardless of how long it take me to get to that point, when I do get there, I shall come out. But now…I am uncertain. My thoughts are raging, I'm a torn man, Dora. I've never been one to hurt another, even when transformed. The thought of doing so frightened me. That's why I always secluded myself to the extreme on the full moons. And once I left school, I almost never told anyone where I was going to spend my time on the full moon. That's the reason. I did not want this to happen! And now that it has…I can't face the world as I once did. I have acted as the monster that society sees me as!"

Tonks listens, quietly, as she finishes her soup. She then settles her bowl on top of the other that she'd placed on the tray already. Lifting her head up, she just simply watches him. Words fail her, naturally, because she can't fathom the situation. "It wasn't your fault," she repeats again,a s if it were a nail to be drummed into the man's head. "You were held, denied your potion, and kept with someone else. What else would have happened. I want to say it could've been a lot worse." He could've killed her. But her unspoken comment still hangs; she's waiting for 'the life of a werewolf's about the worst that /could/' happen.

Lupin shakes his head. "Look. I appreciate that you wanted to come and see me and talk to me, I really do, but I'd really, really like to be alone right now, okay?" There's a short pause before he says, "Thank you. The soup was good."

No, she wants to sit here and argue about it! Damned Black genetics. A muscle works on Tonks' jaw and then she finally sighs her defeat. At least for this meal. She stands up and collects the tray, though she does take a quick moment to attempt to rest her hand on his, knowing full well he'll probably hand-shy, insanely so. It'll be a brief contact before she's lifting the tray off the table. She's not sure what to say, and all those weird emotions that nearly came to a head during the rescue are threatening to become hard to contain again. "Remus, I…" She's regarding him for a moment, her mouth slightly open as if waiting for some words to just fall out of their own accord. "I'll…see you at dinner then. You won't be able to get rid of me that easily." Not with a 'shoo, go away' in Remus-speak anyway. She'll head for the door afterwards.

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