1994-07-03: Lesson Plans


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Scene Title Lesson Plans
Synopsis Cho comes with a problem. Siobhan leaves with the solution.
Date 03 July, 1994
Watch For Mentions of last night's Death Eater attack.
Chronology N/A
Logger Siobhan

Flourish and Blotts

Flourish and Blotts is the premiere bookstore for all wizarding needs in London. Towards the end of summer, this is the only shop where Hogwarts students can purchase their required texts for their studies. Bookshelves fill up most of this room, from floor to ceiling and are jam packed with volumes ranging in size from that of a postage stamp to a paving stone. The contents of the books are as varied if not more than their sizes. Tomes range from the harmless to some that could burn out the eyes of the reader. Why on earth that would be for sale is anybody's guess, but there you have it. The books seem to be arranged by their subject matter by the harried shop keeper and assistants.

Considering what happened the previous evening and the lack of enthusiasm from prospective private tutors, Cho has decided to take it upon herself to learn a bit more advanced defensive magic. As such, she's here in Fluorish and Botts, dressed casually in white sundress in one of the sections near the back. She's perusing through a few of the books, peering up at the various titles as she hrmms for a few moments, trying to find something of use. "Advanced Defensive Theory, Defense for a Practical Wizard,oh dear, one of Lockhart's books.." she says with a shake of her head, remembering him from her own rather lame instruction at his hand. "A definite no on that.." she muses to herself before continuing to walk down the aisles.

Bored and more than willing to escape the madhouse her home tends to become over holiday, Siobhan made a few quick excuses and holed herself up in her favorite corner of Flourish and Blotts. Curled up with a heavy tome on defensive and offensive magicks, she hums a tune from the wireless under her breath as she reads. The pages are old and a bit yellow around the edges and so she takes an extra sort of care with them. Cho's mutterings catch her attention and she glances up. "None of those books are gonna help ya much, mate." It's a cheerful observation, offered with a smile.

Cho gets startled a little before she looks over to Siobhan, her brows quirking a little as she heads on over. "Oh? Would you happen to have any recommendations then? I..I sort of need to learn.." Her tone is urgent, though not desperate as she runs her fingers through her hair to peer down at the book in the older girl's possession.

With a piece of paper pulled from the pocket of her jeans, Siobhan marks her place and closes the book in her lap, leaning forward to regard the fourth-year Ravenclaw thoughtfully. "Well, I'd say th'best way t'learn anythin' is hands on." She tilts her head to one side, resting her cheek on one fist. "What you got to learn it for? Don't they teach Defense at your age?"

"Classes are completely different from actual practice… classes from Professor Lupin were quite good, but I don’t know who's going to be teaching this year and…" Cho replies, pausing for a few moments as she glances around furtively, seeing who else might be around. She takes a deep breath and continues, "I just want to be more prepared next time.." Next time? What is the girl talking about?

Instantly, Siobhan is more alert, more invested. Setting the book aside, she beckons for Cho to come closer, to sit in the chair next to hers. "Tha's a fair point. Especially if we end up with another Lockhart." She moves then, turning her full front to the younger student. Her voice lowers to a softer, reassuring pitch; her warm brown eyes wide and focussed. "Next time what, Cho?" Someone as social as Siobhan has no trouble naming the girl. "What happened to scare you so?

"You heard about Diagon Alley being trashed, right? And the statements that Kingley Shacklebolt made to the press,right? Well, I was lucky enough to be there at that time of night. Spells whizzed around,and I'm pretty sure I could've gotten more seriously hurt if it wasnt for the timely intervention of Professor Lupin and another auror.." Cho says matter of factly, deciding not to mention her own little contribution as she wrinkles her nose, chewing on her bottom lip for a few moments. She then leans in and whispers, "They used..they used unforgiveables..the Death Eaters.."

Siobhan nods along with the story, making noises of sympathy in the appropraite places. "Another Auror?" Her lips twitch involuntarily upwards. "Did he blow anything up?" At that final whisper, though, Sio leans in and hugs the younger girlif she'll allow itbefore pulling back to look the fourth year right in the eye. "That's terrible, and I'm so sorry you had to go through that." There's sincerity and an edge of determination in her gentle voice. "I can help you some. Advanced Defense classes have to give me /some/ edge, right? And if we get beyond me, I have another friend who might help." She smiles then, and her entire face lights up. "It's always good to be prepared, right? Things we know are much less terrifying than the ones we don't."

There's no resistance to the hug, as she just lets herself be pulled into the embrace and lets out a soft sigh of relief. Telling someone is quite cathartic afterall. "Yeah, the other one blew stuff up and made birds. I was hiding behind some crates and he blew those up.." Cho says with a little bit of a harumph before she wrinkles her nose once more. "But if you're willing to teach, then I'm willing to learn. I asked Professor Lupin, but he said he wouldnt teach me unless my parents said it was okay, and considering what he is, and how my parents are.." and she trails off, letting the natural conclusion be made.

Siobhan can't help but wrinkle her nose in disgust at that last, trailed-off statement. "That's one of /the/ most ridiculous things I've ever heard! He's a /brilliant/ teacher and one of the kindest people I've ever met." Her frustration is further vented with a little huff. "Discrimination like that makes me so angry." A rosy flush colors her cheeks at that admission. "It's just so…so…so /unfair/!" Despite the fact that life really isn't at all fair, of course. She lapses into a thoughtful silence then, staring off into the middle distance over Cho's shoulder. "You'd better not tell them I'm helpin' you then." And there's just the smallest hint of bitterness in her voice at that. "Who knows what sort of filth a /Slytherin/ could be teachin' you."

"My parents have no problems with other houses, they just..well..daddy is just trying to get up in the ministry ladder, and mom doesnt want to lose her job, and there's Dolores Umbridge as the undersecretary, and well..they're just trying to keep their jobs.." Cho says, not really sticking up for her parents adamantly, though she does try to explain things, not wanting to make her parents seem like complete and utter bigots. "They're nice people, and he said he'd try, but unless he emphasizes the fact that he saved my life over and over again, I dont think it's going to end well at all.." she admits, chewing on her bottom lip before shesmiles warmly towards theolder girl. "And..thank you, for your willingness to teach and all..I just want to be able to protect my friends, ya know?"

The whole thing sounds fine to Siobhan, who nods along up until that very last sentence. Something about it sets off warning bells in her head and she holds Cho's gaze. "I'll help you, Cho, but you have to promise me something in return, alright?" Her voice is still soft and gentle, but there's something about her face that suggests she's /definitely/ not kidding. "You have to promise me you won't go lookin' for trouble, yeah? Promise that you'll only use what I teach you if trouble finds you." She reaches out to lay a soft hand on the Ravenclaw's arm. "There's nothin' wrong with defendin' your friends, right? But only if there's no other way t' get help. I don't want to hear that you've gotten yourself hurt or killed because you took on somethin' too big for you. Is that fair?"

Cho looks the older girl straight into the eyes and nods. "I don’t want to ever go looking for trouble. The Death Eaters were awful, and I don’t ever want to see them again, but me trying to disarm their wands isn’t enough. I could hardly setup a shield charm in time.." she admits ruefully, knowing her own limits thus far. "I don’t want trouble, ever. But if trouble finds me, I wouldn’t want to be one to go down without a fight." Her words are serious there and there's more than a bit of conviction in her tone.

For a long moment, Siobhan holds Cho's gaze, searching for something in the younger girl's face. Eventually, she must find it, for she nods once and then breaks out in an absolutely brilliant smile. "Well, alright then!" She stretches languidlyshe's been curled up in that chair a long timeand settles back into a more comfortable position. "So, now that's settled. What d'you know so far?"

"Um, I remember everything from dueling club.." she says matter of factly, easing on down as she flops down in the seat next to the older girl. "I know my basic spells, but I'm having a hard time deflecting them. Professor Lupin kinda did all that for me. I just sort of stuck my head out and disarmed one guy, and froze another, but they still got away.." Cho says with a soft sigh under her breath.

Siobhan nods enthusiastically, really getting into the idea now. "So what you really need most is shield work?" Her eyes roll upwards, staring at a pattern on the ceiling as she thinks. "I could show you a few tricks for that." Her grin widens and she lowers her voice as if to impart a great secret. "Pretty good job I'm best at defense, not offense, yeah?" The tip of her tongue darts out the side of her mouth as her smile widens, poking out from between her teeth as her eyes dance merrily.

"I'm willing to take any bits of advice. I figure it will be good for O.W.L.s this year.." Cho replies, beaming brightly the entire time. See, two birds with one stone. Not dying and passing an exam! Yay! "But, with the trace, how will I be able to practice..or should we just wait until the term starts?"

"That…could be a problem." Siobhan had honestly forgotten all about that particular drawbackor any drawbackin her excitement. Frowning thoughtfully, she turns to Cho, chewing on her lower lip. "I have this friend…he's…" There just aren't words for the sort of crazy brilliance Alistaire possesses. "He's pretty brilliant, actually. Maybe he knows a way you could practice. I'll ask." She lifts and drops one shoulder. "Otherwise we might have to wait until start of term." Nevermind that she really, /really/ doesn't like that plan.

"Any practice outside of actually having to use it in a life and death situation would be greatly appreciated. It was craaaazy last night, and in the end, having to make all those statements and describing what happened…never again.." Cho says firmly and resolutely, idly running her fingers through her hair out of a nervous habit. "But if he has a plan, then I'd be amenable to it." She then pauses and hrmms for a few moments, "If..if I know someone else who might want to learn, would you be willing to teach that person as well?"

Siobhan nods, already trying to work out a few things in her mind. "I'll find out." The question throws her, surprise showing in the lift of her brows and widening of her eyes. "I'm not a teacher, Cho." She sounds a little unsure now for the first time. "I…I'll help anyway I can, but just…keep that in mind yeah?" Her smile turns sheepish. "If you've a friend who wants the extra help, I'll do my best, but…" Her voice trails off and her blush deepens. She tries to brush it off with a shrug, but doesn't quite succeed.

"If you're not comfortable, I wont push. You're the one doing me a favor afterall, and perhaps I can just pass on your advice!" Cho replies with a bright smile, reaching out to pat the older girl gently on the shoulder. She smiles and crosses her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable. "I just think, that people should be more prepared, ya know?"

Siobhan accepts the pat with a smile, her blush deepening. "S'not a matter of /comfortable/. Jus'…y'know…" Her accent gets a bit thicker with the mumbling. "Bring 'er along, if you like." Siobhan raises her brown eyes to meet Cho's. "You're right, though. Everyone /does/ need to be prepared." Her grin returns, albeit in smaller measure. "S'like my mum always says; things're like to get worse before they'll get any better."

"Well, it's more of a him.." Cho says, glancing around furtively as she goes all shiftyeyed. Her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red at that point as she lets out an impish giggle before nodding in agreement. "I hope it's okay!"

Siobhan nods, a knowing smile gracing her features. "Ah, it's like that, is it?" A playful wink and she's giggling a bit helplessly. "Don't worry; your secret's safe with me." A glance at the band around her wrist and she rises. "Sorry, I've got to meet someone. Floo me at the Noble Estate in Balmorrow when you find out if your…friend wants to come along." She brushes a bit of dust from her jeans. "I'll find you as soon as I hear from my friend."

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