1995-07-15: Bellatrix's Favorite Things


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NPC Guests: Kingsley_icon.gif & Hestia Jones

Scene Title Bellatrix's Favorite Things
Synopsis Death Eaters Attack Cardiff! Blood! Gore! Barbies??!!
Location Cardiff, Wales
Date Jul 15, 1995
Watch For Barbies, fire, hair pulling, screaming! Also swears.
Logger Whit

Cardiff. A nasty blemish of a city if ever there was one. It isn't exactly a budding rose at the best of times, but in the rain, it's putrid. In a downpour like this, it reeks. In the outer, wealthier districts, the night passes peacefully. In the central slums, however, rain is the least of their worries.

A team of figures clad in black robes and masks have already razed a half-rotted apartment building to rotting, steaming char. Other buildings around them are in various stages of similar inflagration, but even the flaming skeletons of chattel housing aren't the most horrifying sight here - even if it seems the torrent does nothing to quench the flames. No, the most bone-chilling element to the tale is laid bare in the bodies that line the streets with no one bothering to check if they're dead or alive. Or, perhaps, if one is of a more poetic turn…

The best part just might be the screaming.

Adelaide hates Cardiff. It's ugly, it's grey, and worse than that, it's Cardiff. Maybe that's why she finds herself in that hellish scene on such a terrible night. A cruel joke to the Ministry, she was sent to pick up some necessary paperwork that was needed to quickly to owl. It was supposed to be in and out. A quick signature and then back to wonderful, safe London. Instead, she found herself on the outskirts of the Death Eater attack.

Already, she's bleeding from where a nasty curse caught her on the arm. Hiding behind a car, the red-headed secretary clutches her wand. Her eyes are closed and she's attempting to block the screaming out. Whispering to herself, she tries to gather up the courage to send off a spell. "You can do it, Addy, you can…oh, you can't do this. This is ridiculous, you're a bloody secretary, not a hitwizard. And now you've gone mental and are talking to yourself. This is just brilliant. I hate Cardiff."

Whitmore is in his element. Hexing, cursing, cackling, … it's all there. And since Whit is one of these who has that poetic turn, or perhaps just his morbidly sadistic one, he revels in the screaming. Literally revels in it. "Sectumsempra" He watches as the spell cuts slashes in the skin of an unsuspecting muggle. He follows that up with some more obsucre spells, thrown around willy-nilly. "Make it look … " He tries to think how to say this, as he gives a mild caution to his fellows. "Mind the Muggle Aurors. Make it look … rough." If they're going for terrorist or other muggle things, it's got to look bloody.

And in the middle of it all is Bellatrix. Despite her rat's nest of hair and her too-thin frame, when she's cast into intermittent light and shadow by the blazes she ignited, she's… almost beautiful. Or maybe it's just that she's so incredibly creepy that the mind cannot handle it and thus perceives her as lovely. Either way, she's doing a twisted sort of ballet, right in the middle of the bloodbath and carnage. Pirouette and "Crucio!" Down into a dainty plie and "Avada Kedavra!" Her high, sing-song voice is…almost sweet. A last, twisted caress as the Muggles go down in horrified agony. Someone's enjoying herself…

There is a hit wizard present, though, even if Adelaide isn't one - but no one is supposed to know that. Edwin Gifford is quite well-hidden by the normal disguise of a Death Eater, though he stands out for being a good bit taller than most of his sinister peers. He's lingering at the outer edge of the group delivering a set of violent, awful curses to one muggle woman in particular - mostly because she's had the misfortune to be closest by him. There's no chance of his handiwork being anything but bloody. The woman's clothing is quickly stained red and she hits the ground near Edwin's feet, just in time to catch a vicious kick to the skull from the Death Eater's shined boot.

Ah, Wales. Charming little place, if that's your cup of tea. It's not Sirius's, then again, he's not here for the atmosphere and accents. What he is here for, is the Death Eater attack. Word can spread quickly through the Order's watchdogs, no pun intended. When the animagus Apparates into Cardiff, he appears behind Adelaide with a *POP*. It's not that he was planning on appearing behind the witch, she just happened to be in the same spot he intended to arrive at. The red-headed witch is ignored in the immediate time-frame, he's taking quick stock of the situation, and a snarl escapes as he spots Bellatrix.

"Oh, look. It's the Light Brigade." Whitmore sneers, watching the Order people appear. He continues his mindless hexing, hitting random people, working his way toward the center of a large group. It's a circitous route toward the Order, a lazy path . He smiles darkly, and casts the cruciatus at someone, then follows it up by another cutting curse. Mayhem! He's in one of his Shadow faces, but his eyes are as bright as they ever are. It's a scary thought.

*Pop*. In appears Sirius and Adelaide gives a surprised shriek of surprise and dismay. The last time she saw him, he was angry at her for talking. And now he's here, in the middle of a Death Eater raid. Oh God, was everyone right the first time? Is he really a Death Eater? Oh God, he's right in front of her. Scrambling, she attempts to get out of his way and only manages to skitter on the bad roads. She hasn't seen the other Order members arrive, after all. Tossing a spell to protect herself against Sirius, she dashes to try and find another hiding spot.

"To be a princess is to always dress your best!" Bella sings to the music in her own head, continuing to dance in a twisted ballet. Her wand is like an extension of her arm; she doesn't seem to be using the prescribed motions for the spells, simply letting her intent do the work for her. "Stiff upper lip and arch the back!" Suddenly, two nearby Muggles - already bloody and broken - are transformed into equally bloody My-Size Barbie and Ken dolls. And then start to waltz. "All through the day there's just one way you must behave!" It's a wild dance, though, with their feet barely touching the ground and the pair careening so far out of control that 'Ken' loses a leg on the nearest lamp post. This results in a peal of delighted laughter from the witch, her head thrown back as she spins around the square in a gothic pantomime of the 'dolls'. Sirius' arrival isn't noticed yet, but can one blame her? She hasn't noticed much of anything outside her own, unhinged world.

"How fantastic. They do always like to spoil our fun, don't they?" It's a bit scary, the way Edwin can be so very nonchalant about what's going on even as he does his best to smash his latest victim's face into hamburger meat with his boot. All the while he lifts his wand again and gives it a bit of a flourish, sending a quick "Crucio!" towards the back of a Muggle trying to flee. And then he turns towards Bellatrix and gives her a look mingled somewhere between disgust and exasperation. "Do display some self-control. I know we're all having fun here, but honestly." The crazy lady gives them all a bad name, and that makes Edwin cranky. Which may be why he treads upon the woman's bloody head one extra time. Dental records will be needed with this one.

A snort of impatience is cast at Adelaide's behavior, even as Sirius is thankful that she didn't attack him outright. Ignoring the woman's scuttling about, his wand is out and in his hand, at the ready within the blink of an eye. Blood boiling, the animagus takes cover. Oh it's tempting to dash into the fray, but for the moment, he's sorely outnumbered. (But give him time, this might not matter for long. It's always been hard to hold him back on a leash.) Growling to himself, Sirius eyes each Death Eater in turn, granted they're in masks, save for his Crazy Cousin. In other words, no contest. Turning his focus on Bellatrix, he silently casts 'Incendio' at her. That ought to grab her attention.

Whitmore eyes the dancing woman with an unlikely mixture of exasperation and admiration. She is so free in her ways that she doesn't care what happens. And, damn, that's a funny piece of transfiguration. On the other hand, though, she's a little over the top. Whitmore doesn't see Sirius head toward her as his focus is on another Order member in his way. He casts a bone-breaking hex, and steps out of the line of return fire. Idiots. The lot of them. "That's their motto in life," he replies to Edwin. "They are killjoys of the first order."

Of the first order? That's a joke, right? A pun? Adelaide is too busy running for her life to catch something she'd normally roll her eyes at and wonder why he's trying to be clever. Instead, she dashes behind a fencepost and finds herself right next to the body of a poor, unfortunate Muggle who is barely recognizable as anything but a corpse at the moment. Barely holding back her need to vomit, she clasps a hand over her mouth and lets out a whimper. Merlin, what are they going to do?

In a burst of light and a *POP*, Adelaide has company once again. This time in the form of a dark haired, pink faced witch. Hestia's round face is more suited to laughing merrily amongst friends as opposed to appearing in the midst of this awful scene. "Oh goodness, get out your wand and make yourself useful," she says in a chiding and breathless tone to Adelaide as her own wand sets to working. The poor muggles on the ground, there's not much to do for them, so the key thing to do here is get the Death Eaters. Hestia Jones stays under her cover, firing stunning, disarming and tripping hexes at anything in a mask she can reach.

Not too far behind Hestia, Kingsley Shacklebolt appears and leaps into the fray, targeting Edwin. His usage of spells isn't as conservative or 'safe' as Hestia. Kingsley's choice in spells are more proactive in his attempts to incapacitate.

In the process of her wild dancing, Bella manages to miss the worst of the flaming spell her cousin sent, but it does singe the edge of her skirts. The rain puts out the non-enhanced flame before it can do too much damage, but it does manage to do one deadly thing; it makes Bella angry. "Sirius Black! You burnt my dress!" Sounding much more like a petulant child than the deadly witch she is, Bella throws her head back into a wild cackle and flicks her wand in his direction. "I think it's time you learned some manners!" And so the two 'dolls' fly in the ex-con's direction. While Ken seems to be flung forward at the speed to strike, his dancing partner follows at a much more manageable pace. If all goes according to plan, Sirius just might find himself in a very tight embrace by a Very Scary Barbie.

Annnnd there's the Order's cavalry in to make a mess of things, and Bella is off and hurling weirdness at her blood-traitor cousin. All things considered it's a far wiser move to pay attention to the newcomers, especially since Edwin quiet suddenly finds himself facing off against Shacklebolt. He dances back several steps and away from his victim, wand coming up in a hurried sweep to erect a Shield spell in front of him. Shacklebolt's first couple of spells are properly deflected but the last destroys the shield - which is just as well, because Edwin is suddenly firing a blood-boiling curse right past it and straight at his opponent.

"That's a shame, I was aiming for your face! It would have been an improvement!," Sirius calls out at Bellatrix as he rises from behind his choice in cover. Fully intending on chasing after his cousin, he pulls up short as the two muggles are sent in his direction. Several nasty thoughts cross his mind, all unflattering observations on just what he thinks of Bellatrix as he casts protego around himself. There's no masking the look of disgust he wears on his face, the poor muggles. Not that he hasn't seen something this gruesome before.

Whitmore laughs uproariously as the Barbies fly toward Sirius. "Only bit of a bird you'll get, Black, barring those you catch for yourself as a whelp!" He shakes his head, and moves toward Edwin. "Do you need assistance?" It's a cursory question, one that he expects a resounding 'no' to. He continues to curse the muggle in front of him, mixing a couple spells to leave huge marks on the man's skin. They burn.

"Well excuse me," Adelaide is quick to huff at Hestia when she's snapped at. "There's bleeding corpses about and I'm a secretary." So, this may not be the best time for her to be arguing with the pink haired witch, but she's sort of in a trauma state. Plus, she's already injured and is terrified. "I'm not exactly trained for this sort of thing. Maybe if they needed something viciously signed I'd be in my element, but somehow I missed the Ministry course of fighting with Death Eaters in the middle of bloody Cardiff!" There, now that she's said that she feels better. Angry, she tosses a curse at the nearest Death Eater, who happens to be Whitmore. "Petrificus Totalus!"

As if the impact of their odd, plastic bodies on the shield is some sort of 'prince charming kiss', the spell on the two Muggles is finally broken. Unfortunately, it's broken in a rather nasty spray of blood and organs across Sirius' once lovely shield. This seems to give Bella back a fair portion of her eerie good humor. She skip-dances and twirls around her cousin, her own feet following… Well, something of a waltz. "Raindrops on corpses and whiskers on kittens…" she sings, her high soprano voice carrying over the sounds of death and battle like a childish beacon. A Crucio flies through the air towards her cousin. "Twisted dead bodies; all Muggles, well smitten!" Another Crucio. "Blood-spattered cobblestones; bone-chilling screams," She twirls and giggles, firing off a bolt of bright green Killing Curse towards her delightful cousin. "These are a few of my favorite things!"

Spotting Whitmore causing more trauma for an already pained muggle, Hestia turns her attention on trying to disarm him. "Oh no you don't!," she cries out. Adelaide is given a quick glance over her shoulder, "I can see that… and are you a witch or aren't you?" She flashes a beam of pride at Adelaide, "That's a girl!," as the curse flies out.

Kingsley neatly blocks most of what comes his way. He's well trained and keeps a cool head in a fight, but he's only one wizard and there are only so many things that can be blocked at once. When Edwin's curse hits him, he goes down with a strangled yell as he feels as if he's on fire from the inside out.

Off to the side, an eager young Death Eather dodges a curse, scowling at the sender. "You lousy git!" He sounds young. "I'll…" And there's a flash of light, and he's casting spells again.

The resounding 'no' that Whitmore anticipates is, indeed, echoed by Edwin in the form of a snarling bark: "Pay attention to your own battle!" It's only a matter of time until Whitmore gets attacked, after all - and look! Thar she blows, a jinx is headed right for the talkative one. Edwin's attention is quickly drawn back to his own combat when he sees Kingsley go down, the Death Eater taking the opportunity to stride several paces forward with his wand aimed at the downed Auror. And hell, it's time to add insult to injury… with more injury! "Crucio! Chin up, Shacklebolt! Never fear, we'll kill you soon enough."

Whitmore is ignored by Sirius, everyone else seems to have ceased to existed now that he's fully focused on Bellatrix. "What's the matter? Voldemort not wanting your company this evening? Got to come out and have a bit of sport with the muggles instead? Your husband not enough?" Ouch, yes, he's going there, even as he drops his shield and charges for Bellatrix. The baser instinct of transforming and going for the throat is so tempting, but there is the thrill of having a wand in his possession again. Once, twice, he blocks the painful curse, managing to throw hexes in return at his cousin. Hexes meant to sting, cut and boil. Recklessness and being out of practice in dueling prove to be his weakness and he too goes down as Bella lands in with the cruciatus.

Lucky for her, Bella is not so out of practice. All three of his hexes land, but she doesn't seem to care. Painful burns rake up the length of her bare arms, but she doesn't seem to care. A nasty cut rakes up her face from lips around to the corner of her eye, but she doesn't seem to care. Sirius' insults have made her see red, and so when that cruciatus finally lands, she pours all of her violent, twisted hatred into the spell, screaming at the top of her lungs and forcing the brunt of her magic to funnel through the bit of wood and out towards her cousin. "F— you, Sirius!!" she roars, her voice no longer light and pretty. "F— YOOOOOOU!"

"Is that the best you can do, Jones?" Whitmore starts to taunt Adelaide, and attempts to move away. However, the muggle in front of him isn't quite dead yet, and he grabs the edge of his robe, hampering his dodge. The petrificus hits, and he falls to the ground, wand arm still out, his face an angry scowl.

Seeing the crazy prison maid, Adelaide narrows her eyes. She's been doing things. Things that Adelaide certainly doesn't approve of. Especially such language. Eyes narrow at the madwoman before Whitmore's mention of her name spins her head toward him. "H-he. He knows my name…" That rattles her. She's just a lowly secretary. Why would anyone know her? A Death Eater knows her name. And that terrifies her. However, Whitmore is already down and she attempts another spell in Bella's direction. "Expelliarmus!" She's only really good at the simple spells from school, to be honest.

Hestia's mouth forms an 'o' of horror as Kingsley goes down and Edwin adds in more misery. Standing up straight, she aims her wand at the auror, "Finite Incantatem!," she cries out, hoping to end the initial curse so that he can fight back.

By a stroke of luck, Hestia does end the curse that set Kingsley's blood to boiling. This doesn't mean that he's no longer in pain however. The curse's residual effects blend with the cruciatus being cast upon him. However, he's working hard to regain control once again. Wand gripped tightly in his hand, he aims up at Edwin and fires off a stunning spell.

Unfortunately for Edwin he's rather preoccupied with keeping Kingsley in as much pain as is magically possible, and he isn't quite expecting the man to counter so quickly when he should be writhing on the ground in agony. This makes it rather… difficult for him to work up any sort of defense against the newest attack against him. The red bolt of the stunner hits Edwin squarely in the chest and knocks him back several paces before he slumps back over the corpse of a fallen Muggle, unconscious. For now.

An inhuman, animal-like howl of pain escapes Sirius as Bellatrix cranks it up a notch. When the initial wave passes, he sneers up at her and snarls, "No thanks, I don't believe in keeping it in the family. Like some of us." The snarl is weak, but the fire within hasn't been put out. He's furious with himself for letting Bella get to him like this, and he's furious with her. Still in pain, and his wand gripped in white knuckles, he pushes himself to his feet shakily. Stubborn, be thy name. He has nothing nasty to say at the moment, instead, he whips his wand in a vicious, slashing arc, throwing a curse meant to slice at his cousin.

Bella may be crazy, but she's not entirely stupid. In fact, if her arm hadn't started to burn at just that moment, she has no doubt in her mind that she would have been able to sidestep her cousin's 'pitiful attempt'. Poor thing, she's not quite all there. Looking around, however, she sees others clutching their arms and looking to her in confusion. The combined pain of her servitude and the open wound across her collarbone that's soaking blood through what had been a nice dress has her flinging her head back. No scream escapes, but an unholy sound does. "Morsmordre!" she rasps, watching in absolute adoration as the green mark shoots up into the deep cloudy skies and explodes into the symbol of her Lord's power. That task finished, she limps over to where Edwin and Whitmore are spelled out, grabs each of them by their hair and concentrates on the source of that burn in her soul; then Apparates. Others would be wise to follow.

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