1995-05-04: Bits and Bobs


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Scene Title Bits and Bobs
Synopsis The kids discuss ancient treasures and modern wands.
Location Hogwarts - Great Hall
Date May 4, 1995
Watch For O. Henry misremembered. Gareth's imagination getting the best of him.
Logger Egbert

Melissa trots down the aisle, smiling brightly as she sits down at the Ravenclaw table. "Hello!" she says to the boys. "Sorry I'm late, I was just seeing Professor Flitwick… he found a way to get my box open!" She laughs a bit. "I can use my Felix Felicis now! …but I won't. I was going to before, but now I think I want to come up with a good reason…"

Gareth and Gabriel are sitting at the Ravenclaw table, Gabriel with his Potions text open in front of him, and Gareth with a wooden box of Chocolate Frog Cards. He's sorting through his latest batch, as his cat, Loki, rams her head against him for attention. "Bott? I think I've got an extra Bott here, lemme look. Might be at home though." Then he looks up at Melissa arrives, ears turning pink for a moment. "Oh, hello," he murmers, suddenly embarrassed and shoving the cards back into the small casket. "Good one about getting to your potion. Not gonna use it before end-of-term exams, are you?"

Melissa shakes her head. "No, of course not," she says. "Besides, those aren't really a matter of luck unless you don't know anything," she adds. "So I don't think it would help too much." She looks curiously at the little box. "What are you looking at?"

Gabriel adds, "And it'd probably get you expelled too." He grins as Gareth hides the cards. He's never been shy about his own, but he doesn't tell Melissa what it was. He flips the page in his textbook, and says, "You should save it for the summer. Probably some big things you can do with it then."

About that point is when Egbert comes wandering up, heading for the Puff table as usual - but it's right near a familiar-sounding thread of conversation, which he confirms as he spots Melissa. "League scores, I expect," he chimes in, glancing over the cards to see if any Quidditch stars are in sight. "So how'd he get past the lock, anyway? You said it was probably charmed against Alohomora."

Gareth's ears turn positively red now, and as they're sticking out so prominently, due to tucking his long hair behind them, they're like little beacons at either side of his head. He was halfway through closing the lid, but gives it up at last, muttering something that might be "Frog Cards," but could just as easily be "Grog Nards." He glances up as Egbert arrives, then turns his attention back to Melissa.

Melissa grins. "Well, obviously he could take off the charm," she says to Egbert. "It's hard to do, but he is the professor after all…" She looks back to Gabriel. "Do you have any ideas what I might do with it?"

Gabriel waves to Egbert, and looks to Gareth and says, "What's wrong? Everybody collects them, I bet." Looking back to Melissa he thinks and then says, "Well, you could go treasure hunting, but you'd have to be somewhere there'd be treasure to find."

Egbert nods to Melissa. And eyes Gareth for a moment, but rather than risk embarrassing him further, he turns to Gabriel instead. "Not a bad idea, but wouldn't most treasure already be found by now? Or else stuck somewhere where you'd need more than good luck to get at it."

Gareth perks up a bit, his voice clearer now. "Not necessarily. There are dozens and dozens of sites all over Britain that haven't been properly explored, I bet. You'd just need to do a little research first, find the most likely places treasure might be hidden."

"Mum probably has a metal detector somewhere, I know she sometimes uses it for school projects," Melissa says. "If I used that, along with the Felix Felicis, well… I could probably find all kinds of things! Imagine that, magic and technology working together…"

Gabriel nods quickly to Melissa and grins, "That'd probably work! But, want to make sure you go somewhere good, still, first. Want to make sure you're lucky somewhere where the biggest thing you'll find won't be a tin can."

As he listens in, Egbert pulls up a chair, technically sitting at his own house's table but with the back of the chair turned toward it. "I heard some Muggle kit doesn't work right around magic? You might want to try charming it or something first, something you can do more than once. Or having your dad do it, I guess, you wouldn't be allowed to do it yourself…"

Gareth nods to Egbert's words. "But be really careful. You know those Gryffindors with all the red hair? Their father works for the Ministry in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office. You don't wanna get your dad in trouble, bewitching a Muggle-thing and all. And don't go to any of the obvious places, like Stonehenge or Glasonbury. -Everyone's- checked there for treasure already."

Melissa laughs. "I'm not going to be bewitching it! I just thought I'd be able to find better things with it if I used the potion first… On myself, I mean. I wouldn't even risk trying to pour it on the thing or something, it might just break it."

Gabriel looks to Egbert and hesitates, "I dunno. I think maybe it's only in places with as much magic as Hogwarts. A little potion probably won't mess anything up, even if it is a wicked one like that." He looks to Melissa and says, "Maybe you better ask an adult first, so you don't waste it."

Gareth shrugs again, pulling out his newest cards once more and shuffling through them. Seems he's a tad less embarrassed now. "Maybe you'll find something really wicked, like that sword hanging in the Headmaster's office. I heard it belonged to one of Hogwarts' founders. Wouldn't it be fantastic to find something that'd been lost for a thousand years, like…I don't know, Rowena Ravenclaw's favorite hairpins?"

"I heard a story about those once," offers Egbert, "I think the Baron bought them for her but she'd already cut her hair to use in a potion." Or something. "Or maybe you could find some dragon scales, some of those might be made of metal, right?"

Mei wanders into the great hall, nothing in her hands save for a curious little red book with foreign lettering on it. Passing by her own house's table, the girl picks a spot down near, well, really whever that's not too near the Slytherins or (ugh) gryffindors.

Gabriel is sitting at the Ravenclaw, Potions book open in front of him but his attention isn't on it. Gareth, Melissa, and Egbert are nearby chatting. He looks up to Egbert and says, "Are dragon scales metal? I thought they'd be their own thing."

Gareth shudders just a little at the mention of the Bloody Baron, shooting a quick look toward the Slytherin table to see if the ghost is lurking about. "If -I- took a lucky potion, the only thing I'd likely find is Salazar Slytherin's favorite chamber pot. And probably not empty, either." Another shudder, and he pulls out a card, sliding it toward Gabriel along the table: Bertie Bott smiles up at them, waving a small sack of jellybeans cheerfully. "Unicorn hair is supposed to be pretty valuable, though not being metal, a Muggle detector-thingie probably wouldn't help you find any."

Mei flips open her book, turning a few pages before staring to read. Catching a bit of the conversation, the girl settles in to just listen for now.

Melissa thinks. "Maybe… they're probably really pretty too, I could make a necklace out of them if I had enough!" she says with a grin.

Egbert shrugs. "Well, if there are gold or silver dragons—" He wrinkles his nose at Gareth's idea: there is, perhaps, such thing as a too-vivid imagination. Absently, he glances over toward his newly arrived housemate, easing another chair out in case she wants to snag it.

Gabriel smiles brightly as Gareth slides the card to him, "Brilliant, thanks." He picks up the card and looks at it, and then up to the others again. He blinks at Egbert's comment about dragons and says, "If there are, I've never heard of them. Think dragon hide's just dragon hide anyway."

Taking the seat, Mei still hmms idly before looking up curiously. "Dragon scales are…hard to explain." Musing some she pulls her own wand out, taking a bit of time to close her book and hold the place. "They're harder than metal, but not metal…if that makes any sense. It's what makes getting their heart strings so difficult." Turning the wand some she turns it around to reveal the handle. "That wrapping…" she says holding it out for whoever was curious "is made from the leather of a chinese fireball's skin. From what's under the scales."

Gareth leans a little over the table to peer at the wand, letting out a soft 'ooooh', before sitting back again. "Wicked," he whispers. "My handle's just polished wood. How'd you get Chinese Fireball skin?"

Melissa looks with interest at the wand. "That must be worth a fortune," she says. "Imagine what people had to go through to even get that!"

Egbert whistles softly. "Is a fireball another type of dragon? Mine's got a heartstring on the inside, but probably just the one… at least they ought to be able to make one go a long way, once they get at it in the first place."

Mei looks to the wand and then ah's softly. "Actually…" she says slipping the wand back where it belongs "It's a Master Po wand. He's a Chinese wand maker." Shrugging she smiles faintly, adding "My father is pretty well known back home, so he could afford the special wand for me. It's mahogany and also has a chinese fireball heart string core." Nodding at Egbert she smiles. "It's a chinese dragon. Very pretty. Mind you it's also a good bit nasty, but still pretty."

Gabriel looks at Mei's wand curiously, and then says, "Brilliant. Your parents must be really rich." He sits back again and says, "I just have a normal Ollivander's wand. I like it, though, works just fine for me."

Gareth lets out a small whistle of his own, shaking his head. "Mine's got dragon heartstring too, but probably just a Common Welsh Green. Mister Ollivander didn't say what sort it was when I bought it. I was just glad I finally found one that worked for me. Took hours and hours of trying different ones."

Hearing Gabriel's comment causes Mei to giggle softly. Reaching up to her hair the girl pulls the chopsticks she keeps there out and tucks them away before ruffling her own hair. The long locks not only spill out over the hufflepuff table (which she has her back to) but nearly reach all the way across it. Turning to the boy she puts on her cutest look before shaking her head, the hair framing it somewhat. "Tao chie, thank you. You compliment me but it's not warranted. My family aren't that special, just well known. It doesn't hurt…" she notes sitting up somewhat in the chair "that Master Po is related to me. Distant relative on my father's side."

Melissa thinks. "My wand is weird… Walnut and sphinx hair," she says. "I don't know anyone else who has that…"

Egbert shakes his head. "Me neither— I didn't know sphinxes were still around. In Egypt, I guess?" He leans back in his chair a little. "There's a cousin on my mum's side had one made of koa. Weird guy, didn't speak a word of English."

Gabriel nods to Mei, and says, "My dad's pretty famous too, but he'd never get any special wands like that cheap. Well, I guess he could get a good broom cheap. Because they could say he bought one. Is it like that?" More curious than anything, and likely not at all understanding the differences of culture in China. Then he nods to the mention of being related, and smiles, "Oh, that makes sense then." He looks to Melissa and asks curiously, "Where'd you get that?"

Gareth turns his head so quickly toward Melissa, he risks whiplash. "Sphinx hair, really? Bloody brilliant!" Then others are talking about famous relations, and he sinks down just a bit at the table, ears becoming red beacons again. Grinning sheepishly, he says nothing more.

Melissa tilts her head. "Maybe… or Greece," she says. "One of those." She thinks. "Some shop…" she says. "I forget the name, I don't think Ollivander's does those… It was a bit more expensive, but it works well."

Gabriel blinks, and says to Melissa, and says, "You've been to Greece? Wow. This is the furthest from home I've ever been." Then he says, "I guess I should get my books back before dinner. I'll see you all later?"

Melissa shakes her head. "No, it was imported, I think…"

Gareth packs up the rest of his cards into the small wooden box. "Good idea, Gabriel," he adds, standing as well. Disturbed from her nap, his cat stretches and hops down to follow them from the hall.

Egbert nods to Melissa. "Maybe wands are more likely to fit with wizards from the same place? But there could still be a few that're different."

Gabriel ohs, nodding to Melissa. Then he waves to the others again, waiting for Gareth to finish packing up his cards, and then hurries out of the hall.

Melissa nods. "Oh, I suppose. Maybe I could find a better one," she says. "But it's going fine now."

Gareth tucks the casket below one arm, giving a little wave, then hurries after Gabriel, Loki chasing the hem of his robes.

Egbert grins. "I should hope so, if someone went to all that trouble to get it for you in the first place. So are you heading back upstairs, too?" he adds, glancing after the others as they head off.

Melissa nods. "I suppose so…" she says. "See you around though."

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