Birthdays And All That Jazz


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Scene Title Birthdays and all that Jazz
Synopsis Maura comes over to spend time with Jack on his birthday.
Location Torchwood Office and Flat
Date May 30, 1996
Watch For Gifts, cake, and endearments.
Logger Maura

It's Thursday, May 30, and Jack feels good. It's his birthday. He's spent most of the day doing what he loves. First, he went to say hello to his parents, then wandered up to the school to greet his sister and his girl. Now, it's evening, and Jack's been messing with a particularly challenging object. He looks funny wearing a Muggle jewler's eyepiece, but it's the only way to see the part that's actually cursed. It's a tiny little thing. And since many curse breakers don't think to use Muggle gadgets, they've all missed the key point. He's whistling to himself, casting detection charms and writing down the results.

When Maura arrived with the swoosh of the floo, she always, -always- feels compelled to brush non-existent ash from herself. As if she's actually just stepped from a burning muggle fire into a room. And since this time she arrives with a box tucked under her arm and whatever treat she'd snuck out to pick up earlier in the day (after Jack left to go back to the office), the little healer is extra careful to inspect the belongings with her before she's satisfied and goes to follow the sound of whistling. She's not about to interrupt such a delicate operation though, even though the sight of the monocle makes her grin rather unrepentantly as she sits down nearby. Just waiting.

Jack hears the the whoosh of the Floo, and he looks up from his work. He sees Maura sitting on a chair grinning at his eyepiece. He flips it up and grins back. "Hello, beautiful! How are you doing?" He looks her up and down in a dual check / appreciation move. "Have a good afternoon?" He did. He sets his wand down, and slides the monacle off his head.

"Hello handsome." Even with the monocle still on she says it with a straight face. Honest! "I did, thank you. Seeing as you're in an excellent mood, I'll assume you had a good afternoon too birthday boy." Nodding at the eyepiece that's now in his hands instead of over his eyes, a bright smile appears and she gestures for it. "I'll trade you. You open this, I get to look at that. I promise I won't break it." The assurance out there before he can even think of any possible accident to be had. Plus, who can resist a wrapped box festooned with ribbon? Surely not someone who likes a good mystery!

"This?" He looks down at the monacle. "This is just a Muggle thing." He shrugs, handing it to her. "I've broken a couple. After that, I always cast an impervious on them." He holds out his hands for the box. "I think I get the better end of the deal." He's not just talking about the box, or is he? "I did. I spent most of it looking at this." He gestures down at the strange shaped object. "I'm not sure what it is, but it's been cursed." So, he 'breaks it'.

"But I haven't seen one before! So I'm curious." And as carefully as he was inspecting the cursed object /with/ the monocle, Maura starts looking at the monocle itself once she's handed over the box. "And this helps you see what part of it has the curse on it?" is surmised, after she's figured out that it magnifies things. His comment about getting the better end of the deal makes her glance up and smile, and point at the present. "Open! I've been waiting allll daaaaaaay to bring that over!" She's either nervous, or giddy. Maybe both. And most people who would open the box to find a pair of silver candleholders and a pocket watch would boggle. Really? She's proud of that? But it's easy to tell there's some sort of charm on both items. And the slips of parchment with quill'd writing on them tell the tales. The candle holders supposedly allow the candles to burn three times as long as they normally would. And the watch is -always- right. Even if it hasn't had a wind-up in years. And they both look relatively old. From the 30's, perhaps.

"Well…" Jack grins. "The monacle enlarges things so that I can see all the parts of the piece. And see what part got cursed." He moves the cursed item to an empty spot on the shelf, picking it up gingerly and setting it down just as gently. Then, with eager excitement, he opens the box. One of the candleholders comes out first. He tilts his head, examining it, turning it this way and that to see what's special about it. Then, he grins. "Ohhhh." He's figured there's something there. He sets it down, and reaches back into the box, fingers grasping the pocketwatch. "Ohhh. Is this…" He gazes down at it. "This is a very nice watch, Maura." Even without whatever enchantments he feels on it. It's set down as well, and he reaches in, pulling out the last candlestick and the parchment. He sets the piece with its mate and reads over the parchment. "Very nice. Thank you."

"Hmm." This would obviously be why he is the cursebreaker and she the people mender. Maura just looks skeptical. "I, ah, thought you'd have a bit of fun taking that watch across timezones with you; see if it's only right all the time while here in GMT or if it's also correct no matter where it is. You know, when you have to go on a business trip or something." She pauses a moment, toying with the eyepiece and biting on her lower lip before she hands that over to him so he can set it in its proper place as well. "You're welcome. I hope it wasn't too… personal a gift. But you seem to have an awful lot of similar items around the flat so they were fun to look for."

Jack takes the monacle back, and sets it up on the shelf too. "Oooh. I hadn't even thought of that." He tilts his head. "I want to test it out soon." As to how personal it is, he chuckles. "It's not too personal, no." He remembers gifts that could have been considered more 'personal.' "And it shows forethought." She really thought this through. He sets the candlesticks at either side of his desk. The silver may not be the most appropriate for the room considering the gold and red decor, but they seem to fit anyway. "Thank you." He stands up, moving around the desk to lean down to kiss her. "So, how's school?" He didn't get to do much more than greet and run this morning.

Maura returns the kiss; a bit of a smile playing at the corners of her lips. "Same. They've added a third babysitter to my retinue, apparently. A Sanhedrin request." which she waves off with a slghtly confused but resigned expression. "But we needn't discuss any of that. I am here to help you celebrate your birthday. What would you like to do?" A quick gesture is made over at the second bag she'd brought over. "It's not an entire bithday cake, but there's that too." is pointed out impishly while she stands up.

Jack's mum insisted on serving him some birthday cake, but he's still young enough that two slices of birthday cake in a day won't be an issue. He grins. "I don't have anything specific in mind. I wouldn't mind just staying here and enjoying time with you." Either here or upstairs, but he doesn't clarify that. "Sure!" He grins as she gestures over at the bag. As she mentions the third person, he tilts his head and considers it. Knowing who she is, he knows why the man is there, and hopes he doesn't do something stupid. "If we need something, we can ask Janet for it." If she missed something, or if they change their minds, or whatever.

"That sounds perfectly fair to me. I never argue with the chance to spend some quiet downtime together." Agreeing, succinctly, her arms slip up around his shoulders so she can just rest there against him lazily while they go over their options. "Well, I know you've got something to drink up there. So we won't need any of that I assume. Tea, or anything stronger." That he tilts his head considering her statement about an extra guard doesn't exactly slip by her; but apparently Maura's content to wait until the morning to poke at him about that curiously, since she doesn't say a peep about it. "I'm a very lucky woman, I think." is decided, of a sudden.

"Mmmm." Jack grins, leaning into the connection between them. "I do. I have all sorts of things." A couple of his more regular clients gave him a bottle of old stuff for his birthday, so there may even be more than she's expecting. "But I definitely have tea." Which is what he'll start with, probably. "Where are your sitters tonight?" He wonders, knowing that they can get pretty annoyed when she gives them the slip. "You told them, yes?"

Maura is rather a lightweight, really. So one shot of anything old would likely wind up sending her straight into tipsy-land. Which could either be to his dismay or delight depending on just how silly or confessional a mood he's looking for her to be in at any given time. "Perfect, then." she decides, gesturing at the door that leads outside. "They're outside. But they'll come in and lock up the place when they see the light go on upstairs." This gives her pause a moment, of course. "Don't think the new one knows yet that I spend the night outside the school rather often. I'll make sure he knows before he pulls the short straw… I mean, night duty." Smirk. "I feel so.. awkward, having people follow me around all the time. You'd think I'd be used to it already. But no."

Lightweight or not, Jack is glad to have her here tonight. He snickers. "Well, it sounds, some of the time, like they're not used to full-time guard duty either. Some of them seem to have been pilots before they worked for Morgan?" He gazes out toward the door, where they're standing guard. "They're good at it, but I bet it kind of annoys them too, at times." He pulls her up, gesturing toward the bag. "C'mon. Let's go upstairs and eat our cake."

"Pilots, Navy.. Army.. Morgan seems to get them all from the military." Maura agrees, stifling a giggle when he snickers. "The new one used to be IDF. I'm sure he and Morgan will get along famously. And with Jethro. Who glared at me as he told me I had a third guard; he knew I'd whine otherwise." she admits, with a sniff of indignation for how easily she was pegged. "And I think Siobhan was trying to break him with her outrageous flirting. But then he left to get settled in, and she started speaking German to Jet. Which means she didn't want me to know what she was saying." All of this is confessed as she's pulled up, and then as she leans over to pick up the bag. The way she smiles over her shoulder at him suggesting she's quite glad to be there with him. "I'd say I'd race you to the top of the stairs, but I learned my lesson during vacation. I'm like a damn turtle, even with a head start."

Jack shakes his head. "We've got all night." They don't need to race. He walks with her to the apartment, and gets out the utensils and things needed to eat the cake. "So, tea for you, then?" He pulls the teapot down, setting it on the hob, and flicking the fire on.

"Please." Maura agrees, picking up the utensils and plates when he gets them out. So that she can set out the cake slices and have them ready on the table. And there is, as always, a far more relaxed posture about her once they reach the flat. Perhaps because of how well it's warded. "We shuld put on some music or something. That'd be nice, right? I don't get to hear much of it at the school."

Jack is amenable to that. "What kind of music do you want?" He's got a bit of everything, since he's dated people with varied interests. "Maybe something slow and soft? Or do you want something more bouncy?" He's got both Muggle and wizard music, though he leans more toward the muggle.

Maura chuckles for a moment, nodding back at the door and towards the stairs awhile she sits and twirls one of the forks around in her hand. "I think it we played muggle pop music they might just forget their dignity pound on the ceiling to make it stop." A thought that makes her eyes fill with mischeif even if she's not quite cruel enough to endorse the idea. "How about something bluesy? Or jazz. I picked up a taste for it while I was an intern in France." So, she's obviously more a fan of the muggle sort of music. No wizarding types were mentioned at all really. "And it seems to be a more mellow evening. Unless you'd prefer another genre that's on the soft and slow side. I'm really not fussy."

Jack nods, serving the tea up. "I can do that." He flicks his wand, and a couple records come flying through the air, settling down on an old spindle looking thing. It's a magic record player. Soon, the sounds of one of the Marsalis boys are playing through the flat. He grins. "I prefer the slower stuff because it helps me settle down after I've been so focused on my work." He settles down into a seat, making room for her nearby. "So, maybe this works as a compromise."

"Perfect." Being rather carefree in a sense while she's here - Maura is still a careful and practical witch - she bespells her cup and plate so that nothing spills, since she's determined to do a bit of a twirl to the music before settling into the space that's been made for her. And at least for a moment rests her head against Jack's shoulder. "Mmm, I imagine. Maybe you can show me sometime how it is that you do the work you do. I'd like to see how it all works." She really is interested, apparently. And also interested in her dessert. Which is fabulous. Either that or she's way ore hungry then she thought.

Jack, on the other hand, eats with a slow, measured pace. Though they were boisterous teenage boys, the Noble men learned to eat like gentlemen. They don't show it always, but on a night like tonight, where it's a celebration, it's almost instinctual to have the air of the gentleman around him. He takes small bites, savoring each one, enjoying the taste of the sugar. "This is a grand cake," he says, lifting his fork to twirl it a little in opposition to the rest of his demeanor. At her request to show her what he does, he flicks a hand a little in a gesture of easy acceptance. "Sure. A lot of it is guessing. We've got a checklist we go through, probably much like you do…" Triage means you check to see what all is wrong. "We start with the obvious stuff. What we know, what we can see. Then we work our way down." It's a very similar mindset.

Maura finds it rather endearing actually. It'd be different if she were in public or with his family; but that he resorts to being so refined at times even when only in her company is a habit that obviously charms her, if her expression is any indication. "Indeed it is. Should I share where I got it from, or keep it my little secret?" she wonders, then tucking her feet up underneath herself as she settles in to listen. Though, her fingers tap to the beat of the music as an instinctive afterthought. "Ah yes, that is indeed much like what we do in a typical situation. I work a little differently though, out in the field." she admits, giving a nod of understanding for his explanations.

"The principles are the same, though yeah, it depends on the situation…" If something is actively cursing someone, he knows what to do. He rests his head on his hand, looking at her, considering whether he wants to know where she got the cake. "Hmmm. I'd like to know, I think." Maybe he'll take the information and use it for her birthday or something. He continues eating the last few bites of his cake. "Thank you," he adds when he's done wiping crumbs off his face.

"I only save my other techniques for the field because it seems some of the lot out here get a little wigged out when people don't use their wands. I sort of prefer it to the wand spells, but perhaps that's laziness from being out of practice." Waiting for his decision on whether he'd like to know, Maura sips at her tea quietly. "A little bakery on the corner across from Honeydukes of all places. I'd wonder how they stay in business. But, different occasions call for different treats." Of course, since their birthdays are mere days apart he won't have to wait long for more of their stuff if that's what he plans on doing. "Oh you're very welcome, Jack. I wanted to show you that I appreciate you."

Jack nods. It's his turn to listen to her. "Ohhh, I'd forgotten about that place." One of his brothers, Mick or Brian, he can't remember which, had discovered the little place years ago. They'd gotten a few things from time to time on Hogsmeade weekends. However, with other places to eat, and House Elves scrambling to make family treats themselves, the place had slipped his mind. "It's a lovely little place." He grew up very close to here. So, he knows it pretty darn well. His face flushes a little when she mentions how much she appreciates him. He sips at his tea and nods. "The feelin' of course, mo cridhe, is completely mutual." In his embarrassment and affection, the brogue seems to reappear.

"Seems almost hidden, so unless you're there a lot I can see why it'd be hard to remember. That, and with a house elf like your Janet, you'd have little need to use it." Oh yes, Maura still adores the bossy little elf. Certainly it's a one-sided fascination, but with the stories and impersonations she really cant' help herself. But bringing a flush to Jack's face? That makes her smile. Well, that -and- the killer brogue. "I'm glad to hear it." she admits, with a blush of her own appearing. And, setting down her cup she stands up to hold out her hands towards him. "Dance with me? The only chance we've had is at the club, but I expect this'll be much nicer."

She's hit it on the head with the bakery thing, so Jack just looks up, somewhat surprised. "Are ye readin' my mind, lass?" He shakes his head, sets his tea down, and stands, opening his arms to welcome her into his embrace. They dance slowly, the records changing automatically. He flicks his wand after a while, adding a few more, and they just stand there, enjoying the slow swaying of their bodies together.

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