1995-04-12: Belly Dancing Girls


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Scene Title Belly Dancing Girls
Synopsis Angelina teaches Ginny how to belly dance. Girl talk ensues.
Location Classroom 11, Hogwarts
Date April 12, 1995
Watch For The panic!
Logger Ginny Gin Gin

So it is late evening, a while before the night curfew. It's quiet in the common room, most people are out and about. In the classroom where Moody's Army is held, however, one can hear music. Middle Eastern type music. "That is almost right Ginny. Here. Try it like this." There is silence, as Ginny is apparently shown something, then praise. "Yeah. That's better. I'm not great at this. My mom made me take a class with her last summer. Something about getting close to her daughter." Yeah. Sounds like Angie was less than thrilled with that.

"Like this?" There's a rustle of motion, a clinking chime as if something metal is bumping up against something else, and then a grunt of concentration. The room is warm, and the music creates an ambience not usually found at Hogwarts. "But how am I supposed to stay upright the whole time?" Ginny lets out a breath. "I feel like I'm about to tip over."

Fred Weasley is just wandering the hallways out of sheer and utter boredom, as everyone is noise in the books back in the common room. As the instigator of the twins he isn't one to sit around so he is brought just outside the DADA where some strange music flows from. Peaking his head in with an eyebrow raised the 6th year looks a little surprised to find Angie and Ginny doing what exactly? "Blimey, what are you two up to?" He says as he walks into the classroom.

Both of them have their shirts tied up, so you can see their stomach muscles. "No..see here? You don't fall. You aren't really moving your feet much. Watch my stomach. You have to make yours look like this." Her arms go above her head and she shifts her hips, up and down, side to side with the music. "It isn't in your feet or knees or ankles. It is in your legs and back and stomach. You lift your hips up and down and lower them." Yes. They are belly dancing.

"But it feels weird. Am I even doing this right?" Ginny's eyes are focused down, on her own hips. Her arms are extended out, probably for balance, and her brow is furrowed with concentration. Fred's arrival goes unnoticed for a few moments, as she tries to take Angelina's advice. Up, down, left, ride. "Oh, hi," Ginny murmurs without looking up.

Fred looks between the two girls with a mix of confusion on his face, "This some kind of freaky muggle exercise? You look a little um…" Don't say ridiculous Fred, Angie will kill you dead. He stops talking and sits down in a seat trying to look interested, "What are you doing anyways?" He smiles towards Ginny and gives Angie a wink, see he's behaving.

"Freaky muggle exercise? No. It's middle eastern dance. And it's been done for centuries. But wizards and muggles alike. Mum made me take a class with her last summer." Angie looks at Ginny wickedly, then sliiiiiides toward Fred. And dances around his chair in a tight circle, hips swaying and arms moving. She's no expert, but it does take a fair bit of abdominal strength and flexibility. "I'm teaching Ginny. Think Harry will like it?" ZING. Mark one on the chalk board for Angie.

Ginny smiles sweetly at her older brother. "It's bellydancing, Fred." Or George, even she can't tell all the time. "Angie's teaching me. It's for agility. Want to try?" When Angelina is taunting Fred, Ginny continues to sway this way and that, in a fairly inept manner. She makes up for it with enthusiasm, though. "Oh, I'm sure Harry will like it - I can't wait to show him!"

Fred is a little mesmerized watching the way Angie moves and just sits there, mouth a little open as he nods his head slowly. Shaking his head to force himself out of this self-inflicted trace he closes his eyes and says, "Yeah he bloody better, that looks hard…" Yep a little bit of a thrown off Fred Weasley cause he glares slightly at Angie, no fair George dater. The thought of her being George's girlfriend is like an ice cold shower and Fred smiles towards Ginny, "You're doing great kid. Sort of snake like though, maybe we need a few slytherins?"

Not even a rise about Harry and Ginny? DANGIT. She's losing touch! Angie turns and swirls back to Ginny to watch her dance a minute. "Alright. That looks good. Now try doing a figure eight. Just imagine one here in the air, and trace it with your hips, left to right." Her gaze lifts to watch Fred, considering him.

Ginny is half paying attention to the banter, and half focusing on her motions. Fred's lack of temper makes her raise an eyebrow and glance over at the pair, before she returns to her work. Every so often, she'll wobble and almost topple, but she seems to be finding a rhythm. "Okay," she replies to Angelina, beginning to circle her hips around the imaginary figure-eight.

Fred leans back in the seat he acquired and watches the two still looking a little confused, "So it's just stomach moving or wait…it that the thing with all the veils and stuff?" Yep no rise about Harry and Ginny, Fred's to annoyed with Angie internally and a tad to focused on that.

"No. It is not just moving your stomach! It is grace and balance and strength in your stomach and back and hip muscles, not to mention your legs. And stretching at the same time. It is all of it at once." Angie isn't dancing any more, and instead, looks at Ginny's form. "Bend your knees a little more. Springy knees. It helps you a little more." A glance at Fred, and she raises a brow.

"If I bend my knees, I'm going to fall over and die and my head will crack open and I'll get blood on the floor and bits of my brain will go all over and stains like that just don't come out!" Wow, Ginny did that all in one breath, her voice getting higher and higher as she did so. Yes, these kind of random tangents are one of those things original to Ginny and - well - teenage girls.

Fred looks back towards Angie with a wink and a smile on his face before getting up, "Well sounds like exercise." He stretches and yawns without covering his mouth, "It's making me bloody tired just watching it." He laughs at Ginny's rant, "Yeah might not be a good idea to do that Sis." He shrugs and stretches one arm by pulling it in front of his with the other. Still a little distracted by his own thoughts and no George in site to bounce jokes off of.

Angelina laughs at Ginny's rant, then kneels down. "Okay stop. Here. Put your feet a bit more apart. Okay. Now. Bend your knees a little, right? And pull your stomach in..shoulders back. There you go. Now try it again. I won't let you fall. Trust me." She rises to stand there next to the girl, eyes shifting again to Fred, through her arms are out for Ginny to grab onto, should she need them. "Why don't you let me teach you some, Fred?"

Ginny grins sheepishly at Angelina, and obediently moves her feet further apart. Bending warily, she extends her arms once more for balance, clearly ready to grab on to Angelina at any moment. Her shoulders go back, and she sucks in her stomach. Then, she begins to sway, tracing more figure eights. Ginny's eyes stay on her stomach and legs, even as she asks Angelina, "I think I'm doing it! Am I doing it?"

Fred looks at Angie like she's crazy for a moment, "I don't think I could make it look as good as you do Butterfly. I'd make it look better of course and then you'd feel bad." He chuckles and ruffles his own hair till it looks like bed head, "But yeah, you still dating that bugger Harry Gin? I thought that would be done by now." His mind starts working again and the hatred of anyone dating his little sister shows it's ugly head.

Butterfly. There is that nickname again. "Uh…" Angie shakes her head and looks back at Ginny. "Yeah..yeah..that's it. Now try to do it faster. Add a little spunk to it. Make it snap." Her arms remain extended for Ginny, should she feels she's losing her balance. "Fred? I doubt you would make me feel bad."

Fred watches Ginny and does a mock imitation of her movements for Angelina's sake, "See I'm great." He jests and actually isn't half bad at figuring out how to move right. He grins brightly towards the woman and winks. Yep the nickname, she told him he didn't have to stop which is like an invitation. Asking but not giving any explanation of the question Fred says, "Oh yeah, you got a chance to talk to Tig yet Butterfly?"

Angie supervises Ginny, glancing at Fred. "Nice. Now try it on your tiptoes and faster. That is called a shimmy." His question about Tig catches her off guard a little. "Uhm..n..no. I haven't seen her. We aren't in any classes together, you know. And I didn't see her in the great hall. I'll…get word to her, since it's so important to you."

Fred shrugs at Angelina's answer and looks not totally interested, "Nah not to important, just was wondering." He says before trying the toes thing he was told to do, "You gonna make the team do this or something? Could be good for a team building exercise, or a good laugh."

"Well you wouldn't have asked if it wasn't important, Fred. I'll make sure I do it as soon as I can.." Angie shakes her head. "Definitely not teaching everyone else. No. This is special just for Ginny. Unless the others want to learn. I don't know much more than what I'm teaching. The classes were only one night a week for a month."

"Yes, Fred," Ginny's sure it's Fred now that Angelina's mentioned it, "Harry and I are dating. Sort of. I.. I guess." She's unsure now, and her form wobbles as her frown creases with confusion. "We've never actually been on a date since the Yule Ball. But he died and everything, so. Does he still like me?" Ginny turns to Angelina, panic in her eyes, the bellydancing forgotten. What doesn't slip her mind is the mention of someone. "Who's Tig? Your new girlfriend?"

Fred raises an eyebrow at Ginny, "So he's being confusing. I could talk some sense into him." He smiles gleefully at the thought. Then Ginny mention Tig and Fred shakes his head, "Nah just a girl I was thinking of talking to. Seems pretty cool." He looks towards Angie and shakes his head to her too, "Nah not really important as I said. Just inquiring minds want to know."

"No Fred. You can't talk to Harry about it. Definitely no." Angie looks to Ginny. "I'm sure he still likes you, Ginny. He died afterall. Surely that takes a toll on someone. And Moody's Army just like the rest of us, and studying. You know how Harry is. He's just not thinking about it. I'm sure he still likes you."

"Is she pretty?" Ginny looks towards Fred, her tone most decidedly sing-song-y. Turning back to Angie, she looks hopeful. "You think so? Should I try and ask him out? I'd hoped to do something for Valentine's, but.." He sort of got killed around then, goes unsaid. "Should I wait until summer? Exams are coming up soon.. but we could go to Hogsmeade." Ginny fidgets with the hem of her shirt, looking unsure.

Fred puts a pout on his face, "I can't? That's no bloody fair ya hear. He'll listen to me." He smiles again and looks towards the door, best make a quick escape before they try and talk him out of it more, "Well gotta go." He says and winking to Angie then waving to Ginny the young man is off to do who knows what. Well and their is talking of relationships Fred doesn't like at all, so off he runs.

Angelina watches Fred leave with a bit of a sigh before taking Ginny's hand to pull her over and sit on the mats with her. "I think you should ask him out, yes. I think you shouldn't wait for Hogsmeade. Ask him to a picnic on the pitch. The grass there smells better than in the meadow."

Ginny sits on the mats, her sore muscles protesting slightly as she arranges herself into a comfortable position. "Well. Okay. But how do I ask? Should it be a card? I could owl him. Or.. or I suppose I could ask him myself. But what if he says no? Or thinks I'm gross? Maybe I should just write him a note. A picnic? Would the House Elves give me food for that, d'you think?"

"Sure they would." Angelina sits there for a moment. "Hmm. Well. You could do it two ways. You could do it the direct way, and just ask him to a picnic. Or you could do it the fun way. Make it a game. A hunt. And he just….ends up there. With the picnic waiting."

Ginny tilts her head to the side. "A hunt? A game? How do I do that?" Her brow wrinkles as she tries to picture it, and she absently toys with a strand of red hair. "Maybe I should just be direct. And ask him. In person. Do I ask him a few days in advance? I've never asked him to do anything before.."

It's as if a lightbulb has gone off over Ginny's head - suddenly, comprehesion dawns. Her face lights up, and she begins to nod vigorously. "That's a great idea! I think I'll do that. It'd be.. thoughtful. I'll just need a few days to plan it.." Ginny's lips purse thoughtfully. "How are you and George doing?" She asks distractedly.

"It would be thoughtful, yes. And something they'd do in one of your romance novels, I think?" Ah..George. "George and I are fine..just fine. He's very sweet. Brought me daisies the other day. He's thoughtful and polite, and a little scared of my daddy, I think."

Ginny brightens visibly. "It is, definitely! And he'll see how much I care for him, and he'll pull me into his arms and dip me back and kiss me passionately under the stars.." Ginny's voice goes all dreamy, and she smiles. "Daisies? That's good, then! I'm glad you two are working out."

Uh. Wow. "Ginny? George hasn't even done that to me. So..if Harry is doing that to you? Please don't tell me." Angelina smiles softly. "Yeah. I'm glad we are too. He makes me happy, and he makes me smile."

Ginny nods reassuringly. "I bet that's how it'll happen, too. I'm sure George will do it to you! But don't give me too many details when he does, 'cause.. I mean.. he's my brother." She wrinkles her nose expressively. "I'll have to start planning as soon as I get back to the dorms. It will be wonderful!" Ginny bounces a little on the mats. Her body doesn't seem to appreciate this, and she winces slightly.

Angelina catches that little wince. "When you get back to the dorms, go into my dorm and get in my trunk, and get out the jar in the back right corner. It smells horrible, but rub it in where you're sore. It will help. My grandmother makes it. Works on bruises too."

Ginny looks most decidedly pleased at this. "Really? Thanks. I'll have to get some of that. When you said belly dancing, I didn't realize it'd be so.. physical. But now I know how to do it, at least! Does it really help with agility?"

"Well, it stretches and strengthens all at once. Improves balance and stance. And if it makes your stomach look good, well.." Angie shrugs and grins. "Hey..can I ask you? Fred and George. Do they…fight alot? I've been with them six years, and yeah, there were a few fights..but I'm just curious."

Ginny frowns slightly, an eyebrow quirking upwards. "Fight? Yeah, sometimes. Usually they think a lot alike and do really well together, but the fights they have tend to be pretty nasty. When they disagree on something, they really get into it. Why? Have they been arguing lately?"

"I..they were. I don't know if arguing is really the word for it now. Maybe I'm just seeing things that aren't there. Maybe I'm just paranoid. George is just…" Angie stops, takes a breath, goes on. "I mean to say Fred is…" Once more, she stops.

Ginny rests a hand on Angelina's leg, the closest part to her. "What is it, Ange? What've they been doing? Have they been giving you trouble about something?" Her brow wrinkles, and her brown eyes are intent on Angelina's face.

"Its just that it's always been the three of us, you know? I mean, Alicia and Lee too, but we were this little pack. And then Fred was going to ask me to the dance, but I didn't know that. And George interrupted him, and then George got to me first and George asked me. And then I started dating George and it was all bloody awkward. Then they were fighting…that was what the mess on the pitch with the bludgers that night was. And now, Fred is calling me these nicknames, and I think it irritates George, or George thinks he is doing it to be irritating, only I don't mind it, but maybe I should…and now Fred wants a girlfriend too, which is perfectly in his rights. But I don't want to be replaced."

Ginny nods, listening intently as all of Angelina's thoughts come tumbling out. She waits until the other girl is finished, and then opens her mouth to speak. "Well, it's going to be different - now that two of you are dating. Stuff is going to change, but change can be good sometimes. I think you should make it very clear that you're with George, not Fred, and then maybe help Fred find a girlfriend. That way, everyone wins."

"Oh. It's clear. I don't like it is changing though. It wasn't supposed to change, Ginny. I liked him a long time, George, but it was one of those things you don't really think through. All the way out to the end. To realize that the other brother likes you too, and you're causing tension between them. It just bloody awkward."

"Well, they're boys. They're brothers. They'll shout and yell and then smash things - or each other, or both - and then sulk and then make up. Give 'em time, they'll work it out amongst themselves. It's just how they are sometimes." Ginny smiles slightly, recalling some of the previous fights.

Angelina draws a deep breath, giving Ginny a smile. "You're their sister. I'll take your word for it. You've watched them longer than me. And I just had the one brother, so I don't know how these things work. It will all just work out. And I'll stop feeling guilty."

Ginny nods vigorously. "Give it a few weeks. If, after exams, and after school's out, they're still fighting, I'll talk to them." Yes, Molly is very clearly represented in her daughter. "Speaking of school getting out, will you come to the Burrow and visit this summer?"

"You think you could keep me away? He is my boyfriend after all. You and I will have to plan something too." Angie grins. "Now go on..go get that stuff from my trunk. And I'll see if tomorrow, I can sneak you into the Prefect's bathroom so you can soak for a bit, if you want?"

Ginny grins at the other girl, leaning over to give her a hug. "That sounds good, Angie. Thanks for teaching me - and sure, I'll let you know if I'm still sore by tomorrow. Hopefully the balm will do the trick." With a grunt of effort, Ginny gets to her feet. "I'll talk to you later!"

"Night Ginny! See you tomorrow." Angie returns the hug, but remains sitting there for a bit.

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