1995-04-03: Bird is the Word


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Scene Title Bird is the Word
Synopsis Neville, in his predicament, stumbles upon the DDA classroom. Poor Fred finds him there.
Location Hogwarts: Defense of Dark Arts Classroom
Date April 3, 1995
Watch For Angelina being very princess like, and Luna striking up a conversation.
Logger Neville

Waiting patiently as Angelina roots through the various parchments that the girl stores in her backpack, Luna sits back in her seat, her demeanor a bit upon the passive side. Nodding her head along with what she says, Luna scoots her chair about so that she faces away from the table, giving her wand a little flick. "Tranquilatius." she says, a wide smile touching her lips as the tip of her wand glows. "Tranquilitatius."

How how on /earth/ is one supposed to find the Gryffindor common room when a robe is thrown over his head. Fred went off to find George, but Neville Longbottom's task is to /not be seen/ and get back to the dorms. He stumbles down the hall, tracing his hand along the walls until— "Twirr!" comes a startled, birdlike squawk as a door gives way… right into the Defense of Dark Arts classroom. Neville is on the ground in the doorway, making a lot of odd, twittery noises. His face and head is still hidden under the sprawl of robes.

Angelina finally sits down, rubbing a hand tiredly over her face. She watches over Luna as she tests the charm with her back turned, glancing down at the book to flip through it once in a while. They are sitting at the same desk as before, the same broken items laid out. There is a different drawing there now, but still the same idea. When the noisy new visitor comes into the room, Angie whips out her wand. "What the…"

Another flick of her wand, however, Luna doesn't quite voice the incantation along with the charm this time. Turning her head around to the lump of student upon the floor, Luna cants her head to one side, slowly rising up to a stand. "Hello there - are you lost?" she asks, the strange birdish noises not bothering her in the least.

Whatever it is, it rolls forward, out of the robe cover and to it's feet. Why, it's a Neville. Only, right were his nose and mouth should be, there is a pale yellow canary beak. "Chirp," the beak-faced boy says miserably. Wide eyes find Angelina's wand and out of a new found habit, Neville backs up, catching the door frame with a shoulder harshly.

Blink. Blink. Angie slowly puts her wand away, staring. "N…Neville? What happened to you?" Not that she has caught on yet that he can't speak. "Uh..Luna. Let's stop throwing the spells about for just a moment."

"Oh, is that Neville?" says Luna. "His voice is very different now…" says the girl, her wand lowered as she steps over to Angie's side, to look down at him. "…along with his nose. Did you mean to have a beak, Neville?" she asks, tilting her head to the side, owlishly, as her blonde locks slide over her shoulders to fall into her face.

Neville attempts to cover the thing with a hand over the top curve. "Trir" he mumbles, shaking his head at Luna. He makes a few more odd noises, motioning a writing gesture. Something to write with, please! Neville looks around for some parchment in case they don't get his drift.

Luna lifts a hand, and moves to pat Angelina's shoulder quietly, if the older girl allows. "It's quite all right." Luna says, in her serene, faraway voice. Every time Neville twittered, though, the little smile on her lips grew for a moment, before fading back towards neutral. With the shoulder pat either denied or gone through, Luna takes a step away from Angelina regardless.

Wandering does the hall making bird calls and clicking his fingers (cause that will work right?) come Fred Weasley, "Oy, Neville where you be?" He says a little to loudly and hoists the bag dangling from his shoulder up as it slips down a notch. Hearing the frantic twittering Fred heads towards the DDA classroom with a triumphant smile on his face. Seeing the crowd it falters for a second (he wasn't expecting Angie) before he says to Neville, "You get lost or something?"

Neville hurries to move over and write a message. It's short, and Neville doesn't believe that anything else needs to be said—err, written. He turns to the girls, holding up a bit of the paper which reads, in hastily scratch ink, 'Fred Weasley'. And speak of the devil. Neville slowly turns to give the culprit a look. 'Hello, Fred' turns into "Flill chuur."

Luna, sweetheart that she is, even if she's a little strange sometimes, gets a small smile from Angie at her comforting. She happens to read Neville's note at exactly the moment Fred comes in the door. Oh my. Her chocolate gaze finds the poor guy, and it isn't happy. He should have realized before he walked in what room he was coming to! "Fred Weasley. Really. And look who that is right there. Fred Weasley." Angie gives him The Look. That Look. The channeling Oliver Wood, I'm going to kill you today look. "Weasley. What did you do to Longbottom?" She's trying ever so hard to sound calm and patient, but there is an edge of irritation in her voice.

"Well, that could be George, too. They're terribly similar, you know." Luna offers helpfully, bringing up a hand to rub the tip of her nose. Canting her head to the side, she turns her eyes towards Neville, staring rather unashamedly towards his beak.

Fred would make an epp noise at this point if he was anyone else in the word, but not Fred Weasley, oh no. Instead he looks towards Angie with a idiotic smile (it was suppose to be dashing) on his face and says, "Well I had this idea and Neville, the dear boy, was game enough to help out." He explains quickly, a touch of fear hinting his voice, only Angelina could get that from him, "He /was/ suppose to go straight to the common room, instead I have to wander the whole castle looking for him."

Neville slaps the other hand over the beak, glowering a little over Luna's stare, but really it's only shown in a slight knit of his eyes, the beak being rather efficient with showing emotion. The Look, as Angelina reveals it, affixes Neville until Fred's words break the charm on him. His hands fly from the beak and a hand motions at Fred. "Rriirr crup kirr!" the bird-boy starts to chirp angrily at George.

"Oh no, Luna. There are ways to tell them apart. Which Fred knows allllll about." Yeah. Still not forgotten, Fred. "Is that so, Fred? Sounds to me like Neville here would love to tell us he wasn't exactly a willing participant, or wasn't fully informed. One of the two. And how, exactly, did you expect him to find his way up six flights of stairs to the common room with a cloak over his head, hmm? You're lucky he walked into this room, and not some other class."

Luna's stare didn't quite waver from Neville's beak, the expression on her face looking farther away by the moment. "…it's really rather pretty. The singing you are doing." says Luna, her voice farther away than normal still.

Fred actually blinks at Angelina, "Just over the beak…not his whole head." It's plain to see by his flabergasted facial expression Fred really mean this, "Besides, he is safe with you. So it all works out in the end." Luna's words get a thumbs up from Fred, "See someone appreciates me."

Neville clicks the odd, hard mouth of his. Inside, a little, pointed tongue wags as he keeps up his annoyed twittering. Human eyes find Luna and his beak shuts fast. Hrmp! Neville resorts to crossing his arms and looking a bit sad at the spot where his nose, which he had always thought a bit bit, should be. How he misses it. A rushing breath of a sigh escapes him.

Angelina presses her lips together, eyes hard on Fred. "He wouldn't have to be safe here with me if you hadn't turned his nose and mouth into a beak!" Angie turns and begins gathering up her books. "Come on Neville. I'll take you to the Hospital Wing. I'm not going to let him try to fix it. Put the thing over your head again, and I'll lead you."

"Well, we can all go together. It'll be like a field trip, perhaps." Luna says, likewise turning to gather up all the ingredients from their wrackspurt-detector-making. Making a sound not unlike a bird chirp herself, she segues that noise in a peppy little hum as she puts things away.

Fred shakes his head at Angelina, "But I have a proven method of reversal…" He attempts digging in his bag for a vile of green looking liquid. Pulling it out Fred holds it in front of Angie's face, "Worked fine on that first year yesterday." Maybe shouldn't have said that…Fred winces a little waiting for his death by Chaser hands, still holding the vile up in front of her face.

When the antidote comes out, Neville takes a promising step forward. "Trewp!" he exclaims, flicking a hand out for it… but, he hesitates. He refers to Angelina with the best quizzical look he can muster with just his eyes. The noise from Luna catches him for a moment and he gives a distracted tribble at her.

"OH-HO no. You are not giving him anything." Angie pauses in cramming the books into the bag. "The first year from yesterday?" She groans aloud. "FRED. You guys can't do this. No testing on the other students. How many times do I have to tell you?" A nod to Luna, then. "Yeah. You can come with us. And Geo..Fred. You're coming too. So you can tell them exactly what spell you used."

Luna's hum comes to a sudden stop at the distracted tribble, focus coming to Luna's eyes in a heartbeat as she swings her attention up towards Neville. With that, she makes a sound like an answering tribble. Although not being a bird, it was rather different. A bit sloppier, and less melodic. Luna's face scrunches up with a suddenly bright smile, and she slings her pack over her shoulder.

Fred shakes his head and raises an eyebrow to her, "It works fine. I promise." Half expecting Angelina to grab his ear to drag him along he reaches a hand up to cover the closest one to her, "And I'm bloody Fred, not your George." He states with a placid expression. Then his normal humourous expression appears as he laughs at Luna's attempt at communication, "We could study him and make a fortune."

Neville titters back at Luna, at least pretending his is having a nice, normal conversation with someone. Even if that someone is Luna. And that conversation is a bunch of bird calls, and— Neville sighs and forgets it, turning and ear back to Angie and Fred. And then, at the suggestion from Fred, Neville makes a break for it. Full skelter run for the door. Oh no. Not him, he chatters frantically. He will be no one's experiment again.

For all that she is angry, when Fred corrects her, something about what he says or how he says it makes Angie look away. She doesn't argue further. In fact, she goes completely quiet as she finishes packing up the books and throws her bag over her shoulder. It isn't until Neville runs out that she speaks, and it is quieter than before. "Longbottom, don't run. Just wait for us." And then, she heads out.

Luna gives a few more tries at twittering a go with birdy Neville, but quite stops when he turns to run out the door. Having not followed the actual conversation going on, she turns confused looks towards both Angie and Fred, and moves to hurry along after the pair.

Watches Longbottom make a run for it and can't help himself as he laughs out loud again, "Oh Nevler I didn't mean it, come back. I'll get you fixed up good as new. Or we'll just do what princess here wants." He gives Angie a little look that would have others muttering, if looks could kill. He turns away from her and focuses on Neville again.

Neville is already out in the hall, whipping around and giving them a large squawk. He is trotting up ahead, peeping and pipping to himself, though it's muffled now that the tails of his robes are up over his canary muzzle.

Ooooh. That is really it! Angie whirls on Weasley, bumping right into him. And staying right there against him. Doesn't matter he's taller than her. She'll still kick his arse! Right there in the corridor!! "PRINCESS? What is your problem with me, Weasley? Out with it! Cause I'm really tired of this."

Luna picks up her pace some, although her fast little walk can only be described as unhurried in demeanor. Making a few twitters to answer his squawk, she starts after Neville, at least, trying to catch up to the lad.

Looking down towards the Gryffindor chaser Fred raises an eyebrow and actually says, "You might want to ask me this after Neville is all fixed up Buttercup." He is really looking forward to being beat apparently. Shaking his head he turns away from the angry woman and heads off after Neville with purpose in his stride.

Neville allows Luna to catch up, but he moves to catch her arm in his while his opposite hand keeps his robe on his beak. "Whirrl," the boy warns his fellow chirper, putting some heat in his step with a toss thrown over his shoulder. This time a much more amused sound escapes him.

Buttercup?? First Princess, and now this?? Unacceptable! Angie just stands there after Fred walks off. "Lovegood, take care of Longbottom. I'll come check on you in ten minutes in the Hospital Wing. If Weasley so much as tries to touch him, let me know." And with that, she turns and walks, quickly, in the exact opposite direction.

At the moment, it seemed that Longbottom was taking care of Lovegood! With her arm caught, she lets out a discordant squawk of her own, before following that up with an airy little giggle. Forced to speed up a bit by Neville's pace, she just kinda is tugged along, shouting an 'Okay!' down the halls, over her shoulder.

Fred really expected her not to get that angry and it's obvious as he watches her leave for a second before quickly joggin after her, "What!?" He says a little to loudly and waves a hand to Luna and gives Neville a thumbs up, "Oh come on Angie, I'm sorry, really!" Not what was expected, not at all.

This log is preceded by Field Test and perhaps followed by some more log by Angelina and Fred. Continued in Log Twin Tempers

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