1996-05-28: Big Brother Appears


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Scene Title Big Brother Appears
Synopsis Gideon comes to Hogwarts to help protect Maura. However, it's a bit complicated.
Location Hogwarts: "Bullpen"
Date May 28, 1996
Watch For German, non-verbal communication, obfuscation, and Yay! Gideon!
Logger Second E is for Evil. Jethro

"I am looking for Jethro Gardener?"

Those are the words that started Gideon's trek into the sprawling mass that is Hogwart's. This isn't his first rodeo, he's been to schools tht have halls without end before, but still, your first time in a new place it's always easy to second guess yourself. Still, he walks with a measured stride like he is supposed to be there, and asks several other security personal until he finds himself in a long hallway. He approaches a blue eyed man with silvering hair and asks, "Jethro Gardener?"

"Yeah?" Jethro looks up at the newcomer. "I'm Gardener." He gestures toward the seat, waiting for the man's explanation. He had been finishing something up - team rosters or something. The new voice is a pleasant distraction. He gazes over at Gideon and takes in the details about him, tilting his head. "Whatcha need?"

"Gideon Weintraub," is Gideon's answer. His English spoken without accent. He offers the field commander a quick dossier he brought with him. In it explaining his assumed last name.. "I am with security for Rachel Zehavi, the Sanhedrin Ambassador to the ministry of Magic. They have asked that I provide extra security for Maura Zehavi, and assist in finding this Shadow that kidnapped her."

Jethro looks at the dossier. "Course, she couldn'ta told me…" He grouses softly. It's not quite under his breath, but near enough. He pages through the information. "Looks like they told ya about the memory stuff.." He points to one part, and looks up at him, considering. For the Sanhedrin, there are always layers within layers. Worse than some of the British wizards whom he's worked with. "You gonna force the issue?" For all he knows, her parents would do something like that. "Not gonna let somethin' like that mess her up. Totally uncharted territory." As to finding and eliminating Shadow, he'll take all the help he can get. That deserves an acquiescence in the form of a grunt. "You find anything out about that bastard, it's shared information. We'll get you the little we know." At least the stuff the group knows. "S' not much."

And in come the two Hogwarts ladies of the erstwhile group! Both with drinks of caffeinated liquid in hand when they enter the bullpen. "Force what issue, and mess who up?" Maura wonders, still all decked out in garish lime green robes and black. Because it's the only thing that doesn't clash. "You know what they're talking about, Sio?"

Siobhan snorts, taking a deep draw of her coffee-that-smells-suspiciously-irish'd-up. "Nope." She pops that 'p' and her mouth twists into a lopsided grin as she hops up to perch on Jethro's desk. "I don't know nothin' no way never no how. Don't wanna know, either." Another slurp and she tilts her head just enough to toss Jethro a wink on the sly. "Unless we're talking about you, hot stuff." Because Gideon's pretty okay? Sio's got a weakness for pretty boys and bad boys and especially pretty bad boys. "Then I'm all ears."

"She doesn't actually know I exist…" Gideon is explaining to Jethro, when the to ladies enter and Gideon turns. Stunned to see the sister he's only seen in photos, and…. her apparent friend. Immediately he feels like he's just stepped into the middle of a mine field. He looks between Maura and Siobhan and then back to Jethro, "I'm afraid it is nothing exiting, just the new guy introducing himself to the boss…" Gideon explains, "Assuming everything is in order I meet with Mr. Carpenter's approval I'm hoping to join the security detail at the school."

"Noble!" Jethro uses the distraction of Siobhan's behavior to focus the attention on anything else other than Maura Zehavi walking into the room and seeing her brother, and them discussing her memory issues. Though he fusses at her, his eyes twinkle a little at something for the briefest moment before focusing on Gideon. "Gardener," Jethro corrects. "Kinda the same, but not." He's teasing the man a bit, partially taking out his annoyance at Gideon's superiors for not giving him the heads up. "Gideon Weintraub's here t' join Val and Matthews in keepin' you safe." He glares at Maura, as though he's daring her to complain about the shift in personnel. With Maura in the room, he feels a bit rushed, but after another couple moments' perusal of the information, he nods sharply. "You'll fit in. We're also tryin' t' raise the physical awareness of the Aurors that work here, so, mornings, we run and do basic PT. Somma the kids join us too." Here, he nods toward Siobhan in deference to the MA.

Maura does not have any doctoring in her drink. Because she's got the amulet on. And Rikath + Alochol… it's just not a good idea unless it is very specific circumstances and this is not it. She is, however, suspicious of what Siobhan put in her own drink and actually tries to take a sniff of it to be sure it's just a *little* irishing up that she did. "Is this a new initiation thing that nobody told me about? Flirt with the newbie? I'm not real good at that." She points at Sio when she says that too. "No comment, you. That was… oh, why bother." She just nods a greeting at Gideon, expression apparently both friendly and open and clueless. "Wait, I've got three now instead of two? Why do I…" Meep. Immediate quiet when the GLARE gets her. Nope, there's not a single odd reaction from her upon seeing the new guy. Well, except that she's now eyeballing both of the men suspiciously.

"You get three because you and that loudmouth shoulder-spirit you've got 'round your neck know how to find more trouble than … than… than me, damnit." And coming from Miss Don't Wander Off Siobhan… that's terrifying. The sidelong look she gives Jethro is sly. It's the kind of sly that looks more tipsy than anything. Like the one your friend gets when she realizes that kid sitting next to her is in her Potions class and sits two rows behind her … and then proceeds to make out with him because that's how booze-logic works, okay? "This the IDF bloke whose file I got pelted with last night?" Because her bloody owl is PMSing over Q being able to fly now, she'd swear. Looking Gideon up and down the way her mother would eye a side of beef before buying, Siobhan takes a long drink of her coffee and just for the briefest instant there's something hard and calculating in her soupy-sweet cinnamon eyes. "You've started your chain of bosses. Why not move up a rung, hey?" Cue flirty smile. And then cue the change to a stern blankness that comes so fast it's creepy. "Soldier, present." There's a sound of unquestionable command in her voice, but she ruins it when she immediately turns a big ol' tipsy grin back on Jethro. "How was that, boss? Better?"

Gideon nods to Jethro and says, "I'd be happy to share some of our training drills to see if they fit into your PT, Mr. Gardener." He looks then to Maura and explains, "The Embassy felt more secure if they had a representative so they sent me. I will do my best to be as unobtrusive as possible." And by unobtrusive he means vastly over protective. Turning then to Siobhan he observes her for a moment before offering a quick, crisp salute when she tells him to present, "You are a member of the company as well Ms?"

Jethro sighs a deep, tired sigh. He shakes his head. He appreciates what's happening, but sometimes, he'd rather just apply a whack to the back of a couple heads and be done. He looks up at Siobhan, eyes narrowed and carrying a questioning glance. Then, he gazes back at Weintraub, waiting to see his response to Siobhan's antics. "Siobhan Noble. Fiancee t' Jake Morgan." Aka, the head of Morgan Securities. "Damn fine trainer in her own right." He turns to Sio, and introduces the new guy. "Gideon Weintraub." There is a subtle emphasis on the last name, but not much of one. "Yeah, that'd be him." The one from the file. "Understand why, but no warning, and …" He's grousing about interagency games and smoke and mirrors again. Tapping his fingers on the desk, he nods. "We'll look into it. Worked with one of your countrywomen for awhile. Way she went on about your PT made even me wince." He's sure some of it was hype to make his other team members scowl. "Maura, couplea them have kids in the school now," he dissembles, though it's close enough to the truth. "They found out what happened t' you two and wanted to be sure t' prevent it."

"Impossible. Nobody gets into more trouble then you." Maura protests. -Heartily- at that. "I get into hardly any trouble at all! Well, ok. That's mostly because you and your brother keep me out of it. But still. I have no idea what you could possibly be referring to." is decided, sounding entirely convincing right there. At least for a moment or two. ANd Jet gets a look like 'Do you know what she was smoking and can I have some?' - okay, she also mouths the question while her slytherin friend is getting her flirt on. "Gideon Weintraub." she repeats the name, but obviously it means nothing to her. Though she is startled to hear there are other children at the school from her… home country. "I see." she says finally, looking between the three of them. "Well, Mr. Weintraub. I'm sure my other two babysitters will be glad to have someone giving them a bit of a break. It's nice to meet you." is offered, with more politeness then warmth just yet. But she'll get there. "You'll find I spend most of my time at the Hospital Wing here, and at Hogsmeade. Nothing exciting. Especially not for three people." Unless it's vacation time!

Gideon's sharp salute earns him a sweet-and-saucy grin. She almost takes pity on the poor guy and introduces herself, but since Jethro takes care of that part for her, she's left with only the flourished half-bow to make. While sitting. With coffee. Drunk people can't do that shit, right? It's so not fair that she's got that much coordination with that much fucking whiskey. "Danke, mein Freund. Er ist sehr schoen, ja?" Noble education covers lots. Except French, apparently. "Versteht sie, dass er ihr Bruder ist?" She's directing this at Jethro, but doesn't seem very concerned about being overheard at all. Because no one else could possibly understand drunk German, right? Right.

Thankfully, Gideon's German is really bad and the best he can tell is that Siobhan /might/ be ordering tater tots with the first question. The second he pieces together that Siobhan is asking on his relations to Maura, but he doesn't comment. Simply nodding to them both he says, "If I may though, if I put my things in my quarters and check in with the embassy?"

"Nein." Jethro knows some German. Enough to catch what Sio's saying, and to reply, at least a bit. "Sie versteht nicht." He switches back to English. "Not sure it's safe t' do it. Need t'…" He purses his lips, wanting to explain, but realizing part of it is sheer dammed protectiveness for Maura. Just the way he is. "And I dunno about the other. I like things a bit different." He grins, yanking her chain. When Weintraub speaks, he turns. "Yeah." He nods toward the door. "We'll keep 'er around til you get settled in. Or know where she is." It wouldn't be hard for him to locate her, not with his men all over the castle and knowing pretty much everything that happens. "You're both a buncha trouble." It's a complaint, but a fond one.

Maura knows no German! But she might be able to translate an entire opera into Yiddish. So she has that pretty smile on her face - the one she uses when she realizes she's expected to pretend she doesn't give a shit what everyone around her is saying. Whether she does or not. "Well, if I'm going to be 'kept around.'" is quipped, she drops into a chair with a distinct lack of grace. "See you soon." She wiggles her fingers in a wave, and sips at her drink. "I'm guessing you're not going to tell me what you're not sure is safe to do, so I should pretend not to have heard that. SO… weekend plans, anyone? I know, it's only Tuesday. But, it never hurts to plan early."

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